Book 2 Chapter 376 - Life and Death, Tenth Rank Wind!

Chapter 376: Life and Death, Tenth Rank Wind!

The entire wind belt included a vast sky. In reality, most wind type soul pets lived in the skies. Ground with wind belt only included a very small region of the wind belt itself.

When they entered the wind belt, Li Hen had always taken note of the skies, because true wind type species soul pets were all above them.

Yet just now, Li Hen suddenly discovered a pair of eyes in the sky taht appeared in the skies above the pit. Vaguely, one could see the massive silhouette behind these eyes!!

The strongest wind in wind belt could only reach ninth rank. This wind pit caused by a tenth rank power was most likely caused by some powerful wind type organism. Yet, this organism hadn’t even left this region. It was actually just above everyone, using its eyes to look down upon the three people!!

“Ting Lan! Quickly leave!!” Li Hen’s face completely shifted and yelled towards Ting Lan in the middle of her fight!

Ting Lan didn’t know what had happened, so she turned around and looked at Li Hen. At this moment, Ting Lan was standing in the dead center of the entire wind pit, meaning she was under the massive wind type soul pet. The moment this soul pet came down, Ting Lan and her soul pets would indubitably be killed!


Just as Li Hen’s voice fell, a strange shaking started within the entire wind pit. Within the wind pit, countless powder floated up, rising with the slowly forming air swirls.

At first, Chu Mu didn’t realize what difference this technique had from normal wind type techniques. However, when he realized that the phenomenon was happening all over the entire wind pit, he realized that a terrifying wind type technique was being gathered!!

“You quickly leave here!!” Li Hen again shouted. After speaking, he jumped straight onto Immortal Ming Bird and rode it towards the skies that the tenth phase wing type soul pet occupied to stop the mysterious and powerful wind type soul pet from casting its technique!

Tenth level wind type technique, once casted, would shred both Chu Mu and Ting Lan to pieces!!

Chu Mu could currently leave easily, but Ting Lan’s four soul pets were still preoccupied with the wind type soul pets within the pit.

Facing four tenth phase hurricane fairies and an eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit, Ting Lan originally already had to rely on switching soul pets to win through endurance. With the powerful wind type soul pet’s restrictions, her own four soul pets and her have fallen into disadvantage.

Yet she herself seems to already have been locked on by the powerful wind type soul pet, causing her to be unable to move, her entire face incredibly pale.

“Ah!!!!!!” Ting Lan finally couldn’t avoid the attack from hurricane fairy and, as wind flew past viciously, Ting Lan’s soft body was thrown straight into the skies, her braided hair scattering apart…...

Ting Lan clearly didn’t put much emphasis on her own body training. Once she was thrown into the sky, she fainted!

In the air was the powerful wind type soul pet. Once she went a hundred meters into the skies, she would definitely be torn apart!

Chu Mu of course couldn’t just watch her die, so he immediately jumped into the pit with his Night Thunder Dream Beast.

“Mo Xie!” The incantation started and Chu Mu rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast into the wind pit. As Night Thunder Dream Beast was running, nine royal flames started burning beside it, which quickly morphed into Mo Xie’s body!

With Chu Chen’s identity, he could’t summon Mo Xie, but in such a dangerous situation, Chu Mu couldn’t care about that much anymore. After all, only Mo Xie’s speed and power could possibly save Ting Lan before the tenth level wind type technique falls.

“Mo Xie, deal with the Hurricane Fairy. Night, fly up!” Chu Mu said.

Mo Xie’s royal flames were blown wide in the winds. Its silver body agilely appeared in front of the Hurricane fairy and its phantom royal flame claw heavily slashed past the tenth phase hurricane fairy’s body!

Five royal flame claws each left their mark on the Hurricane Fairy, but only a mark. The tenth phase hurricane fairy’s defense was incredibly strong. Eighth phase seventh stage Mo Xie couldn’t break its defense.

Mo Xie quickly realized that she wasn’t match for this tenth phase Hurricane Fairy, so she immediately changed tactics and constantly ran around this Hurricane Fairy, harassing it with attacks.

Chu mu believed in Mo Xie’s ability. Once he road his Night Thunder Dream Beast into the sky, the winds in the sky had already reached the level of turbid wind. Such wind power could cause one’s skin to rip apart.

Looking over, Chu Mu discovered that Ting Lan’s stalk-like body was flaying around in the wind. Many bloody wounds were already ripped onto her body. Ting Lan had been hit by the Hurricane fairy’s Dizzying Turbid Wind. If she doesn’t fall out of the wind, she couldn’t regain her consciousness easily.

“Managing Night!!” Chu Mu said to Night Thunder Dream Beast.

