Book 2 Chapter 375 - Wind Monarch, Binding Wind Spirit!

Chapter 375: Wind Monarch, Binding Wind Spirit!

Ting Lan had already come four times. Her marks have intentionally circumvented the regions of powerful wind type soul pets. This would cause them to conserve a great amount of soul pet strength and time.

Entering the turbulent winds could easily cause on to lose their sense of time. Chu Mu didn’t know how long he had entered this wind belt. He only knew that from Ting Lan’s shining beautiful pupils, he probably wasn’t far from the Binding Wind Spirit’s habitat.

With the wind belt region getting stronger and stronger, it was causing an obstacle fo Night Thunder Dream Beast’s walking, so Li Heng also summoned his own wind type soul pet to protect Chu Mu.

“Just the wind pit in front.” Ting Lan pointed towards a cratered muddy ground and said.

The wind belt winds weren’t stable. Often, some place would naturally form an eighth level wind force. This caused the geography of the wind belt region to be very strange.

The wind pit that Ting Lan pointed at clearly was the result of a powerful wind type energy. Just from looking at the small portion, one could guess that it was near tenth level.

Chu Mu jumped off Night Thunder Dream Beast and stood in front of the massive wind pit. Looking down into the murky belt, he could vaguely make out a pair of clear eyes.

“Is that the Binding Wind Spirit?” Chu Mu pointed at the tiny silhouette inside the pit.

“En, good thing they’re still there, but I still have to check if the soul pet protecting it is nearby.” Ting Lan reminded.

Before, Chu Mu thought that Binding Wind Spirit was probably similar to Hurricane Fairy and was a fairy like creature. But looking at Binding Wind Spirit now, it should be the small and delicate type of soul pet that could sit on people’s shoulders. Such soul pet could hardly be associated with the powerful image of monarch ranks.

“You have to be careful.” Li heng warned Ting Lan.

Ting Lan nodded before riding her Lin Yin Beast slowly towards teh Binding Wind Spirit.

When Ting Lan entered the wind pit, she constantly looked upwards. The wind belt still had a very vast air space. When Chu Mu was advancing, he saw many wind type soul pets.

Ting lan himself clearly didn’t have wind type soul pets. To fight the wind type soul pets that could move around freely, she would have a difficult time.

“Ting Lan, a bit further and it will be able to notice you. About a hundred meters ahead of you in the skies, there's an eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit as well as four tenth phase Hurricane Fairies!” Li heng used his remembrance to remind Ting Lan.

Once Li heng reminded her, Ting Lan also noticed the existence of these Binding Wind Spirit guardians. This battle will be inevitable. Ting Lan slowly started an incantation and summoned her soul pet!

Chu Mu’s vision was limited, so he could only barely see that Ting Lan summoned all four soul pets, two of which were actually ninth phase with battle strengths reaching low class monarch!

Ninth phase low class monarch Chu Mu could hardly compete against currently, yet Ting Lan was still only an expert of second tier…...

Chu Mu knew that if he couldn’t surpass Ting Lan within the next half year, he wouldn’t have a single chance at the honor of second tier. He had to find a way to increase all his soul pets’ phases within the next half year!


Chu Mu’s attention was mainly on the eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit. This Binding Wind Spirit floated high in the air, its small body able to navigate the winds like flat ground, easily changing position at all times.

Its movement speed was very quick. With its unpredictable flying patterns, attacking it was near impossible.

“Chu young master, this Binding Wind Spirit’s dodging abilities and speed aren’t any weaker than monarch rank demons. Even if it gets neared, it won’t be controlled by other soul pets.” Li heng said.

“Chu Mu initially didn’t favor this small elemental being, but when he discovered that Ting lan’s middle class monarch rank Lin Yin Beast was getting beaten up without much retaliation, his perspective of the Binding Wind Spirit changed.

“Huhuhuhu~~~~~~~~~~~~” Lin Yin Beast’s battle against Binding Wind Spirit was already nearing Chu Mu’s position. Sharp winds blew against them. Even behind a wind wall, Chu Mu could still feel his body being whipped.


Binding Wind Spirit was as hard to catch as mere wind. Eighth phase high stage Lin yin beast had almost never hit this elemental being at all. With a light call from this constantly moving Binding Wind Spirit, an even more powerful wind type technique started channeling!

“It can move as it casts eighth rank wind type techniques. If the Lin Yin Beast can’t stop the channelling within two seconds, it will go through!” Li heng continued to explain.

Indeed, noticing that the Binding Wind Spirit was about to cast a powerful wind type technique, it started using its wide range beast type techniques and threw them at the Binding Wind Spirit in the air.


