Book 2 Chapter 40 - Dark Night High Winds, Killing Night

Chapter 40: Dark Night High Winds, Killing Night

Dark night and high winds. It was a night for killing.

Guessing that the Yang Clan would dispatch experts into their territory to clean out the Demon Ant Emperor, Chu Mu used his power as a Nightmare Prince and dispatched ten spirit teacher level killers from Gangluo City Nightmare Palace to sneakily set up an ambush in the Yang Clan’s territory, waiting for their prey to come.

In the Yang Clan’s territory, a house sat in the shallow valley. On two sides of the valley were very steep cliffs. When night came, a black clothed Chu Mu rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast over the cliffsides, and stealthily approached this house of the Yang Clan.

Behind Chu Mu, ten similarly dark dressed Nightmare Palace killers each rode different soul pets over the steep cliffs, also not making a single sound.

“You, go to the front and check if the people that the Yang Clan sent have arrived yet. Everyone else, go in and kill with me. Remember, don’t leave a single one alive!” Chu Mu said coldly.

“Yes!!” The ten Nightmare Palace killers immediately nodded and started to move.

How could Chu Mu’s massacre simply stop at killing the people that the Yang Clan sent? He decisively killed everyone the Yang Clan had within the territory house, leaving not a single person alive!

Splatters of shocking red blossomed in the dark night. The sounds of people agonizing and soul pets grieving merged together, unceasingly echoing throughout this once silent valley. Blood flowed down the little creeks in the valley, slowly reaching places far away…....

Nightmare Palace killers were all vicious and merciless people. They were put through strict training by Nightmare Palace and were then sent to every corner of the world to act as hired assassins for all sorts of people.

The leader of the ten Nightmare Palace killers was a sixth level title murderer named He Lang. His strength was considered to be at the top ten within Gangluo Palace. This killer was often known for his cold blooded murdering and his sheer amount of people killed. The reason he obeyed the Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince’s command was due to Xia Guanghan’s orders to have him fully support this Nightmare Prince’s attempt to take revenge on Yang Clan.

The Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince’s fame was one He Lang had heard of for a long time now. Before, he didn’t regard a not even twenty teen as important, and was simply following orders.

But, once he saw the calmness and apathy this teen showed when killing people, He Lang couldn’t help but feel astonished. This was especially so after he realized that Chu Mu had killed even more people than he did. He Lang couldn’t help but be alarmed. This youth’s killing prowess was even higher than his own, a professional assassin. The Prison Island King sure deserved to be called the Prison Island King- the only man who lived among three thousand prisoners!

“Nightmare Prince, they’re here.” The Nightmare Palace killer who was left outside the valley rode his Storm Eagle into the valley and in front of Chu Mu.

After he landed, this Nightmare Palace killer also specially glanced into the corpse covered house and looked amazed. He didn’t think that the thirty members of Yang Clan would get massacred in such a short period of time. The corpses of their soul pets almost stacked beyond the walls of the house!

“En, walk forward, we can’t let them smell the blood and become alarmed.” Chu Mu nodded, jumping onto his Night Thunder Dream Beast and telling the blood drenched Mo Xie to follow along beside him.

The ten killers also had no hesitation, immediately jumping onto their soul pets’ bodies and tightly following Chu Mu. Those with wing type soul pets scouted in front, as they approached the Yang Clan experts who wanted to clean out the Demon Ant Emperor with their blood craze!


In the afternoon, the lazy sunlight fell onto Luoye Mountain Range. Green rolling hills, vibrant vegetation, and organisms carried on their activities everywhere, creating a sense of calmness and peace.

“Brother, look, the Demon Clouds seem to be getting bigger, will it extend to us?” Chu Yishui looked worryingly at the Yang Clan’s territory far away and said in a small voice.

“It won’t. It’s a high class commander rank Demon Ant Emperor, reaching seventh phase and is very strong, but the extent of its control is but two kilometers. At most, it’ll destroy the Yang Clan’s territory, but it couldn’t possibly reach us here.” Chu Mu said.

“Brother, you know so much!” Chu Yishui immediately smiled, looking on with adoration.

Chu Mu smiled as well.

By day, Chu Mu was the big brother that patiently helped his little female cousin find a new soul pet. By night, Chu Mu would transform into the life-disregarding devil, his hands stained with blood!

Chu Mu was very patient. For almost an entire month, he accompanied his cousin in finding a soul pet, being very picky.

In reality, over the span of the month, Chu Mu would catch some talented warrior rank soul pets almost every night, but Chu Mu wouldn’t give them straight to Chu Yishui.

It wasn’t that Chu Mu cared about the money, but Chu Mu knew that a real, powerful soul pet trainer couldn’t always rely on the talented soul pets that others gave them. They had to find a soul pet that suited themselves.

If one compared soul pets to fighting weapons, Chu Yishui definitely wasn’t suited for heavy long axes or broadswords. She was better suited for light and nimble short swords, which could bring the most out of Chu Yishui’s potential.

