Chapter 400: Deep into Enemy Territory, Save Ye Wansheng

Chapter 400: Deep into Enemy Territory, Save Ye Wansheng

Violent Blood Pool Beast was a part of the pool beast species. Though it was full of blood aura, it didn’t have a Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation.

Seeing the opponent’s soul pet cast Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation to increase its strength to quickly finish the battle, Shen Yichen also had to increase Violent Blood Pool Beast’s power, preferably to the point where it could one shot the resilient Mo Ye.

A thick bloody light covered Shen Yichen’s eyes. The Violent Blood Pool Beast’s eyes were already red. When Shen Yichen’s pupils changed to blood red, Violent Blood Pool Beast’s eyes slowly bulged forwards and its muscles expanded even more than thought possible!!

Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation!!

Both used Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation, but Shen Yichen’s effects were clearly even more powerful than Zhan Ye’s own technique, causing Violent Blood Pool Beast’s strength to increase further…...

Violent Blood Pool Beast was already ninth phase first stage. Shen Yichen’s technique forcefully raised Violent Blood Pool Beast’s stage by three, reaching ninth phase fourth stage!

Ninth phase middle stage - Middle Class Monarch. The Violent Blood Pool Beast’s strength increased again, causing its heavy beast aura to spread through the entire battlefield, wild and unstoppable!

“Chu Mu, I’ll deal with his technique, you try to save my brother.” Ye Qingzi standing behind Chu Mu said.

Chu Mu nodded, and told Zhan Ye to monitor the Violent Blood Pool Beast tightly. He himself went to call Night to his side, jumped onto it, and wrapped around.

The clear incantation slowly finished. Ye Qingzi stood beautifully under the moonlight. Hoops of radiance appeared in her hand like crowns of moonlight and rippled towards the Violent Blood Pool Beast full of blood.

Moonlight crowns were very gentle, yet the expansion process was undodgeable. Violent Blood Pool Beast was quickly covered in this gentle glow…...

Ye Qingzi’s technique wasn’t aggressive at all, and could even be a supportive technique, because this technique’s gentleness could calm a soul pet’s anger and violence!

However, on the Violent Blood Pool Beast, who used its anger to increase its strength, this technique became an interesting negative effect because after this soul pet was calmed down, the effects of Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation would disappear.

The Violent Blood Pool Beast reached ninth phase fourth stage through Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation, but before it cast a single technique, Ye Qingzi simply used a mental soul technique to send it back to ninth phase first stage…...

Seeing this, Shen Yichen’s face turned even blacker.

Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation used quite a bit of his soul power, yet it was cancelled by Ye Qingzi easily. Anger rose in his chest and he said venomously to Ye Qingzi, “Since you don’t want to follow me, then say good bye to your useless brother!” Shen Yichen again started an incantation, except this time the target was towards Ye Wansheng. Ye Wansheng was protectionless now. Any eighth rank technique towards his weak points would definitely kill him!

“Attack!” Riding his Night Thunder Dream Beast, Chu Mu waved his command towards a couple of hidden soul palace elites.

Beside the ruins, four dark demon soul pet Palace Guards have already been hidden for a long time. Seeing their leader send a command, they immediately activated their demon techniques to attack Shen Yichen’s mental world!

Shen Yichen didn’t detect these four soul palace members and quickly interrupted his incantation to protect his soul.

“Continue attacking.” Chu mu again commanded.

The four palace guards were all relatively strong. Their soul pets’ attacks all posed a threat towards Shen Yichen, causing Shen Yichen and his subordinates to be even more frantic as they desperately try to keep their last defenses from failing!


With the delay from the four palace guards, Chu Mu already rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast to within fifty meters. With Devil Tree Battle Soldier acting as their cover, Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast easily passed through the Devil Vine’s realm!

“Managing Night!!” Chu Mu sent a command to Night Thunder Dream Beast.

Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dream pupils quickly changed. As they got darker and deeper, the pale moonlight in this region seemed to be devoured and the entire region fell into the territory of Managing Night, leaving no light behind!

In Managing Night, eighth phase high stage Night Thunder Dream Beast even raised a stage. If Shen Yichen didn’t have a ninth phase monarch, they couldn’t possibly detect Night Thunder Dream Beast.

“Zuo Xiao, stop him!” Shen Yichen already couldn’t see, and his remembrance similarly couldn’t find Chu Mu. However, he realized that Chu Mu must be quickly nearing, so he yelled out frantically!

