Book 2 Chapter 394 - Helpless Ye Qingzi

Chapter 394: Helpless Ye Qingzi

Ye Qingzi didn’t explain. She didn’t want to involve Chu Mu.

Ye Qingzi entered the medicine workshop. The main reason why she had come here was to delay for time, so when she gathered the medicine materials she had left here, she moved very slowly.

“If you haven’t come out in five minutes, I’ll take it that you’ve fled.” said Shen Yicheng as he stood outside the medicine workshop.

Ye Qingzi felt that the most she could delay was five minutes, so slowly gathered the medicines that she had concocted in the last few days into her spatial ring.

The five minutes passed very quickly. and when Ye Qingzi released her soul remembrance, she could clearly hear the sounds of fighting nearby.

“If you’ve gathered everything, then let’s leave. It’s not too safe here.” said Shen Yicheng.

Ye Qingzi jumped onto her Purple Robed Dream Beast and walked towards the street.

Ye Wansheng was still being rigidly held by Zhuo Xiao and Feng Kun. Unless Soul Palace’s people were able to make there way here, it would be very hard for them to find an opportunity to escape.

“What’s the situation like?” Shen Yicheng called over a few subordinates and asked them a question.

“At the beginning, there was only one group that came and they were quickly disposed of by use. However, afterwards, another group of multiple Soul Palace members rushed over. This subordinate believes that they should have already detected this place.” 

Shen Yicheng creased his brows. It seemed that Soul Palace’s people knew that he was here, and would continuously send people to disrupt his actions. If this was the case, he had to leave this place so as to prevent something unexpected from happening.

“I’ll give the War Court Black Beast that you want later to you. Let’s leave this place first.” Shen Yicheng glanced at Soul Allaince’s Feng Kun and waved his hands, indicating that everyone should retreat from this place.

Feng Kun nodded his head. He and Zhuo Xiao rode on their soul pets on either side of Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng to prevent them from fleeing.

“Numerous Soul Palace people came this time; if there’s an opportunity, run. If an expert appears, then rely on Soul Palace for now. At least there, Chu Mu has a bit of influence, and you won’t become the slave of a faction.” Ye Wansheng used sou remembrance to talk to Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi hesitated a bit. In truth, she knew that Chu Mu didn’t enjoy participating in the fights between factions and she felt that doing so would bring Chu Mu trouble.

“Did you understand me? No matter what, you cannot fall into Shen Yicheng’s hands. If you do so, then the only option for us will be death!” emphasized Ye Wansheng. 

“I know.” Ye Qingzi nodded her head.

The three people brought Ye Wansheng and Ye Qingzi in the eastern direction, but when they reached the end of the street, several figures dressed in silver armor riding wing type soul pets suddenly swooped down, launching attacks on Zhuo Xiao and Feng Kun! 

“Beng!!! Beng!!!!!!!”

Suddenly, a large vine from underground shot up into the air, ruthlessly, swatting the silver figures swooping down!

“Pai pai pai~~~~”

The Devil Vine’s attack was extremely domineering as the three Soul Palace members riding the Ardent Hawks were swatted several hundred meters away and slammed into the courtyard of a shop.

“Take advantage of this moment and run!” Ye Wansheng’s soul remembrance suddenly poured into Ye Qingzi’s soul remembrance.

Once Ye Qingzi had a firm resolution, she wouldn’t hesitate at all and she immediately had her Purple Robe Dream Beast use a speed increase technique to run in the other direction while Zhuo Xiao and Feng Kun’s attentions were on the Soul Palace members.

“Hmph, thinking of fleeing?” Zhuo Xiao had already anticipated that Ye Qingzi, who hadn’t recalled her soul pets, would make such a move. His two black pupils released the trace of a cold glint in the night and he used his remembrance to order the soul pet in the dark to launch an attack on Ye Qingzi.

In dark shadows of the street, an outlandish figure passed the walls and like a ghost, it flew like a specter at Ye Qingzi’s Purple Robe Dream Beast who was attempting to flee. Its body followed behind like a shadow!

Ye Qingzi quickly realized that a dark type soul pet was following them. The terror of a dark type soul pet was that it could use shadows to seal a person’s movements. This Demon Fairy had already reached the ninth phase while Ye Qingzi’s Purple Robe Dream Beast was merely at the high eighth phase. The moment the shadows were attached by the Demon Fairy, it would be impossible for the Purple Robe Dream Beast to move at all.

“Qingzi, ignore it. Run!” Ye Wansheng’s soul remembrance rang out once more.

Ye Wansheng’s two eyes suddenly went vacuous, and an intense mental wave swept towards the Demon Fairy. It forcibly locked down the Demon Fairy full of dark energy, and began to stab at its soul! 

Standing next to Ye Wansheng was Soul Alliance’s Feng Kun whose reaction was equally fast. The Sturdy Rock Guard standing behind Ye Wansheng lifted its incomparably large arms high into the air and when Ye Wansheng used his mental soul technique, a fist smashed towards Ye Wansheng’s chest that hadn’t recovered yet!!

“Crack!!!!!!!!” Ye Wansheng’s chest bone was shattered once more and his entire body collapsed. As he collapsed, a captivating red of blood sprayed from his mouth. The bone seemed to have been completely shattered. 

