Chapter 402: Obliterating heart, Slaughtering Pool Beast

Chapter 402: Obliterating heart, Slaughtering Pool Beast 

The man’s eyes were like swords, and his sleeves were wide. He was dressed completely brown. If he hadn’t summoned any soul pet, when he stood still, he would be like a hawk with extreme killer instinct. At any moment he would be able to launch a fatal attack!

The man didn’t even look at Chu Mu. He even ignored the dozens of Soul Palace soul pets surrounding him. Instead, he used his two sharp eyes to stare at Shen Yicheng. 

This man had very evidently emerged to save Shen Yicheng, but for some unknown reason, when Shen Yicheng saw this man, none of the fear from impending death seemed to disappear. His entire face was pale and he fumbled his words as he spoke: “I was only lacking a little bit… I could have completed it…” 

“And you have one life less.” coldly said the hawk-like man.

After speaking, this man slowly turned around, he stared imposingly at the leader of all the Soul Palace guards, and Chu Mu, he coldly said: “You’ve killed so many of my subordinates, so you won’t mind if I killed all your subordinates, right?!” 

The moment his tone dropped the man’s aura abruptly burst forth and instantly, it was as if the entire street was suddenly hit with a snowstorm. A patch of uneven ground was completely crushed to pieces by the force and the destroyed structures were covered by a layer of thick ice!

Transforming aura into ice type energy!

The amount of power one’s soul remembrance had to possess before being able to release a freezing aura without using a soul technique was enormous!

This terrifying ice aura caused everyone to take multiple steps back. The soul pets surrounding Shen Yicheng and Feng Kun were also terrified, and didn’t dare move an inch. Holding their breath and with rapt attention, they lay low on the ground!

The man hadn’t summoned any soul pets, yet this strength was already capable to making others quake in fear. Such an expert simply wasn’t someone they, as young generation members, could compete with. Over forty Soul Palace guards were presently dripping with sweat. An intense killing intent was shrouding over their heads, causing them to tremble in fear.

Only, unless their leader gave the order, they wouldn’t dare flee. They had thus effectively become livestock to be slaughtered by any person at this point. They could only focus their gazes on their leader, hoping that he would be able to think of a solution fast, otherwise this man would annihilate them.

“What is your name. After killing all of your subordinates, I will let you go. However, today’s matter won’t end just like this!” the man’s killing intent pervaded the air and his eyes stared at Chu Mu as he spoke.

“Chu Chen.” Chu Mu calmly replied.

The name Chu Chen was a symbollic alias of radiant heroism to commit heinous deeds. Thus, Chu Mu did not care if he told him or not.

“Chu Chen!” Shen Yicheng opened his eyes a bit wider and glared at Chu Mu.

Chu Chen was very evidently a third grade member of Soul Palace. Shen Yicheng had never expected he would be forced into such a wretched state by a third grade member. Most importantly, Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng had already mentioned this person before, but Shen Yicheng had never placed any importance on it. He should have had Zhuo Xiao just get rid of him.

Ultimately, the Soul Palace leader that had annihilated all of his subordinates was this Chu Chen. Where on earth had this Soul Palace Chu Chen come from?!

“Remember and observe a moment of silence for your subordinates. You can only blame them for following the wrong person.” the hawk-like man finally had the intention to kill and it was possible to sense him chanting an incantation. Moreover, from the enormous aura, it was possible to see that the soul pet he was about to summon would be able to easily instakill them!


“Senior Chu Chen!” 

All of Soul Palace’s guards had pale faces. They were trembling with fear and slowly retreated as they stared at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t say anything. Instead, he stepped forward towards Shen Yicheng’s Violent Blood Pool Beast bound to the ground by Ye Qingzi’s soul pets.

Nobody understood his actions, but very soon, the trembling guards discovered that when Chu Mu left, a man who hadn’t appeared yet walked out!

The hawk man’s ice and killing aura didn’t have any effect on this man. The man continued to walk forward with steady steps and when he walked, everyone could see that he even had an engrossed smile on his face.

In front of an extreme expert that could instakill all of the soul pets on the field, this person was still able to maintain a smile! Casual, free and no traces of seriousness or anxiety could be sensed. Nor was there any hint of false bravado. 

The hawk man was about to finish chanting his incantation, and just as he was about to summon his soul pet, his actions came to an abrupt halt!

His two sharp eyes opened a bit wider, and he closely watched the man walking over to him. The expression on his face further proceeded to freeze up!

“Don’t be anxious, continue summoning. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen your soul pets. Summon them for me.” the man who walked out from behind Chu Mu began to laugh. He seemed very carefree, but the words he spoke caused everyone to blush with shame.

“Li Hen…” the hawk man stood there, his face ashen.

Soul Palace… Li Hen!

Soul Palace’s famous expert, Li Hen, was recognized by all but few. The hawk man had already realized earlier that there was definitely a middle aged Soul Palace expert backing Chu Mu and this was the reason why he didn’t kill Chu Mu. However, he never thought that the person protecting Chu Mu was among Soul Palace’s strongest, the middle aged new talent Li Hen!

