Book 2 Chapter 387 - Eighth Rank New Soul Technique (2)

Chapter 387: Eighth Rank New Soul Technique (2)

“So that’s what it is. You truly are honest……” Finally, Ting Lan understood, but she only smiled. This smile was charming, unintentionally revealing the alluring nature of a grown woman, actually appearing to be specially charming.

“Honest?” This was the first time someone had called him that. He simply didn’t like such meaningless misunderstandings, and Chu Mu felt that, after that event, Ting Lan’s attitude made Chu Mu feel very uncomfortable.

“Indeed pretty honest. I’m eighth level title, so I’ll have a lot of opportunities to enter Bindin Wind Sacred Region in the future. I told you before that I would give you a small gift, and I planned for it to be an eighth level soul technique. Now we can go and pick one.” Ting Lan said.

“Eighth level soul technique, that would be amazing.” Chu Mu’s eyes brightened.

Seventh level title Chu Mu could only pick seventh level soul techniques. In reality, seventh level soul techniques were already somewhat underleveled for Chu Mu’s current strength. If he could get an eighth level soul technique, his strength would have a greater increase.

Ting Lan saw Chu Mu’s response and started laughing again, “You truly don’t try to be polite.”

Ting Lan originally thought Chu Mu would attempt to push the gift around for a bit. After all, she had just given the Binding Wind Spirit to him, yet he hadn’t even said anything. Now, she was offering an eighth level soul technique, and he acted like it ought to be like that.

Chu Mu smiled widely. Eighth level soul technique, that was worth tens of millions, so why would he push it around? It would be best if she gave him some soul equipment as well, since that would solve most of his lingering problems.

As an eighth level female palace guard, every year she had the chance to select one eighth level soul technique. As they spoke, Ting Lan brought Chu Mu towards the book palace where all the precious soul techniques were kept.

There were many other palace guards protecting this soul technique palace. After passing through layers upon layers of protection and proving their identities, Chu Mu finally stepped into the soul technique palace, where neat rows of soul techniques lined the halls.

One of soul palace’s most coveted resources was their soul technique books. Soul Palace had the most comprehensive collection of soul techniques out of all factions, and the benefit of a soul technique once a year was also something only soul palace had.

“What type of soul technique?” Ting Lan asked.

Soul pet trainers’ soul techniques were also split by type. Usually, one didn’t mean beast type or elemental type, but rather types such as offensive, defensive, effective, supportive, etc…...

Chu Mu needed soul techniques in two main directions right now. One was an absolute defensive technique that, when fallen into great danger, could be used to create a key difference. Another direction is an eighth level fire type attack.

Chu Mu could stack fire type techniques together. This was probably the most powerful combination technique between Chu Mu, Mo Xie, and White Nightmare. It was incredibly powerful and could often instantly kill soul pets with strengths much higher than themselves.

Now, however, Mo Xie didn’t learn any eighth level fire type techniques, and White Nightmare also knew none. If he learned it right now, the overlaying would be meaningless.

“Your dream beast has potential, but I feel that its demon type isn’t pure enough. I suggest you learn something that could increase your demon’s restricting capabilities.” Ting Lan said.

“Oh? Is there such a technique?” Chu Mu asked.

“Eighth level soul technique --- Managing Night. Bring down nightfall to temporarily increase the fighting strength of dark type soul pets. Your Night Thunder Dream Beast will gain about 20% fighting strength under the effects of Managing Night, and its Dreamland will have a greater chance of succeeding as well.” Ting Lan said.

“My soul pet already knows that technique.” Chu Mu replied.

Ting Lan paused momentarily before realizing that Chu Mu hadn’t even let his Dream beast show its full powers.

“Young master, her words allowed me to think of a good suggestion for soul technique.” Old Li’s sound came.

“En?” Chu Mu waited for Old Li to elaborate.

“Realm techniques. Soul Master, you lost a soul, so against true experts you have a dire disadvantage on the battlefield. However, young master you also have places where you have an advantage, and that is in your soul remembrance level. From what I believe, there is almost no one who reached fifth remembrance soul master in second tier. If you have a realm technique, then you can cause the situation to fall in your favor. This way, competing in second tier would be easier for you.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu’s own level indeed was very high. If he couldn’t utilize this advantage, it would be a shame.

“Good thinking, let’s go check out realm techniques.” Chu Mu said.