Over this month, Chu Yishui also learned many things from Chu Mu, like how to judge many soul pets, how to handle battles, how to control one’s own soul pet, in addition to the usage of many abilities. This caused Chu Yishui’s strength to rise a considerable amount.

Finally, under Chu Mu’s approval, Chu Yishui signed a soul pact with a fourth phase fourth stage Demon Spirit Butterfly.

Chu Mu, from the beginning, thought that a smart girl like Chu Yishui would be well suited to handle an agile, swift, and wind controlling soul pet like the Demon Spirit Butterfly. After a month of picking, Chu Mu also picked a Demon Spirit Butterfly of the highest quality.

The Demon Spirit Butterfly that Chu Mu chose was very strong in all aspects, especially the most important one, wind type talent. It had talent akin to Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy’s ice type talent.

“Fifth rank demon type, wind type soul crystal?” On the way back to the clan, Chu Yishui looked at Chu Mu’s little gift with surprise, covering her mouth before redirecting her eyes to Chu Mu in disbelief.

“Your Demon Spirit Butterfly has a small weakness; its life force isn’t as strong. You need to slightly strengthen its Demon type, while obviously focus on reinforcing its wind type as well. This soul crystal can somewhat cover this weakness, as well as strengthen its wind type,” Chu Mu said.

Chu Yishui stared blankly at the fifth rank soul crystal in her hands, unable to recover in a short time. Chu Yishui wasn’t stupid. This Demon Spirit Butterfly she caught with Chu Mu’s help was already worth nearly 50,000 gold coins. A warrior rank soul pet reaching 50,000 gold coins was incredible. After all, a normal low class commander rank was only worth 100,000!

Yet now, he gifted another fifth rank duo type soul crystal worth at least 50,000 gold coins. Once the Demon Spirit Butterfly was strengthened, it would be worth 100,000 gold coins, the same as a commander rank!

Maybe, after strengthening it, this Demon Spirit Butterfly still wasn’t a match for a low class commander rank, but don’t forget, it was a warrior rank soul pet, able to be summoned at the Spirit Soldier level. In a similar age group, she had a huge advantage!

“Brother, are you really giving this to me?” Chu Yishui blinked.

“En, keep it a secret, don’t tell anyone else.” Chu Mu said.

“Wa, brother you are so good to Yishui.” Chu Yishui was almost in tears with excitement, passionately hugging Chu Mu’s neck, putting her soft little chest on Chu Mu while planting a big sloppy kiss on Chu Mu’s face.

Chu Mu didn’t expect his little cousin to suddenly attack with a kiss, so he coughed embarrassedly. Though Chu Mu always looked at this girl like a little sister, Chu Yishui was, in reality, fifteen. Under her dress, her fine body gave off an inexperienced allure.

Chu Mu knew that he had no blood relationship with this member of the Chu Clan. When Chu Yishui hugged him with such little restraint, Chu Mu’s thoughts would still run wild.

In one month, Chu Mu of course didn’t purely help Chu Yishui select her soul pet. In this time period, Zhan Ye swiftly rose from the third phase fifth stage to the eighth stage. Chu Mu planned to train it using a sixth rank soul crystal once he returned to Gangluo City.

A third phase soul pet trained using a sixth rank soul crystal was very dangerous. After all, a sixth rank soul crystal had a massive amount of energy. First, the soul pet may not be able to absorb it all completely. Second, it could very easily cause harm to the soul pet. Usually, third phase soul pets were trained with at most a fourth rank soul crystal.

But, Zhan Ye also had the bug type blood. The bug type’s greatest strength was its powerful life force. A third phase could usually bear a fifth rank soul crystal with some difficulty.

Yet with Zhan Ye, its bug type talent could be said as absolutely overpowered. It’s recovery power was six times that of other soul pets, meaning that its life force was also six times that of any similar bug type soul pet. Chu Mu thought using a sixth rank soul crystal wasn’t too big of an issue.

Using a sixth rank soul crystal to train Zhan Ye would definitely waste a lot of energy, but to fix Zhan Ye’s weakness, Chu Mu still had to steel his heart and use this money.

“Fourth brother, you’ve probably heard about Luoye Mountain range right? Hahaha, it’s simply to satisfying. Those Yang Clan people just had to provoke the Demon Ant Emperor, and now its rooted in their territory, claiming the entire area, while killing everyone living there. After almost twenty days of cleaning, they wasted so many soul pets and finally cleaned out the Demon Ant Emperor.  Even so, their entire territory was destroyed, becoming at most a second level territory.” Chu Ning saw that Chu Mu came back and immediately laughed.

“Indeed satisfying.” Chu Mu laughed along.

That night, after Chu Mu killed everyone in the Yang Clan, he led the Demon Ant Emperor into the Yang Clan’s house and let it devour all the corpses, destroying all traces of evidence. Though the Yang Clan thought that the entire event was bizarre, in the end, they could only blame the events on the attack of the Demon Ant Emperor…...

Of course, to Chu Mu, it was just a harmless punishment. This was because the real revenge had only just started!!

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