Chapter 403: Soul Alliance’s Secret, Memory Fluid

Chapter 403: Soul Alliance’s Secret, Memory Fluid

Hawk man was stunned by Chu Mu’s actions. Soul Palace’s Li Heng was already arrogant, but he had the right to be arrogant. What did this young man have to give him the guts to kill Shen Yichen’s main soul pet even after he himself asked for mercy? This action was completely disregarding him and the entirety of Merchant Alliance!

Anger and embarrassment filled the hawk man as his face shifted through multiple expressions, ending with a look of near eruption!

Li Heng looked at the organs and blood on the ground and, after pausing for a second, laughed out loud, completely ignoring the flaming pupils of both Shen Yichen and hawk man.

Even if he couldn’t kill them, he had to make them lose something dear!

Li Heng loved this attitude of Chu Mu. Being scared and avoiding trouble at all times was the cowardice of the incompetent. Since they were already enemies, he had to make the enemy feel utter fear, creating a mental phobia of himself within the enemy’s mind!

“You can scurry now.” Chu Mu waved his hand, and signalled for his palace guards to retract their soul pets and let them go.

Shen Yichen’s lungs were about to implode with anger. This day of embarrassment was probably permanently branded into his memory for life.

Shen Yichen, who had rarely ever lost in a battle of tactics, had utterly lost in Chu Mu’s hands. Not only was his goal stolen from him, he even lost a main soul pet. Such a bloody grudge Shen Yichen will definitely pay back Chu Mu tenfold, or else he couldn’t swallow the indignance he felt today!

Hawk Man knew that staying would only bring more embarrassment to himself, so he simply grabbed Shen Yichen and Feng Kun and ran down the opposite side of the street.

The hawk man didn’t immediately summon any soul pet. Only when he was far from the soul palace people did he finally summon his wing type soul pet and put Shen Yichen and Feng Kun onto his soul pet’s back.

Hawk man’s face was extremely sullen. Chu Chen was a name he had permanently remembered now. If he had the chance in the future, he definitely won’t let him go easily!

Flying high, hawk man rode his soul pet but was dead silent, staying icy cold…...

Shen Yichen weakly sat on the soul pet’s back. His chest rose and fell along, signalling the rolling resentment within him about to burst out…...

After a long while, Shen Yichen’s resentment and embarrassment finally weakened. He subconsciously touched his shirt sleeve…...

“Feng Kun, did you give me the Memory Fluid?” Shen Yichen’s face went stiff as he quickly turned around to ask the similarly weak Feng Kun.

“Didn’t I give it to you before? To hide it in front of that woman, you hid it in your sleeve.” Feng Kun said.

Just as Feng Kun finished speaking, Shen Yichen’s face twitched again. The emotions he had just calmed down were threatening to well up again.

“What happened!” Seeing Shen Yichen’s strange expression, hawk man asked impatiently.

“The eighth rank memory fluid…...I lost it……” Shen Yichen’s heart sank, as he said in a voice barely audible to anyone else.


A crisp slap went across Shen Yichen’s face, causing him to stumble and almost roll off the soul pet!

“Garbage! Don’t you know to put it in your spatial ring?” Hawk man was livid, on the verge of chucking Shen Yichen straight off.

Shen Yichen held his bright red face and didn’t dare to speak a single sentence.

Before, to not let Ye Qingzi discover the Memory Fluid, he specially hid it in his sleeve. In the fight after, he clearly remembered that he put the Memory Fluid in the spatial ring.

Shen Yichen didn’t see the Memory Fluid when he went into his spatial ring for healing medicine, so he specially checked his sleeve, but it was no where to be found…...

Shen Yichen had no clue how he lost the Memory Fluid!


Ye Wansheng was very heavily wounded. Palace guard also had many injuries, so when Shen Yichen and his gang left, Chu Mu brought the Ye brother and sister along with the palace guards back to Soul Palace.

“Chu Mu……” Ye Qingzi rode her Purple Robed Dream Beast aside Chu Mu. At this moment, she had millions of words of thanks to say, but didn’t know how to start. She instead chose only to stare at Chu Mu with her clear, lively eyes.

“I know what you want to say. Don’t worry, if you don’t want to enter Soul Palace, I won’t force you to……” Chu Mu smiled and said.

Ye Qingzi quickly shook her head, “That’s not what I meant, soul palace sacrificed a lot to save my brother and I, if I can work for Soul Palace……”

“You can continue once you go back, you’re tired.” Chu Mu didn’t let Ye Qingzi finish her sentence.

In the past few months of being together, Chu Mu knew that Ye Qingzi didn’t want to join any faction, so Chu Mu didn’t want to push Ye Qingzi into anything she didn’t want…...


Li Heng, Shang Heng, and Zhao Cheng weren’t even sure if Ye Qingzi actually was the descendant of Undead Immortal Ying Long. If Chu Mu personally went to Yu Palace Master to make the situation clear, Ye Qingzi’s news won’t be spread further. This way, Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng could maintain their original identities instead of become the prey of a struggle between factions.

