Book 2 Chapter 4 - Treasure, Violent Blood Pupil

Chapter 4: Treasure, Violent Blood Pupil

It was good that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon hadn’t killed the three people from the Yang Family in one slap because Yang Zheng still had nineteen scrolls on him. Including the one scroll on Chu Mu, it formed a completed map. Using this map, he could obtain the Nightmare Palace treasures left for the sole survivor.

“I hope that the place where the treasures are buried wasn’t disintegrated.” After collecting all the map pieces, Chu Mu began to silently pray.

After the two super creature’s fight, Prisoner Island had been split into multiple pieces. Changed beyond recognition, there were certain treasures buried on this island. One lackadaisical move could very well have disintegrated the treasures, or perhaps they had already sunk deep into the ocean.

“Thank goodness, thank goodness.” After piecing the map pieces together, Chu Mu instantly found the area where the treasures were. A smile rose on his face.

After resting a while in his place, Chu Mu dealt with the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s wounds first. It had suffered very serious injuries, and its body had been completely penetrated through. However, to a plant type soul pet, this injury wasn’t fatal. As long as it readjusted for a while, it could heal.

After dealing with the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s wounds, Chu Mu’s soul power had also recovered a bit. He then summoned the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

After determining the location, the Night Thunder Dream Beast instantly rushed towards the Nightmare Palace’s treasures!

On the morning of the fourth day, Chu Mu found the location of the treasures. What made Chu Mu bitterly laugh was that these treasures had been hidden in the abyss where the Multi-Colored Devil Tiger had been trapped.

At that time, if Chu Mu had kept digging after he dug up the Cold Abyssal Ginseng, he would discovered the traces of an earth type soul technique. There was a high chance that he could have carelessly taken a shortcut.

“It seems that the Multi-Colored Devil Tiger being trapped here wasn’t purely a coincidence.” Chu Mu put away the map and helplessly laughed. He began to use his hands to dig for the treasures.

“I wonder what it is? The Yang Family’s family treasures?” Chu Mu silently guessed.

The most unique aspect of the Yang Family was that they possessed the powerful, fighting Blood Beast soul pet species. It seemed that every member of the Yang Family would be bestowed a Blood Beast. Blood Beasts could be considered a mainstream soul pet, as many soul pet trainers would choose it. The Yang Family could be classified as a relatively prominent family that used Blood Beasts. Their Blood Beasts’ talent and fighting ability were slightly stronger than other soul pet trainers’.

After digging deeply, Chu Mu quickly discovered a black box in the frozen soil. When he saw the box, Chu Mu seemed to understand something as he slowly opened the black box.

“As expected, it’s a soul technique book!” a smile appeared on his face!

Seeing the soul technique book. Chu Mu didn’t need to open it to know what technique it was!

Like the Chu Family’s technique, Chong Mei, that could replicate soul pet techniques, the Yang Family also had their own, absolutely superior soul technique. Their family’s soul technique allowed them to consolidate the most honorable position in Wangluo City- Violent Blood Pupil!

Violent Blood Pupil was an attribute soul technique. This ability only appeared on Monarch Rank Blood Beast soul pets. However, once one reached the Spirit Master level, he or she could use Violent Blood Pupil.

Violent Blood Pupil’s effect was extremely direct. In a short period of time, it allowed the user’s fighting strength to immensely amplify. A complete Violent Blood Pupil could cause a soul pet’s strength to directly increase by one phase!

Soul techniques consumed a ridiculously enormous amount of soul power. Thus, soul pet trainers could not perpetually use abilities during the entire course of a battle, like soul pets could. However, a strong soul technique could change the tide of battle.

If Chu Mu had possessed Violent Blood Pupil beforehand, the fifth phase seventh stage Mo Xie would definitely have been able to easily defeat the fifth phase ninth stage Blood Winged Trioptic Beast. Moreover, it wouldn’t have been a problem to contend against Yang Lengcang’s sixth phase fourth stage Blood Winged Trioptic Beast!

“Since the Yang Family took such a large risk to steal back this copy of Violent Blood Pupil from Prisoner Island, it means that this copy of the Yang Family’s Violent Blood Pupil is the most complete copy.” Grasping the Violent Blood Pupil, Chu Mu felt that his palm was burning hot!

In order to prevent their family’s soul technique from being leaked to outsiders, the Yang Family truly only had this one copy of the Violent Blood Pupil as a blueprint. Only during extremely special occasions would they spend five hundred thousand gold to invite an imprint master to spend an entire two months towards imprinting another copy. Afterwards, they would confer it to a few of the utmost core members of the Yang Family.

The soul technique book’s imprint couldn't be infinitely copied.

Inside one soul technique book were various eminently complicated lined imprints. These imprints were tangled and intricate. Even the strongest imprint master could not completely imprint a soul technique book.

The power behind a soul technique was determined by two factors. First, it was naturally the soul pet trainer’s soul remembrance strength. Second, it was how complete the soul technique book was that one studied from.

Normally, when the imprint design in a soul technique book reached a replication level of 70 with the soul technique, it could be learned.

However, if a soul pet trainer learned from a poorer quality soul pet book of 70, the soul technique they used would not reach the level of a complete 100 soul technique. It would only have approximately 10% of the effect.

Therefore, many families would retain a fully complete soul technique book. If they were to impart the technique to a family disciple, they would invite an imprint master to imprint a copy.

