Book 2 Chapter 391 - Descendant of Undying Immortal, Ye Qingzi

Chapter 391: Descendant of Undying Immortal, Ye Qingzi

“Really is instinct……” Hearing Chu Mu’s explanation, Shang Heng couldn’t help but laugh bitterly.

Finding a breakthrough from Jiang Zhi was Chu Mu. The one to suggest to follow him was also Chu Mu. However, at this moment he suddenly switched paths. Though Shang Heng felt that Jiang Zhi may have been bringing them in circles as well, he didn’t want to give up just based off that.

Shang Heng wasn’t the type to have complaints about others. At least, Shang Heng didn’t have any complaints for Chu mu. Maybe he was also wondering why Yu Palace Master would give this task to a third tier young generation expert, but from Chu Mu’s actions and thought, he could tell that Chu Mu was logical and worthy of trust.


Changing his plan and suddenly going towards west street was very spontaneous because, as he slowly neared the residential region of the city, Chu Mu thought of a person.

This person could definitely live very near advanced medicinal stores or Soul Creeds, but in Li City she always liked to live in the unnoticed west street area.

It seemed to already be a habit. When Chu Mu was still in contact with her, she would always naturally pick places to live where the western residential streets met the business districts.

Chu Mu knew she was running away from something. Only when the soul teacher that could create a unique medicine was mentioned did Chu Mu suddenly connect this event to her.

The reason he would make this judgement was because Chu Mu Remembered that, after he caught Ghost King, Ye Qingzi had once given him a flask of medicine that could speed up soul power recovery!

At the time, Chu Mu was surprised that there was such a medicine in this world. At first, Chu Mu thought he may have just been ignorant and didn’t ask further. Only when he arrived at Tianxia city, and realized this medicine still didn’t exist did Chu Mu realize that Ye Qingzi’s soul items were truly unique within the soul pet realm!

A soul pet trainer’s soul power was very limited. Any soul technique or soul pet switch can have a crucial impact on the battle. When facing multiple opponents of similar strength, often one flask of quick soul power recovery medicine could create an extra ninth level soul technique or an extra soul pet switch. Such an effect would be lethal for the opponent.

When such soul power medicine appears to be held only by Ye Qingzi, she indeed became an important person that could affect entire factions…...

Ye Qingzi’s relationship with this event, including the fact that Ye Qingzi may live in the western streets, were all Chu Mu’s guesses, with only about a 20% chance of being right. However, even if there is only a little twenty percent chance, Chu Mu would still decisively change the path, because he couldn’t let Ye Qingzi fall into Shen Yichen’s hands no matter what!

Ye Qingzi was used to living in the western streets. This time Chu Mu came, he felt that Ye Qingzi would definitely still choose the low profile western city to live in. Bringing Jiang Zhi towards eastern street area running then seemed to only have one explanation: Shen Yichen already discovered Soul Palace’s intentions and is using a decoy as distraction.

“Hopefully Shen Yichen had only noticed Jiang Zhi’s issue at the last second. “ Chu Mu worried.

If Shen Yichen had noticed something off long ago, then Shen Yichen would definitely act early too. This way, there would be no meaning no matter how quickly he reached western street area.

No matter what, Chu Mu still needed to get there fast.

“I’ve already told some young generation members to go towards western street area. If anything happens, they could probably delay them a little.” Shang Heng said to Chu Mu.

“En, let one or two middle generation people follow Zhan Hong.” Chu Mu said.

“Middle generation people can’t participate, or else it would bring Yu Palace Master trouble.” Shang Heng said.

“It’s only to save his life.” Chu Mu said.

“Save his life?” Shang heng and Zhao Cheng both revealed questioning expressions.

“If it were me to throw Jiang Zhi out as bait, I would put the bait near a wolf den. That would save me a lot of trouble.” Chu Mu said.

Shang Heng and Zhao Chen first stopped, before suddenly understanding what Chu Mu meant!

Shang Heng realized that the lone Hong Zhan would possibly encounter great danger, so he quickly sent out a signal to let nearby soul palace members to go help him out, in case Zhan Hong encounters any accidents.


Western Street Area

Black shadows darted through this very normal street area. People bustled around doing business without even knowing of these shadows’ existence. The drunkards were still hollering, the workers were still hurrying home, and the occasional children still ran through the streets, laughing.

In the middle of this street was a medicinal shop. This medicinal shop provided all sorts of soul pet medicine and soul items, tailored mostly towards the spirit disciples and spirit soldiers that shop there.

This street area couldn’t compare to center city, where lights were everywhere even past midnight. When the night fell and the moon shined bright, the streets slowly became emptied. From far away, the lone lights in buildings merged with the bleak moonlight and fell onto the streets, causing the entire street to seem even more deserted.

