Chapter 397: Bloodsucking Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s Great Battle with the Devil Poison Vine

Chapter 397: Bloodsucking Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s Great Battle with the Devil Poison Vine

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier!!!”

After finishing his incantation, Chu Mu’s body gradually appeared beside the ruins of the destroyed houses. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier slowly emerged from his soul pact incantation, and a bloody red demonic light flashed, emanating the wood type soul pet’s bloodthirstiness!! 

Once it came to possess the life force absorb, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier became Chu Mu’s soul pet with the most heavy killing aura. It seemed that every time it took a life and every time it sucked more blood, the amber blood would increase in evil. It had already reached a point where it deviated from the natural wood type range and had become an extremely savage wood type soul pet!

“Eighth phase middle stage; low class monarch. Hmph.” Shen Yicheng instantly discerned the strength of Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier and a wave of delight and mockery arose within him.

Shen Yicheng could feel that the opponent’s soul remembrance was extremely strong and had very likely surpassed his own realm. However, this person’s soul pet’s strength wasn’t as strong as he had imagined. If this was the case, Shen Yicheng was extremely relieved. As long as he could get rid of the person in front of him, then Shang Heng, Zhao Cheng and the other Soul Remembrance trash would only be able to dream about stopping him.

“Beng~~~~~~beng~~~~~~~’ the Devil Vin’s two enormous vines were like two azure water monsters capable of overturning the seas. The entire street became an arena for them to wantonly gallop and the houses on either side were demolished by them. The Radiant Guards’ soul pets that had followed alongside Chu Mu were knocked out of this area and they were unable to near Shen Yicheng.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier stood right in front of the Devil Vine. One of its vines happened to be in front of it as well.

The vine flew high into the air and it was going to smash its enormous barbed vine full of destructive force down, crushing the Devil Tree Battle Soldier into splinters!

“Ooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!” the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body was shorter than three meters, and from far away, it looked like a tall and sturdy warrior wearing armor. In front of the enormous devil vine that had transformed into an axe-like vine, it let out an angry roar and its arms wrapped in bloody natural wood transformed into countless wooden limbs causing its two arms to rapidly thicken!


An azure light burst forth and the Devil Vine’s terrifying strength created a ten meter long pit that ran along the ground. Underneath this amount of strength, any sturdy object would still have been crushed to pieces!!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier took the blow head on. When the Devil Vine’s axe descended, the woody type bloodthirsty warrior used its two arms and shoulders to resist the attack. Its vine wood armor was crushed to pieces and numerous cracks appeared on its body.

The Devil Vine’s attack was extremely tyrannical and in the first bout, Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier had its armor crushed to pieces. The next attack would cause it serious damage.

Shang Heng and Zhao Cheng noticed this; Shen Yicheng was a second grade expert and there were few people in the second grade in Soul Palace that could face him head on. Shang Heng and Zhao Cheng admired Chu Mu’s strategy and grandeur, but facing Shen Yicheng alone was too difficult!

“You guys, go and help the team leader.” Zhao Cheng was completely locked down by Soul Alliance’s Feng Kung, so he ordered a few of his elite subordinates to help Chu Mu.

“Yes!!” These few palace guards rapidly left the fight there and rushed off to Chu Mu and Shen Yicheng’s street.

There were two complete differences between an eighth phase middle stage low class monarch and an eighth phase high stage middle class monarch. Based off of these facts, Shen Yicheng was beginning to silently rejoice that his opponent’s strength was inferior to Shang Heng and Feng Kun. Their losing situation could be turned around!

“Toss it aside!” Shen Yicheng gave his Devil Vine an order.

The Devil Vine’s enormous vines began to shake and immediately after, like an enormous sea python, it pushed upwards in an attempt to uproot the Devil Tree Battle Soldier from the ground!

Once a wood type soul pet left the ground, its might would be cut in half. The Devil Vine was further able to use its physical advantage to have its way with the Devil Tree Battle Soldier!

Suddenly, a sound of taut wood rang out from underground!

The Devil Vine’s enormous vines had just lifted upwards one or two meters when it seemed to have suffered some obstruction; unexpectedly, it found it hard to lift any further...

The Devil Vine attempted to use even more force, causing visible fissures to appear on the ground. However, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was firmly locked in place.

Shen Yicheng creased his brows and looked on. Abruptly, he discovered that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s arms had at some unknown time wrapped around the body of the enormous vines. Its body was firmly planted into the ground, and it didn’t give the enormous vines any chance at moving, completely locking it down in place!

“Natural Wood Assassinate!”

Chu Mu gave the Devil Tree Battle Soldier an order.

“Ooooo!!!!!!!!!!” the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s two eyes were suddenly flushed blood red and countless spikes appeared on its body. Like several natural wood spears, they flickered with a cold bloody and azure light as they stabbed towards the enormous vines! 