An advanced Turbid Wind circled Binding Wind Spirit. This Wind caused its tiny body to slowly merge into the frenzied wind.

“Beng!!!!!!!!!!” Lin Yin Beast’s beast type energy blew up in the sky, causing a disturbance in the air flow dozens of meters in the air, as if the space their was about to blow up!

Yet, within this disturbed air flow, the Binding Wind Spirit didn’t seem to be hurt at all. Its body slowly appeared and the incantation it chanted for two seconds had been complete!

“What technique is that?” Chu Mu looked blankly. The attack from Lin Yin Beast was definitely nearing ninth rank. With such an attack, Chu mu only knew that White Nightmare, Zhan ye, and Ghost King could withstand it. This Binding Wind Spirit clearly was at the  center of the explosion, yet it wasn’t affected in the slightest, not even able to interrupt its eighth rank technique incantation!!

The most terrifying aspect of elemental world soul pets was that, with enough time to chant, it’s destructive capabilities would become very scary, so in fights, one must keep elemental world soul pets heavily controlled.

This Binding Wind Spirit completely ignored Lin Yin Beast’s attack and chanted its incantation without any stop. If Binding Wind Spirit had such a specialty, then even when Chu Mu raises all his soul pets to eighth phase high stage, he would be beaten by its wind type techniques!

“Thats Hidden Wind, a Binding Wind Spirit species technique. Through its special detection of wind, Binding Wind Spirit can find the inflection points between winds. We usually call them hidden wind spots. Once the Binding Wind Spirit was at such a hidden wind spot, its body will merge into the airflow and become shapeless. It was an absolute dodging ability and most importantly,  in this state, the Binding Wind Spirit could still chant. This Binding Wind Spirit’s Hidden Wind lasts two seconds. Two seconds is just enough for it to cast an eighth rank technique. This means that once the Binding Wind Spirit found a hidden wind spot, the opponent will inevitably face the attack of a powerful wind type technique!” Li heng explained in detail.

This was the first time Chu mu had heard of this special species technique. Middle class wind type monarch indeed has its dominating ways. One has to know that an eighth level wind type technique could definitely cause lethal attacks towards the opponent. Once it finds a hidden wind spot, it may be able to shift the tides of battles!

Chu Mu’s heart warmed and he suddenly felt more interested in the Binding Wind Spirit!

“Chu young master be careful. Though Binding Wind Spirit is casting eighth level wind type techniques, its power will definitely reach ninth level!” Li heng reminded Chu Mu.

After saying, Li Heng also quickly let his wind type soul pet protect Chu Mu and himself to avoid the shockwaves of a ninth rank wind type technique!

Almost at the same time Li Heng’s wind type defense started, the Binding Wind Spirit had already caused the angry tornado to attack Lin Yin Beast. Lin Yin Beast didn’t want to face this technique and quickly ran towards even further grounds!


The power of a ninth level wind type technique again showed itself in front of Chu Mu. What made Chu Mu scared was that this Binding Wind Spirit’s technique was even more powerful than the combined channeling of the tenth phase Hurricane Fairies previously!!

Ninth level wind type technique was enough to cover all his soul pets in wounds!!

It is unimaginable that a small elemental being that could sit on one’s shoulder could unleash such devastation within two seconds!!

This moment, seeing the ninth level tornado, Chu Mu finally understood that the Binding Wind Spirit wasn’t only middle class monarch, but a true treasure amongst middle class monarch!

The wind pit expanded further from the influence of this ninth level technique. Ting Lan’s Lin yin beast finally was still caught in the technique and heavily tossed into the sky to sustain the ripping of the winds. After a dozen seconds, it finally fell down, yet its light battle armor was already covered in blood marks!

“While both middle class monarch, Lin Yin Beast’s overall strength was slightly lower than the Binding Wind Spirit. In a normal situation, Lin Yin Beast already couldn’t beat the Binding Wind Spirit, let alone in this wind belt region. If Ting Lan doesn’t think of a good alternative, Lin yin Beast will lose here.” Li heng said.

“She can still change soul pets. She should be able to get rid of these guards.” Chu Mu said.

As he spoke, Chu Mu again looked at the young Binding Wind Spirit hiding far away. Seeing the Binding Wind Spirit display such power, how could Chu Mu not be allured!!

“En, as long as nothing else appears.” Li heng nodded.

As he spoke, Li Heng specially looked into the muddy skies…...

When he neared this wind pit area, Li heng vaguely felt that there was something in the air. Now, this feeling was growing stronger and stronger.

“Wind belt regions naturally never generate wind powers over ninth level. This wind pit was clearly the effect of a tenth level wind type technique. Can it be……” Li heng suddenly realized something and his expression instantly shifted!

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