Chapter 398: Undying Zhan Ye vs Ninth Phase Monarch (1)

Chapter 398: Undying Zhan Ye vs Ninth Phase Monarch (1)

Shen Yicheng knew he couldn’t conserve his strength any more and promptly summoned an incantation, summoning his soul pet with the strongest fighting strength!

Shen Yicheng was a second grade peak expert, meaning that he had a ninth phase monarch rank soul pet. The most crucial piece in this fight would precisely be these ninth phase monarchs. Xiao Zhuo had one and Feng Kun also had one. If it wasn’t for these ninth phase monarch existences, the fortified defense of Shen Yicheng’s group of people would have already been broken through!

Right now, Shen Yicheng was about summon his true main pet to fight. From the aura of the soul pact, it was possible to feel that this was a ninth phase monarch that surpassed the strength of every soul pet on the battlefield right now!

A powerful oppressive aura emanated from Shen Yicheng’s body and instantly, an even more bloodthirsty aura than the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s swept through the entire street. This aura knocked away all the debris on the ground and forced the soul pets of the palace guards to take a few steps back!

The bloody aura pervaded the area and the ruthless energy was wanton. Although Shen Yicheng’s soul pet had yet to appear from the blood colored pattern, everyone already knew what he had summoned!

A ninth phase Violent Blood Pool Beast!!!

Its flesh seemed to be composed of sturdy rock and its body was like giant ape’s like body - powerful. It had four mighty limbs full of strength and its fangs protected its malevolent head. The backbones protruding from its back were displayed ostentatiously like spiked silver armor!

Ninth phase first stage middle class monarch!

A ninth phase low stage monarch was already extremely hard for Chu Mu to deal with. A middle class monarch was further a level of strength higher than a low class. If there was even the smallest moment of inattentiveness, it was very possible that Chu Mu’s soul pets would be instantly killed!!

The ninth phase middle class monarch’s berserk nature immediately stunned everyone on the battlefield. The Violent Blood Pool Beast waved its arms that reeked of blood. It fiercely slammed them towards the ground and suddenly, the four palace guards’ soul pets were immediately smashed into the ground. Their flesh flew everywhere and there was simply no chance at survival!

A casual strike managed to instantly kill four eighth phase commanders. What terrifying destructive abilities! For a moment, the ninth phase middle class monarch had become the most terrifying creature on the battlefield!

“Let’s see which one of you dares stop me!!” Shen Yicheng madly laughed like the Violent Blood Pool Beast!!

“Hou Hou!!!!!!!!” the Violent Blood Pool Beast leaped high in the air. Its limbs full of strength ferociously stomped down and suddenly, a blood colored beast energy frighteningly burst forth. It knocked the palace guards just about to break through Shen Yicheng’s soul pet fortress defense flying, knocking them all into the shops!

Shang Heng and Zhao Cheng saw that the palace guards’ soul pets were killed like weeds and their expressions turned serious. 

They were only capable of managing their respective opponents right now; therefore, if there was no one who could stop Shen Yicheng, the casualties of the palace guards’ soul pets would be extremely grave. 

“Chu Chen, rescue the person and let them flee, otherwise our gains won’t make up for the losses. The soul pets of these subordinates were also painstakingly raised by them.” Shang Heng said to Chu Mu with soul remembrance. 

“I’ll restrain the Violent Blood Pool Beast. Have those subordinates that just went to lie in wait save people.” said Chu Mu with a steady voice.

“But that’s a ninth phase middle class monarch!” emphasized Shang Heng!

Shang Heng wasn’t even an opponent for a ninth phase middle class monarch. Even if he trusted Chu Mu more, he still wouldn’t believe that Chu Mu would be able to contend against this soul pet!

“Put your attention on saving people.” stressed Chu Mu. After speaking, he chanted an incantation!

Shang Heng and Zhao Cheng were immediately rendered speechless. They simply didn’t know what soul pet Chu Mu would use to hold off this powerful soul pet of Shen Yicheng that was capable of inflicting fear in people. One had to know that this soul pet was higher by three levels than Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier; in front of a soul pet like this, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier would probably be killed in under two techniques. Even with Life Force Absorb, it was useless!

A black energy swirled around Chu Mu’s body. A dark fire that symbolized complete victory began burning on a soul pact. A pair of ink colored eyes gradually flashed with a cold lustre. 

“Hou!!!!!!!!!!!” Inside the soul pact, the eighth phase second stage Zhan Ye gradually appeared. A low class monarch aura transformed into an ice cold dark energy that faintly emanated around Zhan Ye’s body. Compared to the Violent Blood Pool Beast’s ostentatious blood aura, it was clearly much weaker.

“An eighth phase low stage low class monarch - Warbeast Mo Ye. The… the strength difference is four levels lower!” Zhao Cheng was instantly stunned.

“Chu Chen, you didn’t summon incorrectly, right? This soul pet of yours will be instantly killed!” Shang Heng cried out in fear.

Shang Heng originally believed that Chu Mu had some control type trump card soul pet. He never believed that it would be an eighth phase second stage Warbeast Mo Ye. Even disregarding the fighting rank discrepancy, merely from the phase and stages, the Violent Blood Pool Beast was nearly an entire phase higher than the Warbeast Mo Ye. How could such a soul pet resist the Violent Blood Pool Beast’s slaughter?!

The battle had already reached a bloody and crucial stage. The appearance of the Violent BLood Pool Beast further caused a shift in the battlefield. Everyone had reckoned that Soul Palace’s leader was probably going to righteously summon a soul pet of comparable strength. Even if the strength wasn’t comparable, it could at least pin down the Violent Blood Pool Beast and hinder this powerful soul pet’s killing attacks.

