Book 2 Chapter 379 - Eccentric Teen, Chu Mu

Chapter 379: Eccentric Teen, Chu Mu



Hurricane Fairy’s angry screeches sounded behind Chu Mu’s back. Chu Mu could clearly feel that the Hurricane fairy’s wind type technique was on its way over. There was no time left for Chu Mu to cast the soul capture incantation so he simply told Night Thunder Dream Beast to bite onto the young Binding Wind Spirit and brought it towards places where the wind was weaker.

Inside the chaotic wind belt, one white feather nimbly darted through, floating from one end of the turbid region towards the windless belt.

In this running process, Chu Mu could constantly feel the pursuit of the hurricane fairies. Wind type soul pets were different from other elemental type soul pets in that they could ride wind to increase their own speeds, so most wind type soul pets’ speeds were advantageous. Like the Binding Wind Spirit, eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit could already be similar in speed to Night Thunder Dream Beast, or else Chu Mu would not have been assaulted by the eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit when he was running away from the tenth level wind type technique.

Finally, wind belt was weaker and weaker and Chu Mu knew he was nearing the windless belt!

Indeed, Night ran a little more distance and Chu Mu’s path suddenly opened into a wide clearing. Green grass carpeted the ground, as bright rays of sunlight shone down along with fresh air.

Chu Mu had always had a good sense of direction. Looking around to affirm his position, he ran straight towards the location of the Sacred Region gate.

Not long after Chu Mu left the wind belt, the four hurricane fairies came chasing after him. Yet, after losing the wind belt’s effect, their speeds were much slower.

At this distance, the Hurricane Fairies could no longer pose a threat to Chu Mu. Night ran through the windless belt and slowly, the majestic and imposing sacred region door appeared in Chu Mu’s vision.

“Night, do you see the rock door? Once we’re there, we’ll be safe.” Chu Mu pointed at the massive rock door that appeared at the edge of the land and said.

“Hui!~~~~~~~~~” Night Thunder Dream Beast let out a call, and again sped up a little. Its black body completely disappeared under the sunlight, with only its white tail feather indicating that it ran across this muddy land.

Finally, they reached the sacred region gate. Chu Mu used his remembrance to pierce through the massive rock door, and tell the sacred guards to open the gate and let him back into the Binding Wind palace.

A silver holy light fell through the crack of the door and shined onto Chu Mu. The massive rock door slowly opened, spilling a dazzling silver glow that caused Chu Mu’s eyes to be momentarily blinded.

Chu Mu had already been attacked by a ninth level wind type technique before, so his body was weak. He also had to experience the soul struggle with the Nightmare. If he weren’t fifth remembrance soul master, his body would definitely be over exhausted and spent.

He also relied on only willpower to reaching there.

Once he was finally somewhere safe, Chu Mu could finally slowly relax his tightly wounded nerves.

This relaxation also caused an immense tired feeling to wash through Chu Mu’s body. Seeing two silver armored sacred guards come out, Chu Mu closed his eyes and let the sleep wash over him…...

Night knew that the sacred guards wouldn’t harm Chu Mu so, when Chu Mu fell asleep, Night listened to the directions from the sacred guards and carried both Chu Mu and Ting Lan out of Binding Wind Region and brought them to a place of healing.

Right beside the Binding Wind Sacred Palace was the Healing Palace. Very quickly, special soul palace soul teachers came to heal Chu Mu and Ting Lan.

Inside the Healing Palace

“How are the two young ones?” The middle aged sacred guard from before asked.

This middle aged man had dark skin, fair features, and gave off a solemn feeling. This was the sacred guard leader of the Binding Wind Sacred Palace. According to his title level, he was akin to palace masters, so even the ninth level title Li Heng had to respectfully call him elder.

“They should have been hit directly by a ninth level wind type technique. Ting Lan’s situation isn’t too bad, with an eighth rank soul armor protecting her, her wounds aren’t lethal. She’s only fainted because of the stunning power of a ninth level wind type technique, causing her soul power to run out. With some healing, she should be fine.” The white bearded old soul teacher said.

“Is her soul injured?” Sacred Guard asked.

“Nope, she probably retracted all her soul pets before they were attacked.” Old soul teacher said.

“Good. Then, how is the kid?” Sacred Guard looked at the young man lying on the bed beside covered in white bandages.

“This young one’s body strength is way stronger than the average person. He probably was hit by the same ninth level wind type technique. Usually, without reaching high remembrance soul master and without seventh level soul armor, he would have died for sure once hit with the attack, yet this young one lived!” Old soul teacher looked at Chu Mu and said.

