Chapter 38: Territory Crisis(1)

Chapter 38: Territory Crisis(1)

Over these three months, Chu Mu’s most important goal was to raise the Night Thunder Dream Beast, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, and the Mo Ye’s strength. In this way, Chu Mu would be more than sufficiently equipped. Even if he were to face a few experts who weren’t young people, he still wouldn’t need to be too worried.

Of course, one of the best methods to quickly increase his strength was to spend a large sum of money and purchase soul crystals for his soul pets to train with.

Chu Mu still had the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s soul crystal, and he planned on using it for the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to train with when it reached the fifth phase eighth stage.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast had already used its crystal during training already. For a short while, it would be very difficult to absorb soul crystal energy, but Chu Mu possessed a heavenly demon orchid. As long as he spent fifty thousand gold coins to purchase demon spirit’s tears, and another fifty thousand coins for a medicinal master to concoct the heavenly demon tears, it probably wouldn’t be an issue for the Night Thunder Dream Beast to rise to the sixth phase.

As for the small Mo Ye, Chu Mu felt that he really had to spend a very large sum to purchase first-rate soul cores, soul crystals, and soul items to strengthen the small Mo Ye’s beast attribute, thereby increasing its fighting strength.

The first thing he had to buy was naturally a sixth level beast and bug dual type soul crystal, with an emphasis on the beast type. Then, he could supplement the small fellow’s beast bloodline deficiency.

Chu Mu still had another first-rate lineage Mo Ye in his storage ring. This Mo Ye’s value was nearly one million gold coins. Since Chu Mu was currently lacking in funds, he planned on anonymously putting the small Mo Ye up for sale in the Soul Pet Palace, and selling it to the person who made the highest offer, exchanging it for sufficient coins.

Chu Mu was extremely familiar with Gangluo City, and he easily found the Soul Pet Palace. What made Chu Mu surprised was that when he arrived, he happened to see Ting Yu taking out a Storm Devil Colt, as if she was about to go somewhere.

“Young master Chu…” When Ting Yu saw Chu Mu, a smile blossomed on her face.

It was just recently that Ting Yu had heard from a subordinate that Chu Mu had returned to his Chu Family. She planned on leaving but didn’t expect Chu Mu to appear so soon.

“Nightmare Prince!” two black garbed men behind Ting Yu immediately half-knelt, paying their respects to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded his head and said to Ting Yu, “You being here is perfect timing. I’ve obtained a first-rate Mo Ye, so can you help me sell it at an auction? Then, use the money from the auction to buy me a sixth level beast and insect type soul crystal. After that, buy me a demon spirit’s tears, and have a medicinal master concoct heavenly demon tears. Afterwards, look for any soul items that can be used to supplement a beast type deficiency...

“Young master…” Ting Yu’s expression was secretly bitter. After just seeing him again, Chu Mu had ordered her to complete a large pile of trivial tasks. Ting Yu didn’t even have time to fret over Chu Mu falling into Broken Forest.

“Aren’t you lacking a soul pet? By chance, I happen to be hunting for soul pets, so if I see a fitting one, I’ll capture it for you,” said Chu Mu.

With a reward, Ting Yu was obviously happy, and a smile rose on her face as she said: “Young master, I just heard from Gangluo City’s market that there happens to be a devil tree heart. This item can be used on your Devil Tree Battle Soldier.”

“Oh?” Chu Mu raised his eyebrows.

Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier was a highly talented soul pet, and it could barely match a low class commander rank.

However, this was far from being enough for Chu Mu. Fortunately, the devil tree heart was a soul item that could greatly increase a wood type soul pet’s wood attribute. If he could use it on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, its wood type control would become even stronger. Even if it encountered a commander rank of identical phase and stage, it had a chance of not losing!

“The price is hefty, right?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yes, the base price is already at 500,000 gold coins.” said Ting Yu.

Chu Mu bitterly laughed, and shook his head. It seemed that his funds would never be enough. Originally, he wanted to use the extra money to purchase some extravagant soul equipment for his soul pets. Yet, that option didn’t seem very likely anymore.

