Book 2 Chapter 382 - Marketplace, Encountering Old Friends

Chapter 382: Marketplace, Encountering Old Friends

“Shen Yicheng has been using his network of connections to search for a concealed expert backer for the last period of time. My subordinates have intercepted a bit of information, and in about five days, he will take action. This concealed expert backer is rather special. Although I temporarily do not know what Shen Yicheng’s goal is, there’s no need to let him succeed.” said Palace Lord Yu.

“Is there anything special about this person?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yes. He is a rather key person and in truth, I hope Young Master Chu would be able to provide a bit of protection at the appropriate time, because if this person can be used for our Soul Palace, it will be an extremely great matter. Moreover, even if this person doesn’t willingly enter our Soul Palace, we at least must prevent him from entering the enemy’s faction, otherwise it will bring us great trouble.” said Palace Lord Yu.

“A single person unexpectedly having such influence. Could it be that he some extremely strong soul pet on hand?” asked Chu Mu, shocked.

Palace Lord Yu shook his head: “As the situation progresses, I’ll slowly explain it to Young Master Chu. After all, Young Master Chu presently doesn’t understand the various undercurrents between the factions.”

“Ok, when the situation comes, get someone to inform me. I’ll be inside the city in the upcoming days.” said Chu Mu. Disputes were something Chu Mu wasn’t willing to understand too deeply.

“I’ll send a young generation expert to aid Young Master Chu. Furthermore, when Young Master Chu takes action, there will be an expert following you in the dark. At crucial moments they will take action.” said Palace Lord Yu.

Chu Mu nodded his head. Palace Lord Yu’s actions were reasonable, and at least would guarantee his safety. Even if Xia Guanghan came over to kill, he wouldn’t have to worry, and he could put his all into the fight.

“In the future if there’s something that comes up, the person helping young master will tell you for me. Young Master Chu can prepare for the child Binding Wind Spirit matter first. When you enter the Binding Wind Palace, that expert protecting young master in the dark will accompany you there.” said Palace Lord Yu.

“Thank you Palace Lord Yu.” Chu Mu cupped his hands and lead Palace Lord Yu out.


Binding Wind Holy Region would require a period of time before it opened again so Chu Mu could use this opportunity to raise his soul pets’ phases and stages. This way, the next time he entered Binding Wind Holy Region, he would have even greater assurance.

After negotiating with Palace Lord Yu, Chu Mu went to Hunting Association to complete the Ancient Wind Fairy mission.

Upon entering Hunting Association, Chu Mu went and sought the young lady, Xiao Qin. When Xiao Qin saw Chu Mu come, a smile broke out on her face and she looked very excited.

“Young master has already finished the mission?” Xiao Qin saw Chu Mu hand his soul capture ring over to her, an astonished expression appeared on her face.

Xiao Qin had believed that since Chu Mu hadn’t appeared for so long, the difficulty of the mission was too high, and he could have already given up. She didn’t believe that he had actually finished the eighth rank mission.

Chu Mu wasn’t interested in seeing his employer, and had Xiao Qin complete the transaction. He then quickly obtained a spatial ring with 100 million in it.

“I heard that Young Master Chu defeated Luo Peng in a dual control situation. Young Master Chu is truly formidable as Luo Peng isn’t even your opponent.” Xiao Qin had a face of adoration as she spoke to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu spoke a few simple sentences with Xiao Qin before getting rid of the soul cores, soul crystals, crystal rocks and other materials he obtained in the past three months.

These objects weren’t worth much on their own, but Chu Mu’s spatial ring contained a long of them, so getting rid of them netted a whole 50 million.

He had previously spent 35 million buying the Fairy Ice Flower and upon leaving Hunting Association, he bought 50 millions worth of eighth and seventh level medicine from the stores en route. Chu Mu presently had 210 million left over of capital.

After his soul pets were strengthened, they would pretty much all reach the eighth phase. When that time came, Chu Mu would have to buy eighth level soul cores, so 10 million would have to be allocated to buying food. The remaining capital was 200 million.

Right now, only Zhan Ye, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and the Ghost King had yet to reach the eighth phase. The price of spirit items needed to help them evolve was about 50 million each, so he would have to spend 150 million.

Chu Mu planned on using the remaining 50 million to buy a seventh level soul armor for Zhan Ye, raising its defense.

The longer Zhan Ye’s fights were, the stronger he was. A full form offensive soul armor was something Chu Mu had thought of, but according to his estimates, its price was probably extremely high...

Of course, if he had enough capital, he would buy an eighth level soul armor. Zhan Ye’s fighting strength would reach the middle class monarch rank. Thus, once Zhan Ye’s unceasing Brave Stinging Heart increased its strength, Zhan Ye’s strength would be rather astonishing.

An eighth level soul armor seemed to cost 400 or 500 million, while a soul claw cost about 700 or 800 million. This was a price that would make one’s blood run cold!

