Book 2 Chapter 393 - Mysterious Medicine, Memory Fluid

Chapter 393: Mysterious Medicine, Memory Fluid

“Brother!” Ye Qingzi immediately spotted Ye Wansheng with his mouth full of blood and involuntarily let out a cry. She hastily urged her Purple Robed Dream Beast to run over to Ye Wansheng...

Shen Yicheng merely watched as Ye Qingzi’s Purple Robed Dream Beast flitted past him, but didn’t attempt to stop it.

Ye Qingzi’s Purple Robed Dream Beast stopped next to Ye Wansheng, and Ye Qingzi jumped off its body to support the teetering body of Ye Wansheng.

She opened her spatial ring and put healing medicine in Ye Wansheng’s mouth. Her pair of beautiful eyes was filled with anger, as she never expected Shen Yicheng to be so ruthless and even break several of Ye Wansheng’s bones!

After taking the medicine, Ye Wansheng’s mouth no longer leaked blood and his body condition seemed to have steadied. 

“You’re ok, right? Can you still breathe?” anxiously asked Ye Qingzi.

“I’m fine.” Ye Wansheng took a deep breath, but his stomach instantly reverberated with acute pain. Just now he had, with great difficulty, assumed an indifferent appearance and was about to break again. 

“I’ll summon the Bell Noise Concubine to heal you.” Ye Qingzi quickly chanted an incantation and began to summon her flower type Bell Noise Concubine soul pet.

The Bell Noise Concubine was the one that Chu Mu had captured back then, and it had already been raised to the seventh phase eighth stage by Ye Qingzi. It had become an extremely powerful healing support soul pet of hers. 

Soul Alliance’s Feng Kun saw that Ye Qingzi was about to summon her soul pet and his eyes turned colder. He was about to order his soul pet hiding in the dark to attack Ye Qingzi when Shen Yicheng shook his head.

“Don’t worry, she’s only going to heal her trash brother. You can’t be too forceful with this woman, otherwise we won’t be able to obtain anything.” said Shen Yicheng as if he really understood Ye Qingzi. 

“I just want to avoid wasting time.” Feng Kun stopped ordering his soul pet before indifferently speaking.

“Don’t worry, it’s already within our control. Give the thing in your hands to me.” said Shen Yicheng.

Feng Kun hesitated for a little bit, but he ultimately opened his spatial ring and handed the completely completely clear medicine in a bottle to Shen Yicheng. In a soft voice he said: “This is an eighth level memory fluid, and is effective on any ninth phase and under middle class monarch soul pet. The cost for this item was extremely high and if it doesn’t succeed, then I’m out of options.”

“Don’t worry, with my soul remembrance, it’ll succeed.” said Shen Yicheng without worry.

Zhuo Xiao coldly stood there with his two arms crossed, and he looked completely indifferent as he watched from the side.


The Bell Noise Concubine’s flower type technique coiled around Ye Wansheng and his sunken chest slowly returned to its original state. His extremely pale face gradually regained a bit of blood color and it seemed like his wounds had healed by 70-80%.

“How do you feel?” asked Ye Qingzi, softly.

“Much better.” laughed Ye Wansheng with a pale face. He then continued: “In every story there’s always a powerful brother who beats the enemies into a wretched state. There’s also always a foolish sister who’s caught by the enemies and needs her brother’s help. Why is it that in our story, the roles are reversed?”

“Even at this moment, you’re still in the mood to talk about something like this. Right now we should think about what we should do next.” said Ye Qingzi.

“Let me negotiate with Shen Yicheng. Behind him is the dog that set up the old man. Shen Yicheng happens to be his lackey…” Ye Wansheng cracked an unsightly smile. It didn’t seem like he was angry, but at this moment, his heart was burning with flames of anger and he didn’t wish for anything more than to fight Shen Yicheng to the death.

“The people around us are his people. We don’t have any other option. Let’s listen to him for now and wait for an opportunity to escape.” Ye Qingzi felt that negotiating was rather smart.

“Negotiate… the two of us are going to meet a tragic end. Don’t believe for a moment that they’ll give us a way to live. Qingzi, it’s pretty good. Those that are relatively dangerous are those three. Your Purple Robed Dream Beast’s phase and stage is very high. I’ll delay them and you’ll be able to flee.” Ye Qingzi calmly said to Ye Qingzi.

“No…” escaping herself was something that she could only do with great difficulty. 

“Let me finish speaking!” Ye Wansheng’s attitude became much more tough, “Just like last time when I was caught by them, as long as you haven’t been caught by them, they won’t kill me. However, the moment you come under their control, they will obtain the thing they want. After that, do you think that me, this trash, will still be able to live?”

“You aren’t trash…” Ye Qingzi’s eyes were already filled with shimmering tears.

Only Ye Qingzi knew how high the innate talents of Ye Wansheng’s soul pets were. Back then, her teacher, Ying Rong, had passed the Soul Teacher legacy onto her, but it wasn’t because Ye Wansheng was incompetent. Instead, her teacher had believed that this job would only unnecessarily hold back his soul pet path. Having the younger sister learn this job was precisely in hopes that she would be able to help Ye Wansheng become a peak expert in this world. Then, there would be no need to bow their heads towards any faction and no need to negotiate with any faction! 

