Chapter 39: Territory Crisis(2)

Chapter 39: Territory Crisis(2)

After the fight, Chu Yishui’s small mouth stayed agape, because Chu Mu’s small Mo Ye was simply a freak! The fellow seemed to have unlimited fighting strength; throughout the entire afternoon, this small Mo Ye didn’t stop fighting. No matter if it was a fifth phase servant rank, fourth phase warrior rank, or even stronger soul pets, the small soul pet would still defeat its opponent in battle while staggering around, ready to fall. Yet, not long after defeating its opponent, the small Mo Ye’s fighting strength would recover, and it would continue on to fight its next opponent!

Chu Yishui was a Chu Family member, and she wasn’t unfamiliar towards Mo Yes. Although she knew Mo Yes possessed extremely formidable self-healing ability, there was none that could compare to a Mo Ye that could continuously fight a whole afternoon and whose wounds would heal so quickly!

“Brother, your Mo Ye is very abnormal. Although it doesn’t have much fighting strength, its vitality is too powerful. Without sufficient strength, there’s no way to actually injure it.” Chu Yishui said to Chu Mu.

A smile rose on Chu Mu’s face. If Zhan Ye wasn’t strong, why would Chu Mu sign a soul pact with it? Chu Mu believed that with Zhan Ye’s hard work and the training that he gave it, Zhan Ye would definitely become powerful soul pet that surpassed its own species limitation!

Choosing Chu Yishui’s soul pet couldn’t be done very carelessly and over the course of the afternoon, while Chu Yishui felt that there were many fairly good soul pets, Chu Mu felt that these soul pets didn’t have adequate potential, and wouldn’t let Chu Yishui sign a soul pact.

During the day, Chu Mu needed to train the Mo Ye’s fighting ability, so he would slowly accompany Chu Yishui as she chose her soul pet. Chu Yishui was also a future hope for the Chu Family, so secretly helping Chu Yishui was also a consideration for the Chu Family’s development in the future.

At night, Chu Mu let Chu Yishui fall asleep first, before he quietly left the residence.

Once he left the Chu Family residence, Chu Mu immediately hopped onto the Night Thunder Dream Beast. They sped towards the depths of the exceptionally dangerous Broken Forest...

On the second day, when dawn began to break through the sky, Chu Mu returned from the Broken Forest on his elegant Night Thunder Dream Beast. This time, his gains could be considered fairly good. Chu Mu estimated that the two soul pets he captured could be sold for at least 100,000 gold coins.


Just as Chu Mu was approaching the Chu Family residence, a sudden ball of blue flame peculiarly ascended into the dusky sky. It then blossomed open.

“The Nightmare Palace’s devil fire signal?” Chu Mu was somewhat confused, as he looked towards the place where the ball of flame had shot into the air. He then turned around and immediately rushed towards that place.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s top speed was extremely quick. A short while later, Chu Mu had found the location of the Nightmare Palace message and he promptly discovered three Devil Attendants with fifth ranking titles standing on the dusky grass, llike spectres.

The three Devil Attendants saw Chu Mu rush over, and they immediately half-knelt on the ground to greet Chu Mu upon his arrival.

“What’s the matter?” Chu Mu looked at the three Devil Attendants and indifferently spoke.

“Nightmare Prince, your maid had this subordinate deliver you this letter.” the leader of the Devil Attendants respectfully handed over a letter to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu opened the letter, and he read the information Ting Yu was informing him. His eyebrows creased.

In the letter, Ting Yu detailed that while she was going to the auction, the Zhou Family people had proposed a price of 1.2 million gold coins to purchase the first-rate Mo Ye. Ting Yu didn’t hesitate to sell it to them. At the same time, she heard that they seemed to be colluding with the Yang Family, planning to lure a Demon Ant Emperor to Luoye Mountain Range, and then letting it take over the Chu Family’s territory.

Ant Kings were the leader of an ant clan, and could ceaselessly spawn offspring. This kind of Ant King was an extremely dangerous soul pet. Once it became stationed in a certain territory and began to ceaselessly spawn offspring, it would badly ruin the surrounding ecology, causing all soul pets to evacuate. This would then turn the entire territory into an dangerous ant colony!

“These fellows have an undying will to destroy my Chu Family!” sneered Chu Mu.

Since the Yang and Zhou Family’s various methods were becoming increasingly many, Chu Mu naturally would not sit and wait. He would also cause them a bit of trouble, and let them taste the flavor of revenge!

“You three, do you know the precise location?” asked Chu Mu.

“This subordinate has already found out through investigation.” said the head Devil Attendant.

Chu Mu nodded his head in satisfaction. It seemed like bringing Ting Yu back with him was a smart idea. Ting Yu was extremely smart, and such matters would be completed with extreme thoroughness. She even thought of Chu Mu wanting to launch a counteroffensive against the Zhou and Yang Families, and she had intentionally left the three Devil Attendants to help Chu Mu.

“I remember that the Yang Family has a piece of territory nearby. Let’s destroy one of their economic lifelines first,” a smile surfaced on Chu Mu’s face. He rode on his Night Thunder Dream Beast, leading the three Devil Attendants directly towards the Yang Family territory.

The three Devil Attendants immediately summoned their soul pets. Like three devoted dark horsemen, they followed closely behind Chu Mu, and rushed headlong through the dusky forest...

After noontime, the sunlight should have been bright and beautiful, but for some unknown reason, a sudden sinister cloud had floated into Luoye Mountain Range. The sinister cloud caused a strange, fiendish gale to blow through the entire mountain range.

