Book 2 Chapter 386 - New Eighth Rank Soul Technique (1)

Chapter 386: New Eighth Rank Soul Technique (1)

When Chu Mu arrived at his residence, he immediately saw a young man waiting there, playing with a round crystal in his palm. He clearly was waiting for someone.

“You’re Chu Chen?” when the young man saw Chu Mu walk over, a friendly smile rose on his face.

“Yes.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

“I’m Palace Lord Yu’s disciple, Shang Heng. I’m also a palace executor. He wants me to help you handle the matter.” said the young man called Shang Heng.

“Where is Palace Lord Yu right now?” asked Chu Mu.

“He has something else to do right now. I understand a bit about Shen Yicheng. What do you want to find Palace Lord Yu for?” asked Shen Yicheng.

“I found something out from a Luo Region Sect member. I want to discuss it with him.” said Chu Mu.

“You can tell me. The old man has already given me a rough explanation.” said Shang Heng.

Chu Mu nodded his head, and promptly gave an account of the information he obtained from Du Chang to Shang Heng. He wanted to see if Shang Heng could see what Shen Yicheng’s goal was.

“Luo Region Sect’s Jiang Zhi should just be a hired thug and we can probably ignore him. You can see this from Shen Yicheng sending people to talk to him instead of going himself. Moreover, Luo Region Sect’s Jiang Zhi is merely an average person. Nonetheless, Soul Alliance’s Feng Kun is a fellow that’s rather difficult to deal with and his strength is comparatively strong. Furthermore, if Shen Yicheng is having Soul Alliance people undertake a task for him, it should be for a particular reason.” Shang Heng quickly gave his analysis.

“Did you find that hidden expert’s descendents yet?” asked Chu Mu.

Shang Heng shook his head and said: “The other party has been very cautious; I don’t know if Shen Yicheng has found them either.”

“Then we can use Luo Region Sect’s Jiang Zhi to find them. At least when he makes a move, we can follow him in secret.” said Chu Mu.

“Yes, I was thinking just that, because I feel that Shen Yicheng cannot make a move himself. That fellow has always enjoyed hiding in the dark,” Shang Heng seemed to understand Shen Yicheng very well and he tossed the stone in his hand as he pondered awhile before continuing, “Since it’s like this, we should have someone get close to Jiang Zhi and further understand what he’s doing today. However, there doesn’t seem to be a Luo Sect Person we can trust.”

“Du Chang who I just mentioned came to pay a visit to one of his Luo Sect Region seniors. If we find him, we can use him to find Luo Region Sect’s Jiang Zhi.” Chu Mu had already thought of this, so he intentionally had Jia Jing bring Du Chang and Qin Meng Er to find the person they were looking for.

“Haha, so you already planned it all. Shen Yicheng would have never thought we would find a breakthrough in this matter because of a Luo Region Sect idiot.” laughed Shang Heng.

After Chu Mu and Shang Heng finished discussing, Shang Heng went to find other young experts. In order to deal with Shen Yicheng, the two of them were not enough. Moreover, before this, they still had to figure out how many young experts Shen Yicheng was mobilizing. 

After Shang Heng left, Chu Mu remembered that Jia Jing had just mentioned that Young Lady Ting Lan was in the middle palace’s Holy Library.

Chu Mu wanted to catch a Binding Wind Spirit for himself had felt that he had to make this matter clear to Young Lady Ting Lan to prevent there being some misunderstanding in the future.

“Young master, Holy Library is a place where Soul Palace puts their soul techniques. Once young master reaches the seventh rank title, you have a chance to pick a soul technique for free. This will prevent you from having to only rely on your body in a dangerous situation.” Old Li’s voice rang out.

Old Li’s words made Chu Mu remember that he did have such a privilege. The price of soul techniques was unreasonably high and Chu Mu was more willing to spend money on his soul pets that to add soul techniques for himself. Right now was an opportunity to obtain one for free, so i naturally was a good thing.

“Old Li, do you have any good suggestions?”asked Chu Mu.

No matter what level a soul pet trainer reached, his or her soul power would always be very limited because the soul power cost of summoning soul pets would increase as the soul pet’s strength rose. This resulted in an extreme scarcity of soul power for soul pet trainers.

Soul techniques would also consume an abnormal amount of soul power and according to Chu Mu’s estimates, at his current spirit master level, using one ninth rank soul technique would basically make it extremely difficult to substitute in a soul pet while the number of times an eighth rank technique could only be used was also very limited. Unless it was a crucial moment, he wouldn’t rashly use it.

Using soul techniques was relatively rare, but being in possession of more soul pets meant that there would be occasion when they would be extremely useful.

Chu Mu didn’t understand soul techniques very well and he felt that he had better have someone proficient like Old Li give a recommendation.

“Young Master, why don’t you go first. After you look at the soul techniques, I’ll give you an explanation and then you can pick yourself.” said Old LI.

Chu Mu nodded his head and walked towards Soul Palace middle palace’s Holy Library.

