Book 2 Chapter 377 - Onslaught of Mental Demons, A Struggle of Willpower

Chapter 377: Onslaught of Mental Demons, A Struggle of Willpower

“Hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

At the very edge of the tenth rank wind type, a white colored devil flame slowly burned, and these devil flames that suffered from the effect of the wind were visibly crooked. It was as if they were about to be extinguished by the violent wind. 

Inside the devil flame, Chu Mu and Ting Lan’s bodies gradually appeared.

Chu Mu gasped for air. Just now, the tenth rank wind type force had wantonly poured down his throat and nearly suffocated him. Fortunately, his body was stronger than normal people, otherwise when he had just been completely sealed off in the wind pillar just now, he would have been unable to use Displacement Specter and been completely swallowed up.

Ting Lan had her eyes tightly shut. When the tenth rank wind technique had completely sealed them off, she had felt a genuine threat of death. Right now, her mind was blank, and she was grabbing onto Chu Mu’s arm purely out of instinct, waiting for her body to be ripped apart by the violent wind.

“Open your eyes, we’re safe.” Chu Mu said as he looked down at Ting Lan who was trembling from fear.

Hearing Chu Mu’s voice, Ting Lan finally slowly opened her eyes. Unexpectedly, on the corners of her eyes was a bit of moisture...

The nearness of death was a fear that was hard to describe with words. Ting Lan wasn’t Chu Mu, and was unable to remain calm and cool near the face of death and when she opened her eyes, her eyes were filled with tears. She fraily gasped for air and wasn’t much different from a normal girl who had been frightened.

Finally, Ting Lan’s hazy field of view allowed her to discover that they hadn’t been swept into the tenth rank wind type technique and her constant palpitating heart slowly began to calm down. 

“We’re…. We’re ok? How… how did you do it?” Ting Lan raised her gratified face as her tear-filled eyes looked at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu remembered that when the wind pillar had been completely sealed off, they were still in the technique. Just as she thought she was definitely dead and closed her eyes, this ability that seemed to be able to instantaneously teleport unexpectedly brought her away from this tenth rank Wind Pillar which made her feel despair. Aside from the happiness from surviving a calamity in her heart, she was also astonished by this man’s mysterious ability!

“Let’s not talk about this. Li Hen should have been able to escape. Let’s leave this place.” Chu Mu naturally wouldn’t explain the White Nightmare’s technique, Displacement Specter, and changed the topic.

Ting Lan’s mind was a bit of a mess right now, so she didn’t continue asking him after Chu Mu had changed the topic and she somewhat loosened her grip on Chu Mu’s arm...

The tenth rank wind type technique was not too far behind them and no one could be sure whether this technique would ravage outwards. It would thus be better to stay further away from this place. Promptly, Chu Mu chanted an incantation and summoned the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

“Huh? Careful!!!” suddenly, Ting Lan let out a delicate shout. Her eyes stared with fear at the eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit chasing them from within the tenth rank wind type technique!!

When Ting Lan shouted, Chu Mu instantly noticed a powerful wind type technique sweeping at his back!

Of Chu Mu’s techniques, none of them were wind type defense techniques. Moreover, continuing to chant to summon the Night Thunder Dream Beast would be useless. He could only cut off his incantation and summon the Ghost King King in order to protect himself.

However, this amount of time wasn’t enough for Chu Mu to rechant a summoning incantation. An incomparably powerful ninth rank technique was quickly about to crush his body!

Ting Lan realized that Chu Mu wouldn’t be able to defend in time, and hastily closed her eyes as she rapidly chanted a soul technique incantation!

A black turbid wind began spiraling under Chu Mu and Ting Lan’s feet. The spiraling speed grew faster and faster before ultimately transforming into a turbid wind shield that coiled around them and protected them in the middle.

“My… my technique cannot completely defend a ninth rank wind type technique. Hold… hold onto me tightly. My eighth level soul armor can protect you.” Ting Lan presently wasn’t able to deal with the male and female distinction as freeing themselves from this predicament was the most important. She thus took the initiative to hold onto Chu Mu.

“Eighth level soul armor?” Chu Mu was stunned and didn’t expect Ting Lan to have this eminently luxurious eighth level soul armor. It was no wonder she was able to only suffer a light wound from a tenth phase Hurricane Fairy’s attack without any defense.

If the eighth level soul armor was to protect two people, it would not be able to cover them completely. When Chu Mu tightly held onto Ting Lan, the eighth rank soul armor merely protected his head and neck.

“Hu hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!!”

The acute sound of whistling wind was in his ears and Chu Mu could feel countless pairs of wind hands using force to pushing him upwards whilst also madly ripping at his body. This pain was as if his flesh and skin were being ripped apart!

Finally, Chu Mu and Ting Lan were unable to stay on the ground, and were fiercely tossed into the air by the ninth rank wind type technique.

The ninth rank wind type technique was terrifying and in the air, Chu Mu was unable to hold onto Ting Lan. A little while later, they separated and the two of them tossed about by the wild ninth rank wind like weeds and were swept towards unknown territories… 

Compared to the entire boundless wind zone, a human body was too small. The ninth rank wind type technique threw them a hundred meters up into the air before they began to flow with the wind.