The completeness of the imprinted copy would naturally be inferior to the first copy, and the formidability of the technique when performed would be rather poor.

The best imprint master in Wangluo City would lose 5 degrees of completeness when imprinting a soul technique book.

When a soul technique completeness fell by ten, its effectiveness would most likely decrease by two fold.

The most complete copy in Chu Mu’s hands should have reached a completeness of 99. When used at the early stage, it should increase the soul pet’s strength by about four stages. When a Yang Family core member used a early stage Violent Blood Pupil at 94 degree of completeness, it would at most increase the soul pet’s strength by two to three stages.

In reality, if Chu Mu were to sell this soul technique book which had an extremely high level of completeness, its value would be guaranteed to be exceptionally expensive. Nevertheless, Chu Mu, who was currently lacking soul techniques, needed this kind of eminently hegemonic soul technique to increase his strength. Therefore, Chu Mu would definitely not sell this soul technique!

When sold on the market, generally speaking, the relatively cheaply-priced soul techniques had a completeness degree of approximately 80. This included Chu MU’s Rapid Freeze and Adhering Flame. As the completeness degree increased, its price would rise by several fold.

“I finally have a decent soul technique.” The corners of Chu Mu’s lips drew back as a smile emerged on his face.

Aside from the soul technique he had learned, Chong Mei, the effects of Chu Mu’s other soul techniques weren’t too good. If he were to use this Violent Blood Pupil on Mo Xie right now, her strength would instantly increase from the fifth phase seventh stage to the sixth phase.

“Nightmare Palace really is magnanimous. They unexpectedly would confer such a soul technique to prisoners.” Chu Mu muttered to himself.

“Yet, when Xia Guanghan obtained this soul technique book, he didn’t learn it himself. Rather, he presented it to Nightmare Palace. This should indicate that Xia Guanghan probably has a stronger soul techniques of the same type. I wonder what Xia Guanghan’s true strength is.”

Chu Mu remembered three years ago that Xia Guanghan had a fifth phase White Nightmare. Perhaps it had already reached the sixth phase.

As a Monarch Rank soul pet, the White Nightmare reaching the sixth phase meant that its strength was exceptionally terrifying. Unless a Commander Rank creature’s strength had reached the seventh phase, it simply wouldn’t be able to contend!

The High Class Commander Rank Ice Winged Tiger previously possessed strength that had already reached the high stages of the fifth phase. While Mo Xie could defeat a fifth phase ninth stage Blood Winged Trioptic Beast, when it came to the Ice Winged Tiger, it would be hard to resist. Over these three years, it was very probable that the Ice Winged Tiger had reached the sixth phase. More evidently, the Ice Winged Tiger wasn’t Xia Guanghan’s main soul pet!

“There’s still a gap, but the day I surpass him isn’t too far!” Chu Mu stroked Mo Xie’s velvety fur as a confident smile appeared on his face.

Over the past three years, Chu Mu had really undergone a complete transformation!

A fifth phase seventh stage Evil Flame Six Tailed Demonic Fox whose strength could rival a sixth phase and under Middle Class Commander Rank soul pet. In Wangluo City, those who possessed a sixth phase and above Commander Rank soul pet were considered first rate fighters.

The Yang Family didn’t have more than fifteen first rate fighters!

Chu Mu’s Violent Blood Pupil could instantly make Mo Xie enter the sixth phase. Thus, those who could fight against Chu Mu in the Yang Family probably only numbered around ten. Moreover, of those ten or so people, the majority of them were already over 40 years old!

Apart from Mo Xie and the Night Thunder Dream Beast, Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy had already reached the fifth phase ninth stage. When the highly talented Ice Air Fairy reached the sixth phase, with its excellent control over its ice type techniques, it was possible to fight against Low Class Commander Rank soul pets!

As for the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, its strength was slightly inferior to the Ice Air Fairy’s, and it was situated at the fifth phase sixth stage.

Plant soul pets naturally were not good at direct clashes. Nevertheless, if they used their techniques well and supported the abilities of other soul pets, they could become an extremely important existence on the battlefield!

Each type of soul pet had evident counters against another type. If a pure beast type soul pet were to encounter a wood type soul pet with coarse skin and thick flesh, even if the wood type’s species rank and phase/stage was lower, the wood type soul pet would still easily win.

“It’s almost been four years. They’ve probably all thought I’ve died.” Standing on the edge of the scattered and smashed island, a familiar face emerged in Chu Mu’s mind. He began pondering whether to begin flying towards that city, towards his family clan, towards his mentally and physically exhausted family in the clan...


As Chu Mu’s thoughts were in a disarray, the Ice Air Tiger slowly emerged from the sky and gently descended, landing in front of Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s gaze fell on the Ice Winged Tiger that had gradually emerged from the horizon. Three years had felt like one day, but Chu Mu was no longer the weak, young child struggling between life and death.

Chu Mu remembered back when he rode the Ice Winged Tiger, he had been overcome by immense ruefulness, dreaming of the day that he could have such a strong and imposing soul pet.

Yet, standing in front of this sixth phase High Class Commander Rank beast right now, Chu Mu was exceptionally calm and collected. This was because Mo Xie’s strength was no longer greatly inferior to the Ice Winged Tiger’s strength!!

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