Book 2 Chapter 388 - Leap through By Buildup, Eighth Phase Fifth Stage

Chapter 388: Leap through By Buildup, Eighth Phase Fifth Stage

Taking the eighth phase soul technique Sharp Eyes, Chu Mu specially went to seventh level soul technique region to choose a seventh level defensive soul technique.

Of all the types, rock type’s defense was the strongest. Chu Mu picked Dark Crystal Rock Armor as his seventh level soul technique.

Dark Crystal Rock Armor in reality Ghost King knew. It was Ghost King’s species technique, but Ghost King’s species technique couldn’t be put on anyone else. If Chu Mu used Chong Mei to copy it, its strength would be greatly reduced.

Chu Mu was now a fifth remembrance soul master. Purely casting a seventh level defensive soul technique, he could to some degree block any attack under ninth rank attacks.

“Then when do you decide to enter Binding Wind Sacred Region again. My elders told me that the region will open again in about ten days, because others will want to enter as well, so you better go in not long after it closes, or else others will take it away.” Ting Lan said.

“Then let’s speak ten days later. I want to strengthen my soul pets first.” Chu Mu said.

“Sai Ren told me that you are preparing to deal with Shen Yi Chen?” Ting Lan asked. This event Sai Ren participated in, so Ting Lan would know.

“En, what do you know about this person?” Chu Mu also asked.

“I’ve had some contact with him, he’s very hard to see through. Shen Yichen’s strength was very hard to see through. Shen Yichen’s strength is probably even stronger than mine. If you want to deal with him, then try to avoid direct conflicts…...But, speaking of which, his network is massive as well. He is very adept at tricks and schemes. All in all, he’s hard to deal with, so you have to be aware.” Ting Lan said.

Chu Mu nodded and after he brought away two soul technique books, Ting Lan walked out of the Book Palace.

The matter with Luo Region Sect’s elder and following Luo Region Sect Jiang Zhi will be left to Shang Heng. All Chu Mu has to do is lay in the dark and, at a crucial moment, destroy Shen Yichen’s plans.

Luo Region Sect’s Jiang Zhi and Soul Alliance Feng Kun are all second tier experts. Chu Mu’s current strength can be put into second tier experts, but compared to true experts, Chu Mu was still some distance away. Chu Mu decided to strengthen all his soul pets to eighth phase these two days.

After splitting with Ting Lan, Chu Mu directly headed towards the Soul Palace Hall and started to look through the myriads of soul items for items that he really needed.

“Eighth level soul crystal effects should be about enough. These soul crystals worth 2 million are slightly weak. You should buy around 5 million gold worth of soul crystals.” Old Li suggested Chu Mu.

Single type, Devil Tree Battle Soldier was wood type. Its beast type was completely ignored by Chu Mu, so they could definitely buy wood type eighth level soul crystals to raise their devil tree battle soldiers’ phase.

Eighth level soul crystal were split into many ranks based off soul pet phase and species. The lowest quality ones were usually 1.5 million, while the higher ones could reach many millions, up to the tens of millions.

Soul crystals were always high in supply, so Chu Mu quickly found an eighth level wood type soul crystal and spent a whopping 5 million gold on it.

Ghost King’s main type was rock type, while its sub type is ghost type. Ghost King’s Monarch Ghost Change technique and many attack techniques all benefit greatly from ghost type, so Chu Mu didn’t want to wipe the Ghost King’s ghost type during training, but instead wanted to train these two types on a main and secondary basis.

Duo type eighth rank soul crystals are much more expensive, especially with the perfect combination of rock type and ghost type. Chu Mu looked through the list, and he wanted to look for high quality rock and ghost type duo type soul crystals, but they were at least 10 million.

These soul crystals’ effects weren’t just to improve their soul pet’s stages, but it could also strengthen their soul pet’s types, raising their fighting strength.

Finally, Chu Mu chose a soul item called the Soul of the Giants. This soul item is rather special. In its description, this soul item is from a rock type giant that became half ghost type after death, which was then taken by a powerful soul teacher to be made into a giant species soul pet that could make soul pets more powerful.

It was also Chu Mu’s first time seeing such soul item, but Old Li said that soul items were actually very expensive. The one Chu Mu spent 4 million to buy was definitely the weakest unfinished product.

Though it was such low quality, it was enough to raise Ghost King to eighth phase.

Following is Zhan Ye’s soul item. Zhan Ye’s soul item was very hard to buy. 

Zhan Ye had three types, none of which could be abandoned. If he got a soul item that strengthened all of them, it would probably cost 15 million. If bought, maybe with another soul item, Zhan Ye’s strength would reach middle class monarch rank!

Of course, Chu Mu also knew that soul item strengthening couldn’t happen that often. According to Chu Mu’s estimate, Zhan Ye would have to raise at least a couple more stages first, or else a huge influx of soul items could bring negative effects.

