Book 2 Chapter 374 - Four Great Wind Zones, Unknown World

Chapter 374: Four Great Wind Zones, Unknown World 

“This time Young Master Chu can familiarize himself with the environment so next time you come you won’t be completely ignorant.” Li Hen said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded his head and looked around. With a bit of curiosity he asked: “Why do I feel like this place isn’t an area where wind type soul pets inhabit? Also, why don’t I feel a trace of wind aura here?”

Li Hen was stunned by Chu Mu’s question. After a while, he suddenly laughed and explained: “I almost forgot to tell you that this place is actually a wind region zone.”

Chu Mu didn’t understand Li Hen’s words. If this place was a wind region zone, why wasn’t there even a tiny bit of wind aura?

“Young Master Chu, focus on the horizon. Do you feel something different about this place?” Li Hen pointed at the horizon as he spoke.

Chu Mu followed his finger and looked. What he saw ostensibly was only a blue colored sky.

“I don’t feel anything different.” Chu Mu shook his head, indicating that he didn’t see anything different.

“Look again closer. Use soul remembrance to look.” said Li Hen.

Chu Mu used soul remembrance so that his vision could see even further. This time, he was faintly able to see a layer of thin gauze in the blue sky, and it didn’t seem that clear and clean.

Chu Mu looked at the horizon again and this time, Chu Mu felt something strange, because he mysteriously detected that the horizon was spatially warping a bit! 

Chu Mu slowly revealed a shocked expression. The only reason normally why warping would occur was because the streams of air were too intense. In other words, in the horizon was some extremely intense wind type energy that not only caused the horizon to warp when looking at it from the distance, it also made the sky covered with a layer of dark haze!

Suddenly, Chu Mu thought of another problem. If there was an intense wind zone in the horizon, then he should have been able to feel the movement of air here. Just like when he faced the folding skies, Chu Mu could clearly feel the biting gale that spread out from the destruction force.

However, here, Chu Mu couldn’t feel wind at all. Chu Mu remembered that in a true wind zone region, the only place he wouldn’t be able to feel any stream of aira was the very heart of the region!!

“We’re at the very center of the wind region?” asked Chu Mu.

Li Hen wore a smile as he nodded his head.

Back when Li Heng had entered this place for the first time, he had also been stunned by the situation. Perhaps every person who entered the Binding Wind Holy Region for the first time would reveal an expression of disbelief.

Indeed, Chu Mu was presently situated at the heart of the Binding Wind Holy Region!!

He couldn’t feel any streams of air here, and it also felt like this place was a utopia. Due to the wind zone’s immense size, the sunlight shone on the center of the region and the region where grass shouldn’t have grown, began to grow regular plants as time passed; it wasn’t any different from normal natural worlds.

Of course, those who understood the truth knew that this incomparably normal natural region in reality was a unique and unmatched region in the entire world!!

Chu Mu’s heart was so shocked he couldn’t use words to describe it. If for instance this Binding Wind Holy Region was a hurricane, then this spot in the expansive world where the end couldn’t be seen was the eye of the hurricane!!

The eye of the hurricane was already a vast piece of land, so how big was the wind region?!!!

Chu Mu had been completely stunned. The plants existing at the center of the wind zone meant that this place wouldn’t lack oxygen; nonetheless, as Chu Mu looked at the layer of haze on the horizon, Chu Mu felt rather suffocated!!

“Our Soul Palace has split the Binding Wind Holy Region into four zones. This first no wind zone is where we’re at, or the center of the wind region. What lives here are a few plants with tenacious life force, but ostensibly no creatures exist here. No matter which direction we walk in, we’ll slowly near a wind zone, which happens to be an inner wind zone of the Binding Wind Holy Region. The wind zone’s wind force is relatively strong, but once one’s strength has reached a certain level, he or she will be able to pass through it. Inside reside several wind type soul pets. If we continue walking outwards, there will be even stronger wind zones where the wind force is exceptionally powerful. With your current strength, you probably can’t stay there, and if we continue walking from there, it’ll be a destruction wind zone. Amongst our entire Soul Palace, the experts that can enter the destruction wind zone can be counted by me.” said Li Hen.

No wind zone, wind zone, powerful wind zone, and destruction wind zone. These four wind zones formed the Binding Wind Holy Region!

Logic was incapable of explaining this unique wind composition, because as far as Chu Mu knew, the hurricane wind force’s intensity should have increased the further inside one was. Normally, it should have been the wind zone, the powerful wind zone, the destruction wind zone then finally the no wind zone.

