Chapter 399: Undead Zhan Ye vs Ninth Phase Monarch (2)

Chapter 399: Undead Zhan Ye vs Ninth Phase Monarch (2)

After its shoulder bone was pierced through, Zhan Ye flipped back into the air and leaped off a broken pillar to jump back to the center of the street.

Dark aura still shrouded Zhan Ye’s surroundings. Zhan Ye’s eyes incredibly calmly watched the Violent Blood Pool Beast. Its shoulder armor was furiously spurting blood. However, this wound that was often lethal on other soul pets seemed to be a harmless pinprick on Zhan Ye’s body. Even with its bones pierced, Zhan Ye didn’t show any pain or fear!

“Not dead?” Shen Yichen let out a cold humph. Even if it hadn’t died, it just meant this Mo Ye’s life force was slightly above average. He just needed to waste a little bit more time.


The Violent Blood Pool Beast’s arms suddenly opened up and immediately, a huge glob of blood aura morphed into the Violent Blood Pool Beast’s head. As the bloodiness wafted over and encompassed Zhan Ye, the terrifying blood colored head also seemed to threaten to devour Zhan ye!!

“Eighth rank technique!!!”

Once the Violent Blood Pool Beast casted an eighth rank technique, it could create a ninth rank effect. This was an attack able to demolish almost all soul pets under ninth phase low class monarch!

Feeling the might of the blood aura, everyone’s breathing became difficult. When they lifted their eyes, they were all shocked to see that the blood made head was already twenty meters wide!!


Looking down from above, the Violent Blood Pool Beast’s blood cloud skull opened its massive mouth and spit out a powerful storm like blood torrent!!

This breath was similar to a powerful gale, but was in reality a stampede fo beast type energy!!

When the breath fell, all the structures alongside the streets fell in a huge bang. The beast type breath crushed the entire region Zhan Ye was in, along with the nearby fifty meter radius!!!

A couple of surveilling Ardent Hawk Guards were completely shocked after this energy hit, because from their height they could see that, in the center of the street, the blood beast type storm left a massive hole, seeming like a bottomless abyss sitting at the center of this street area!

Deep blood aura spread through the entire street. The cold moonlight lit up the scattered streets, making it seem like a natural disaster had just ravaged through…...

Because of this massive energy, the entire battlefield became silent as everyone witnessed the terrifying destruction that had just happened. A fearful aura fell upon everyone, causing their hearts to shake.

If such an attack fell upon them, how many of their soul pets would be instantly killed? How could they stop such an enemy??

“Chu Chen……” Shang Heng’s face was slack. A second tier expert like Shen Yichen should be left for him to deal with. Chu Chen may have his ways, but his strength was ultimately a little lacking. Seeing that Chu Mu’s soul pet had disappeared, he felt a little helpless and sorry for him.

Zhao Cheng no longer spoke. When Shen Yichen’s Violent Blood Pool Beast started channelling its eighth level technique,  Zhao Cheng could already guess the ending. This moment, all he could do was calmly deal with Soul Alliance Feng Shen and get rid of him as quickly as possible so he could go help leader.

“Shen Yichen, seems like Soul Palace no longer has anyone to stop you. Kill everyone!” Soul Alliance Feng Kun, who was in a tough spot against Zhao Cheng, screamed. Now that Shen Yichen showed his full strength, he felt the pressure on him decrease.

Shen Yichen’s eyes showed a streak of cold fury. The first person he wanted to kill was of course Chu Mu, the leader of Soul Palace. If not for him, Ye Family brother and sister would both be his already, and he wouldn’t have lost this many subordinates.

“Crush him into pieces!” Shen Yichen pointed at Chu Mu and gave the kill command to Violent Blood Pool Beast!

Violent Blood Pool Beast stood in place and rested a bit before lockings its blood red eyes onto Chu Mu. Stepping heavily forward, it eased into a gallop towards Chu Mu’s direction!

The Violent Blood Pool Beast’s running speed was extremely fast. A hundred meters was closed with a few big steps. Appearing in front of Chu Mu, its massive fist gathered up the pulverizing power of beast type and slammed towards Chu Mu!!

Night Thunder Dream Beast wasn’t by Chu Mu. Yet, facing Violent Blood Pool Beast’s attack, Chu Mu simply stood there, eyes raised at this massive and violent beast, looking on emotionlessly.


Just as Violent Blood Pool Beast’s attack was about to fall, an angry tiger roar sounded!

Tightly following, a Mo Ye covered from head to toe in ink armor leaped up and suddenly appeared next to the Violent Blood Pool Beast’s skull!!

Under the moonlight, its ink armor’s runic imprints seemed to glow a different color, as if an ancient power had been awoken. The energy all gathered towards its ink spikes, causing it to shine as bright as the stars and moon!

Ink Armor Spike!!