“Once you escape, immediately leave this place. Six years later, come back to Tianxia City. These six years should give you enough time to become a true expert. When that time comes, think of a way to rescue me.” calmly said Ye Wansheng.

Ye Qingzi shook her head, not agreeing to Ye Wansheng’s decision.

Six years of time. Leaving Ye Wansheng in Shen Yicheng’s hands for six years would probably turn him into a skeleton. Ye Qingzi couldn’t let Ye Wansheng become a sacrifice for her again.

A long time ago, Ye Wansheng had lost two main pets in order to save her. If it wasn’t for that blow to him, how would Shen Yicheng be his opponent right now? Even if Ye Wansheng was still alive in six years, not being able to rush headlong into the soul pet world in this extremely crucial period of time would mean that it would be extremely hard for Ye Wansheng to become a peak soul pet trainer in his entire life. Ye Qingzi didn’t want to hold up Ye Wansheng’s path to an expert because of herself. 


“Qingzi, don’t grieve, just work with me, I won’t hurt my old friend.  I can even help you obtain the item you want.” Shen Yicheng slowly walked over and in his hand was the medicine Feng Kun had just given him.

Shen Yicheng seemed to sense Ye Qingzi’s gaze on the medicine in his hand. He flipped over his hand, and quickly hid it inside his sleeve and pretended that nothing had happened.

“I can help you concoct your medicine, but you must release my brother and also not impede him at all.” coldly said Ye Qingzi.

“As long as you give us the concocting method to us, the two of you can leave.” said Shen Yicheng.

“The soul fluid is something only I can concoct, and the reasoning is something you’ll quickly come to realize.” said Ye Qingzi.

Shen Yicheng was stunned and a moment later revealed a stiff smile. He was about to say something when a black silhouette suddenly jumped in front of him and whispered to him, “Soul Palace’s people are nearby. They seem to have detected something.”

Shen Yicheng instantly creased his brows. In order to lead the obstructing Soul Palace away, he had specially had Jiang Zhi lead them astray. He never expected Soul Palace to have ultimately found this place.

“Approximately how many people?” asked Shen Yicheng.

“Not many and, by the looks of it, there don’t seem to be any experts leading them.” said Shen Yicheng’s subordinate. 

“Get rid of them.” coldly harrumphed Shen Yicheng. Since the number of opponents wasn’t many, then that could only mean that they had randomly cast a net and hadn’t truly found this place. This moment was precisely the one where they couldn’t have Soul Palace discover their actions.



Ye Wansheng overheard Shen Yicheng speaking with his subordinate and whispered to Ye Qingzi: “You managed to get in touch with Chu Mu?” 

Ye Qingzi shook her head and said: “No. It should be that the Soul Palace people don’t want me to fall into the hands of Soul Alliance and Merchant’s Alliance.” 

Ye Qingzi hadn’t been in Tianxia City for long, but had constantly hesitated over finding Chu Mu or not. Chu Mu was Soul Palace’s Tenth Young Master, but he also wasn’t simply a Soul Palace Young Master. The things Ye Qingzi possessed were too sensitive, making it impossible for her to easily trust anyone.

In truth, Ye Qingzi believed that Chu Mu wouldn’t harm her, and half of the reason for not finding Chu Mu was that she didn’t want to burden him...

“Delay some time. If Soul Palace crosses blades with them, there might be a chance for us to escape.” said Ye Wansheng.

Ye Qingzi nodded her head.

At this moment, Soul Alliance’s Feng Kun slowly walked over and swept his eyes over Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng. He then spoke to Shen Yicheng: “Let’s bring them away first so as to prevent something wrong from happening.”

Shen Yicheng also realized that staying here wasn’t smart. He immediately said to Feng Kun and Zhuo Xiao: “You guys look after them. I’ll clear a path at the front.”

After speaking, Shen Yicheng reached out his hand as if he was going to support Ye Qingzi: “Come with us.”

Ye Qingzi completely ignored this fellow’s gentlemanly gesture and coldly said: “The store still has a few of the new concocting methods I just created. I’ll go and get them.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll have my subordinates get them.” said Shen Yicheng.

“My medicine workshop has poison. If you want your subordinates to die there then send them.” said Ye Qingzi.

“Haha, then I’ll accompany you.” laughed Shen Yicheng.

After speaking, he threw Zhuo Xiao and Feng Kun a special glance, indicating that they should seize Ye Wansheng. As long as Ye Qingzi dared play any tricks, Ye Wansheng would die. 

Ye Qingzi knew that Shen Yicheng was a careful person and after glancing at Ye Wansheng, she urged her Purple Robed Dream Beast towards the common medicine shop that was leased to her.


“Chu Chen, do you recognize this person?” while alone, Shen Yicheng unexpectedly took off his pretense, and spoke in a different tone.

Ye Qingzi instantly creased her brows. Chu Chen happened to be Chu Mu’s made up name, but she didn’t understand how this fellow knew Chu Chen. This matter had nothing to do with him!

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