Chapter 396: Angry Beyond Imagination, Chu Mu(2)

Chapter 396: Angry Beyond Imagination, Chu Mu(2)

Sprays of fresh blood splattered the cold streets. Beast innards, fairy fragments, plant debris, soul pet trainer corpses.

In the air, on the ground, hiding in the dark, there were a total of fifty palace guards- all young generation members. After receiving the killing command, none of them held any mercy for the enemy. Not only did they kill all the soul pets, but they even left no living path for the lone soul pet trainers.

In ten minutes, Shen Yichen, Zuo Xiao, and Feng Kun were surrounded by soul palace members on the street. Their thirty subordinates had dwindled to ten or so people now. Their soul pets created a barrier like defense that resiliently let no soul palace member pass.

“If Shen Yichen attacks, our people will suffer huge losses. We should intervene.” Shang Heng said to Chu Mu, who was walking over.

Chu Mu’s entire person emanated gloom. This aura caused everyone nearing him to feel a strange chill in their soul. After speaking, Shang Heng watched Chu Mu specifically, as he said thi,s and was secretly shocked at how a barely twenty year old man could have such a terrifying and imposing aura!

“Shang Heng, can you keep Zuo Xiao occupied?” Chu Mu stood on the roof and watched the executioner that was nonchalantly commanding his Demon Fairy to slaughter soul palace guards.

“Yes, but only keep him occupied. If he takes out his full strength, I’m probably not his match.” Shang heng said.

“En, just keep him preoccupied.” Chu Mu said and jumped right off the roof and onto the streets. Night Thunder Dream Beast had unknowingly already appeared below, precisely catching Chu Mu and rode him towards the chaotic battlefield.

Zhao Cheng had already started fighting Soul Alliance’s Feng Kun. They were of similar strength, and Zhao Cheng had many soul palace guards near him. Feng Kun not only had to deal with Zhao Cheng’s sharp assaults, but had to also guard against soul palace guards’ and Ardent Hawk Guards’ ambushes, so he was heavily suppressed in the battle.

Shen Yichen stood at the center of everyone. In his right hand he held the bloodied Ye Wansheng. Ye Wansheng’s facial features were all skewed, while his eyes were also crusted with blood, causing them to only be half open.

Even being beaten this badly, Ye Wansheng seemed to be smiling. He wanted to open his eyes wide to watch as Shen Yichen and his subordinates were slaughtered. This way he could smile with even greater reckless abandon!

“Shen Yichen, this time soul palace sent a person with an acute nose for you as well.” Zuo Xiao stood beside Shen Yichen and commented. His soul pets were highly offensive, and could easily kill the soul pets of the palace guards. However, there were just too many soul palace guards. Breaking out of the surrounding guards would be tough.

Shen Yichen’s face was unsightly right now. This plan he already planned very meticulously, yet it was still noticed by soul palace in the end.

“Its Soul Palace Shang Heng……” As he spoke, Zuo Xiao quickly noticed the appearance of a couple of powerful soul pets that knocked all his happily killing soul pets away!

Zuo Xiao recognized these soul pets. They were from Shang Heng, whom they once fought against, who was a famous second tier young generation expert as well as their sworn rival!

“Shang Heng? This fellow dared to kill this ruthlessly?” Shen Yichen looked over angrily. Soul Palace Shang Heng was a very hard to deal with character. If Sheng Yichen wasn’t careful, he could easily be caught red-handed by this person.

But, with Shen Yichen’s understanding of Shang Heng, even if he were more strict, he wouldn’t openly kill his subordinates unless Shang Heng’s position was elevated to a new level.

“It’s not like Shang Heng, it has to be someone even crueller!” Shen Yichen trusted his own judgement. Especially when Shang Heng didn’t go for him, and instead confronted Zuo Xiao, he was even more sure that there was someone else!

Shen Yichen’s eyes swept around and quickly noticed the appearance of this man!!

Shen Yichen’s gazed through the chaotic streets and noticed a man slowly appear on the streets. This man rode a devilish dark Dream Beast and his eyes were deadly locked onto Shen Yichen’s. A sharp killing intent poured its way into Sheng Yichen’s mental world, causing even Shen Yichen to feel threatened!

Who is he? Shen Yichen’s mind immediately filled with countless soul palace young generation experts’ shadows.

Shen Yichen first thought of soul palace eighth young master, who was in good relations with Yu Palace Master. Also, the only person who could push Shang Heng off the lead role would be soul palace’s eighth young master.

But very quickly, Shen Yichen rejected that guess, because eighth young master’s aura wasn’t as violent and cold as this man. The ability to send killing intent through his eyes was rather more similar to a long term killer like Zuo Xiao!

