Book 2 Chapter 385 - Luo Region Sect, Merchant Alliance, Soul Alliance

Chapter 385: Luo Region Sect, Merchant Alliance, Soul Alliance

Upon stepping into the very center of the city, it was forbidden to ride soul pets unless one’s status was extremely special. Therefore, when the five of them left the restaurant, they walked to Soul Palace.

En route, Qin Meng Er’s senior martial brother clearly did not treat Chu Mu and the others as experts, as he unceasingly flaunted his status while also expressing how powerful the Luo Region Sect experts were.

“This fellow called Du Chang is mentally handicapped. How I see it, his strength is nothing special. Perhaps even I can deal with him!” Chu Ning used soul remembrance to communicate with Chu Mu and Chu Xing. Both of them deeply agreed, as it was very evident that Qin Meng Er’s martial brother perpetually had an arrogant manner that looked down on others. In truth, this fellow didn’t hide anything, divulging everything. He was someone with no subtlety and as he spoke, the Chu Family brothers felt it was rather comical. 

“Sister Meng Er, how can your Luo Region Sect people be so…” Chu Ning used soul remembrance to say something to Meng Er.

“They… they aren’t all like this. It’s only this martial brother of mine that’s a bit snobbish. He enjoys bragging and we’re just used to him. In truth, our Luo Region Sect has many people that are enjoyable to be around. My other martial brother isn’t like this.” when Qin Meng Er responded, she communicated with the three Chu Family brothers. 

Du Chang’s talking didn’t stop the entire way to Soul Palace and held himself to be at the center of things. He carried an attitude of wanting Chu Mu and the two others who came from small places to revere him. Only, unfortunately, the three Chu Family brothers were sneering at him while also feeling that this fellow was rather lamentable. 

Soul Palace was on the southern side of the plaza, and it wasn’t long before the five of them arrived.

Outside Soul Palace were a total of 81 palace guards who were all wearing armor. They stood there unmoving like statues outside Soul Palace under the plaza's pillars.

In between the enormous and lofty silver pillars was a silver pathway and staircase that created a dignified and solemn atmosphere in front of Soul Palace.

“Soul Palace is indeed imposing. The composition of the front hall gives people a stunned feeling.” Chu Ning let out a sigh.

Chu Xing and Chu Ning had seen the Soul Palaces in several cities on their way here. However, compared to those Soul Palaces, it was Tianxia City’s Soul Palace that could be called truly majestic and divine. 

“I have an identity medallion. You guys can follow me.” Qin Meng Er’s martial brother, Du Chang, laughed and took out the medallion in his hands as he walked towards the palace guards wearing silver armor.

“This is an ally medallion. Only you can enter.” quickly, a palace guard’s ice cold voice rang out.

Du Chang completely did not expect something like this to occur. In their Luo Region Sect, as long as one had an ally medallion, one would be able to bring others into their Luo Region Sect. Yet, Soul Palace had a different set of rules.

Du Chang’s face was dark presently because he not only couldn’t bring the Chu Family brothers into Soul Palace, even Qin Meng Er had to wait on the outside.

Looking at his awkward expression, Chu Ning couldn’t help but laugh.

Just imagine! He had just been very egotistical and talked non-stop about himself on the way, praising himself to the heavens; yet, once he reached Soul Palace’s entrance, he got caught in an embarrassing situation...

Witnessing Du Chang making a fool of himself, Chu Mu was also between laughter and tears. He hadn’t even taught him a lesson when he had been so stupid as to teach himself a lesson. 

“Follow me in.” Chu Mu took out his identity medallion and flashed it at the palace guards.

Chu Mu knew that Chu Xing and Chu Ning were living elsewhere, and he wasn’t very reassured so his main purpose coming back this time was to arrange for them to stay in Soul palace. As for teaching Du Chang a lesson, it was merely something in passing.

“Ok, go ahead and enter.” that guard quickly let them pass.

The other four people’s gazes quickly fell on Chu Mu. Du Chang whose expression was one of anger was the first to ask: “You’re a Soul Palace member?”

Chu Mu nodded his head, but didn’t say anything as he brought the other four into Soul Palace’s front palace.

“What title rank are you? I remember that a fourth rank can enter the eating hall; so you should be a fourth rank title palace soldier, right?” Du Chang proceeded to ask.

Chu Mu felt that Qin Meng Er having such a martial brother was truly too lamentable. In front of these senseless disdainful questions, Chu Mu couldn’t even be bothered to respond as he continued to walk to the front palace.

Chu Mu ignoring him instantly made Du Chang feel uncomfortable in his heart. He sneered and said: “You know, I only just took out the wrong medallion.” 

“What second grade experts does Luo Region Sect have?” asked Chu Mu.

Whether Du Chang was even able to enter the third grade was something Chu Mu was suspicious of. He felt that Chu Xing and Chu Ning would be able to dispatch of such a character so speaking with him was simply a waste of time.

“We have many. My senior martial brother, Jiang Zhi, is a second grade expert. He’s an expert that has hope of obtaining the honor…” said Du Chang.

“You know Shen Yicheng, right. My senior martial brother, Jiang Zhi, has very good relations with Shen Yicheng. It’s to the point that they even call each other brothers. You just think of what sort of person Shen Yicheng is and you should be able to guess what sort of person my senior martial brother, Jiang Zhi, is.” Du Chang continued to speak.

“Oh, Shen Yicheng.” Chu Mu raised his brows. He didn’t think that Shen Yicheng’s network was so large that it even encompassed Luo Region Sect.

