Book 2 Chapter 392 - Ye Siblings’ Great Enemy, Shen Yichen

Chapter 392: Ye Siblings’ Great Enemy, Shen Yichen

Ye Wansheng knew he wasn’t this guy’s match, so he didn’t dare to stay for a single second longer, directly riding his Star Wilderness Devil Colt cast Star Path.

Bathing in starlight, Ye Wansheng’s Star Wilderness Devil Colt quickly streaked through the streets like a comet, leaving a long comet trail behind it as it ran to the end of the block.


Ye Wansheng and Star Wilderness Devil Colt had just ran to the center of the street when a massive Sturdy Rock Guard suddenly appeared from below, morphing its entire body into a massive wall that cut off Ye Wansheng’s chance of escape.

Ye Wansheng’s reaction speeds were very quick. Just as they were about to near the Sturdy Rock Guard, they quickly turned towards another direction and kept running.


Massive green vines suddenly extended from the two sides of a shop and blocked off the street, again stopping Ye Wansheng’s escape…...

“If you don’t want all your soul pets to lose their lives, don’t summon and let’s cooperate, everyone treat each other civilly.” Sheng Yichen jumped off the top of the roof and slowly walked towards Ye Wansheng.

Ye Wansheng bit down. He knew that Shen Yichen didn’t come alone this time, and these were people Ye Wansheng couldn’t beat. There indeed wasn’t any point in summoning his soul pet.

But, Ye Wansheng couldn’t just give up now. He let himself calm down. He had to think of an escape plan.

Even if he couldn’t escape, Ye Wansheng was determined that he couldn’t let the others find Ye Qingzi, because she was the one these guys truly wanted.

“Your dog nose truly is sensitive, actually able to find us here.” Ye Wansheng no longer resisted, and he looked calmly at the approaching Shen Yichen.

“That wasn’t too hard. In reality, when Yu He had caught you, I specially gave him a type of poison. This poison not only could cause one’s skin to rot, it also had a special effect of leaving a scent on a person for forever. This smell can only be detected by my Devil Vine. Though Ye Qingzi is a great soul teacher, she still lacks some experience, and didn’t remove this scent deep to the bones. This way, once you got to Tianxia City, I just had to run around for a bit before naturally finding you.” Shen Yichen’s face smiled courteously.

Ye Wansheng’s heart fell. He had no clue that the poison that infected him had this effect too. He indeed was too careless.

“I wasn’t wrong. Your nose is the most sensitive organ on your body.” Ye Wansheng mocked.

Shen Yichen didn’t mind. He replied calmly, “Then let’s wait here for Ye Qingzi. I haven’t seen her in a long time, and I sure do miss her.”

Ye Wansheng naturally knew that Shen Yichen adored Ye Qingzi. Shen Yichen looked noble and proper, but was actually a despicable little man that would do anything to reach his goals. Ye Wansheng wouldn’t let Ye Qingzi fall into this fellow’s hands no matter what.

“She won’t come back, at least not tonight.” Ye Wansheng said.

“What is she busy with?” Shen Yichen acted very careful.

“Think, if she thinks even I shouldn’t go with her, what else could she be doing.” Ye Wansheng said strangely.

“You’re insinuating that she’s going on a date with some man. Ye Wansheng, do you think such boring tricks would be meaningful? I understand her; Ye Qingzi’s character wouldn’t fall in love with any man quickly. Even if she had some emotions, she would still remain in her ways. Without a long time of trial, she wouldn’t easily take the next step. You haven’t stayed out for long and most of the time you spent was nomadic, so making someone out of thin air to anger me just shows how childish you are, Ye Wansheng.” Shen Yichen said calmly.

“Compared to your methods, my tricks indeed are childish. But, I speak the truth. She went to find this man.” Ye Wansheng smiled.

Shen Yichen thought too much of himself, yet wanted to act subtle in front of Ye Wansheng. Ye Wansheng had to anger him enough to find himself an opportunity of escape. Also, he needed to wait for Shen Yichen to be distracted to tell Ye Qingzi not to come back.

“Then who is this person?” Shen Yichen said with interest.

Ye Wansheng’s pondered before he let out, “Chu Chen.”

Ye Wansheng understood his sister well. In reality, Ye wansheng knew that Ye Qingzi only trusted Chu Mu, but wasn’t sure if she had feelings yet.

“Haven’t heard of him.” Shen Yichen directly shook his head.

Finishing talking, Shen Yichen specially looked at the two people who walked out of the dark and asked, “Have you heard of this Chu Chen guy?”

The brown clothed Soul Alliance Feng Kun shook his head and laughed coldly, “probably some nobody from a rural village.”

