Book 2 Chapter 381 - Another Chance at Capturing a Child Binding Wind Spirit

Chapter 381: Another Chance at Capturing a Child Binding Wind Spirit

Chu Mu didn’t want others to wait for him, and the noise the Ice Air Fairy made meant that he had finished the soul pet strengthening.

Jia Jing opened the door while Ting Lan and another woman with a neutral form of dress walked in.

A warm smile hung on Ting Lan’s face and with concern, she said to Chu Mu: “Young Master Chu should rest for a few more days. Rushing into cultivation like this makes it easy for you to harm your body.” Chu Mu nodded his head. He thought of the Binding Wind Spirit matters and promptly asked: “What happened to those two Binding Wind Spirits?”

The short haired woman to the side glanced at Chu Mu and silently muttered: “How does this fellow not understand the situation. Ting Lan is in the middle of warmly greeting you, yet the first thing you do is change the topic to soul pets…”

“The child Binding Wing Spirit was taken away by the holy guards. When the Binding Wind Holy Region opens again, they will let it go, so…” quietly said Ting Lan.

It ended up like this. Chu Mu began to bitterly laugh.

Chu Mu had previously wondered whether Soul Palace, with its such stringent regulations, would only allow the capture of the soul pet inside the determined soul capture ring. As for the child Binding Wind Fairy brought back by the Night Thunder Dream Beast, they had to let it go... 

“There was no discussion?” asked Chu Mu. Indeed, he had experienced a situation of life and death to obtain that soul pet, so how could it just be released just by saying it.

Ting Lan shook her head and explained: “The rules must be complied with…”

“Ai, I thought you were a charming handsome brother. It turns out you’re this boring. You guys can chat then.” the neutrally dressed woman to the side was full of boredom and after speaking, before she had even said hello, walked out of the door.

When this woman left, she didn’t forget to bring out Chu Mu’s servant girl, Jia Jing, out with her in a very tactful move. 

“Sai Ren doesn’t really conform to etiquette. She really didn’t have any ill intentions. Please don’t mind it Young Master Chu.” Ting Lan apologetically laughed.

Chu Mu naturally wouldn’t care about that woman. What he cared about was the child Binding Wind Spirit that was about to be released. There would be an extremely low chance of signing a soul pact with the eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit in the soul capture ring. On the other hand, the child Binding Wind Spirit worth a few 100 millions was going to be released; this made Chu Mu’s heart ache!

Ting Lan saw Chu Mu’s dispirited appearance and for a moment, didn’t know what to say to Chu Mu.

After a moment of silence, Ting Lan lightly pursed her vermillion lips and hesitated a bit before saying: “Thank you very much Young Master Chu for this time. If it wasn’t because Young Master Chu had risked your life to save me, Ting Lan wouldn’t have been able to return alive. Further, despite injury, Young Master Chu didn’t forget to help Ting Lan collect the Binding Wind Fairy into the soul pet space; although there was a slight mishap, Ting Lan is still very grateful. Ting Lan originally wanted to gift the Child Binding Wind Spirit if it hadn’t been released to Young Master Chu as a small form of thanks. Unfortunately, Soul Palace’s regulations cannot be changed and it must be released… however, no matter what, Young Master Chu’s life saving favor will be engraved into my memory. In a few days, Ting Lan will deliver a small gift and I hope Young Master Chu will accept it. After all, Young Master Chu suffered an injury with me, and if Young Master Chu doesn’t accept it, Ting Lan’s heart will be unstable.” 

Ting Lan’s words seemed to have been prepared for a long while and after she finished speaking, Chu Mu didn’t know how to respond because this beautiful and gentle woman seemed to be slightly mistaken about something of his… 

“Then Ting Lan won’t disturb Young Master Chu’s rest.” Ting Lan felt that Chu Mu was a bit tired and knew that it wasn’t convenient for her to stay here too long. She slowly stood up, bowed, then left Chu Mu’s room and closed the door behind her.