“We don’t have to wait for her. Close the door, she’ll come back from the courtyard herself.” Ye Wansheng said to the third level soul teacher disciple.

This morning, Ye Qingzi left early. Ye Wansheng didn’t ask where she went because, to Ye Wansheng, his sister was much smarter than him. Rather than worry for her, he might as well worry for himself.

In reality, Ye Wansheng wasn’t stupid. Though Ye Wansheng seemed brash and thick-headed, he could be just as meticulous. It’s just that Ye Wansheng often was too lazy to try hard, and hated trying to plan for every possible occasion and danger.

“Second tier…...second tier…...with my current strength, I could at most be a useless member of second tier. Unless all the experts in second tier die off, nabbing the final honor was impossible.” Ye Wansheng thought to himself as he rubbed his temples on his way into the courtyard.

After leaving Li City, Ye Wansheng specially left Ye Qingzi for a while to train in some other places himself. The loss of his strongest soul pet was a huge hit. He felt that if he didn’t go to some dangerous places to train more and grab onto special opportunities, he would only be a normal expert within people his age.

Luckily, Ye Wansheng wasn’t awful and, in a seventh level bewildering world, he captured a rather high phase monarch rank soul pet. Through recent efforts, he raised that monarch to seventh phase ninth stage.

Ye Wansheng’s Sword Beetle was already eighth phase third stage and its fighting strength was pseudo monarch, making it one of Ye Wansheng’s main soul pets. Multi Colored Devil Tiger was only seventh phase ninth stage, so reaching eighth phase probably required a small distance still.

Ye Wansheng also had a servant rank soul pet - Flame Tail. This servant rank flame tail miraculously held its own as well, already morphing to tenth phase.

This tenth phase flame tail’s fighting strength has already been boosted to high class commander rank. If he could find the right soul item to boost its fighting strength to commander rank, then Ye Wansheng’s flame tail would be equivalent to a ninth phase monarch!

Yet, a servant rank’s fighting strength still needed considerable effort to raise to commander rank. This tenth phase flame tail was about equivalent to an eighth phase monarch rank currently.

Currently Ye Wansheng’s strongest four soul pets were these: Seventh phase ninth stage low class monarch rank Hellfire Thunder Monarch, eighth phase third stage pseudo monarch rank Sword Beetle, seventh phase ninth stage pseudo monarch Multi Colored Devil Tiger, and Tenth phase high class commander rank Flame Tail.

Second tier experts usually had four eighth phase monarch rank soul pets. A soul pet formation such as Ye Wansheng’s was definitely bottom tier in that category.

Yet, he had a reason he had to win the final honor…...

“I’ll try my best to raise my strength in this last half year, or else it’ll truly be unsightly.” Ye Wansheng let out a breath and walked towards his room.


Suddenly, a sound like a swift gust of wind came from outside the courtyard. The vigilant Ye Wansheng immediately captured this slight noise.

Ye Wansheng creased his brows, and sent his soul remembrance out to detect the nearby situation.

The next moment, Ye Wansheng immediately started chanting an incantation to immediately summon his seventh phase ninth stage Star Wilderness Devil Colt.

“Ye, quickly leave here!” Ye Wansheng realized that he had already been surrounded by a group of unknown people, so he quickly leaped onto his Star Wilderness Devil Colt and wanted to jump out of the courtyard.


A large noise caused the room Ye Wansheng was just about to enter to cave in from the center!

Ye Wansheng’s heart skipped a beat. Looking over, he suddenly found a few large green vines writhing their way into the underground of the room, destroying the ten meter tall house, sending broken shingles everywhere…...

“Devil Vine!”

Such a large vine organism could only be Devil Vine. Ye Wansheng realized that the entire courtyard was probably in control of the Devil Vine already, so he quickly rode Star Wilderness Devil Colt outside of the courtyard.


Just as Ye Wansheng’s Star Wilderness Devil Colt was about to leap upwards, the walls around the courtyard fell under great shaking, causing nearby residents to scream and scurry away hurriedly away from the large sounds.

Ye Wansheng didn’t dare to stay long, so he told his Star Wilderness Devil Colt to run down a street. Star Wilderness Devil Colt was very quick and, under the stars effects, it was even faster. It had gotten on the streets in a split second.

Suddenly, a somewhat belittling voice came from the roof!

Ye Wansheng turned around while riding Star Wilderness Devil Colt and saw a man he utterly detested standing on the roof of a building! Behind him, the devil vine’s main body higher than the house itself writhed!

Ye Wansheng was all too familiar with this man . It was because of this person’s constant chasing that caused him and his sister to be constantly on the move!

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