Ting Lan’s situation was alright with the protection of the eighth level soul armor. Chu Mu, however, was wearing a sixth level soul armor, and its defense was completely negligible in the ninth rank wind type technique. If Chu Mu’s body hadn’t been imperceptably changed by the half devil, when he separated with Ting Lan, Chu Mu would have been ripped to shreds by the wind type technique.

The powerful wind type technique carried a certain dizziness effect and in the ravaging violent wind, Chu MU finally lost consciousness. He was still unconscious even when he fell from the flowing streams of air and fell to the ground… 



“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

The cold and raw wind was still whistling next to Chu Mu’s ears. Several tearing scars had appeared on his body and he seemed abnormally wretched.

The black wind whistled and the sickles of the wind ravaged the land. Alone in the entire boundless wind zone was a figure lying on the extremely dry ground. It was motionless and didn’t seem to have any signs of life...

However, on this unconscious body, a demonic and strange white colored devil flame slowly began burning on his body.

These devil flames were solitary and special. They weren’t affected by the wind force and remained burning on the body, making it look abnormally weird! 

“Wu wu wu!!!! Wu wu wu!!!!!!!!”

“Ling!!!!! Ling!!!!!!”

“Hou!!!!! Hou!!!!!”

Suddenly, the cries of multiple soul pets rang out in Chu Mu’s soul pet space!

All of Chu Mu’s soul pets were anxious at this moment, because the unconscious Chu Mu’s soul was unautonomously transforming into the half devil. In other words, the half devil was beginning to control his body and soul bit by bit!!

After the Li City battle, Chu Mu’s soul ostensibly had reached the limits of high temperature and any more without using an ice type spirit item would have made his soul temperature so high Chu Mu would have preferred being dead over being alive. Ultimately, he was about to transform into a half devil again amidst this pain as his consciousness was being completely controlled by the half devil. 

In the Ancient Wasteland’s desert, Chu Mu had gone a long time without using ice type spirit items to suppress the devil flames in his body. Right now in a half-coma state, it had essentially given a perfect opportunity to the devil in his body to steal his soul!!

The devil flames made Chu Mu feel pain and the sharp cries of his soul pets allowed him to wake up a bit.

Finally, amidst a struggle, Chu Mu still managed to open his eyes. He sat, exhausted on the ground and stretched out his hands while his empty eyes stared at the white devil flames that were burning in his palms not under his control.

Chu Mu didn’t know that both his eyes were presently burning with white devil flames, but as his consciousness woke up, the high temperature burning soul devil flames made Chu Mu feel sharp burning pains!

“You want to steal my soul again?” Chu Mu didn’t realize that the devil transformation would happen so quickly, and his weak body could clearly feel a devil remembrance invading his soul, occupying his mind and controlling his body!

The white colored devil flames didn’t burn under Chu Mu’s control and no matter how strong the surrounding wind force was, it was incapable of affecting the strange devil flames at all!

The proud and aloof white devil flame body silently sat in the vast violent wind region. It was so bewildered it’s orientation wasn’t even straight and it was as if it was sitting at the very end of the world.

“Beng!!! Beng!!! Beng!!!!”

A crashing sound resonated in Chu Mu’s soul pet space. He knew that it was the sound of Mo Xie charging against the soul pet space.

Each soul pet space was independant, and the one responsible for devouring soul was the eighth phase White Nightmare. Mo Xie was charging with all her might against Chu Mu’s soul pet space in attempt to break the spatial restriction and stop the White Nightmare’s ambitious schemes!

Only, unless Mo Xie’s strength surpassed Chu Mu’s by a lot and reached a level where she was capable of defecting, Mo Xie was incapable of shattering the limits of Chu Mu’s soul pet space. Thus, she could not stop the White Nightmare’s actions.

“Mo Xie, don’t waste your strength. I’ll be fine.” Chu Mu knew that Mo Xie was trying to save him, but there was no meaning in doing so. If he wanted to beat the nightmare, Chu Mu had to rely on his own strength!

“Wu wu wu~~~~” Mo Xie let out a faint whimper and obediently laid down in the soul pet space. She didn’t make any more movements.

Chu Mu took in a deep breath of air and allowed the White Nightmare to devour his soul as he prepared his heart’s soul and state amidst the torment. 

In the many years until now, Chu Mu had been in a life or death struggle with the White Nightmare. For countless nights, Chu Mu would be locked suffering in the burning devil flames, so why would he care about the soul stealing this time?! 

He wanted to obtain the ultimate glory of the second grade!!

The wanted to take back his honor from the defector young lady!

He wanted to become a genuine expert that stood in front of that old man!

He wanted to step onto the throne that lay at the very pinnacle of the soul pet region!!

How could this crafty White Nightmare stop Chu Mu’s unwavering steps?!!

The devil flames had practically burned his eyes empty, but the two empty eyes were still always able to circulate with an incomparable resulte light. It was persistent and yielding, and would never be defeated! 

The devil flame’s temperature continuously increased, but Chu Mu’s willpower increasingly got stronger. The devil flames seemed to transform into a tempering flame that unexpectedly slowly strengthened his soul!

The soul increase meant that his soul remembrance was increasing - Chu Mu was nearing the fifth remembrance spirit master!!

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