“Surprised, eh. Honestly speaking, I even saw Shen Yicheng these past few days send people over to look for my martial brother. It seems that he wants my senior brother to help with something.” Du Chang continued to speak.

“Help with what?’ Chu Mu was instantly interested because of what Palace Lord Yu had said before. Shen Yicheng was most recently plotting something and was moreover just about to take action. If Shen Yicheng intentionally wanted Luo Region Sect’s second grade expert to take action, then it very well had something to do with what Palace Lord Yu had mentioned.

“This… I can’t say anything about this. How can I randomly tell someone like you what these true experts want to do.” said Du Chang with a rare bit of intelligence.

“Shen Yicheng is a young expert who I admire. I also really want to enter his circle. Since you know about it, then why don’t you speak about their situation. I can help you find whatever senior you want to find; all you have to do is sit in the hall and rest. I’m more familiar with Soul Palace.” Chu Mu rapidly changed his attitude and began putting on an act.

Du Chang saw Chu Mu instantly change his attitude, and assumed it was because he had told him about his senior martial brother and Shen Yicheng. Thinking that this ignorant brat had finally realized his identity status and he wore a proud smile as he said: “This… in truth, them being experts at such a high level means that they won’t easily speak about their matters to others. However, my relationship with my senior martial brother, Jiang Zhi is extremely good. After senior martial brother, Jiang Zhi, finished speaking with Shen Yicheng’s people, he grumbled: “I hate having to deal with Soul Alliance people the most.”” 

“Soul Alliance?” Chu Mnu rubbed his chin. It seemed that this matter had to do with Soul Alliance.

If this matter implicated this many factions, then it wasn’t something normal. Chu Mu began to silently guess who on earth would be so important as to make Shen Yicheng gather so much manpower.

“I knew you would be surprised. That’s why I said that you shouldn’t think amazing just because you’re a Soul Palace person. My senior brother, Jiang Zhi, doesn’t even put Soul Alliance people in his eyes sometimes. Especially that Feng Kun person. I’m sure this time that Jiang Zhi definitely knew he would have to work with Feng Kun, so that’s why he was so upset. Do you know who Feng Kun is?” Du Chang continued to use that tone of voice as he spoke.

Chu Mu shook his head as he really did not know who Feng Kun was.

“How do you not even know who he is? Feng Kun is Soul Alliance’s second grade expert and is a very famous person in Tianxia City. In truth, from what I can see, his strength is similar to my martial brother’s; the only difference is that my martial brother doesn’t come to Tianxia City as often.” said Du Chang.

Chu Mu nodded his head. He never expected his casual teaching of a lesson ended up allowing him to understand more about Shen Yicheng’s intentions. This truly was something amusing. That being said, it was lucky that Qin Meng Er’s martial brother was so stupid even medicine couldn’t save him. Otherwise, it would have been very hard to glean anything.

“Young master, young master, you returned.” inside Soul Palace’s hall, Jia Qing was waiting. When she saw Chu Mu, she quickly ran over in an excited mood.

“Hmm, what’s the matter.” asked Chu Mu. Jia Qing unexpectedly was waiting here, meaning that someone had come looking for him.

“The helper Palace Lord Yu arranged is waiting for you.” said Jia Qing.

“Palace Lord Yu. You’re talking about Palace Lord Yu of the Seven Great Palace Lords?” interrupted Du Chang as his eyes grew wide. 

Chu Mu ignored Du Chang’s nonsense words. His eyes fell on Chu Xing and Chu Ning, and he said: “Big brother, third brother, I still have a matter to attend to. I’ll talk longer with you guys next time.”

“No worries. If you have something then go do it. We’ll just take a walk around Soul Palace… we can walk around Soul Palace, right?” this was the first time Chu Ning had entered Soul Palace which moreover happened to be Tianxia City’s Soul Palace. He had wanted to see this place for a while now.

Chu Xing didn’t say anything, but curiosity and yearning towards Soul Palace could be seen in his eyes. To many soul pet trainers, being able to enter Soul Palace was a supreme honor. Chu Ning and Chu Xing had never entered a true large faction before so getting a chance to finally do so made it hard for them to no be excited.

“No problem. Jia Jing, take my two brothers around Soul Palace and then arrange a courtyard for them to rest.” said Chu Mu.

“Ok. Would the two young masters please follow me.” said Jia Jing respectfully.

“Wait, didn’t you say you would find my senior for me?” Du Chang interrupted once more an a very untimely moment.

Chu Mu presently didn’t even have the heart to teach this fellow a lesson so he promptly said to Jia Qing: “He’s a Luo Region Sect person. He came here to pay a visit to a certain senior. Take him along with you.”

After speaking, Chu Mu didn’t stay any longer. What Du Chang had leaked just now was something Chu Mu felt he had to discuss with Palace Lord Yu to see if he could find any trails from it.

“Oh, young master, I nearly forgot. Young Lady Ting Lan came to find you again. She said that you must find her immediately once you returned. Oh, she’s in the middle palace’s Holy Library.” Jia Qing hastily said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded his head. He said goodbye to Chu Xing, Chu Ning, Qin Meng Er before walking towards the middle palace.

“Young Lady Ting Lan… could it be Soul Palace’s beautiful second grade peak expert, Ting Lan?” at this moment, Chu Ning asked a question somewhat astonished.

“That’s right.” Jia Qing blinked her eyes as she spoke.

After Du Chang heard this, he was stunned. After a while, he finally said: “Isn’t he a fourth rank spirit soldier? How does he have relations with her?”

“Who told you young master was a fourth rank spirit soldier? Hmph!” Jia Qing glared at Du Chang as she angrily spoke to him.

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