Book 2 Chapter 395 - Angry Beyond Imagination, Chu Mu (1)

Chapter 395: Angry Beyond Imagination, Chu Mu (1)

  The crying Qingzi felt an icy aura flow over. When she lifted her head, her tear stricken eyes saw the man standing under the dim streetlights. Her mental state wavered.

She saw Chu Mu, but she thought it was just a hallucination, because in her deepest sorrow, the only person she could think of to help her was Chu Mu. She had already decided to retract her useless weak appearance right now and go to Soul Palace to ask for help, accepting any conditions Chu Mu made.

But, she would never have thought that the person she needed the most was right in front of her. His cold face was slightly changed, but the aura was the exact same!

“Chu Mu” Ye Qingzi tried to call. Chu Mu’s appearance was too sudden, so she was worried it was just a figment of her slowly deteriorating mind.

Chu Mu nodded, his cold eyes slowly showing more complicated emotions.


Shang Heng rode his Sword Winged Tiger and jumped in front of Chu Mu. Seeing Ye Qingzi sitting in the corner, he was stunned. Looking over at Chu Mu, he could tell that they knew each other.

“Shen Yichen only brought about thirty people this time. The other person is Zuo Xiao, who isn’t any weaker than Shen Yichen. He’s very hard to deal with.” Shang Heng knew he shouldn’t say much more, so he simply reported the battle situation to Chu Mu.

When Shang Heng spoke, there quickly was commotion. Soon following, soul pet trainers covered in silver armor all rode their soul pets, and appeared behind Chu Mu and Shang Heng.

Tidy and formed, their uniform silver armors showed that this group of mighty and resilient soul pet trainers were an elite team of soldiers!

“Ardent Hawk Guard, watch this city area, don’t let a single leave!” Chu Mu waved his hand and commanded coldly.

“Yes sir!”

“Yes sir!”

Twenty Ardent Hawks started flapping their wings and spread out quickly, leaving twenty red streaks in the night sky that quickly took over the entire sky region of the western street area.

“Zhao Cheng, command the Radiant Guards and destroy all their outer support!” Chu Mu waved his hand again to send another command.

Zhao Cheng had just arrived with his soul pet. When he received the command, he smiled and immediately brought the twenty silver armored Radiant Guards towards the messy battlefield!

Everyone else already moved. Shang Heng just stood behind Chu Mu. His eyes were watching Chu Mu’s back shadow, and he was secretly shocked. This man seemed never to have asked whether he could kill, yet he directly gave commands to kill. He was trying to completely kill off Shen Yichen! In the entire soul palace, no one other than the eighth young master dared to do this, neither did anyone had the guts to take the consequences!

Chu Mu’s judgement was very accurate. Shen Yichen only brought thirty people this time. But, when they got here, they already sent fifty soul palace guards to surround the western street. Unless Shen Yichen could get help within twenty minutes, Shen Yichen’s subordinates would definitely all die here!

Shang Heng also knew that, to deal with Shen Yichen, he had to deal with all his subordinates first. So, in the following battle, it was a match between the palace guards and Shen Yichen’s subordinates. This will take a while, but Shang Heng believed that within ten minutes all their defenses would shatter!

Shang Heng specially eyed Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi, and realized that he shouldn’t be standing around anymore, so he said to Chu Mu, “I’ll be nearby and will notify you whenever there’s a situation.”

Chu Mu nodded and sent Shang Heng to control the fighting.

When Chu Mu was giving commands to his subordinates, Ye Qingzi was always watching him. From Chu Mu’s eyes, Ye Qingzi could feel an anger and an unconcealable killing intent.

Ye Qingzi then knew that it wasn’t a hallucination of her mind, and that Chu Mu was actually standing there, along with a group of elite soul palace guards!

Seeing Chu Mu slowly walk over, Ye Qingzi’s tears couldn’t stop anymore. The most needed person appearing at her most needed time, she no longer knew how to express her feelings, only able to cover her face as she wept…….

It was the first time Chu Mu saw the strong woman Ye Qingzi this fragile and vulnerable. He didn't know how to comfort Ye Qingzi, so he simply slowly crouched down and sat beside Ye Qingzi and watched her.

“What happened?” Defeating Shen Yichen’s subordinates would still take some time, so Chu Mu wanted to take this opportunity to understand Ye Qingzi’s situation.

“Brother is in their hands” Ye Qingzi said between choking sobs.

Chu Mu was slightly taken aback, but still patted Ye Qingzi’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, once we deal with his subordinates outside, I’ll lead people in to rescue him. There’s a lot of soul palace people nearby, they won’t escape!”

Qingzi nodded heavily, but she still couldn’t stop her tears. This was the first time she had ever cried like this.

Ye Qingzi wiped the tears off her face, and took a few deep breaths before adjusting her emotions. She specially glanced at Chu Mu but realized his face was a little too close to hers, so she quickly put her head down again.

