Book 2 Chapter 390 - Night Operation (2)

Chapter 390: Night Operation (2)

At dusk, Chu Mu walked, once more, past the Supreme Thrones that would fill one’s heart with shock.

The setting sun was illuminated with a golden yellow color. As it slowly fell into the horizon, the thrones underneath the heaven were illuminated with even more might and holiness. It was as if one was looking at a supreme country constructed out of gold. Even stepping on that earth would render one capable of feeling some mysterious force. 

In front of the setting sun, Chu Mu stood there by himself in silent admiration. 

“Old Li, if my father did not experience what happened to him, could he have ascended this treasured throne?” asked Chu Mu.

This… I’ll put it like this. Back then, Chu Tianmang, one of the five summits, was supposedly slightly stronger than m’Lady. In truth, he wasn’t stronger than m'lady, only it happened to be that his abilities to control the fight were much stronger than m'lady. Therefore, m'lady was normally not his opponent. If Chu Tianmang were to continue developing along this trajectory, I fell that he could have had a chance of ascending this throne; at least the steps would have a statue of him.” said Old Li. 

“Then there was still a slight difference between him and a true supreme?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yes and no. The specifics are a bit complicated.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu had made becoming strong his goal due to his father. However, he knew that even without Chu Tiangmang, he would still have still become a soul pet trainer with the highest honor. He would use the strongest soul pets in the world, receive the reverence of countless people and challenge an innumerable number of powerful creatures.

Chu Mu didn’t want to walk in Chu Tianmang’s footsteps as he progressed. He wanted to become someone stronger than him. If Chu Tianmang was unable to reach the level of the Supreme Thrones, then the thrones under the heaven would become his ultimate goal that he strived towards!

The sun set and the curtain of night descended upon Tianxia City.

Four figures riding their respective demonic soul pets quickly flew through the streets. The four people, with Chu Mu at the front, had begun chasing straight after Jiang Zhi in the direction he went after convening at Bright Moon Bridge.

Jiang Zhi’s movement speed wasn’t very fast, and the four riders were clearly stronger than him. They weren’t in a hurry as they caught up to Jiang Zhi.

“This direction seems to have a slightly average city district.” Shang Heng surveyed the surrounding buildings that gradually turned normal as he spoke.

“The person they’re looking for should be here. Thinking so much has no meaning. Let’s just get rid of them.” said Zhan Hong. This youngest eighth rank soul official had an attitude full of arrogance.

Chu Mu didn’t say anything; instead, he merely chased after Luo Region Sect’s Jiang Zhi. From what he felt, Jiang Zhi should be reconvening with his companions now.

Slowly, the four pursuers left the luxurious city center district and entered the residential district of common buildings.

“Shang Heng, are there any precise descriptions of that hidden expert’s descendents?” asked Chu Mu.

“That hidden expert is an extremely famous soul teacher in our soul pet world. It can be said that this person belongs to the level of people that have reached the peak of the soul teacher realm. This soul teacher has never been tasteful of entering a certain faction. At the very beginning, due to his strength and abilities, all the factions tried to win him over; even Soul Alliance didn’t dare rashly offend this expert. Later, this expert seemed to suffer a serious injury in the outside world and his strength was greatly diminished. The spirit items he refined were still coveted by all the factions so at this moment this reclusive expert will essentially be slaughtered by any faction or be roped in by one of the large factions…” said Shang Heng.

“In truth, the higher levels of all the large factions know that because this soul teacher uses an extremely special spirit item refinement process, it was learned from a distant nation. This soul teacher also became the possessor of our soul pet world’s unrivalled spirit item. In order to obtain this spirit item, the large factions have actually already engaged in a relatively large fight…”

Chu Mu thought as he silently wondered what spirit item would be so valuable that all the factions would engage in such a large operation.

“No one knows where this soul teacher resides at the moment, and only know that there is someone who inherited the spirit item refinement method. Therefore, he is especially important. I only know this much as this matter has been kept very confidential. None of the factions dare to easily divulge anything.” Shang Heng continued to speak.

Chu Mu nodded his head and asked Old Li: “Old Li, do you know of this matter?

Old Li had lived for so many years so there was no rational reason why he wouldn’t know of this large fight by the large factions. 

“If it’s a soul teacher, moreover one that possesses an unrivalled spirit item, I’m sure this person is the illustrious Undying Immortal, Ying Rong.” said Old Li.

“Undying Immortal?” this was the first time Chu Mu had heard a title like this. He felt it was a bit strange, but it seemed like he was an exceptional person.

