Book 2 Chapter 380 - Advanced Towering Ice, Eighth phase Ning

Chapter 380: 

Inside the Soul Palace inner palace.

“Palace Master Yu, the person selling fox species soul items in all great regions that you told this subordinate to find has been found. This young man is called Shen Yicheng, a very strategic and good salesman of Merchant Alliance and is himself a second tier expert. This Shen Yicheng, through Merchant’s Alliance’s marketing, bought a large amount of fox species soul items and threw them to each great region to sell. Once someone was willing to buy it, he would intentionally delay. Such a phenomenon appeared in all the major regions, but because the trades always inevitably went through, no reports could be made.” A soul palace member half kneeled in front of Palace Master Yu and spoke narratively.

“Have you found where this person has been?” Palace Master Yu asked.

“We searched. This time period he indeed appeared in Zhanli World. However, whether he entered Coloured Sky City, this subordinate could not be sure of. This person is very careful in his movement, and everything seems honest and true. Even this fox type soul item event doesn’t have any apparent flaws.” The soul palace member said.

Palace Master Yu furrowed his brows. The reason he wanted to figure out the issue with fox species soul item wasn’t only because of Chu Mu. In reality, Palace Master Yu had always been looking into something more important: who commanded for the death of his own son Yu Tiao.

When Palace Master Yu  reached Li City, he could already tell that Yu He was just a small character. Behind Yu He was definitely another mastermind that wanted to incite conflict between Elemental Sect and Soul Palace through killing Yu Tiao. With Palace Master Yu ’s own methods, he had already slowly found Merchant Alliance’s Shen Yichen.

“Palace Master Yu , there are quite a few eager fellows in the other factions. They know their own actions could easily be detected by us, and once detected they cannot escape easily, so they give many of their things to young generation members to do. They can both reach their goal and hide behind their backs. If anything is revealed, they can push it to just the struggles between young generation, while they themselves escape all blame. Younger generations have never been heavily restricted by the big factions in terms of fighting, killing, and using plots. As long as they have some strategy, they could stay safe. In this subordinate’s opinion, this Shen Yichen should have another even larger mastermind behind him.” The soul palace member analyzed.

Of course Palace Master Yu  knew that a young generation Shen Yichen couldn’t play tricks that could provoke conflict between two major factions. Though Palace Master Yu  wasn’t sure of the person behind all of this, he could more or less narrow it down to a select few greedy people.

However, everyone had very high status right now. Without absolute evidence, he couldn’t possibly take them down.

Even though Shen Yichen was a major suspect, Palace Master Yu  couldn’t use his powers to deal with him. After all, they’re young generation.

It was like a battle; if Palace Master Yu  revealed his hand too early and the opponent was still hiding, he would most likely lose in the next round…...

As a palace master, not being patient would be his greatest defeat. Palace Master Yu  needed to continue to send people in secretly to gather information. Once he completely understands the situation, he’ll make the next step and finally defeat the opponent.

Since the opponent was playing the young generation card, Palace Master Yu  clearly had to use the same way to deal with it. So, the best plan right now is to use a young generation expert that can match against Shen Yichen!

Palace Master Yu  rubbed his chin. Shen Yichen was a very hard to deal with character from Merchant Alliance. Though Palace Master Yu  had many talented people under his name, truly finding one with the methods to deal with Shen Yichen was quite difficult.

“Where has eighth young master gone recently?” Palace Master Yu  asked.

“Eighth young master I think went training anonymously, and is currently unfound.” Soul palace member said.

“How about Sai Ren? Though she’s female, she has considerable wit and talent.”

Palace Master Yu  shook his head, “She’s missing a sharpness in intent.”

“Li heng’s disciple Li Zhan? This person, whether strength or strategy, all are above his age. He has Li Heng’s influence. He should be able to take over this job.

Palace Master Yu  thought for a bit longer before finally shaking his head, “He seems mature, but is still a little impatient in the end.”

Chu Mu was in a coma for about three days. When he woke up, his brain was still a bit dazed. This should be the lingering effects of ninth level wind type technique. 

When he woke up, Chu Mu noticed the wounds on his body had all healed and that his soul power had recovered to seventy percent.

“Young master, you’re finally awake.”

Jia Jing saw Chu Mu prop himself up to stretch and quickly jogged over, greeting him with a smile.

“En, where’s my soul pet?” Chu Mu asked.


Just as Chu Mu asked, Night Thunder Dream Beast’s white feather slowly appeared from the shadows of a wooden panel. Quickly following it, a black and sleek body appeared along with it and it slowly walked to Chu Mu’s bedside.

Chu Mu happily rubbed Night Thunder Dream beast’s dream horn. Night Thunder Dream Beast eyed the side of chu Mu’s bed, reminding Chu Mu that his spatial ring was still beside him.