“What’s the matter? Just now it was fine, but suddenly there’s a strong wind?!” Chu Yishui used a hand to shield her face, and she looked at the sinister black cloud floating above the mountain and fields in the distance.

“Perhaps it’s the workings of some powerful soul pet.” Chu Mu glanced at the sinister cloud’s position, and a smile surfaced on his face.

The black cloud happened to be over the Yang Family’s territory. It was also a sixth rank territory, but Chu Mu was confident that before long, it would transform into a terrifying ant colony. The environment would suffer from severe destruction, and demonic aura would unceasingly proliferate!

“Eh? Then should we go back?” Chu Yishui timidly asked, as her courage was rather small.

“Don’t worry, we’ll continue looking for a suitable soul pet for you.” Chu Mu was very relaxed as he spoke, and he summoned his small Mo Ye to continue training its fighting.

The Yang Family’s Mansion

“Garbage, you are all pieces of garbage. Such a small matter couldn’t even be done properly. It was screwed up so bad that the Demon Ant Emperor set up its colony on our territory. How is that not going to destroy our territory?!!” the Yang Family head, Yang Kuo, spoke in an extremely indignant manner.

Yang Mancan and Yang Lantian both dropped their heads. Even the Zhou Family’s Zhou Zhi was involved in the scolding.

In reality, the Demon Ant Emperor had been inadvertently discovered in the Broken Forest by the Zhou Family’s people. That Demon Ant Emperor happened to be searching for a new habitat, and the Zhou Family people thought of a brilliant scheme to lure the Demon Ant Emperor without a nest to the Chu Family’s sole sixth rank territory.  There, this powerful soul pet would lay waste to that piece of land.

However, who would have expected that the experts who were luring the Demon Ant Emperor towards the Chu Family were mysteriously murdered by the Demon Ant Emperor halfway there. The Ant Demon King then discovered the Yang Family’s fertile territory, and it had unrestrainedly made it its nest. It immediately began to spawn en masse, and in a short two days, at least three hundred Demon Ants had been spawned. If it hadn’t been contained in time, even more Demon Ants would have emerged, and it would have been even harder for them to dispose of it.

“What are you still standing there for?! Immediately go and send people to get rid of the Demon Ant Emperor problem. If it destroys that piece of land, I might skin you alive!!” loudly berated the Yang Family head, Yang Kuo. His entire face had turned red with anger.

“Yes yes yes!”

Yang Mancan and Yang Mantian both nodded their heads. The Zhou Family’s Zhou Zhi was also extremely sullen. Such a good plan was ultimately ruined, and he ended up being berated by the Yang Family’s head.

“Have Yang Lu bring five inner family servants to clean up those things.” said Yang Mancan.

“Yes, this matter wasn’t even messed up by us, yet father still scolds us…” Yang Mantian felt a bit aggrieved as he spoke.

The Yang Family’s Yang Lu had strength that ranked in the top ten of the Yang Family. His strength was on par with Yang Lengcan, who had gone to Prison Island. His personality was both vicious and cruel, and he was a weapon of the Yang Family. There were many times in the past when it was inconvenient for the Yang Family to personally appear, and Yang Lu had secretly finished the job for them.

The two people quickly called over Yang Lu and the other five Yang Family inner clan servants. Servants that were able to enter the Yang Family’s inner clan meant that they were top tier experts among the Yang Family. It probably wouldn’t pose much of a problem for these six people to dispose of the Demon Ant Emperor.

Luoye Mountain Range’s Chu Family Residence.

A Light Rhinoceros was wildly rushing through the mountain ranges, and it quickly entered the Chu Family residence. The person riding the Light Rhinoceros happened to be Chu Si.

“Young master, young lady, nothing’s happened to you two, right?” Chu Si jumped off the Light Rhinoceros and nervously looked at Chu Mu and Chu Yishui.

“What happened Uncle Blackbeard?” adorably asked Chu Yishui as she blinked her eyes and looked at the heavily bearded Chu Si.

“We’ve obtained information that a Demon Ant Emperor has invaded in the vicinity. It seemed to have been rushing towards our Luoye Mountain Range. The family head wanted me to come here as fast as possible and bring you two away.” said Chu Si with an anxious face. As he spoke, he intentionally looked in the distance to see if the Demon Ant Emperor’s Demon Aura had appeared near the Luoye Mountain Range.

“Oh, in the morning I saw a bit of demon aura condensed into a cloud. However, it should have been in the Yang Family territory. It seems to have taken root there.” Chu Mu nonchalantly said .

“It’s in the Yang Family’s territory?” astonishedly asked Chu Si.

Chu Mu nodded his head and said: “The ant clan’s emperor will discharge sinister clouds and evil air once it has found a habitat.”

Chu Si opened his mouth, and he stared at the extremely calm Chu Mu. Yet, he felt that this matter seemed to be too strange.

“Nothing’s happened to us. Uncle Chu Si can go back first. Once I help Yishui find a soul pet, we will naturally return.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Si still wanted to say something, but Chu Mu very firmly had Chu Si return. Chu Si couldn’t be sure of anything either, and had the Luoye Mountain Range’s family servants properly look over the young lady and young master before hastily departing.

Seeing Chu Si leave, a smile rose on Chu Mu’s face. Since he had already decided on taking revenge against the Yang Family, how could Chu Mu let anything happen to their territory? Moreover, Chu Mu still wanted the Yang Family’s territory to not have the ability to rise back up in value again!!

Watching the sinister clouds on the horizon, Chu Mu silently said:

“The Yang Family has definitely dispatched people to dispose of the Demon Ant Emperor. Hmph, it’s been awhile since I’ve engaged in slaughter!”

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