Realm techniques were quite a rarity in soul techniques. Obtaining them were incredibly hard. In the beginning, Chu mu thought that, no matter how large soul palace was, they probably only have a couple realm techniques.

What Chu Mu was surprised to see was, in eighth level realm techniques, Soul Palace had gathered realm techniques from every single type possible!

“What type do your soul pets share the most in common? Just pick that one.” Ting Lan pointed at the different colored soul techniques and said.

Dark type realm technique was Night Thunder Dream Beast’s Managing Night. If Chu Mu learned it again, there wouldn’t be much meaning. As for other types, Chu Mu’s soul pets rarely overlapped. In the moment, Chu Mu didn’t know what to pick.

“What is this silver one?” Chu Mu glanced over, and saw a soul technique book with a dark silver glow to it and asked.

Ting Lan clearly walked around here often. With just a glance, she offered an explanation, “That’s the Other type realm technique. Other type had always been a strange type for our scholars. Its realm is also the strangest. This other type soul technique is only about 80% complete. Though the book contains the description of where the full soul technique was hidden, it was written in an ancient language, one decipherable only by well researched scholars.”

“Only 80%? Doesn’t that mean it can only be used to 30% of its potential? What is this called?” Chu Mu said with disappointment.

“Sharp Eye. It’s a very strange technique. Its exact effects are mysterious to even me, so I don’t recommend you learn this soul technique. Only one in a hundred soul pet trainers can even master other type soul techniques.” Ting Lan said. 

Just after Ting Lan spoke, Old Li’s voice came, “Young master, you can learn this Sharp Eye, and it actually suits you well.”

“You know the use of this Other type technique?” Chu Mu asked.

“En, this other type technique is almost useless to most soul pet trainers, because they can’t utilize its effect well. However, its different for you. You have the half devil techniques. Half devil’s Other Pupil synergizes with this technique perfectly!”

Half Devil’s Other Pupil Chu Mu remembered. It was the thing that increased his reaction speeds, causing everything in his vision to slow down greatly.

It basically equalled to increasing his own dodging abilities, because he could easily react and take measures before the opponent even finished their actions.

“This Sharp Eye’s effect is to sync such mental technique into the eyes of your soul pets, causing their judgement of opponents’ moves and reaction speeds to increase as well. If I’m not mistaken, with young master’s soul remembrance, your soul pets will all see a huge increase in dodging capabilities. Your nimbleness and reaction speeds on the entire battlefield will be greater than your opponents. This way, your overall coordination and arrangement of the battle will be more powerful than the opponent. As long as the Sharp Eye’s effect was still there, one could stand undefeated.

After Old Li explained, Chu Mu thought it interesting. If Chu Mu didn’t have the Other Pupil technique, then this Sharp Eye truly would be a completely useless technique. Now, however, it seemed to have been made just for him - nothing was more important than controlling the entire battleground’s flow.

“This Sharp Eye technique lasts only a minute. However, a minute is key to battles where the victor isn’t clear. Once utilized well, it could definitely change the tides of the battle. This realm technique is worth learning.” Old Li said.

One minute. If he were in disadvantage, then in the time of Sharp Eyes, his soul pets would have a very low chance of being hit, allowing them to adjust properly within the minute and alleviate the disadvantage.

If he were in an advantage, this one minute could cause his soul pets’ attacks to become especially powerful, because their sharp eyes could see through all opponents’ movements and crush them!

An eighth level offensive technique of course could create large amounts of destruction, and a defensive technique of course could save a soul pet in a time of danger, but none of that compared to controlling the shifts in the entire battlefield. What a fight needed was an overall victory; under the effects of this realm technique, he would be able to shift the tides of battles and claim that!

Though it was an eighth level Other type technique, this technique was even more precious to chu Mu than ninth level techniques! There was no reason not to learn it!

“I want this one.” Chu Mu smiled and pointed at the dark silver soul technique book.

“Did you not hear any of what I just said?” Ting Lan blinked and looked at Chu Mu again.

“I heard it all.” Chu mu nodded.

“Then why are you picking it still? This eighth level Other Type technique has an extremely low rating, and is indeed useless.” Ting Lan sid.

“Good and bad mean nothing to me. Only suitability is most important. It’s the same for soul pets.” Chu Mu said.

Ting Lan blanked as her beautiful eyes stared at the confident Chu Mu.

“No good or bad, only suitability matters, the same for soul pets?” Ting Lan mumbled as she echoed Chu Mu’s words.

Chu Mu nodded.

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