Currently, Chu Mu had to feed five soul pets. During his last time in Nightmare City, he had spent 150,000 gold coins on soul cores that had all been eaten by his large appetite soul pets. Right now, he had to spend at least 200,000 gold coins to buy a month's worth of food for his soul pets.

Completing the heavenly demon tears required around 100,000 gold coins, and the auction price of the demon tree’s heart was presently 500,000 gold coins. Without 1 million gold coins, it would be very difficult to actually purchase it. After all, it was a soul item that could greatly increase wood type abilities.

There was still the small Mo Ye’s sixth level soul crystal that needed at least 200,000 gold coins.

In other words, even if the first-rate Mo Ye were sold for 1 million gold coins, Chu Mu would still be lacking 500,000 gold coins...

“The two of you follow her and make sure of her safety.” Chu Mu said to the Devil Attendants who had a fifth ranking title in Nightmare Palace.

These two Devil Attendant's strengths weren’t below Yang Jie’s, and Chu Mu himself didn’t need their protection. As for Ting Yu, who was about to become his public representative in Gangluo City, she naturally needed protection. After all, when she went to sell the first-rate Mo Ye on his behalf, it would be very easy to encounter other people’s greed.

“Yes!” The two Devil Attendants promptly saluted and continued to follow beside Ting Yu.

Once he left soul pet palace, Chu Mu returned to his family clan where he intentionally borrowed a large enough soul capture ring from Chu Ming. He planned on fixing his serious lack of funds on his trip into the wild this time.

Chu Mu remembered that the Chu Family’s territory should be in the Luoye Mountain Range, and if one were to continue walking eastward, he or she would reach Broken Forest. The dangers of Broken Forest were very threatening, but the soul pets there were extremely plentiful.

Chu Mu planned on using the opportunity of helping his cousin find a suitable soul pet to wander about in Broken Forest again. Firstly, he would be able to train his small Mo Ye while secondly, he would be able to solve his problem of funds!!

“Brother, brother Chu Mu…”

When his cousin Chu Yishui saw the handsome and pleasant Chu Mu, an adorable smile burst forth on her face as she amiably greeted Chu Mu.

“YIshui, it’s been many years since we’ve seen each other. You’ve already grown into a beautiful young lady.” Chu Mu laughed and stroked this younger sister’s cheek.

In the past, when Chu Mu could not summon soul pets, he was pretty much the most unoccupied person in the family. Moreover, Chu Yishui’s father and mother were not in the clan, so this small girl would play with the only person who would accompany her, Chu Mu, when she had nothing to do. The relationship between the two of them was rather good.

“Mhm, Yishui wanted to speak with brother yesterday, but a number of people were surrounding you and I wasn’t able to speak… that said, brother is turning more and more handsome. Yishui nearly didn’t recognize you.” Chu Yishui was still young and didn’t think very much. Quickly, she was talking very intimately with Chu Mu.

Although Chu Mu was the one bringing Chu Yishui into their territory, for Chu Mu’s safety sake, Chu Ming still specially deployed the Chu Family Guard head, Chu Si, to accompany the two. He wanted to prevent the tragedy from four years ago from happening again.

Chu Si’s soul pet that he rode on was a Light Rhinoceros that had reached the sixth phase third stage. Its fighting strength was probably rather formidable. As for Chu Mu, he naturally rode the Night Thunder Dream Beast. Chu Si would blush with shame when his sixth phase Light Rhinoceros was simply unable to keep up with Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast when they ran at full speed.

“Young master Chu Mu, in my opinion, you fundamentally don’t need my protection, right?” Chu Si’s ability to judge others was exceptional, and he knew that Chu Mu’s strength definitely wasn’t as simple as what was portrayed on the outside.