“Mhm, Undying Immortal is his title. As long as a soul pet’s soul hasn’t been shattered by an attack, Undying Immortal Ying Rong should be able to rescue it. Moreover, within a month, the soul pet will recover to its peak state. Ying Rong has always maintained a low profile and the only faction he has entered has been Spirit Church. Moreover, his position in Spirit Church wasn’t very high. Those that actually know of his existence and know of his abilities are only people within a certain circle. Later, due to him controlling a spirit item refinement method, he was sold out by people with evil intentions, causing the large factions to learn of him while also desperately trying to rope him in.” said Old Li.

“What spirit item is it, and why is it capable of causing such a commotion in these factions.” inquired Chu Mu.

“I don’t know about this. Undying Immortal, Ying Long, is a matter than has been kept very confidential. There are few people that know of this, and I’m even curious as to why Palace Lord Yu is suddenly paying attention to this matter.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu sunk into deep thought. For some reason, he felt that he had suddenly thought of something from what Old Lid and Shang Heng had mentioned.

“This place is Eastern Street. Why would he run here? Could it be that the hidden expert’s descendents live here?” Zhan Hong’s gaze swept over this common street and he revealed a slightly suspicious expression.

Compared to the Realm Thrones and the city plaza in the center district of the city, the city center’s eastern street was much more plain. Normally, true experts wouldn’t come here since there were no resources that attracted them. The only thing here were normal residents that lived in Tianxia City.

“It’s already been some time.” said Zhao Cheng softly.

“Indeed. This Jiang Zhi has been running for quite some time.” said Shang Heng. 

“Since you’re the leader, what do you think?” Zhan Hong threw a glance at Chu Mu and spoke to him in a cold voice.

“Let’s go to Western Street.” suddenly, Chu Mu urged the Night Thunder Dream Beast to turn in the air and headed in the direct opposite direction. 

The three others were confused, not understanding why Chu Mu would suddenly give up chasing Jiang Zhi and go towards Western Street.

“Chu Chen, what’s the matter? Why did you suddenly change direction?” Shang Heng was the first one to react as he hastily urged his Ice Winged Tiger to catch up to Chu Mu.

“I think that we may have been discovered by Shen Yicheng. This Jiang Zhi could be a sacrificial chess piece and is merely leading us in a circle in the city.” said Chu Mu.

“Why do you feel this is the case? I had the people who investigated this matter and who followed Jiang Zhi to be extremely careful. There shouldn’t be any way for Shen Yicheng to detect us.” said Shang Heng.

“Intuition tells me that the people they’re looking for should be at Western Street. We were presently headed in the completely opposite direction.” said Chu Mu.

“Intuition? When you execute missions, you use intuition like a woman does? If your intuition is wrong, then wouldn’t we just be letting Jiang Zhi get away?!” Zhan Hong’s tone instantly changed. Chu Mu turned his head and his two black eyes apathetically stared at Zhan Hong. Using an icy tone he said: “This is my decision and if you don’t listen to it, you can leave the group right now. If you want to listen, then shut up.” Chu Mu hadn’t liked Zhan Hong’s attitude for a while. He had previously thought they would only cooperate once so he couldn’t be bothered to argue with this fellow. Yet, he didn’t expect this fellow to use a woman to mock him. He clearly didn’t want to listen to his orders.

If there was someone in the group that wanted to usurp his authority, Chu Mu would rather expel this person as a unified group with the same thinking was always stronger than a group that argued and had internal strife.

Chu Mu’s words stunned Zhan Hong. For a few seconds, he didn’t say anything. His two eyes angrily and haughtily stared at Chu Mu and it seemed like he was going to erupt.

“Who do you think you are? Every single person here is stronger than you. What authority do you have to criticize and give orders?!” said Zhan Hong.

Shang Heng realized that the situation was amiss and he hastily stopped Zhan Hong’s anger. He proceeded to say: “How about this. Zhan Hong can continue to follow Jiang Zhi. I’ll send others to assist you. The three of us will go and look at Western Street. It’ll be more sure this way.” 

“... Hmph!” Zhan Hong abruptly slapped the soul pet soul pet he was riding on and changed directions. He didn’t argue any more with Chu Mu as he began pursuing in the direction Jiang Zhi was running in.

Shang Heng sighed and stared at the departing Jiang Zhi. After a while he said to Chu Mu: “Although I can see that he is dissatisfied with you, there was no need to expel him.” 

“I gave him a choice.” said Chu Mu.

“You still haven’t said why you want to go to Western Street.” said Shang Heng.

“I can’t explain it. It’s just correct to go there.” Chu Mu was truthfully relying on intuition.

This was because intuition told Chu Mu that this matter could very well be related to someone who he was familiar with. This person had inadvertently used a unique and unrivalled spirit item to treat him back then!! 

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