To not ruin Zhan Ye’s type, Chu Mu finally bought a soul item from Horned Beast Species.

Horned Beast Species were always a mainstream beast type species. To buy the matching soul item wasn’t too difficult. At the end, Chu Mu selected a fifty million gold Horned Armored Beast Heart to help Zhan Ye reach eighth phase soul item.

After all the soul items were bought, Chu Mu didn’t waste any time. He went straight to his own room and closed his door to strengthen his tree soul pets.


The first one Chu Mu strengthened was the devil tree battle soldier.

The devil tree battle soldier was reached seventh phase ninth stage even earlier than Ghost King and ZHan Ye. In the desert, Devil Tree Battle Soldier was even the main fighting power. He should have reached eighth phase long ago.

But, soul pets always reach a bottleneck at some phase. Such situation can hardly be solved through simple combat.

Eighth rank wood type crystal in his hand, Chu Mu closed his eyes and started to use his remembrance to draw the wood type energy into devil tree battle soldier’s soul.

In the soul pet space, devil tree battle soldier slowly opened its eyes. Its normally slightly muddied pupils gradually were overtaken with a violent bloody red!

Chu Mu wasn’t hurried at all, little by little letting the Devil Tree Battle Soldier absorb the purest soul crystal energy of the devil tree species, causing its body to pass the seventh phase barrier and into the eighth phase.

Initially, with the energy injection, devil tree battle soldier revealed some violent aura, which was the effect of blood amber. However, with Chu Mu’s gentle training, Devil Tree battle Soldier slowly calmed down…….

In fact, when the Devil Tree Battle Soldier morphed, Devil Tree Battle Soldier stood calmly in the green light…...

Chu Mu knew that the devil tree battle soldier was morphing, but it didn’t mean it was over. Devil Tree Battle Soldier reached seventh phase ninth stage even before ice air fairy. The energy inside it had probably been building at seventh phase for a long time. Once he passes it, Devil Tree Battle Soldier would have continuous growth!

Indeed, the green glow didn’t fade just because the devil tree battle soldier finished its morph. Just opposite, the green glows pulsed outwards in halos around the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body slowly changed under these halos.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s Natural Wood energy crystal didn’t change, but when the devil tree battle soldier’s body no longer emanated green glows, the devil tree battle soldier’s body became even smoother. The gaps between wood and wood seemed to be connected by the strongest metal soldering, full of a special power.

“Eighth phase fifth stage, indeed it was suppressed because of its bottleneck!” Chu Mu smiled.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier was the main force in the desert, and was the soul pet that gained the most fighting training. In normal circumstances, such over rank and out-numbered battles should have pushed devil tree battle soldier to eighth phase long ago.

Looking at it now, devil tree battle soldier was most likely suffering from battle fatigue from the constant battle. Though its power was there, its body didn’t keep up.

Now with the soul items to heal and rebalance it, the devil tree battle soldier’s strength immediately increased, jumping from seventh phase ninth stage to eighth phase fifth stage. Even though its crystal didn’t see any big change, the morphing caused its strength to at least double!

“Middle rank blood natural wood crystal, eighth rank intermediate stage defense, plus the effects of natural wood armor, it reached eighth phase late stage defense, equivalent to Ghost King’s level.” Chu Mu was very satisfied with Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s type.

Powerful defense, powerful life force, powerful restraining abilities, powerful area of effect abilities, Devil Tree Battle Soldier could definitely be able to stand alone!


After its strength reached eighth phase fifth stage, Devil Tree Battle Soldier himself let out an excited roar.

The passing of the barrier was like a rebirth for devil tree battle soldier. Chu Mu knew Devil Tree Battle Soldier was still excited, so he let it roar a few more times in his soul pet space, before he calmed it down into slumber to steady the newfound energy.

“Ghost King, it’s your turn.” Chu Mu said to Ghost King.


Ghost King’s strength was slowly catching up now. Especially in the Ancient Wasteland, Ghost King was the soul pet that gained the second most training.

Ghost King reached seventh phase ninth stage for not long, but Ghost King was different from all of Chu Mu’s other soul pets. Since its species rank was monarch, a naturally powerful soul pet like that was unlikely to stay at seventh phase for too long. Upgrading it to eighth phase shouldn’t take too long through soul item strengthening.

The training focused on Ghost King’s soul. Chu Mu specially meditated for a while longer to adjust his own soul power before Ghost King’s strengthening.

Ghost King’s normal defense was already eighth phase late stage. After Ghost Monarch Transformation, it could reach the eighth phase complete stage.

Chu Mu really wanted to know if, after this morph, Ghost King’s Ghost King Transformation could reach ninth stage defense.

If it could reach ninth rank, Chu Mu wouldn’t have to be as hard-pressed against ninth rank techniques in the future.

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