Book 2 Chapter 384 - Chu Clan Exile, Chu Tianqi

Chapter 384: Chu Clan Exile, Chu Tianqi

Inside the restaurant

After sitting down, Chu Xing and Chu Ning explained the situation in more detail to Chu Mu.

The family’s development was relatively stable and wasn’t hindered much. Everyone in the family was also doing well.

Knowing that the family was steadily growing, Chu Mu was slightly relieved. When Chu Mu was training outside, he was still the most worried about the clan situation. After all, the clan’s power was limited. If an outer expert interfered, it was easily collapsed.

At the time, choosing as the clan master to migrate further away was a wise plan by Chu Ming. This way, the clan’s strength could slowly grow, and they would no longer have any clan wide upheavals…...

“I’ve always been away, so I can’t easily care for clan situations. Big brother, third brother, the family will have to rely on you guys.” Chu Mu said.

It wasn’t that Chu Mu was leaving the clan on its own without care, but that Chu Mu had his own hidden worries. Once they affect the clan, it would cause lethal damage to the clan, so Chu Xing and Chu Ning would have to shoulder the responsibility.

Chu Xing and Chu Ning naturally understood and nodded, “Oh, and when we left, grandfather told us something: he told us to find him and bring him back.”

“Who?” Chu Mu asked.

“Do you still remember that when we were little we always asked why we’ve never seen third uncle?” Chu Ning said.

“En, what, didn’t he leave in the early years?” Chu Mu nodded.

Chu Mu’s father Chu Tianmang was Chu Ming’s fourth son, and above him was a third son, named Chu Tianqi. Almost no one of the third generation has seen him and, when elders were asked, they all said he lost his life unfortunately when training in the wilderness.

Chu Mu had never minded this event, so Chu Mu was secretly wondering why Chu Xing and Chu Ning had suddenly brought this up.

“Third uncle Chu Tianqi actually left the clan very early on to train. Based off grandfather, when fourth uncle Chu Tiancheng hadn’t truly gotten powerful, third uncle Chu Tianqi was already becoming well known in the world. Third uncle Chu Tianqi and grandfather’s personalities clashed, and because of an event that angered grandfather, they had a dispute and wasn’t willing to come back to the clan for years. Many years later, when third uncle Chu Tianqi returned to the clan, he was already very powerful……” Chu Xing said darkly.

“This happened?” Chu Mu actually didn’t know his clan’s third uncle never died.

“En, after third uncle came back, he was even more arrogant. This point, third uncle was already more powerful than grandfather, so grandfather had no means to deal with him anymore. Not long after, your father returned from outside as well. Since he was very dissatisfied with third uncle Chu Tianqi’s attitude, they had an conflict. Since your father was a little more powerful than third uncle, third uncle was defeated by fourth uncle and left directly. Thereon after, there has been no news of him…..” Chu Xing continued.

Chu Mu has not stayed in Chu Clan for too short of a time, but he had never heard of that. Chu Tianmang was crowned as the top five of that generation. If third uncle Chu Tianqi could feasibly challenge his father, then his strength must have been great as well. 

“Third uncle Chu Tianqi had always made grandfather angry. Later, grandfather was scared others would make him sad when mentioning third uncle, so he always said third uncle died, and didn’t let the other uncles talk about third uncle either. When it got to us, the story was already one of him passing away.

“This many years has passed and grandfather has always been very worried for third uncle and now wants to know his situation……”

Chu Xing, getting here, also let out a small sigh and looked at Chu Mu before continuing, “Before, grandfather could still hide these emotions, but he’s now slowly growing old. Many times, when he sits alone, he is thinking of third uncle too. Others actually really wish third uncle could go back to the clan. After all, they’re father and son.”

Hearing Chu Xing say this, Chu Mu felt his heart hurt a little. No wonder Chu Ming always seemed to have something on his mind whenever Chu Mu went to see him. It turned out it was because of his mysterious third uncle Chu Tianqi.

Chu Mu knew that his father Chu Tianmang was ultimately still adopted. Though Chu Ming treated him as a true son, blood relations just weren’t the same. Hearing Chu Xing say this, he knew that third uncle Chu Tianqi was definitely most favored by Chu Ming, and the one he had the highest hopes for, so to have it end this way was…...

Feelings is a thing that could be hidden for ten years, twenty years, but it couldn’t be hidden for an entire life. As Chu Ming slowly aged, if he walked to the end of his life without fixing this regret, he would die with regret.

“Grandfather previously didn’t want to migrate even when the clan was falling, also partially because he wanted to wait for third uncle to come back. Now that the family migrated away, grandfather was most worried about that. When we left, grandfather specially instructed us so……”

“Grandfather said this to us, “If one day we can see third uncle, just tell him where grandfather’s tomb is, so when he isn’t busy anymore, he could at least come over and stamp on it a couple of times.” Chu Xing’s voice became very downcast.