Zhan ye’s attack appeared just in time, and the Ink Armor Spikes pierced deep into Violent Blood Pool Beast’s neck region, rupturing multiple major arteries!!


The Violent Blood Pool Beast’s attack suddenly stopped, as it arched backwards, letting out a painful howl!

Attacks with dark type were always the most painful. After getting hit, the Violent Blood Pool Beast spasmed and, as if it completely lost all logic, it turned around and heavily swung its arm towards the organism that attacked it!

Hearing the Violent Blood Pool Beast’s painful call, Shen Yichen was dazed. There weren’t any organisms in that area previously, and he didn’t see Chu Mu summon any soul pet either, so what had just jumped out to attack his Violent Blood Pool Beast?

“How is that possible!!” The next moment, Shen Yichen’s eyes opened wide!!

When Shen Yichen glanced over, he suddenly discovered that the organism was the Mo Ye that should have become dead meat under his technique!!

It didn’t die, the Mo Ye didn’t die!!

Suffering a ninth rank attack, not only did the Zhan Ye survive, Shen Yichen couldn’t even find a wound on it!!

“Zhe…...zhe…… The Zhan Ye is alive again!”

“Fighting strength full, without any wounds!” I had just seen its armor split, shoulder pierced, and suffered a ninth level attack, yet how is it back to full state….. What is happening?!”

Chu Mu and Shen Yichen’s battle was the key of this battlefield. Everyone had to constantly watch the battle as they fought.

Just now, Shen Yichen’s subordinates were all pumped up by their leader’s power, while the soul palace members were all shrouded by the Violent Blood Pool Beast’s terror. Now, both Shen Yichen’s subordinates and soul palace members stared wide-eyed at the unscathed Mo Ye, as their shock was unparalleled!

“Eighth phase third stage, the Mo Ye’s strength even increased a stage……” Zuo Xiao’s mouth twitched. Even him, who’s always nonchalant, seemed to finally be fazed.

Shen Yichen’s face was steely. Violent Blood Pool Beast’s previous attack, even without hitting straight on, could kill the Mo Ye over multiple times over.

Even if the opponent’s soul pet life force was ridiculous, the Violent Blood Pool Beast definitely could cause it to be heavily wounded and unable to get up. There was no reason for it to be able to get up this quickly and even raise a stage!!!

Eighth phase third stage!!

Under Brave Stinging heart’s effect, Zhan Ye’s strength raised another stage after the Broken Limb Rebirth, reaching Eighth phase third stage.

However, Zhan Ye’s strength raising techniques weren’t limited to Brave Stinging Heart!


Zhan Ye roared angrily at Violent Blood Pool Beast! The thick blood scent nearby suddenly started flowing opposite and slowly flew towards Zhan Ye to be absorbed into its body!

Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation!

Redness glazed over Zhan Ye’s eyes as the blood excited Zhan Ye’s fighting potential. Its body converted this blood into its own energy to forcefully raise its strength!!

Eighth phase fifth stage!

Zhan Ye’s strength raised once again! It reached eighth phase fifth stage!

Seeing this scene, Shang Heng was shocked. He was secretly gaping as he realized that all of Chu Chen’s soul pets were powerful!

Zhao Chen had already pinned Feng Shen in a corner, and needed only a little more to defeat him. However, he still couldn’t help but take a look at the soul pet that should’ve been dead but was alive and stronger than before. His face was colored with emotions.

The heavily wounded Ye Wansheng’s disjointed jaw was threatening to drop further. He had known Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye was ridiculously strong in its bug type, but he had never thought it was this overpowered!

Shen Yichen’s face on the other hand darkened further. It should have been a soul pet that could be killed instantly, yet now it was eighth phase fifth stage, and it clearly had insane life force. Even before, the Violent Blood Pool Beast needed a couple of techniques to heavily wound it. Now that it was eighth phase fifth stage, he probably needed another ninth rank technique to kill it!

“We only have seven subordinates. Shen Yichen, deal with it quickly.” Zuo Xiao said to Shen Yichen gravely.

Shen Yichen’s other two soul pets were preoccupioed with soul palace members. He could only rely on Devil Vine and Violent Blood Pool Beast. Devil Vine was fighting with the annoying Night Thunder Dream Beast and Devil Tree Battle Soldier, so the most powerful Violent Blood Pool Beast had to quickly finish its battle!

“Don’t need you to remind me!” Shen Yichen was already very aggravated. His eyes stared venomously at Chu Mu as he secretly swore that, once he escaped this time, he would definitely rip this person to pieces!!

Chanting an incantation, Shen Yichen finally was impatient enough to cast a soul technique.

Chu Mu still remained standing in place calmly. He didn’t stop Shen Yichen’s soul technique, and didn’t retaliate with a soul technique of his own, either.

However, behind Chu Mu, Ye Qingzi reacted and similarly started chanting an incantation...

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