Middle palace’s Holy LIbrary was the icon of Soul Palace’s middle palace. This library constructed out of pure silver gave others a glorious feeling of preserving history. Standing under the silver holy radiance, an incorporeal feeling of holy culture would wash over one like an ocean wave causing one to easily lose himself amidst this ancient and historical sea of books shrine...

The security around middle palace’s Holy Library was extremely rigid, and wasn’t any inferior to that around Binding Wind Holy Palace’s Holy Region. When Chu Mu entered, he went through multiple identity checks before the holy guards actually let him in.

Stepping up the stairs and into the palace doors, a silver radiance washed over him. Chu Mu had always harbored an intense interest in places which contained vast amounts of soul pet information. Right now he was half part of Soul Palace, and Chu Mu felt had felt that he should come here when he had the chance and increase his abundance of knowledge. This way, he would truly reach an invincible position.

“The first palace pavilion contains books and can be read by anyone. The second palace pavilion’s books can only be read by one whose status has reached a certain rank…” said Old Li.

“Why does this classification still exist?” asked Chu Mu, confused.

“This is very natural. The world is boundless and without end. There exist numerous soul pets which are impossible to explain and those that are unknown to mankind. Even in this piece of land that we already know of, there exist several mysterious which haven’t been solved yet. For instance, in young master’s experience, where did Prisoner Island’s god come from? What about the origins of the bewildering world, Folding Skies, and the strongest creature there. What about the Heaven Boundary Monument’s existence, the southern end of Western Kingdom’s forbidden region, or the enormous bone drawing underneath the second grade’s ultimate honor… these mysteries, in truth, actually have documents which pertain to them, but an authoritative answer hasn’t been found yet for any of them. In order to prevent certain people from creating chaos with them, these books pertaining to the mysteries have all been classified.” explained Old Li.

“What level do I have to reach in order to look at them.” Old Li had only given a quick explanation, but it made Chu Mu feel a fervor in his heart.

When he was really young, Chu Mu had enjoyed lying on his dad’s leg and listening to stories about the continent’s unsolved mysteries. In the past, he had always believed that these stories were made up by Chu Tianmang in order to amuse him, but looking at it now, they could very well have been from Chu Tianmang’s own experience. Then, he turned them into children stories for Chu Mu to hear. If these were all true, then Chu Mu really wanted to learn everything about these mysterious places. He wanted to know whether even more mysterious soul pets lived in these mysterious places!

“Young master cannot look see them at your current level. You must be at the tenth rank before you have the qualifications to.” quickly, Old Li splashed him with a bucket of cold water and brought him back to reality.

In reality, Old Li had laid out those that had reached the peak strength while Chu Mu could only wander a bewildering world...

“What was the enormous bone drawing unde the second grade ultimate honor that you just mentioned?” asked Chu Mu.

“I already said that it was an unsolved mystery. If you were to ask me about the Heaven Boundary Monument, I wouldn’t be able to answer you either.” said Old Li testily. 

“What about Prison Island’s god.” Chu Mu specially mentioned.

Chu Mu remembered back when he had mentioned Prisoner Island, Old Li had unexpectedly changed the subject and seemed to be very uneasy.

“I don’t know, I don’t know. Young master shouldn’t waste time on this matter. Quickly go and find that woman, and then choose a soul technique book.” said Old Li, impatiently.

Chu Mu knew that forcibly question this old fellow wouldn’t result in any answer so he promptly began asking the palace disciples inside Holy Library Ting Lan was.

Upon walking next to the window, Chu Mu quickly found Ting Lan half-resting against the library couch. Her hands held a soul pet book, and she was meticulously studying it. 

Due to her being in a half-resting state, Ting Lan had dressed up in a rather fascinating manner. Her figure drew out the outline of a stunning and dainty woman underneath her beautiful and elegant clothes. Thus, one one could feel numerous gazes not focused on their own books...

“Ting Lan.” Chu Mu walked in front of Ting Lan and called out to her.

Ting Lan noticed Chu Mu and seemed to feel that engaging in a conversation like this was somewhat inappropriate. She put down her book and stood up. A warm smile rose on her face as she said: “Young Master Chu.”

“Ok. After I left your place today, a senior told me that the young soul pet was actually going to be released in the place it was captured, so there is still a big chance of capturing that soul pet…” said Ting Lan.

“Palace Lord Yu already told me.” said Chu Mu.

Ting Lan extended her hand and handed over a soul capture ring to Chu Mu. In a soft voice she said: “This is the soul capture ring that contains the eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit. Ting Lan, for the moment being, doesn’t have the chance to enter Binding Wind Holy Palace. I believe that Young Master Chu has a chance to enter the Binding Wind Palace. After you enter that place, could I trouble you to help me release the high stage eighth phase Binding Wind Spirit? Moreover, if you happen to find the young Binding Wind Spirit, Young Master Chu can sign a soul pact with it. I’m sure that Young Master Chu really needs a soul pet like this.”

"In truth back when I captured the Binding Wind Spirit, I wanted it for myself. Only, I didn’t understand Soul Palace’s rules.” Chu Mu truthfully told Ting Lan of his original intentions.

Ting Lan was stunned and for a while didn’t know how to respond...

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