How could he not be clear of Li Hen’s strength? Continue summoning? The hawk man was sure that no matter how many soul pets he summoned, he wasn’t the opponent of the man in front of him.

Most importantly, this fellow was also a fierce character who didn’t care about anything. He perhaps wouldn’t kill people, but killing one or two soul pets was something he would definitely do!

“Why aren’t you summoning anymore? In the fight just now you were practically like a supreme expert hiding in the shadows. According to the way traditional stories go, you should have annihilated the entire battlefield before carefreely taking away your useless juniors with you. It would help you to release your bad aura… yet now you’re not summoning soul pets anymore. Could it be that the aura you released just now was just a fart?!” mocked Li Hen. 

The hawk man grit his teeth. There was nothing more aggravating than being humiliated in front of others. However, he truly didn’t dare to summon . The moment he did, Li Hen would have a reason to attack and when that time came, the losses would be even worse.

“I didn’t want to interfere in a fight between the younger generation. However, your Soul Palace people perhaps went too overboard, killing so many of my Merchant Alliance’s subordinates. Moreover, they were going to kill Shen Yicheng. If I hadn’t happened to passed by and prevented this tragedy, wouldn’t this matter have ended up at an even higher level?” said the hawk man incomparably sullenly. 

“As expected… the older one is, the lower one’s character is. Hmph… you just happened to pass through and prevent this matter from ending at a higher level? Sure you can say these things. I’ll feel embarrassed for you, don’t worry. What does it matter if your Merchant Alliance’s trash has been killed? If you can’t accept this and yell for the help of others, our leader won’t be able to kill with satisfaction. If you don’t dare fight, then scram with your tail between your legs and then pay for the damage that you owe in this street district. Your Merchant Alliance has a lot of money and doesn’t care about this sort of stuff.” when Li Hen spoke, he was extremely unsatisfied. He felt like he was in a street gangster fight without the slightest demeanor of a Soul Palace divine senior.

Yet, Li Hen’s gangster talk and imposing mannerism caused the forty guards to shout for joy. Especially after they saw the darkened sullen expression of the hawk man, they all began to laugh and involuntarily felt prideful.

“We will pay for the damage to this street district. The two juniors didn’t understand the rules so I’ll bring them back and teach them a lesson.” the hawk man didn’t dare have a bad temper. Using one hand each, he grabbed Shen Yicheng and Feng Kun and was about to bring them away.

“Senior Hawk, my Violent Blood Pool Beast…” Shen Yicheng was still self-knowing afterall and knew that they had been completely defeated this time. Thus, he could only use a pleading voice to speak.

His Violent Blood Pool Beast was being firmly held down by the opponent. In half a year in would be the Battle of the Realm and he happened to be Merchant Alliance’s main force in the second grade. If his soul suffered an injury, he would absolutely be dealt a large blow. Furthermore, the Violent Blood Pool Beast was his strongest soul pet...

The hawk man coldly glared at Shen Yicheng, who unexpectedly want him to plead on his piece of trash behalf.

“I hope that old brother Li Hen can release the Violet Blood Pool Beast. It’s not easy for a young generation to nurture a soul pet.” ultimately, the hawk man used a soft and humble voice to speak.

“That depends on the leader’s mood.” Li Hen swept his gaze over Chu Mu.

“Chu Chen, in this fair fight between the young generation, the outcome will stop here. There’s no need to eradicate soul pets…” the hawk man was even more aggrieved in his heart as he unexpectedly had to speak softly and humbly to a young generation member!

Chu Mu was presently standing next to the Violent Blood Pool Beast. However, no one had noticed Chu Mu’s two hands burning in white devil flames that had extended into the Violent Blood Pool Beast’s innards!!

Obliterating Heart!!

When everyone’s attention had been focused on the confrontation between Li Hen and the hawk man, Chu Mu had unexpectedly used the Obliterating Heart technique on the Violent Blood Pool Beast!

Then, when everyone turned their gazes to Chu Mu, waiting for his decision, they suddenly discovered that Chu Mu was holding an enormous blood colored inner crystal in his palm!

This inner crystal was connected to several veins and arteries that were densely packed and sticky as they pulsated in Chu Mu’s hands after he had completely pulled them out!

“I’m not in a very good mood today!” Chu Mu’s entire being turned ice cold.


Blood flew everywhere and a captivating red color burst forth from inside as Chu Mu crushed the crystal to pieces!!

“Hou hou!!!!!!!!!!!”

The Violent Blood Pool Beast intensely trembled as it let out an incomparably pained howl in the face of death!

The enormous Violent Blood Pool Beast’s spasms became increasingly frequent until it suddenly stopped in an instant. Immediately, all of its life force aura dispersed and its bloodshot pupils burst out...

Dead!! After the Violent Blood Pool Beast’s inner crystal had been crushed by Chu Mu, it had died!!

This shocking scene turned the atmosphere into an abnormally strange one. Everyone was silent and no one said anything. They were no longer shocked that Chu Mu had directly killed Shen Yicheng’s soul ped; however, the method in which Chu Mu commited his slaughter caused everyone’s bodies to tremble! 

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