Yet, this cold and callous leader had farcically summoned a soul pet with such a large strength disparity: an eighth phase low stage low class monarch… wasn’t this equivalently letting the Violent Blood Pool Beast wantonly attack?

The corners of Shen Yicheng’s lips slightly drew back and the expression on his face was extremely strange. This wasn’t because he was afraid of Chu Mu’s soul pet; instead, he thought he was genuinely being played with . This fellow in front of him clearly was a normal second grade expert and simply wasn’t on the same level as peak second grade experts like himself. This was completely evident from the two soul pets he had summoned!

Shen Yichen had previously broken into a cold sweat due to the intimidation from the man overflowing with imposing killing intent in front of him. Yet, who would have expected that this fellow was merely a paper tiger.


Suddenly, just as everyone was shocked speechless by Chu Mu’s farce, a soft azure flowery light slowly rained down from the sky and bathed Zhan Ye’s body.

The flowery light was dazzling and transformed into a vigorous life force fluid that melded into Zhan Ye’s body, increasing its life force aura.

Upon seeing the azure flowery light, Chu Mu immeidately turned around and saw Ye Qingzi gracefully standing beside the dusky street. Next to her was the Nest Wood Spirit that used Wood Spirit Dew on Zhan Ye.

Wood Spirit Dew was a support technique of the Nest Wood Spirit that could immediately increase a soul pet’s life force. Zhan Ye happened to be a soul pet that needed the addition of such a support technique!

Zhan Ye’s life force was already six times a normal soul pet’s. After the Wood Spirit Dew’s addition, it increased this life force to seven times. With the addition of seven times the life force recovery, it meant that Zhan Ye could have seven rebirths!

The azure flowery light had yet to dissipate. A gorgeous and multi-formed watery moonlight slowly sprinkled down. It quickly transformed into a soft water screen armor that wrapped Zhan Ye’s body, raising its defense to the late eighth stage.

“Laughable. What use is this. Even with more techniques, it ultimately won’t be able to escape its destiny of being instantly killed!” mocked Shen Yicheng.

Ye Qingzi’s support techniques could at most increase Zhan Ye’s fighting strength rank to the middle class monarch level and could be considered the same rank as the Violent Blood Pool Beast.

However, the ninth phase first stage and eighth phase second stage difference was equivalent to a three grade difference. One slight moment of inattentiveness and the Violent Blood Pool Beast would crush the Warbeast Mo Ye into mincemeat!! 

“Kill it!!” Shen Yicheng gave his Violent Blood Pool Beast an aura.

The violent blood beast let out a bloody roar. Its body full of destructive force crouched down and leapt directly into the fight between the palace guards and the subordinates. It landed with extreme force in front of Zhan Ye!

A blood colored beast type energy curled around the Violent Blood Pool Beast’s body like a snake. It impetuously cracked open its large mouth and displayed a savage appearance. Its fists full of strength fiercely smashed towards Zhan Ye!!

Zhan Ye’s dodging abilities weren’t very high. Even if it managed to dodge this attack, it would still be hit by the area of effect energy from the ground exploding!


The entire street began to intensely shake. In the middle of the street was an enormous hole that had shockingly appeared. The powerful crushing energy smashed into Zhan Ye’s body, causing a few cracks to appear on its ink armor!

The difference of an entire phase manifested on the first strike!!

The ninth phase first stage Violent Blood Pool Beast’s full strength strike was capable of knocking down an eighth phase and under soul pet so that it was incapable of standing back up. As for an eighth phase low stage soul pet, there was a high chance it would meet the tragic end of being instantly killed!

An enormous blood colored energy knocked Zhan Ye flying. Its ink armor was shattered and fresh blood seeped out from its body...

Seeing Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye being beaten to such a state on the first strike, the sliver of hope Shang Heng and Zhao Cheng as well as all the Soul Palace members harbored disappeared...

It seemed that their leader’s Mo Ye really wasn’t hiding its strength. This strength discrepancy between a soul pet nearly a phase lower than the Violent Blood Pool Beast was never more clear!!

“This time it will definitely die!” Shen Yicheng’s eyes displayed killing intent and he coldly gave his soul pet an order!

The Violent Blood Pool Beast’s scarlet eyes were completely locked onto Zhan Ye. Its large mouth full of fangs opened up and suddenly, a striking bloody light appeared in its throat!!!

“Hou!!!!!!!!!” the Violent Blood Pool Beast suddenly spat the blood colored light energy towards Zhan Ye in the corner of the street!!!

Zhan Ye attempted to dodge, but the blood light still struck its body. It pretty much obliterated its left shoulder causing blood to instantly flow. Everyone who saw this felt a wave of fear!

“It will definitely die this time…”

“The Violent Blood Pool Beast’s strength is too tyrannical. Soul pets that haven’t reached the ninth phase monarch level simply cannot hold it back.”

A wave of sorrowful cries swept through everyone as they all felt Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye could not survive this attack.

Chu Mu, standing silently to the side of the battlefield wasn’t affected by the words of anyone. His two eyes remained ice cold and carrying killing intent. Further, what he revealed from his eyes was completely identical to the willpower emanating from Zhan Ye’s eyes!

A normal eighth phase low stage middle class monarch would be instantly killed by one of the Violent Blood Pool Beast’s attacks. Thus, Zhan Ye with seven times the life force needed to take at least seven of the Violent Blood Pool Beast’s attacks before it died. Moreover, Zhan Ye also had a technique that could drive the Violent Blood Pool Beast crazy… Broken Limb Rebirth!!

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