Chapter 404: Trending Name, Shocking Tian Xia (Shocking the World)

Chapter 404: Trending Name, Shocking Tian Xia (Shocking the World)

Every time a soul pet trainer got a new soul pet, no matter if the soul pet’s species rank was high or low, the soul pet trainer needed a long time to raise the soul pet’s stage and phase up.

So, new soul pets often couldn’t directly join proper fights. They needed the soul pet trainer to slowly train it and raise its phase to a certain level first, before it could be truly useful.

Under normal circumstances, seventh phase and above soul pets’ mental age were mostly mature, meaning they would never sell their souls to humans. This was why the soul pet market only traded young soul pets under the seventh phase.

Yet, with this memory fluid, this problem was completely solved!

Think of Chu Mu’s current situation. His strength was enough to defeat ninth phase monarchs. Once he defeated a ninth phase monarch, he could use this memory fluid to make a ninth phase monarch his own soul pet, immediately increasing his power significantly.

By continuously doing this to capture ever stronger soul pets, it wouldn’t take long before Chu Mu could become a powerful soul pet training multiple tenth phase soul pets. He wouldn’t be far from a true expert then.

Holding this tiny delicate flask, Chu Mu was speechless with excitement!

“This is soul alliance’s secret. It isn’t any less precious than Soul Palace’s Seven Diagram Sacred Beasts. Some higher success rate memory fluids are priceless, too. This is why Soul Palace members are always a bit more powerful than others.” Old Li said.

Memory Fluid, a treasure that allowed a soul pet trainer to sign with a mature soul pet. If Soul Alliance had such an item, then Soul Alliance could create countless experts!

“The reason a being like the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon was controlled by soul alliance was also partially because of this memory fluid. The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s memories were actually very fragmented. Even if it has escaped from Soul Alliance now, I believe it no longer knows how to return to its own territory.” Old Li said.

“If that is the case, couldn’t Soul Alliance constantly have extremely powerful presences from Bewildering Worlds and take over the world?” Chu Mu asked.

There were countless high stage and phase soul pets in the wilderness. If all these soul pets were tamed, then Soul Alliance could create a massive army solely consisting of high phase high rank soul pets. What faction could stop that?

“Memory fluid is like the Seven Diagram Sacred Beasts; it isn’t infinite. I bet this eighth rank Memory Fluid took Shen Yichen a huge amount of effort and cost to obtain. That Ye Wansheng kid is also great at recognizing treasures, stealing this when Shen Yichen wasn’t paying attention. Giving this to you as half a life, Ye Wansheng’s life truly is priced highly.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu needed a Binding Wind Spirit currently. Right now, his spatial ring had an eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit. If he used his Memory Fluid, he could immediately have an eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit!

Witnessing the Binding Wind Spirit’s powerful wind type fighting strength, Chu Mu’s yearning for the binding wind spirit became ever stronger. He was already prepared to capture a Binding Wind Spirit, and slowly raise its phase and stage up.

Yet, the heavens gave him a huge surprise, one that allowed him to own the mature Binding Wind Spirit. To Chu Mu, who needed a powerful soul pet to quickly raise his own strength, it was too timely!

An eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit. Once he had this wind type soul pet, Chu Mu would have a soul pet capable of going head on with Shen Yichen’s Devil Vine. His ranking in second tier would rise again!

“Young master, don’t be so happy this soon. Though your soul remembrance is powerful, this eighth level memory fluid only has a thirty percent success rate. Young master isn’t always that lucky.” Old Li habitually poured a bucket of cold water over Chu Mu.

“Thirty percent is much better than none!” Chu Mu’s hope wasn’t doused. He believed he still could get this soul pet!

“Young master you truly are optimistic. Then, young master you should first adjust for a while and, once your mental strength is at its peak, you can let a soul pet of yours defeat it and then try to sign a soul pact with it…… I feel that the success rate isn’t high. A middle class monarch rank Binding Wind Spirit at eighth phase high stage probably won’t be willing to sign a soul pact even after its soul is washed.” Old Li said.

“How would I know if I don’t try.” Chu Mu said.

“You’re not wrong, but young master shouldn’t have too much hope. If you aren’t successful, you should still let it go and capture that young Binding Wind Spirit.” Old Li said.

Three days after Chu Mu had brought fifty soul palace members to fight against Shen Yichen in Western Kingdom, the event was spread throughout Tianxia city, and the mysterious Chu Chen became the focus of discussion within young generation.

Shen Yichen was a famous individual in Tianxia City. To have a expert like him lose this badly was undoubtedly a huge event for all of young generation.

