Chapter 401: Shen Yicheng? I Said To Kill Him!

Chapter 401: Shen Yicheng? I Said To Kill Him! 

In the darkness, Underground Palace’s Zhuo Xiao was also specifically looking at Chu Mu, and a demonic smile had blossomed on his face. His appearance seemed to indicate he was completely indifferent about Soul Palace’s guards currently surrounding their few remaining men!

Chu Mu noticed this ice cold killer. However, just as the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s Night Control slowly dissipated in the area, the killer’s pair of eyes suddenly disappeared!

Chu Mu instantly realized something and loudly yelled: “Shang Heng!!”

Shang Heng’s reaction was very quick, and he hastily ordered his soul pets to head towards the weakest area among the palace guards. Nonetheless, his movements were still too slow.

Night Control!!

The same dark type technique, the Demon Fairy’s Night Control was even more thorough than the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s. The perceptive abilities of soul pets and soul remembrance of soul pet trainers were all sealed to a definite degree!

“Sou Po Sou~~~~~~”

A few wind noises rang out and in the patch of darkness within Night Control, Chu Mu could see a black garmented man riding his demon in that area from far away. He brought two other fast soul pets with him as he charged out of the encirclement of Soul Palace guards!

The strength of Zhuo Xiao’s demon was shocking, and practically no one had seen it clearly. Everyone had merely sensed a black shadow flitting through the ruins of the street and in the blink of an eye, it had disappeared from their field of view. Even the hawk guards in the air were unable to chase...

Shang Heng and Zhao Cheng were both stunned. They never expected that just as all of Soul Palace’s guards were about to hem him in, Zhuo Xiao would burst forth with such strength. It was as if he was charging headlong in an area without people!

Chu Mu was even more shocked in his heart. Up until now, he had believed that Shen Yicheng was the most difficult person to deal with of those present on the field. He never expected that Underground Palace’s Zhuo Xiao was practically playing with this fight and it wasn’t until he discovered the grand tide of battle that he decided to flee. When he fled, it was done so calmly; even all the soul pets he had summoned were of the speed type, clearly indicating he had already planned this all in advance!

“Don’t let another one go!!” shouted Chu Mu, causing all the palace guards to raise their alertness.

Shang Heng and Zhao Cheng realized they had underestimated their opponent. They rode on their soul pets towards the firmly contained soul pets of Shen Yicheng and Feng Kun. They wouldn’t give them another chance to escape and even if they managed to escape, the two of them would at least leave behind two souls.

“Violent Blood Pool Beast!!” Shen Yicheng was thoroughly enraged. He wanted to forcibly recall the Violent Blood Pool Beast to help him kill his way out of the Soul Palace guard siege. 

“Hou hou hou!!!!!!!!” the Violent Blood Pool Beast gave a roar in response, but obstructing him in front was still the full fighting strength Warbeast Mo Ye. Further, this Warbeast Mo Ye’s strength had risen to the eighth phase seventh stage!

Shen Yicheng cast a glance at Chu Mu’s Warbeast Mo Ye, and upon discovering that his Violent Blood Pool Beast was still engaged with this Warbeast Mo Ye, he was so angry he nearly spat blood.

“Restrict it.” softly called Ye Qingzi’s melodious voice. The Nest Wood Spirit, Ice Fire Demon, Water Moon and Bell Noise Concubine simultaneously released their techniques, not giving the Violent Blood Pool Beast any chance to return to Shen Yicheng’s side.

Shen Yicheng’s other two soul pets were already being tied down by Soul Palace’s guards and the demon that was hidden beside him had been injured by Shang Heng’s soul pets.

Zhuo Xiao had fled so Shang Heng’s soul pets could completely focus on Shen Yicheng’s soul pets. Very quickly, Shen Yicheng’s soul pets were riddled with injuries, so in order to prevent his own soul from being injured, Shen Yicheng had no choice but to recall them to his soul pet space.

Soul Alliance’s Feng Kun was even more miserable. One of his soul pets had miserably died at the hands of Zhao Cheng. After one of his souls was injured, he was quickly subdued by palace guards. He had originally planned on summoning a wing type soul pet to flee by air; however, he was forced down by the hawk guards. Ultimately, he had no choice but to grit his bloody teeth and recall all his soul pets and wait to be captured.

The situation was over and even if Shen Yicheng was stronger, he would not be the opponent of so many Soul Palace members. At the moment, he had also recalled his other three soul pets and his eyes were staring angrily at the soul pets besieging his Violent Blood Pool Beast. With a humiliated expression, he indicated he would surrender.

The ground was scattered with soul pet corpses. The street was damaged beyond recognition, there was an enormous hole in the earth, scattered and fragmented pieces of objects lay astrewn, fresh blood flowed along the gutters...

In this fight, twenty of Shen Yicheng’s subordinates had been killed along with their soul pets. Ten others lay weakly on the ground. All of their souls had been severely injured. All of Shen Yicheng’s troops added together totaled nearly 100 corpses. Blood was left everywhere on the streets.

Soul Palace had a total of fifty members. Only four soul pet trainers had been killed, while the rest had suffered soul injuries due to a soul pet’s death.

The losses of the Soul Palace’s palace guards were also rather disastrous. There were approximately seventy soul pet corpses and among them, sixty of the corpses were caused during the last attack on the fort of Shen Yicheng and the others.

The battle was already over. The stench of blood, poison, fluids, innards and corpses pervaded the air, causing a nauseating stench to pick up.

“How do we deal with them?” Shang Heng walked next to Chu Mu and stared at the visibly battered and exhausted Shen Yicheng as a smile rose on his face. 