“My brother and I had a teacher from young, someone everyone called Undying Immortal Ying Long. My soul teacher skills were all from him. Before, we knew nothing. Brother had always worked towards becoming a powerful soul pet teacher while I inherited our teacher’s arts to become a soul teacher at the same time as becoming a soul pet trainer. Most my soul pets therefore ended up working towards that direction too……” When she was truly sad, Ye Qingzi started reciting her own story unknowingly.

Chu Mu wanted to hear more, so he sat quietly beside her and listened.

“Teacher was always very strict towards me, but lenient towards my brother. Before, I felt it was unfair; why did I have to learn two techniques while my brother could do whatever he wanted? Therefore, our relationship was very poor before. We couldn’t even speak to each other much. I thought he must have hated me, hated my distant attitude towards everyone, while I also hated his arrogance.”

“Later, I was scolded by my teacher and so I ran out alone. I ran very far into the wilderness to try to leave them behind because I thought they all hated me. However, I got lost and was attacked by soul pets, causing myself to faint from blood loss.”

“When I woke up, I was already back to my own bedroom. I thought I was dreaming, but the wounds on my body proved that I indeed did run out and was attacked by soul pets.

“I don’t know what happened, but after I healed up, teacher was still just as strict towards me, hoping I could learn as much as possible, while my brother still could do whatever he wanted, learn whatever he wanted, and we still would get angry at each other at a moments notice.”

“Finally, one day, I was sick of this unfair treatment and got into a big argument with my brother. It ended up with a soul pet battle. He said he could beat me with a single soul pet. I hated his arrogance, and since he indeed only summoned one soul pet, I summoned three and easily crushed him, wounding him all over……”

“Teacher was infuriated when he came back and kicked me out, telling me to never come back. I felt teacher was favoring him, so I didn’t want to stay anymore, leaving for real. I roamed outside for a long while, still hating the two of them, until I met one of teacher’s soul teacher friends who took me in and asked what happened.”

“At the time, teacher’s friend told me that a year ago, my teacher sent Ye Wansheng to him and told him to fix his soul. His two souls were both wounded, and his soul was on the verge of collapsing. It took him two months to help him recover. He saved me and still hasn’t fully recovered even today, so how could I hit him?”

“At the time I felt it strange. I didn’t realize when brother hurt his souls and when he saved me. However, with some thinking, my entire body froze, because I remembered the time I ran into the wilderness alone and fainted after I was attacked by soul pets……”

Getting here, Ye Qingzi’s eyes again welled full of tears, so she buried her head in her knee and started crying.

Chu Mu’s heart was touched. Saying that much, Chu Mu understood. When Ye Qingzi left into the wilderness, Ye Wansheng sacrificed two of his soul pets to save Ye Qingzi!

So, when he fought with Ye Qingzi and only summoned one soul pet, it was because his soul still hadn’t healed completely.

No matter how angry they got at each other, how many arguments they had, as the older brother, Ye Wansheng still viewed her as the most important person in his life. Even after making such sacrifice, he acted nonchalant and continued to argue with his sister like before. “Chu Mu, you have to help me, help me save my brother. He’s already had three of his souls hurt in his soul pet trainer journey. He can’t have any more hindrances.” Reaching here, Ye Qingzi’s emotions slightly went out of control. No matter who experienced such event, they would find it hard to control their emotions.

“”He has always tried extremely hard to become a soul pet trainer. When we were young, it wasn’t that teacher was lenient towards him, neither was it the fact that he could do anything. Instead, he simply had his own goal to work towards. He wanted to step onto the elite Realm Throne. His perseverance caused teacher’s heart to soften. Even when he was covered from head to toe in blood, he would smile. He would never let any childish grumbling or disappointment appear on his face……” Ye Qingzi no longer wanted to run away because of this. If Chu Mu didn’t appear, she would have returned. She would rather stay a soul teacher slave for her enemy for the rest of her life than let her brother sacrifice any more for her.

“We’ve always been wandering around, while Shen Yichen and the person behind him caused all this. Now, brother is on their hands. Chu Mu, I don’t know what to do.” Speaking of that, Ye Qingzi fell into silent tears, her grieving face seeming able to shatter even the hardest hearts.

Seeing Ye Qingzi become such a helpless sobber, Chu Mu’s eyes showed only affection for Ye QIngzi as he slowly stroked her hair…...

Another tragedy caused by those elitist factions!

At this point, Chu Mu’s heart was raging with anger. This anger could only be put out by the death of Shen Yichen!

“Don’t worry, I’ll save Ye Wansheng for you and I’ll make Shen Yichen pay the price of blood!!” Chu Mu slowly stood up and his gentle eyes when watching Ye Qingzi slowly shifted into cold blood thirst!!

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