When did Soul Palace gain such a character?

“You two attack him!” Feeling their killing intent completely directed towards him, he started feeling unsettled as he commanded his two subordinates to fight him. 


Three demon beasts stepped forward, their bodies full of power as they ran down the streets, causing the street to quiver. Their bloody scents stormed down the streets towards Chu Mu.

Chu Mu ignored the attacks of the three beasts. Night under him lifted its proud black dream pupils as they glinted strangely. Immediately, the three wild beasts seemed to be hypnotized. Their running steps suddenly stopped and they fell down aside Chu Mu…...


Three cold glints later, three Light Rhinoceroses jumped out in time, and quickly extended their claws to rip the throats of the three beasts. Immediately, blood spurted out and fell on Night Thunder Dream Beast and Chu Mu’s body.

Chu Mu and Night Thunder Dream Beast didn’t avoid it, letting the blood simply fall upon his black silhouette. This striking blood caused the shadows to make him even more menacing. Even without killing any soul pets himself, he was already merged into the aura of killing!

Shen Yichen’s brows creased. No matter how strong this man was, having such a cold blooded aura made him hard to deal with already!

“Today you killed so many of our Merchant’s Alliance members. No matter who you are, once I return to merchant’s alliance, I will make you pay everything back in blood!” Shen Yichen pointed at Chu Mu, who rode his night Thunder Dream Beast, and used his usual status revealing statement to threaten Chu Mu.

Chu Mu walked even closer. At this point, he had already walked into the moonlight. His gaunt face revealed a cruel expression. “You won’t have a chance to return.”

Killing intent poured out of him. Chu Mu didn’t make any disguises to his killing intent!

Shen Yichen was shaken. He completely didn’t guess that the opposition wasn’t simply trying to scare him, but actually wanted to kill him!

In all the major factions, no matter how hard the young generation squabbled, those with positions and status never dared to kill each other in such a public place, no matter how much their subordinates were hurt or dead.

Yet, Shen Yichen could clearly tell that the young man in front seemed to not be restricted by factions. If given the opportunity, Chu Mu would definitely kill him without hesitation.

At this time, even Shang Heng realized that Chu Chen was here to kill, and not to save. He hesitated and was just about to inform Chu Chen through his soul remembrance that, if Shen Yichen was killed, Yu Palace Master would get a lot of trouble.

However, a moment late he thought that even had Yu Palace Master never mentioned to stop Chu Chen’s killing, so why would he bother? He had fought Shen Yichen in the dark for this long and he has always been suppressed. Maybe it was because he didn’t have the aggressiveness of Chu Mu to deliver the kill command. And, if it wasn’t for the decisive kill command, this confrontation would definitely not have pushed Shen Yichen to such places.

“Kill me? Laughable!!” Shen Yichen yelled, actually launching an assault against Chu Mu without warning!

Since the threats had no effect, only power could solve this.

When Shen Yichen spoke, he already silently told his Devil Vine to lay near Chu Mu. The moment he had an opportunity, he would decisively attack this fellow who destroyed his plans!

The massive vines of the Devil Vine laid in the ground. With Shen Yichen’s command, the ground near Chu Mu suddenly split open and a vine full of hooked barbs extended outwards and slapped towards Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast!


Night Thunder Dream Beast’s detection was extremely powerful. The moment the devil vine attacked, it noticed, so when the huge vine swept over, Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body already merged into the darkness, completely disappearing from the Devil vine’s attack range!

“A clown’s tricks! Attack the left!” Shen Yichen immediately found where Night Thunder Dream Beast was hiding and commanded his Devil Vine to turn around as a cyan battleaxe and split down upon it with a green glint!!!


A fifteen meter tall shop was split in half by the huge vine. The entire structure was mushed together and exploded by the power of the vines, causing it to shatter in pieces and almost topple the nearby buildings as well!

“Chu Chen, careful. This is one of of Shen Yichen’s able soul pets. Eighth phase high stage Devil vine. Its fighting strength is middle class monarch rank.” Shang Heng realized Shen Yichen already wanted to attack Chu Mu, so he quickly reminded Chu Mu and also sent a couple of powerful subordinates to occupy Shen Yichen’s other soul pets.

“Devil Vine, I can deal with, you let your subordinates hide and be ready to save the hostage at a moments notice.” Chu Mu said using his remembrance before quickly chanting an incantation!

A pair of blood red pupils opened in Chu Mu’s soul pet space. Intermediate Blood Natural Wood writhed on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body. Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s eyes opened completely, ready for Chu Mu’s angry summoning to start the battle!

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