After fighting Shen Yicheng for so long, this was the first time Shang Heng had subdued this crafty fellow. In his heart, he was silently yelling in delight.

Zhao Cheng also walked next to Chu Mu and said: “Leader’s soul pets are truly abnormal. If their phases and stages are increased, even if you were to fight Shen Yicheng head on, you would be able to fiercely crush him under your feet.” 

When Shen Yicheng heard this, his face went black.

If they were fighting head on, Shen Yicheng was willing to bet his life that he would be able to annihilate all of Chu Mu’s soul pets within a minute. This time, if it wasn’t due to his miscalculation that he brought too few people. He wouldn't have fallen into the hands of this insignificant fellow.

“Kill them.” Chu Mu didn’t talk anymore rubbish and immediately spoke these two words.

Chu Mu hadn’t planned on letting him live. Since he was already under his control, killing him was the most straightforward thing to do and would allow him to calm the rage in his heart!

However, when Chu Mu gave this order, everyone was stunned!

This Soul Palace leader really wanted to kill two Merchant Alliance and Soul Alliance second grade experts!

Shen Yicheng and Feng Kun were extremely reknown peak experts in Tianxia City. They acted as an authority for people of a similar age within their factions. If nothing unexpected happened, the two of them would eventually come to control great power within Merchant Alliance and Soul Alliance. If they were killed, the people backing them definitely wouldn’t let the matter be. When that time came, this matter would evolve into a fight between the higher levels!

“Kill me? If you kill me, even if Palace Lord Yu is behind you, don’t even think about living. Zhuo Xiao has already fled, so I’d like to see how you can silence through killing!” Shen Yicheng’s face twisted a bit and he spoke in a strangely calm voice.

Shen Yicheng’s calm was half faked. He had previously believed that if he were to fall into this person’s hands, there was a high chance he would be killed. This could be seen when he gave the order to kill in the fight just now...

In the past, he had always been the one in control of the life and death of others. This time, however, Shen Yicheng was truly afraid because he had fallen into the hands of someone who didn’t fear anything. 

“Chu Chen, these two people really cannot be killed. Even Palace Lord Yu won’t be able to protect us. Furthermore, Palace Lord Yu will receive the Palace’s punishment. We’ve already finished our mission this time so there’s no need to kill them all.” Shang Heng advised Chu Mu.

Shen Yicheng’s great defeat this time would cause him and Feng Kun to be placed under house arrest in Soul Palace for a few days. They would be convicted of a few crimes before letting his elders would lead people over. This way, his elders would have to amicably apologize to Palace Lord Yu and sullenly have to bring their people away. They wouldn’t dare say anything about the group of subordinates being killed.

However, if he were killed, blades would immediately clash and conflict would manifest...

The anger in Chu Mu’s heart didn’t calm from the slaughter this time. Moreover, after this matter, the moment Shen Yicheng had a chance, he would definitely kill him. Thus, Chu Mu would rather give Shen Yicheng a straight forward end. At the very worst, he would assume his troublesome status as a Young Master earlier than planned. After all, even if the person behind Shen Yicheng had enormous influence, he wouldn’t dare make any moves on a Soul Palace Young Master.

“I said to kill him!” Chu Mu wouldn’t change his decision once he had already made it!

It didn’t matter that Zhuo Xiao had fled. He had already killed so many people, why would he have to be so compassionate at the end of things. When he faced enemies, Chu Mu had never known what mercy or fear of the consequences was!

Chu Mu’s ice cold order heavily struck Shen Yicheng’s heart!

As expected, this threat meant nothing to this man. After the other party didn’t hesitate to give his killing order, Shen Yicheng truly felt a bit of fear!

Shang Heng quickly realized that the man in front of him simply didn’t care about the issues between factions.

Perhaps this situation arose because he was ignorant, and didn’t understand serious implications or because his status was extremely high and simply wasn’t afraid of the consequences! 

Shang Heng had learned from Palace Lord Yu that Chu Chen’s status was extremely high. If he dared kill Shen Yicheng without hesitation, then that could only mean Chu Chen was the latter one of those two aforementioned possibilities.

Shang Heng shook his head. He knew that the bloody events from this situation would rapidly shake the entire Tianxia City. Promptly, he had no choice but to helplessly wave his hands, indicating that the few Soul Palace guards nearest to Shen Yicheng were to take his life.

All of these palace guards knew who Shen Yicheng was. Although the order had been given, they were still unwilling to truly kill him and could only stand there foolishly. 

Other people did not dare take action, but did that mean Chu Mu didn’t? Getting rid of Shen Yicheng would mean he would have one less second grade competitor. Chu Mu didn’t hesitate at all, and immediately ordered Zhan Ye to pounce over and attack the soul pet defenseless Shen Yicheng. 

Shen Yicheng’s face instantly paled. He had played around in Tianxia City for so many years, but this was the first time he had encountered such a fearless person. This fearlessness truly scared him so badly that his body trembled!  

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~~”

Zhan Ye’s claws were already extended out when suddenly, a tyrannical dragon binding wind appeared around Shen Yicheng and Feng Kun. It swept up Zhan Ye which was about to launch an attack and tossed it a few hundred meters far away where it smacked hard into the ruins. 

Chu Mu’s gaze went cold, and his eyes locked onto the man who had come forth to rescue Shen Yicheng.

Chu Mu had already guessed that there was another middle aged expert hiding behind Shen Yicheng, so when this man appeared, Chu Mu didn’t show any signs of shock at all! 

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