“Brother….” Ye Qingzi turned around and saw the horrifying scene. She could even hear the sound of the bone shattering and instantly, her face went right. Her resolution to flee further wavered a bit.

“If…. if you don’t want to kill me, then disappear for me right now.” Ye Wansheng’s mouth was full of blood, but he didn’t fully collapse. He endured the shocking force of the Sturdy Rock Guard’s fist and transmitted his soul remembrance to Ye Qingzi.

Seeing the teetering Ye Wansheng on the verge of collapse, the rims of Ye Qingzi’s eyes went red and she bit through her pale lip. 

Ultimately, she turned her head and rushed in the direction on her Purple Robe Dream beast that shed a crystal and translucent light! 

The Demon Fairy’s speed was slightly slower after being mentally stabbed by Ye Wansheng, and quickly, a gap opened up between it and the Purple Robe Dream Beast. However, Zhuo Xiao didn’t show any signs of anxiousness. Instead, he waved his hands and had the subordinates guarding that place make a move.

The surroundings of this street contained many of Shen Yicheng’s people lying in ambush. Zhuo Xiao and Feng Kun looked so relaxed precisely because the brother and sister would not be able to escape from this heavily surrounded area.

Ye Qingzi’s Purple Robe Dream Beast had merely run 20 meters or so when four black figures appeared on the roof of the houses. Suddenly, four extremely fast demons appeared in front of Ye Qingzi, blocking her escape.

Several rays of demonic light shot out as the four demons simultaneously released mental techniques, launching attacks at Ye Qingzi’s Purple Robe Dream Beast. Ye Qingzi felt the enormity of these mental attacks and hastily had her Purple Robe Dream Beast change directions.

“Sou sou~~~~~~~~~”

Another few black figures jumped out from another direction. It seemed to be irrelevant which building Ye Qingzi went towards; it was impossible to escape. The only thing for her to do was to obediently return to her original place.

“Hui~~~~~” the Purple Robe Dream Beast let out a cry. It was clearly warning Ye Qingzi that danger was approaching.

Ye Qingzi’s soul remembrance could already feel Zhuo Xiao’s Demon Fairy speeding up. It possessed a powerful controlling ability and the moment it neared, she would be unable to flee. However, there were also several demons blocking her way in front so there wasn’t much hope of her breaking through the seige.

Underground Palace’s Zhuo Xiao leisurely jumped onto a roof and walked towards Ye Qingzi. To him, it was impossible from Ye Qingzi to escape under his watch.

Waving his hand, Zhuo Xiao instructed his subordinates to release mental techniques, locking down Ye Qingzi’s soul remembrance and preventing her from having an opportunity to summon soul pets.

“Shua shua shua!!!!” suddenly, there was a flash of several claw blades that struck the bodies of the several demons abnormally accurately. The demons were cut in half and a spray of gaudy red blood landed on the walls.

Zhuo Xiao was stunned and he gave a quick glance. He discovered six young Soul Palace experts wearing silver armor standing nearby ordering their soul pets to attack his subordinates!

“Stop her!” Zhuo Xiao abruptly realized that the six Soul Palace members were opening a gap for Ye Qingzi and his face changed as he let out a cold shout.

The Demon Fariy flitted in between the roofs and quickly appeared in front of the Purple Robe Dream Beast. However, the young experts had already detected its presence as they released a light type technique, protecting Ye Qingzi’s Purple Robe Dream Beast.

Ye Qingzi had very likely seized the opportunity and when the Soul Palace people attacked, she instantly had her Purple Robe Dream Beast use the Flying Step technique. It took a few flying steps and dodged several demon mental techniques as it fled far away.

“Qingzi, if you dare run, then you should know how your brother will end up!” at this moment, Shen Yicheng’s loathsome voice rang out! 


In the next instant, a gut wrenching scream reverberated around the street. It was terrifying and as if the pain was being spread to them!!

Ye Qingzi didn’t turn around, decisively running forwards...

Running, running for her life. Ye Qingzi didn’t even know which direction she was running in. From time to time she would hear Shen Yichen’s threats and Ye Wansheng’s scream.

The tears were already blurring her eyes; she knew that once she fled this time, there was a high chance she would never see her brother again.


Finally, the surroundings went silent, and she knew that she was a distance away from the area of the fight between Soul Palace and Shen Yicheng’s subordinates.

However, at this moment, all of the pain rushed forth and she couldn’t move any further from that spot.

No matter how calm Ye Qingzi was normally, no matter how cool-headed she was, whenever she thought of the possibility of losing her own brother, her strong-headedness was ultimately still broken down by this life and death situation. She jumped off the back of her Purple Robe Dream Beast, squatted in a corner and silently wept. 

All of Ye Qingzi’s composure, elegance, wisdom and grandeur disappeared as she transformed into a weak girl. She could only use her tears to alleviate the sorrow. 

The dim lighting was unable to illuminate Ye Qingzi trembling in the corner and she didn’t know either if this place was safe or not. Yet, she no longer had the strength to flee even further. Right now, in that moment, she was left helpless under the cold moonlight. 

A figure carrying a demonic charm jumped off a night pet and stood there, silently watching the lonely girl curled up in the corner. 

Chu Mu, who had only finally arrived didn’t know what had happened, but when he saw Ye Qingzi like that, his eyes couldn’t help but involuntarily turn cold and a surge of ruthlessness welled up from inside of his bones until he exuded it! 

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