Instead, it was the other way around and from Li Hen’s explanation, this probably wasn’t a normal hurricane.

“According to the composition of the wind zones, shouldn’t the entire Binding Wind Holy Region have seven wind zones? Outside of the destruction wind zone shouldn’t there be a strong wind zone, then a wind zone, before finally another expansive space?” Chu Mu gave his reasoning. 

Continuously walking out should mean he would be able to leave the Binding Wind Holy Region and witness the region’s massive spectacle that even surpassed the Folding Sky bewildering world existence! 

Ting Lang and Li Heng couldn’t help but laugh when they heard Chu Mu. Ting Lan’s beautiful eyes looked at Chu Mu and she lightly laughed as she said: “Soul Palace has existed for a thousand years and until now, no one has passed through the destruction wind zone. It’s not that we haven’t guessed this, it’s that to us humans, the limit of existence are these four wind zones. No one knows anything of the world outside of these four wind zones; whether it continues forever or simply doesn’t exist…” 

Chu Mu was certain there was a new world outside of the binding wind zone! The evidence for the new world was in the endless horizon as well as the sunlight which no one knew where it came from. 

“In the wind zone, one will still be able to see, but after you enter the powerful wind zone, one’s vision will be severely limited. Inside the destruction wind zone, nothing can be seen. From ancient times until now, various different scholars even find it hard to explain why we’re able to see the blue sky and sunlight in the no wind zone. Finally, one scholar expressed that it was very likely that this was similar to a mirage. Although this hypothesis is the closest to the truth, it’s not actually that tenable either because these plants in the no wind zone really do exist.” Li Hen knew that there were still many questions in Chu Mu’s heart so he said this intentionally.

“Haha, let’s not discuss this. We still have to head to the wind zone.” said Ting Lan.

“Yes, Ting Lan’s luck is pretty good having been able to encounter a Binding Wind Spirit in the wind zone. Several members find it hard to even find a Binding Wind Spirit in the powerful wind zone.” Li Heng continued to say.

Chu Mu knew that thinking about this didn’t really have much meaning, and he suppressed the intense curiosity in his heart. He then proceeded to gradually make his way to the wind zone with the other two.

At the very outset, Chu Mu was using only his vision to understand the majesty of the Binding Wind Holy Region, but upon continuously walking to the wind zone, Chu Mu truly realized exactly how expansive the Binding Wind Holy Region’s no wind zone was. At the very least, a human’s vision and imagination would be unable to take in the whole Binding Wind Holy Region.

The violent wind painfully slapped against his face. Moreover, this was still having just stepped into the wind zone. If they continued to walk outwards, the wind force here would become even more intense!

“I made an unremovable mark; I’ll go and look for it.” when Ting Lan entered the wind zone, she intentionally pulled her hair into a bun and exposed her beautiful face.

There were no objects to refer to after entering the wind zone, so if one had walked a certain path the first time, it would definitely be very easy to diverge from such path on the second time one entered. Ultimately, one would be completely aware of where he or she was.

“It’s this way.” Ting Lan pointed ahead at the wind zone growing increasingly hazy as she spoke.

Li Heng was accompaniment this time and just followed Ting Lan. If they encountered any soul pet on their path, he normally wouldn’t take action unless it endangered the lives of Ting Lan’s soul pets.

Chu Mu rode on the Night Thunder Dream Beast and continuously followed next to Li Hen. His attitude was different than Li Hen’s in that each time they walked even deeper into the wind zone, Chu Mu would specially take note of the surrounding circumstances. 

Gradually, Chu Mu felt that a few eyes had appeared in places where it was so hazy he couldn’t really see. These eyes carried hostile intent as they stared at him. It was as if they would attack him if he took a step towards them.

The fighting strength of wind type soul pets was stronger the more dense the wind aura was. Presumably, the wind type soul pets here would be much more difficult to deal with than those on the outside. Chu Mu also found that in situations where she didn’t need to, Ting Lan was determined not to provoke a single wind type soul pet.

“The average strength of wind type soul pets here is extremely strong!” As they walked en route, Chu Mu didn’t seem to see any eighth phase and under wind type soul pets. This was merely the relatively outer region of the wind zone, so didn’t that mean that the powerful wind zone would be littered with tenth phase wind type soul pets?!

“These soul pets are already considered the lowest rung of existences in the Binding Wind Holy Region. Although the Binding Wind Holy Region is open to seventh rank title Soul Palace members, in reality there are ostensibly few seventh rank title members that are able to actually obtain a Seven Diagram Saint Pet in this region. The majority of them capture other creatures.” said Li Heng.

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