“Then do you have any of his information?” Chu Mu asked.

In the midst of so many people, finding one person was too hard. Unless Chu Tianqi was already already a very famous soul pet trainer, finding him would be tough.

“My father had always helped grandfather find news of third uncle. Unclear sources have said third uncle is in Tianxia City likely under an alias. If he has an alias, finding him will be very tough.

“You are now slowly on your way towards the realm of experts. Uncle said that third uncle is probably a powerful expert within soul pet realm. Us two are limited in power, so we can’t reach true experts. This we will have to rely on you. If you can send the message to third uncle, Grandfather would no longer have any regrets.” Chu Ning said.

Chu Mu nodded. Such thing Chu Mu couldn’t possibly avoid. After all, Chu Ming had always treated Chu Mu very well, so how could he let him stay with this regret?

“Excuse me, is it the Chu Xing and Chu Ning brothers?” At this time, a female voice slowly came in from outside.

Chu Xing and Chu Ning looked at each other. The three were in a foreign environment, so they didn’t bother to intentionally hide their conversation. It wasn’t too uncommon for someone outside the paper screens to hear them.

“I think it’s Meng’er sister?” Chu Ning discerned Qing Meng’er’s voice.

Chu Xing nodded and gestured for the servant girl to push open the screens.

Pushing aside the screens, they revealed indeed Qing Meng’er standing there prettily, her big eyes watching the Chu family trio of brothers.

“Can…...can I come in?” Qing Meng’er said quietly.

“Oh, of course.” Chu Xing nodded.

Qing Meng’er carefully walked in and lowered her head. After a while did she say apologetically, “I’m truly sorry for what happened. I embarassed two brothers. That was my senior male apprentice, so I can’t disobey him……”

“Not a big deal, we’ve gotten used to it.” Chu Ning said nonchalantly.

Chu Xing and Chu Ning was no longer the type to be impatient, so how would they truly care about such matters. They could guess that Qing Meng’er had her own problems too.

Seeing Chu Xing and Chu Ning not care, Qing Meng’er smiled. She really was worried that her two big brothers would think of her as a gold-digger.

“This is?” Qing Meng’er quickly took note of Chu Mu, who sat between Chu Xing and Chu Ning.

“Oh, this is our third uncle’s son Chu Chen. You probably haven’t seen him. Actually, we already haven’t seen him in nearly ten years. We didn’t think we would meet him here, haha.” Chu Xing very astutely rattled off Chu Mu’s identity.

“Yeah, yeah” Chu Ning immediately nodded, playing along with Chu Xing.

Chu Mu smiled and nodded. When Qing Meng’er came in, Chu Mu used his remembrance to tell the two brothers to do so.

“Meng’er? Meng’er? At this point, the young Luo Region Sect man’s voice came in.

Qing Meng’er showed an expression of disgust and helplessness and said apologetically again, “Three brothers please leave a contact method with me. Once I have the opportunity, I’ll look for you again. I still need to go with my elder disciple to see an elder of Luo Region Sect.”

“Turns out you’re here……” Very quickly, Qing Meng’er’s elder disciple walked in. Seeing Qing Meng’er talking with the two people from before, he showed a brief moment of confusion, wondering how they got into the restaurant.

“It’s you, you guys are my sister disciple’s hometown friends, right.” Qing Meng’er’s elder disciple said indifferently as he greeted.

Though Qing Meng’er’s elder disciple didn’t intentionally bad mouth them, the belittlement and disdain in his eyes were evident. This world never lacked people who didn’t know how to respect others, or people who didn’t know how to hide their emotions. This elder disciple of Qing Meng’er clearly was both, having a look of disgust naturally.

Chu Xing and Chu Ning both wanted to spit on his face, but clearly they couldn’t show it, only able to laugh fakely.

Chu Mu naturally could tell that Chu Xing and Chu Ning didn’t like this person much, so he started laughing coldly in his mind.

“You guys are going to soul palace? Perfect, we need to go too, let’s go together.” Chu Mu stood up and told Qing Meng’er.

“Ah? We need to go to soul palace?” Chu Ning asked questioningly.

Chu Mu immediately gave him a look and Chu Ning reacted quickly, changing to, “Of course, we need to go to soul palace. Drinking almost made me forget. This friend of yours wouldn’t mind us going together, right?”

“Why would we mind? We can enter freely into Soul Palace , so bringing you in won’t be a large problem.”

Qing Menger’s elder disciple laughed and said.

Chu Ning and Chu Xing both stood up and didn’t say much. They both knew that Chu Mu was a third tier top tier expert. Characters from Luo Region Sect definitely don’t fall into consideration for Chu Mu. Beforehand, both of them were sick of biding their time. This time, they want to see how Chu Mu teaches the person the meaning of respect and let them get their satisfaction.

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