Back in Broken Forest, Chu Si remembered the wolf pack leader’s mysterious and ineffable death that caused the wolf pack to lack a leader. Naturally, it was Chu Mu’s soul pet that killed the wolf pack leader, so Chu Si was sure that Chu Mu still had even stronger soul pets than the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

“That’s true. Uncle Chu Si can attend his own affairs. There isn’t a need to follow us.” laughed Chu Mu as he spoke.

“The family head is very sensitive towards young master’s safety. It’s probably best if I still follow. Once I deliver young master and young lady to the territory, I will go back. Afterwards, the territory’s Chu Family Guard will bring you back,” Chu Si said earnestly.

Luoye Mountain Range couldn’t be considered to be too far away. After leaving in the morning, they arrived at approximately noontime. There were also a few Chu Family members defending the Luoye Mountain Range. These people were defending against foreigners who tried to enter the Chu Family territory in order to poach soul pets.

Under Luoye Mountain Range was a simple Chu Family residence, where the Chu Family members who protected the territory or were temporarily here to capture soul pets stayed. Once Chu Mu and Chu Yishui entered the residence under Luoye Mountain Range, Chu Si’s accompaniment was complete, and he returned to the family clan.

The extremely excited Chu Yishui ate her lunch before impatiently making Chu Mu let her ride his free and unrestrained Night Thunder Dream Beast into the Luoye Mountain Range to kill. Ultimately, the family servant soul pets weren’t able to keep up with the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s speed and before long, they were left behind.

Thus, the entire mountain reverberated with anxious shouts of: “Young master~young lady, where are you~~.”

“I wasn’t able to see that you had already become a fourth remembrance soul soldier. You can have five soul pets, right?” Chu Mu felt somewhat surprised once he learned of Yishui’s strength.

“That’s only natural.” Chu Yishui revealed a slightly proud expression.

“Then what soul pet do you want? The soul pet quality on this territory is barely okay. I’ll try my best to pick a top quality one for you.” Chu Mu looked all around, and he found that the soul pets here were rather many. Nonetheless, he felt that their quality was only average… perhaps Chu Mu’s standards was too high.

“Brother, I want an Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox…” excitedly said Chu Yishui.

“...” Chu Mu was speechless.

It was obviously impossible to help Chu Yishui find an Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox. Even disregarding an Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox, it could already be considered extremely lucky to see a Six Tailed Demon Fox.

“It’s a Demon Spirit Butterfly. I want it…” Chu Yishui seemed to have spotted a cute soul pet that she wanted. However, this was already the twentieth time this afternoon Chu Yishui had said these words.

“Demon Spirit Butterfly, high class warrior rank, wind type, agility type soul pet, fourth phase third stage. It’s maturation condition isn’t bad.” in one glance, Chu Mu was able to discern the Demon Spirit Butterfly that had settled on a tree leaf.

Demon Spirit Butterflies probably were rather favored by females. Such a soul pet had an elegantly beautiful exterior, while also having an imposing and powerful wind type controlling ability. It’s dodging ability and agility level often incessantly annoyed many soul pets, who were ultimately whittled down by the omnipresent wind type techniques and were defeated.

To deal with this soul pet, Chu Mu naturally wouldn’t let his first four powerful soul pets deal with it.

Chu Mu made Mo Xie return to her soul pet space for a nap before chanting an incantation and opening the Mo Ye’s soul pact.

A black pattern gradually appeared under the Night Thunder Dream Beast, and the obstinately small Mo Ye covered in ink black armor slowly appeared. It calmly stood in the black halo of light, and its eyes apathetically stared in front.

“Mo Ye? A second phase Mo Ye?” Chu Yishui immediately blinked her eyes, and she looked at the extremely weak small fellow. She seemed to want to extend her hand to stroke the small Mo Ye’s glossy armor.

If a soul pet trainer didn’t have enough experience, he or she could easily mistake a soul pet’s phase and stage. Of course, the obstinately small Mo Ye’s figure was a bit smaller than normal, so it wasn’t strange that the inexperienced Chu Yishui would regard it as the second phase.

“Zhan Ye, the Demon Spirit Butterfly is an agility type soul pet, be careful dealing with it.” Chu Mu said to the small Mo Ye.