Soul equipment was uncommon on Soul Palace’s transaction list. Chu Mu ultimately could only go to Merchant Alliance’s exchange to look for one. 

Merchant Alliance’s exchange connected the business exchanges of several high ranking cities. They had the most complete and largest amount of goods in the world and their exchange was a pure gold exchange.

A majority of soul pet trainers had their own factions they belonged to, but when they wanted to try and make money, they would primarily go to an exchange. The exchange system here was much better than other authoritative factions and these other factions would also normally appraise the items in their reserves according to the goods on this exchange before slightly inflating them.

“Tianxia City’s exchange money is indeed astonishing. In those other cities, the moment a sixth level or above soul equipment appears, it needs to enter the auction environment. Yet, here, you can directly mark a price of 50 million. There seems to be an endless supply.” Chu Mu looked at the upper quality items on the list in the exchange hall and couldn’t help but let out a rueful sigh.

Chu Mu, back in Gangluo City, an eighth rank city, a sixth level soul armor was capable of making the various large families fight until they bled. Yet, in Tianxia City, a seventh level soul armor was incapable of making it into the auction environment and was sold according to direct standards.

Moreover, an eighth level soul equipment would also be sold on the exchange. This made Chu Mu feel that as long as one had enough money in Tianxia City, there would be nothing he couldn’t buy that he wanted to.

Chu Mu didn’t think any longer, and he promptly spent 50 million to purchase the seventh level soul equipment.

Chu Mu didn’t plan on buying any items on the exchange as the price was rather similar to buying from Soul Palace and Chu Mu had to complete the eighth rank condition of spending 400 million.

After taking the soul equipment, Chu Mu didn’t linger too long in the exchange hall and planned on returning to Soul Palace.

The moment he walked to the exit of the hall, a rather familiar woman suddenly entered his field of view and Chu Mu came to a brief halt, examining her.

“Meng Er, those two people from before looked very ordinary, how did you recognize them?” asked the young man beside the woman.

“They are in the same city as me. Afterwards, I heard their family moved elsewhere. I feel a bit astonished to meet them in Tianxia City.” said the woman named Meng Er.

Chu Mu’s eyes fell on the woman called Meng Er, and his face revealed a shocked expression. This happened to be Gangluo City Qin Family’s Qin Meng Er! 

Chu Mu remembered that she belonged to Luo Region Sect whose location was close to Elemental Sect. Could it be that Qin Meng Er had come to participate in this Battle of the Realm?

“It’s that eighth rank city in our Luo Region? I did say that they didn’t look like any expert. They merely come from a small family…” laughed the young man.

The young man’s words made Qin Meng Er knit her brows. She herself had come from Gangluo City, as well as from a small family. These words were equivalent to mocking her so how would she feel comfortable listening to this.

The young man quickly realized he had misspoken and hastily laughed in apology as he explained: “I’m not talking about you. You’re presently our Luo Region Sect’s third grade expert and are different from before…” 

Chu Mu’s present identity was extremely sensitiv,e and he had planned on saying hi to her in private. However, when he heard her talk with the young man, Chu Mu quickly wondered if it was his two brothers that were in Tianxia City!

“Where did you meet the two people you just mentioned?” Chu Mu quickly walked up and asked.

Qin Meng Er sized up Chu Mu and her facial expression was a bit strange. After a while, she said: “They were in the plaza. If you walk out, you should be able to see them.”

    “哦,谢谢。”楚暮点了点头,也没有多说什么,直接走出了大厅。“Oh, thank you.” Chu Mu nodded his head and didn’t say anything further as he walked out of the hall.

After Chu Mu left, Qin Meng Er stared at Chu Mu’s departing figure. For some reason, she felt that this man looked a bit familiar and seemed extremely alike to a person...

Qin Meng Er not recognizing Chu Mu wasn’t strange.Chu Mu had asked Old Li for a long period of time now to specially change his facial features in a form of gradual change.

This facial feature change was one of Old Li’s expert complexion illusion techniques. When familiar people saw Chu Mu’s facial features, they wouldn’t notice that his face was undergoing minute changes as it gradually changed. For instance, Palace Lord Yu and the Ye Family siblings would still be able to recognize Chu Mu when they saw him.

However, those that hadn't seen Chu Mu for a long time would feel like Chu Mu was very unfamiliar.

Chu Mu had done so in order to prevent Xia Guanghan from discovering him. This way, he would be able to hide in the dark and slowly probe out Xia Guanghan information. When the time was right, he would get rid of this danger.

Furthermore, Princess Jin Rou was an uncertain factor to Chu Mu. Presumably Princess Jin Rou had probably already reached Tianxia City. She knew his double identity. It was unclear if she had continued to guard his secret because she wanted to maintain the friendly relationship, or if Liu Binglan’s pressure had forced her from making any rash moves. Chu Mu couldn’t be clear of this at the moment.

Nonetheless, no matter which one it was, being careful was never a bad thing and presently, Chu Mu had to be careful and cautious.

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