Chu Mu put his ring on his hand and used his remembrance to check it. The small restrictions he laid in it weren’t forcefully broken, meaning no one has tampered with the ring.

“Young master, you truly are gallant! You actually saved Lady Ting Lan. Lady Ting Lan heard that you would probably wake up today, so she had already come to see you multiple times, probably wanting to thank you.” Jia Jing said with a adoring smile.

Chu Mu only nodded and asked, “Did you look for the ice type soul items I tasked for you?”

“En, if you need it, I can go buy it for you right now. You still haven’t used your special privileges this month.” Jia Jing said.

“Alright, be quick.” Chu Mu could still somewhat feel the high temperatures of devil flames. To prevent the appearance of Nightmare stealing his soul again, he must consume ice type soul items quickly.

Jia Jing’s efficiency was very high. Not long after, she bought an eighth rank Fairy Ice Dew for Chu Mu.

The Fairy Ice Dew was put in a medicinal flask that could insulate any energy type. With such an extremely cold soul item, if the flask weren’t special, it wouldn’t take long for the ground in a few kilometers radius to start frosting up.

Chu Mu let Jia Jing guard the door while he used his soul remembrance to connect with Ice Air Fairy’s soul. This way, when he takes the ice type soul item, Ice Air Fairy could receive benefits too.

Of course Chu Mu couldn’t just directly drink the Fairy Ice Dew. No matter how powerful his body was, he would still be frozen to chunks.

Still using his soul remembrance as lead, Chu Mu slowly extracted the fairy ice dew’s ice energy towards his own body and merged it his his soul.

At the beginning, the high temperature of his soul easily destroyed all the eighth rank fairy ice dew. Yet, as more and more energy was brought in by Chu Mu, the the devil flames slowly retracted its imposing might…...

Through the entire process, Chu Mu was very careful. Pulling in too much ice energy could easily hurt his body, but too little would do little against the devil flames.

After quite some time, Chu Mu finally spit out a long breath. His nose and mouth both spewed out cold air. Once the devil flames were suppressed, Chu Mu’s entire person felt much better, or else with his soul constantly burning, he felt as if he were stricken by some disease, causing him to feel dispirited and not at the peak of his mental capabilities,

Chu Mu knew that within two months, he would have to eat more of these precious ice type soul items. Only then could he continue to live out his life normally. This was currently just a temporary measure.


Suddenly, an excited call from Ice Air Fairy came from within his soul pet space.

Chu Mu got excited, this was Ice Air Fairy entering metamorphosis!!

Having been at seventh phase ninth stage for a long time, Ice Air Fairy had finally passed through this bottleneck and reached eighth phase under the stimulation of the ice type soul item!!

As Chu Mu estimated before, after the Ice Air Fairy morphed, it didn’t stay at eighth phase first stage, but instead grew straight to eighth phase third stage.

What made Chu Mu even more surprised was, as the Ice Air Fairy grew, the Ice Air Fairy’s blue light effect became even more deep and the icy aura around it became stronger!

Advanced Towering Ice!

After going to eighth phase, Ice Air Fairy’s energy crystal reached advanced Towering Ice. Ice Air Fairy was only a step away from Glazed Ice!

Initially when Chu Mu had just left West Kingdom, Chu Mu felt that Glazed Ice was impossibly far. He had persevered towards this direction though and now, Ice Air Fairy was already Advanced Towering Ice. With one more power boost, Ice Air Fairy would become a powerful ice type soul pet that controlled Glazed Ice!

“Defense is eighth rank intermediate stage as well, very nice.” Chu Mu smiled. Once it had advanced towering ice, Ice Air Fairy’s destruction would reach a new level. The next time Chu Mu meets a ninth phase commander, Chu Mu would definitely be able to deal with it.


Ice Air Fairy was extremely excited and wanted to find an opponent to test out his new strength.

“Don’t worry, there will be opportunities for you to show off. Just rest now and solidify your own powers.” Chu Mu said to Ice Air Fairy.

The ice Air Fairy also obediently fell into slumber. Just after morphing, soul pets should usually enter some sleep. After all, morphing meant changes in all parts of the body. Sleep could help a soul pet’s body adjust and get used to the new changes.

“Young master is already awake, but he’s strengthening his soul pets, so he can’t be disturbed.” Jia Jing’s voice came in from outside.

“He has just woken and is already strengthening his soul pets, is this man a workaholic?” Another female voice slowly sounded.

“He is indeed, but strengthening shouldn’t take long, let’s just wait here.”

A gentle voice came. Clearly, the anonymous speaker was Ting Lan.

Chapter 380: Advanced Towering Ice, Eighth phase Ning

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