“He saved Ting Lan and fainted when he reached the sacred region doorway.” Sacred Guard Leader said.

“That’s not possible.”

“Even if this kid was a high remembrance soul master, sustaining a ninth level wind type attack with only a marginal sixth level soul armor would at least get him near death. Even going into a month long coma could have been expected. How could he still have the stamina and mental fortitude to bring Ting Lan out of the wind belt?” Old soul teacher said, confused.

“I saw him faint myself.” Sacred Guard Leader said seriously.

Old soul teacher had his mouth agape for a while before he reasoned, “This kid very likely ate some miraculous medicine to cause his body to be much stronger than other soul pet trainers. Speaking of which, someone able to rescue another after receiving such a powerful attack really is an abnormality.”

At this time, the sacred guard leader’s face smiled strangely and said, “Not only that, when he ran back, he had an eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit in his soul capture ring, and a wounded young Binding Wind Spirit in his soul pet’s mouth, with four tenth phase hurricane fairies chasing him……”

Old soul teacher immediately stared shockingly at the leader, his small eyes growing large!

“He was already this hurt, and he still didn’t forget to catch the binding wind spirit. Does this kid not want his life?” Old soul teacher was speechless.

The dream beast wasn’t hurt. Clearly, it was summoned after the attack. The ring had an eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit, while the young binding wind spirit was held in its mouth. He must have accidentally captured the eighth phase high stage binding wind spirit yet no longer had time to put the younger binding wind spirit into the soul capture space…...

Old soul teacher and sacred guard leader were both smart people, so they could tell that only after being wounded did the kid capture these two soul pets. Normally, after sustaining such heavy wounds, no one would consider the issue of capturing soul pets. However, this teen, after being heavily wounded, went back and captured two binding wind spirits against four tenth phase hurricane fairies. Such actions, though making the two elders not knowing whether to laugh or cry, also made them feel respect for this teen’s brave actions!

“Sacred Guard Leader, Li Hen came back himself, and he’s also very heavily wounded!” A sacred guard ran to the Healing Palace and told the Sacred Guard Leader.

“Then quickly bring him to me. What did the three people encounter? How are they like this? Good thing no accidents happened.” Old soul teacher let out a long breath.

After a moment, two sacred guards carried the wounded Li Hen to the Healing Palace. Li Hen didn’t faint, but his entire person looked haggard, clearly having experienced a very tough fight.

“They’re back?” Li Heng stepped into the Healing Palace and saw Chu Mu and Ting Lan laying there. His pale face lit up with jubilation.

Li Hen fought that powerful wind type soul pet for a long time and, after finally escaping with much difficulty, he again went and searched the ten kilometer radius of the wind pit to no avail.

The wind type soul pet again found Li Hen, so Li Hen could only escape haggardly and planned to let the sacred guards go towards Binding Wind Sacred Region to rescue.

“Are their souls damaged?” Li Hen asked slightly worried.

For young generation members, the most lethal blow was a spiritual wound. Especially when Battle of the Realms was this near, if any of their soul pets died, their strength would fall greatly. Li Hen indeed was worried.

“No, don’t ask that much, lie down and let my Holy Stem Flower heal you.” Old soul teacher said.

After Li Hen was reassured, he was also secretly wondering how they got out. One has to know that the situation was extremely dangerous.

However, Li Hen was also extremely tired right now. Not long after lying down, he fell asleep. He would ask about it when he healed up after. 

“Zhuo Nong, Li Hen’s strength isn’t bad at all, so how did he become like this, protecting two younger generation in Binding Wind Sacred Region?” Old soul teacher asked.

“A while back, two soul palace members went missing in Binding Wind Sacred Region and haven’t come back yet. It seems like something unusual is wreaking havoc inside Binding Wind Sacred Region. I’ll send people to understand the situation.” Sacred Guard Zhuo Nong said.

“Wait until Li Hen wakes up and ask him. Before that, just close the sacred region and prevent too many people from getting hurt.” Old soul teacher said.

“En, I’ve already given the command.” Sacred Guard Zhuo Nong said. 

“Speaking of which, which old fellow taught this young man? His strength is uncommon. Seems like the soul palace third honor will be more than likely ours this year.” Old soul teacher called Chu Mu an abnormality, but in reality he was very pleased with Chu Mu’s strength, and was also secretly wondering how he had never heard of a young generation expert like this.

“Where did this young teen come from? You heal him while I go take care of all the things that needs attention. Once someone wakes up, send someone to notify me.” Secret Guard Leader Zhuo Nong said.

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