Yu Palace master understood that Chu Mu had some selfish thoughts, but he didn’t find what Chu Mu did unacceptable. Soul Palace, who valued freedom greatly, never liked to use their powers to force people into anything, and this respect in itself is a good way of making good relationships. In fact, if soul palace needed Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng in the future, they would most likely help to their greatest extent still.

Once Chu Mu settled Ye Wansheng and Ye Qingzi in the middle palace, which was his courtyard side settlement, and finished reporting to Yu Palace Master, Chu Mu headed back towards his own living quarters and went to check on Ye Wansheng’s wounds.

Ye Wansheng was still his optimistic self. When Chu Mu came, he started making fun of Ye Qingzi and Chu Mu together, hinting and implying they should get together, not at all acting like he was injured heavily.

“You should rest well now, I’ll come check on you tomorrow.” Chu Mu knew that Ye Qingzi had quite the emotional rollercoaster today. She seemed extremely tired and needed rest to adjust herself back to normal.

Ye Qingzi understood Chu Mu’s intentions behind the words. Her pale face showed a slight blush as she nodded and returned to her room…...

Once Ye Qingzi left, Ye Wansheng’s laughable attitude disappeared. He sat down on his bed covered in bandages.

This was the second time he’s seen Ye Wansheng like this. He walked up to Ye Wansheng and said a simple farewell before turning around to leave as well.

“Chu Mu.” Ye Wansheng called at Chu Mu, seeming to want to say something.

“What’s the matter?” Chu Mu stopped walking and turned around.

At this moment, Chu Mu felt that Ye Wansheng tossed something over. Chu Mu subconsciously caught it with his hands…….

What Ye Wansheng tossed over was a delicate medicinal bottle holding a crystal clear liquid. It seemed not much different from normal soul fluid.

“I owe you two lives. Take this to pay back half a life. I’ll return the rest in the future.” Ye Wansheng said calmly. He slightly turned his body to face away from Chu Mu and didn’t say anything else.

Chu Mu held the delicate bottle and looked at the Ye Wansheng facing away. From saving Ye Wansheng to settling him down. Ye Wansheng didn’t say a single word of thanks, so the actions now were both out of Chu Mu’s expectations yet somehow expected.

“I’m interested in your sister. She’ll belong to me in the future. You saved her life once, so it counts as giving a life back to me. Just give me another half life and we’ll be clear.” Chu Mu waved his hand.

Ye Wansheng looked over and eyed Chu Mu.

Just as quickly, he turned back and said calmly, “If you count it this way, you owe me then.”

Chu Mu blanke,d before suddenly realizing Ye Wansheng’s words, feeling somewhat touched.[1. I think there are multiple explanations for this, but it was left intentionally vague for the reader.]

Chu Mu didn’t say much more. He pushed the door open and left Ye Wansheng’s room.

“By the way, thats an eighth rank Memory Fluid. I won’t explain what it does. If you don’t, just go and ask some of the soul palace elders.” When Chu Mu left Ye Wansheng’s room, his voice floated in from outside.

Chu Mu nodded. In reality, he didn’t mind the half life that Ye Wansheng owed him, because Chu Mu thought that any person who worked hard towards the same goal he was moving towards was someone worthy of respect.


“Old Li, what is Memory Fluid?” Once he was back to his room, Chu Mu asked Old Li.

Memory Fluid was something Chu Mu had never heard of. Since Ye Wansheng used it to pay back half a life, it meant it must be an extremely precious soul item too.

“Young master, you remember when I said that someone could steal other people’s mature soul pets?” Old Li said.

“En, Soul Alliance Qing Ye. Can it be that Qing Ye and Feng Kun have som relationship?” Chu Mu asked.

“I don’t know if they have any relationship, but the reality is that Qing Ye isn’t the only one to hold such power. It is actually held by Soul Alliance’s highest authority.

Chu Mu looked confusingly, not understanding what Old Li meant by this.

“Memory Fluid is an important reason why Soul Alliance is one of the most authoritative factions. Its effect is to wash a soul pet’s soul, erasing all memory without lowering intelligence or maturity of a soul pet. And if a soul pet trainer merged their soul remembrance into the memory fluid and washed a soul pet with it, then the soul pet trainer’s memories would be forcefully implanted into this mature soul pet’s soul, leaving a soul mark on it…...Saying this much, I think you understand what this memory fluid does now, right?” Old Li specially paused.

At first, Chu Mu didn’t understand what washing memories away would do, but with a moment of thought, Chu Mu slowly looked horrified!

The main reason mature soul pets didn’t sign contracts with soul pet trainers was this: Mature soul pets had complete intelligence and memories, making them have individual thought. To them, signing a contract was akin to becoming a soulless slave, so mature soul pets would rather die than sign contracts.

Yet, this Memory Fluid could wash away a soul pet’s memories as well as imprint a soul pet trainer’s soul into a mature soul pet’s soul. This directly solves the greatest issue with soul contracts…...

In other words, this Memory Fluid could let a soul pet trainer directly sign on any mature soul pet!!

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