After she left, Chu Mu shook his head in slight embarrassment and he muttered to himself: “If accompaniers weren’t allowed to appropriate soul pets for themselves, I wouldn’t have taken that risk to capture the Binding Wind Spirit.”

Chu Mu and Li Hen had both entered Binding Wind Holy Region with accompanier statuses. Only Ting Lan had the opportunity to capture a soul pet, and no matter whose hands the ring ended up in, the soul pet inside the ring would belong to Ting Lan.

Chu Mu hadn’t been aware of this issue, but Ting Lan thought that when Chu Mu had entered the Binding Wind Holy Region he had been clear about this matter.

Therefore, when the old spirit teacher had said that Chu Mu had not only saved her, but also taken a risk to capture the two Binding Wind Spirits, Ting Lan’s first reaction was: this man selflessly helped her.

They were both bruised with injuries, but after Ting Lan heard that he didn’t forget to help her by capturing the Binding Wind Spirit, she had been moved by Chu Mu’s actions. As such, she tried to visit many times to give her thanks to him in person...

If Ting Lan had known that Chu Mu hadn’t been thinking of her originally, it was unknown what impression she would have of him...

Not long after Ting Lan left, Chu Mu planned on heading towards Hunting Association to hand over his other reward, but just after he stepped out the door, he saw a man filled with majesty and grandeur walk over. It happened to be the seventh palace’s Palace Lord Yu!

“Young Master Chu truly is someone who doesn’t know peace.” when Palace Lord Yu saw Chu Mu exit, a simple smile rose on his serious face as he spoke.

Palace Lord Yu had seen Chu Mu being pursued to the death by Duan Xinhe, Chu Mu returning heavily injured from the Ancient Wasteland, and now Chu Mu being heavily injured again upon returning from Binding Wind Holy Region...

Palace Lord Yu didn’t know how to describe this young man who was hard to understand using conventional means. Fortunately, her ladyship, Liu Binglan, wasn’t in Soul Palace, because if Chu Mu was going to frequently return heavily injured, as a mother, wouldn’t Liu Binglan be heartbroken with worry...

Chu Mu understood the meaning in Palace Lord Yu’s words and cracked a smile. He had already become insensitive to walking on the edge of death, so heavy injuries could be considered a common occurence to him.

“Young Master Chu is also someone who cares for others as upon realizing that Young Lady Ting Lan had taken a risk to obtain that Binding Wind Spirit, you took back two Binding Wind Spirits with you…” Palace Lord Yu didn’t ask about Chu Mu’s injuries and merely laughed as he spoke.

Chu Mu blushed with shame. Why was everyone crowning him with a hat of honor and glory? Saving Ting Lan was only because he had confidence that he decided to take action...

“Capturing the Binding Wind Spirit was honestly because I wanted it. My soul pet formation lacks a wind type soul pet and after I saw the Binding Wind Spirit’s fighting strength, I felt it was rather suitable. At that time, I didn’t realize accompaniers couldn’t capture soul pets.” in front of Palace Lord Yu, Chu Mu didn’t hide anything as he spoke.

Palace Lord was stunned upon hearing this, then he began to openly laugh. Palace Lord Yu wasn’t only laughing because of the misunderstanding, but also because Chu Mu had unexpectedly spoken to frankly. He suddenly felt that this Young Master Chu was top quality person. If it was someone else, he would have continued allowing this misunderstanding of his ‘heroic’ that was capable of gaining Ting Lan’s affection. 

“No matter what, Young Master Chu still saved Ting Lan’s life. Ting Lan is a woman in our Soul Palace that can be considered near the princess level. In the future, this will be of definite help to you. Anyways, there’s actually no reason for Young Master Chu to feel unfortunate that the child Binding Wind Spirit was released. As long as Ting Lan is willing to let go of this Binding Wind Spirit, Young Master Chu will also be able to obtain it.” said Palace Lord Yu.