“Xu!! Xu!!!! Xu!!!!!!!!”

A dozen natural wood spikes simultaneously shot out and ruthlessly pierced the two thick azure vines. Immediately, green color blood rapidly flowed out from the enormous vines and a large amount of it fell onto the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body.

Upon witnessing this scene, Shen Yicheng unexpectedly let out a sneer.

The Devil Vine’s vine blood possessed an extremely powerful poisonous substance. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier piercing it and causing blood to flow out was the equivalent of it wiping extreme poison over its own body. Before long, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s outer wood type skin would be completely corroded through. 

“Zizizizi~~~~~~~” As expected, when the green blood poured onto the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body, its body began to smoke green and its blood natural wood skin was ceaselessly corroded.

“Average.” laughed Shen Yicheng. Daring to face off against him with such mere strength… if it wasn’t due to the large amount of Soul Palace guards around them, Shen Yicheng was sure he would be able to kill this overconfident person.

Chu Mu calmly stood to the side and his aura still remained cold. He wasn’t moved at all by the Devil Vine’s blood poison; instead, he indifferently gave an order to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier: “Life Force Absorb!”

Life Force Absorb!!

The dozen wooden spikes had been corroded, but the speed of corrosion was unable to keep up with the speed of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s Life Force Absorb!

Two branches would allow the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to recover 10 percent of its life force in one second. A dozen branches fastened to the Devil Vine’s body was much faster!

The dozen green veins began to squirm, and an enormous amount of life force poured into the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body. It was even possible to see the speed of its body healing!

As the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s life force recovered, the two thick vines began to wither and even before two seconds had passed, they were already a ring size smaller!

At this moment, Shen Yicheng was stunned. Upon seeing the opponent’s soul pet recovering while his soul pet’s life force dropping, he finally came to the abrupt realization that the opponent’s low class monarch was using an effective blood sucking technique!

“Devil Vine, Vine Burst!” angrily roared Shen Yicheng. Countless warts suddenly began to emerge on the large vines; the warts resembled raindrops that moved along the enormous vines and quickly gathered in the area the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was at.


In the next moment, an explosion rang out. All of the green explosion beads released a powerful green energy of destruction, crushing all of the veins the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was using to absorb life force. At the same time, it blew up on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier remained rigidly standing in place. The armor which had been healed to a certain extent by the life force was now completely destroyed by the explosion and fresh blood dripped everywhere.

However, no matter how powerful the Devil Vine’s attack was, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier would still remain standing there. Its bloody red eyes stared at the Devil Vine’s body and they burned with an unbending bloodthirstiness as if it was facing the blade of a powerful opponent!

After the Devil Vine broke free of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s veins, for a while, it didn’t dare attack the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Seeing this scene, everyone revealed shocked expressions. This eighth phase middle stage low class monarch was just as imposing as its owner. Despite being a lower level in two aspects, it was able to force its opponent to yield!

“Attack that elemental soul pet.”

Suddenly, Chu Mu changed his target.

“Ooo!!!!!!!” the bruised and battered Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s fighting spirit was unaffected. The roots it had already buried in the ground outlandishly appeared in front of the subordinates in front of Shen Yicheng. The natural wood roots, without warning, shot out and savagely penetrated the bodies of three elemental fairies. 

“Life Force Absorb!”

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out another angry roar and forcibly locked down the three elemental fairies. It rapidly stole the life force of the three fairies into its own body, quickly recovering its life force.

Shen Yicheng had originally wanted the Devil Vine to launch an attack on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, but with the palace guards commanding their Light Rhinoceroses to charge at his Devil Vine, he had no choice but to have his Devil Vine use its uninjured large vine to force them to retreat...

Such a delay prevented him from being able to save his subordinates’ soul pets. The death of the three elemental fairies from having their life forces sucked dry by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier didn’t mean anything. What made Shen Yicheng mad was that the tenacious Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s life force had once more returned to full.

“If I don’t continuously attack, there’s no way I can kill this Devil Tree battle Soldier!” Shen Yicheng silently grit his teeth. He had evidently underestimated this wood type soul pet of the opponent!

Shen Yicheng was confident his Devil Vine could easily defeat the opponent’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier; however, the present situation was not an optimistic one. The longer the opponent stalled, the more it would be unfavorable. This was because once his subordinates were completely eradicated and their defences had completely collapsed, even if the three of them were stronger, they would not be able to resist against that many Soul Palace experts.

Normally, Shen Yicheng wouldn’t be concerned because with his identity laid bare like that, no one would dare touch him. However, today, he had no idea where this bloodthirsty madman had come from in Soul Palace and could be sure that if he fell into this person’s hands, he was virtually dead!! 

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