Ever since Chu Mu beat the Hunter’s Alliance third tier seed contestant Luo Peng, he had gained some fame. However, third tier could never be the true center of attention.

Yet, after this event, Soul Palace Chu Chen’s name was like a storm that swept through the streets. Everyone was guessing at where this abnormally brave and powerful young generation expert popped out from, or whether he had always been a disciple of one of the ancient ones of Soul Palace, and had simply been covertly training outside, showing himself only when the Battle of the Realms neared.

Tianxia City housed all the massive factions. Each faction had very deeply hidden talent, so Tianxia City, while shrouded by highly competitive experts,  often had random extremely powerful characters appear and surprise everyone.

Chu Mu’s surprise was particularly great, because not a single faction had any knowledge of such a person within Soul Palace. They also didn’t think that a random twenty year old teen expert that appeared could cause famous Shen Yichen to become this haggard!

After this discussion wave, Chu Chen’s name constantly appeared on rankings, and were often mentioned by younger generation members, not unlike when Chu Chen became a young generation expert everyone knew in the small Western Kingdom.

Yet, compared to western Kingdom, Tianxia City was like an ocean compared to a river. Chu Mu was no longer a small character that could splash around in a small river like Western Kingdom. He was a super expert of young generation that could truly change the tides in Tianxia City!

“Chu Chen, Chu Chen!! Isn’t Chu Chen the fellow that went to soul palace with us the other day?” Luo Region Sect Du Chang heard this message and stared wide eyed.

Du Chang remembered not long ago he was even bragging about how powerful he was and was completely belittling the person. However, this person had just destroyed Shen Yichen!!

Who was Shen Yichen? He respected his elder disciple Jiang Zhi greatly, since he was an expert Du Chang could never surpass in his life. However, Jiang Zhi was at the very most a subordinate of Shen Yichen. A person that took Jiang Zhi as a subordinate was utterly defeated. A person that could accomplish that was a super being that he didn’t even have the honor of looking up to!

“Sister disciple, sister disciple! I felt that Chu Chen had a good impression of you. Don’t you recognize his two brothers? Let’s go visit them right now!” Du Chang suddenly said very worriedly.

“I...I just thought he looked familiar.” After hearing the news, Qing Menger was also stunned. She never would’ve thought that she accidentally met with a young expert like that!

“Don’t speak too much, let’s go. With such a character, even the soul palace elder we met before probably had to be respectful. Being able to meet him at all was our utmost honor!” Du Chang hurried and said.

Qing Menger didn’t like to seek such connections like this, but she still decided to go to soul palace to visit. Even if she couldn’t find Chu Chen, she could talk with Chu Xing and Chu Ning for a bit.

Soul Palace center courtyard

“Never would’ve thought, fourth brother, you truly opened my eyes today!! Do you know, just not long ago, your big brother and I were buying soul items when we heard those Merchant’s Alliance fellows all talking about “Shen Yichen this” and “Shen Yichen that”. We had just arrived, so we didn’t even know him. Only after listening in on others’ descriptions did we understand that such a person was a super expert that could utterly demolish us even with just one soul pet. Using their words, “Even if he remembers your name, it’s an utmost honor……”

Chu Ning took a huge swig of alcohol and slapped Chu Mu on the shoulder while laughing. Rubbing off the sides of his mouth, he continued, “Truly never would’ve thought that you would cripple a person that Merchant’s Alliance made to be a deity!! What a prideworthy event!! When I go back, I won’t even be able to describe your powerfulness, because I feel like they have no idea what Tianxia City is like. I can say it like this: ‘you know our fourth brother in Chu Clan? No? Let me put it this way. A region strongest young man could destroy you, yet a Kingdom strongest young man could destroy a whole group of region strongest men. Then, a Kingdom Capital strongest man could destroy a group of Kingdom strongest. Tianxia City’s normal experts could destroy Kingdom capital strongest, and then above them there were experts and super experts. Yet, my fourth brother Chu Mu stands amongst one of the super experts!” “Chu Ning, why are you so wordy!” Chu Xing gave Chu Ning a stare for being so talkative after drinking.

Chu Xing was all serious, but after hearing Chu Ning’s descriptions, Chu Xing was in reality also extremely excited. Nothing beats knowing his own brother was at the top of the tiers even in the expert gathering Tianxia City.

One had to know that Chu Mu walked out of Chu Clan, yet Chu Clan was at the very bottom of the tier list Chu Ning described. Chu Mu however was now at a height that no one could even comprehend. If not for Chu Ning and their trip, they wouldn’t even understand the true meaning of such power!!

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