“Soul Palace’s rules must be strictly adhered to. There will be no exceptions to the rules. The child Binding Wind Spirit is going to be released so what can I do about it?” said Chu Mu.

“In truth, our Soul Palace isn’t that old-fashioned. Such situations have occured in the past and Holy Guards know that child pets are painstakingly obtained by soul pet trainers. Therefore, releasing the soul pet like that makes Soul Palace seem excessively cold-hearted. As such, normally when these situations arise, the Holy Guard association will release the child Binding Wind Spirit in the place it was originally captured. Young Master Chu presently has a seventh rank status and has one opportunity to enter the Binding Wind Holy Region and capture it. If Chu Mu enters that place and finds the original location, the chances of recapturing the child Binding Wind Spirit are extremely high.” said Palace Lord Yu.

Chu Mu’s eyes lit up. It turned out Soul Palace still had this kind of rule. If not for Palace Lord Yu saying so, Chu Mu wouldn’t have thought of it. No matter how he put it now, it turned out he actually had hope of obtaining that child Binding Wind Spirit.

“Thank you for Palace Lord Yu informing me.” Chu Mu cupped his hands as he spoke.

“No need, if I didn’t tell you of this, those old fellows would secretly tell their members. Nonetheless, me coming here is also to negotiate another matter with Young Master Chu.” Palace Lord Yu finally got to his main point.

“Oh?” Chu Mu raised his brows. Palace Lord Yu was an influential person in Soul Palace so there shouldn’t have been something he could have been able to negotiate with.

“Young Master Chu understands the particulars of my son, Yu Tiao. Yu Jia was nothing more than a chess piece and in fact, behind him was someone else pulling the strings…” promptly, Palace Lord Yu gave Chu Mu a rought account of some young generation members deliberately using some forceful methods to stir up havoc.

In between the various factions, Chu Mu didn’t pay very much to the disputes and didn’t have an interest in getting involved in these. However, Palace Lord Yu mentioning this made him very wary of this as it happened to be the person behind laying the fox species spirit item trap...

Shen Yicheng was a Merchant Alliance young expert and the fox species spirit item trap appearing indicated that this young man was colluding with Xia Guanghan.

Xia Guanghan was a great hidden danger to Chu Mu. Taking advantage of Xia Guanghan continuing to not spill Mo Xie’s secret, nonetheless, Chu Mu had to get rid of him first, as he couldn’t wait like this for death.

“I haven’t known Young Master Chu for long, but I can see that Young Master Chu has certain methods, has courage and is a person who can maintain calm. After deliberation, I feel that only Young Master Chu is qualified. In reality, I feel that this matter is ultimately important. The moment this matter develops, it could potentially affect the entirety of Soul Palace. We must put an end to it early. It’s very hard for me to interfere with the matters of the young generation so I hope that Young Master Chu can help me.” said Palace Lord Yu.

“Who is Shen Yicheng?” asked Chu Mu.

“Merchant Alliance’s second grade expert. He seems honest, but in reality is sinister and treacherous; he has colluded with the exuberant schemers of the various factions. Right now there’s no need for Young Master Chu to directly face him. Only, it’s the time to start restraining him.

Doesn’t Young Master Chu want to raise his title rank fast? You understand the rigidness of the system, so you know that I cannot baselessly increase your title. If Young Master Chu helps me this time, I can mention your name to the elders to ensure you gain contribution towards Soul Palace. In this way, reaching the eighth rank title will be easier.” said Palace Lord Yu.

With Palace Lord Yu as a backing, Chu Mu could be extremely reassured as he probed the truth of Xia Guanghan. Therefore, Chu Mu planned on accepting the matter while Palace Lord Yu could also raise his rank, so this made Chu Mu tempted.

He had to reach the ninth rank title in order to enter the Sacred Holy Region and that title was something Chu Mu was striving towards. These two things were perfect, so Chu Mu didn’t have any reason to decline.

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