Zhan Ye was the nickname Chu Mu gave the Mo Ye. Chu Mu felt that there was nothing that better described the obstinately small Mo Ye’s character than the word “Zhan.”


“Hou hou~~” Zhan Ye slowly strode forwards, and its two black eyes immediately focused on the resting Demon Spirit Butterfly.

“Brother, aren’t you bullying your small Mo Ye? That is Demon Spirit Butterfly is fourth phase second stage.” Chu Yishui felt that Chu Mu could have summoned the wrong soul pet, and she warned Chu Mu.

“Don’t worry; it will be able to defeat such an opponent.” A smile rose on Chu Mu’s face. He was 100% confident in the small Mo ye.

Chu Yishui was half believing and half skeptical. Her big beautiful eyes watched Chu Mu command the eminently weak and small Mo Ye forward to fight the Demon Spirit Butterfly, which had already exhibited a bit of its demonic aura. No matter how she looked at it, she felt that the small Mo Ye would be knocked flying by a gust of wind.


When the small Mo Ye infuriated the Demon Spirit Butterfly, the Demon Spirit Butterfly used Tornado, and it tossed the Mo Ye aside. The small Mo Ye then heavily fell from the sky onto the ground, causing a Chu Yishui to feel a wave of heartache.

Normally, a third phase fifth stage Mo Ye’s build was around 1.5 meters, and the Demon Spirit Butterfly’s tornado should not have been able to easily lift up the commander rank Mo Ye’s body. However, Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye possessed a body that was clearly too weak and small...

Towards Zhan Ye’s injury from the fall, Chu Mu didn’t pay it any heed. After all, Zhan Ye had the self-healing rate of six times that of other soul pets, and there was a chance that the injury from the Tornado’s fall would already be healed before the end of the fight.

“Brother, you can still change soul pets. That small fellow is so pitiful.” the more Chu Yishui watched, the more her heart ached.

“Even if I wanted to recall it, it may not want to recall.” said Chu Mu.

Indeed, Chu Mu’s small Mo Ye had a very obstinate temper. As long as it believed it could defeat its opponent, it absolutely would not give up.

“But…” Chu Yishui was about to persuade him more when she suddenly discovered that Chu Mu’s Mo Ye abruptly stepped into a stride. Its speed grew quicker, and its tiny and agile body used the tree to promptly jump over ten meters high!!

Chu Yishui was stunned!

The Mo Ye had just been miserably thrown back by the Demon Spirit Butterfly. How was it that nothing was wrong? It seemed like it had just been summoned to fight!

Zhan Ye wouldn’t rashly launch an attack. The moment it launched attack, it would definitely be a fatal one!

Shattering Claw!!

Its thick, ink armored claws fiercely swatted the Demon Spirit Butterfly’s body. One strike to shatter. It seemed to have completely shattered the Demon Spirit Butterfly’s wing!!!

“Hou!!” After Zhan Ye finished its attack, its tiger and panther- like body firmly stamped down, and it kicked the Demon Spirit Butterfly out of the air, into the ground.

“Boom!!” Dust instantly flew everywhere! The Demon Spirit Butterfly had been buried deep into the rocky mud, and found it hard to spread its wings and fly again!

Chu Yishui opened her eyes wide as she stared at this scene. For a moment, she couldn’t say anything. She did not at all expect this small Mo Ye, under consecutive wounds, to have been able to still burst forth with such strength. In one strike it had defeated the fourth phase second stage Demon Spirit Butterfly.

“This Demon Spirit Butterfly is very average.” Chu Mu called Zhan Ye back, but didn’t kill the Demon Spirit Butterfly. However, he didn’t let Chu Yishui pick this soul pet.

“Oh, oh…” Chu Yishui still hadn’t recovered from her shock and foolishly nodded her head.

  1. So in Chinese Zhan(战)means to fight. But calling the Mo Ye, Fight Ye, sounds a bit weird, so we’ll leave it as Zhan Ye.

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