“I’ve actually heard of this person before.” Black clothed man slowly walked forwards as he smiled coldly, clearly showing belittlement.

“Oh, there really is such a person?” Shen Yichen smiled. Seems like Ye Wansheng wasn’t just making things up from nothing.

“Soul palace sixth level title young generation expert, one who just beat Hunter’s Alliance third tier seeded expert Luo Peng not too long ago. This person was unknown before, and had suddenly popped up from within soul palace. He probably doesn’t have much opponents in third tier, so this time soul palace’s third tier will revolve around him.” Black clothed man said.

“Zuo Xiao, you don’t mind getting rid of this love rival for me, right?” Shen Yichen said.

“How much will you pay?” Underground Palace Zuo Xiao slowly walked out and watched Shen Yichen.

“10 million, a small character is only worth that much.” Shen Yichen said.

Seeing Zuo Xiao, Ye Wansheng’s face became grimmer. Ye Wansheng recognized him. He was a killer of Underground palace, a character most of the young generation feared at the mention.

Zuo Xiao’s strength and methods weren't below Shen Yichen. One Shen Yichen was already hard to deal with, but now a Zuo Xiao as well? The chances that he could escape would become even slimmer.

And, Ye Wansheng was now regretting that he said Chu Mu’s name aloud. Ten million was definitely enough for Zuo Xiao to take the mission. With Zuo Xiao’s strength, killing Chu Mu wouldn’t be hard at all. This way, he even caught an innocent in the fray.

“Hopefully this tenth young master identity is real, or else I just killed him” Ye Wansheng muttered in his heart.


A black shadow suddenly jumped into the empty street center and kneeled before Shen Yichen before transmitting a message quietly.

Shen Yichen smiled. “Our princess is here, let's arrange a welcoming.”

Ye Wansheng’s heart was drawn up. He started cursing at how Ye Qingzi could hold herself back so well. Since she was going to the plaza to find Chu Chen, wouldn’t reminiscing and spending time with him for a bit be better? Why did she have to come back so early?”

Ye Wansheng’s left hand quietly fell on his spatial ring, and he very quickly pulled out a flask.

This flask was the signal between Ye Wansheng and Ye Qingzi. Once thrown into the air, it would create a special scent. The moment Ye Qingzi smelled it, she would know there was danger.

Just now, Ye Wansheng’s constantly talked just so Shen Yichen didn’t restrict his movement. Taking the opportunity that all of his attention was with his subordinate first, Ye Wansheng’s hand fell and suddenly chucked the thumb sized flask into the air!


A quiet crack sounded before the flask exploded in the air, sending a deep fragrance into the wind and spread through the entire block.

“You look for death!” Shen Yichen had just noticed Ye Wansheng’s actions and commanded his Devil Vine to heavily slap Ye Wansheng in the chest!!

Ye Wansheng’s soul remembrance was controlled by the other two, so he couldn’t cast any defensive techniques. This massive vine slapped him straight in the chest, caving his ribs in!


A large spurt of blood sprayed forward. Ye Wansheng flew a dozen meters back from this single slap and his entire body looked as if it lost its bones as he laid on the ground painfully.

“Qingzi, I know you’re nearby already. Ye Wansheng is just talking with me right now. If you run away alone, even I can’t say what will happen to your brother. I know that other than your brother’s War Court Black Beast, he is useles…….” Shen Yichen sent his remembrance out and specially amplified it so Ye Qingzi would hear no matter where she was.

“If you dare hurt him, I will destroy my own memory. Don’t think you’ll get what you want!” Quickly, Ye Qingzi’s soul remembrance formed a voice that came from a direction, clear yet full of anger!

Don’t worry, I just wanted to give a little punishment for his mischievous behavior. You’re in my subordinate’s detection range already. There’s no meaning in running any further. Just listen to me, cooperate, and I can promise you two will never see any harm again.” Shen Yichen said.

Struggling on the ground, Ye Wansheng bit down on his bloodied teeth and crawled up amidst the crippling pain. His eyes were full of anger. Shen Yichen, the murderer of his War Court Black Beast ,was walking closer step by step. Seeing Shen Yichen, Ye Wansheng had the strongest urge to rip him into pieces alive.

Now, the person was also using him as hostage against Ye Qingzi. A huge wave of shame and anger washed through his body!


Finally, on the cold dark street, a beautiful figure appeared on a Purple Robe Dream Beast…...

Ye Qingzi already noticed that Shen Yichen was around, so it would be very tough to run away. She also knew that Shen Yichen was definitely a ruthless fellow. If she ran, Ye Wansheng would definitely suffer even more pain. Ye Wansheng had already lost his War Court Black Beast; she couldn’t let his soul become wounded again or else he would never be able to become a powerful soul pet trainer ever again.

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