Under Managing Night, Chu Mu could see through Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dream pupils. With Night Dance activated, Night Thunder Dream Beast easily passed through Shen Yichen’s soul pet defense and appeared beside Shen Yichen.

At such distances, Shen Yichen’s reaction towards Chu Mu’s existence was very swift. Just as Night Thunder Dream Beast was about to launch a mental assault, his devil vine quickly wrapped around him and shifted him a couple of meters to the side, dodging Night Thunder Dream Beast’s attack.


Chu Mu was just about to chase forward when a dark shadow stood in front of him. In the darkness, he could see a pair of cold yet unusual eyes!!

“Going deep into enemy territory, you have guts.” Underground Palace Zuo Xiao laughed. The Demon Fairy under him was writhing with kill intent, ready to deliver the killing blow towards Chu Mu and Night Thunder Dream Beast at any time!

“Night, you deal with them.” Chu Mu flipped off and left Night Thunder Dream Beast with a cast of Devil Phantom!

Chu Mu’s body became a couple of ghost like shadows. His feet didn’t even touch the ground as he covertly traveled through Zuo Xiao and his soul pets!

Chu Mu didn’t cast any soul techniques before just to save it all for this key moment!

Zuo Xiao never expected a soul pet trainer to have such a strange technique. When he was confused, Chu Mu already floated away. When he gave a command to Demon Fairy, Night Thunder Dream Beast’s mental technique had already come!

Shen Yichen used his Devil Vine to move, so no matter how fast it was, it couldn’t compare to Chu Mu’s Devil Phantom. In a moment, Chu Mu again appeared in front of Shen Yichen.

Shen Yichen was shocked. From aura, he could tell the opponent clearly had superior soul remembrance. The mental fight between soul pet trainers would definitely end poorly for him.

Yet, Shen Yichen again calculated wrong. Just as he was about to toss Chu Mu away with Wind Dragon Bind, he was shocked to discover that the soul pet trainer in front of him quickly appeared and lifted him up with a burning devil flamed hand. This string of movements were so quick, it wouldn’t lose to beast type soul pets!

A soul pet trainer being able to have this speed and power without any technique?! Shen Yichen was already dazed. What sort of abnormality had he met today?

“Careful of Shen Yichen’s demon!” Ye Wansheng yelled out painfully. Just as he finished, a powerful mental strength poured inot Ye Wansheng’s mind and forced him to the brink of utter collapse!

The reason Ye Wansheng couldn’t use any soul pet technique was precisely because of this demon. Now that Chu Mu approached alone, wasn’t he susceptible to this powerful demon’s claws?


Chu Mu heard the sound and was aghast. He didn’t think Shen Yichen would be this sly. Even in such a disadvantage, he hid a demon right beside him.

Shen Yichen wore a soul armor, so any attack under ninth level couldn’t kill him, while Obliterating Heart would take a couple of seconds.

Realizing that killing Shen Yichen was almost impossible, he used his arm strength to throw Shen Yichen outwards, straight into the demon’s extending claws!

Shen Yichen’s demon quickly retracted its claws and caught its owner.

Using this opportunity, Chu Mu caught Ye Wansheng and quickly cast an incantation!!

Under the cover of Managing Night, no one knew what technique Chu Mu used. A dart of devil flames appeared under Chu Mu and quickly burnt his body and Ye Wansheng’ s to ashes.

At the edge of Managing Night, white devil flames slowly appeared and within the waving flames came Chu Mu holdign Ye Wansheng as they quickly exited the battle.

“Night, return!” Chu Mu naturally knew that leaving Night inside was very dangerous, so he told Night Thunder Dream Beast to cast Night Dance to escape.

Shang Heng and Zhao Cheng had already brought many soul palace guards to fight their way into Shen Yichen’s headquarters to end the last of Shen yichen’s defenses. Night Thunder Dream Beast relied on its powerful dodging and hiding abiltiies to escape from the chaos.

“Hurt?” When Night Thunder Dream Beast came back, Chu Mu immediately noticed the dark red corroded wound that had gone deep into its skin and even muscle, hitting bone.

Chu Mu’s heart skipped a beat and he looked around at the cold Underground Palace Killer Zuo Xiao.

Chu Mu only took a short few seconds to save Ye Wansheng, yet Zuo Xiao could already wound his Night Thunder Dream Beast in that short time!!

This Zuo Xiao was ridiculously strong!!

Most importantly, Chu Mu didn’t even notice. If he let Night Thunder Dream Beast stay even a little longer, it may not have been able to return anymore!!!

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