Night Thunder Dream Beast let out a long call and immediately, the nearby region was covered in a complete darkness.

The dark night caused Night Thunder Dream beast to become even more powerful. When Night Thunder Dream Beast cast Night Dance, it stepped forward gracefully and directly passed into the continuous Dizzying Turbid Wind.

Night Thunder Dream Beast flew out of the turbid wind and Chu Mu nimbly caught Ting Lan’s hand, heavily pulling her into his grasp.

“Night, go down!” After catching Ting Lan, Chu Mu didn’t dare to stay in the air for any longer, because he could clearly feel the tenth rank technique’s precursor get more and more potent!

Flying out of the Dizzying Turbid Wind, Chu Mu quickly pulled out medicine to give to the fainted Ting Lan and started patting her face to make her wake up.

Leaving the Dizzying Turbid Wind, Ting Lan was already about to wake up. When she opened her pretty eyes, she saw Chu Mu just about to slap her in the face and instinctively shrunk further into Chu Mu’s embrace.

“Quickly retract all your soul pets.” Chu Mu saw that Ting Lan woke up and quickly said.

Ting Lan was awake now. Looking down, she noticed that, without her command, her four soul pets were in an even worse situation. She didn’t dare to hesitate any longer and quickly cast an incantation to retract all of her soul pets.

Chu Mu had also taken this time to retract Mo Xie. yet, as the soul pets were retracted, the four hurricane fairies and binding wind spirits completely locked onto Chu Mu and the night thunder dream beast.

The four tenth phase hurricane fairies and the eight phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit, how could Chu Mu be their match?

“Night, leave here!!”

“Night Thunder Dream Beast’s Managing Night effect was still persistent. Once it fell on the ground, its speed quickly increased. Dark Night Chasing the Moon caused its speed to quickly accelerate!

Ting Lan wasn’t the type to be completely incapacitated by fear, so seh quickly cast Turbid Wind onto Night Thunder dream Beast.

Night Thunder Dream Beast had to deal with wind resistance when it ran. With Ting Lan’s turbid wind, Night Thunder Dream Beast’s speed suddenly incrased. Not only does it not get affected by wind resistance anymore, it became a sort of force that pushed Night Thunder Dream Beast to go even faster!


Biting winds blew past. Chu Mu could already feel the tenth rank wind type technique imminent with its destruction!!

Finally, tenth rank wind type technique appeared still!

The wind pit, including its surroundings, generated many spiral air flows. These air flows were almost apparent every ten meters!! From far away, the entire region looked as if it were populated by countless wind pillars!

Chu Mu knew that once he touched these air swirls, Night Thunder Dream beast would definitely be thrown into the skies.

Releasing his soul remembrance, Chu Mu started to feel the distribution of the air flows and commanding Night Thunder Dream Beast to run the most optimal path.

Night Thunder Dream Beast’s speed has already reached its peak. In one second, it could already go 100 meters. Yet in this hundred meters, the Night Thunder Dream Beast has to move at least 10 times. Such delicate dodging caused even Ting Lan to be surprised!

The wind pillars weren’t as simple as they imagined. These wind pillars’ radius of influence were all increasing quickly, causing room for Night Thunder Dream beast’s movement to become smaller and smaller. Originally, the wind pillars had ten meters between them all. Now, there was only five meters between them. At this time, moving at its current speed became even harder for Night Thunder Dream Beast!

“Quick!! We have to leave before the wind pillars completely seal up!” Chu Mu said very gravely at Night Thunder Dream Beast!

Ting Lan couldn’t do anything now, only able to bite her lips and use her clear watery eyes to stare slightly scared at the focussed Chu Mu. He knew that if the man were to leave, he would definitely have been able to get out of this tenth rank technique’s range. To save her, he fell into danger himself. She felt bad in her heart, but couldn’t do much other than pray that things turn out well.

The pillars were getting bigger and bigger. Finally, Night Thunder Dream Beast’s movable space decreased to one meter. At this time, Night Thunder Dream Beast could hardly run at its max speed anymore!

“Night, just up ahead!” Finally, Chu Mu saw the edge of the entire tenth level wind type technique, a safe region with only a couple wind pillars!


Yet, all the expanding wind pillars have finally connected, emotionlessly shutting off all exits from this wind type technique!!

Chu Mu knew that once this wind pillar space was closed off, both him and Ting Lan would be completely ripped up, so he didn’t dare save any more.

Chu Mu in a very short time retracted Night Thunder Dream Beast. Putting his hands tightly around Ting Lan’s hips, his body started burning with white devil flames!


The instant all the wind pillars sealed off, the white soul devil flames quickly burnt Chu Mu and Ting Lan into ashes…...

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