Book 2 Chapter 373 - The Sobbing Monument’s Enormous Painting, A Distant Memory

Chapter 373: The Sobbing Monument’s Enormous Painting, A Distant Memory 

“Unload all of your spatial and soul capture rings.” on the last step of the holy altar, a man dressed fully in silver armor spoke in a sonorous voice.

Chu Mu glanced at Li Hen with a curious expression.

“The Holy Altar receives strict protection from our Soul Palace, and normally doesn’t permit any killing inside or any capturing soul pets. Having these rules will be able to preserve the development of the Holy Region. Right now our Holy Region can be regarded to be at a rather flourishing development stage and requires even more stability.” Li Hen spoke as he handed over his soul capture and spatial rings.

Chu Mu knew that in front of this powerful soul pet trainer, his personal goods would not be able to escape detection from his soul remembrance. However, if he handed his spatial ring over, he would be in a bit of trouble.

Chu Mu’s spatial ring still had the Hibernating Dragon Egg, and only by leaving it on his body would Chu Mu feel safe.

“Young Master Chu, the holy guards here will only safeguard your goods and won’t move any Soul Palace member’s goods or soul pets inside your rings. Young Master Chu can be at complete ease.” said Li Hen.

Chu Mu hesitated a while but ultimately still handed over his spatial ring and soul capture ring.

“Take out the medicine in your spatial ring and put it into this spatial ring.” after the three of them had handed over their items, the holy guard spoke once again.

There were three spatial rings in his hand and they were probably given by Soul Palace for soul pet trainers for soul pet trainers about to enter the Holy Region. The inside only permitted medicine goods, but not any other items.

“Which one of you wants to hunt?” asked the holy guard.

“It’s me, senior.” replied Ting Lan courteously.

“You understand the rules?” asked the middle aged holy guard.

Ting Lan nodded her head and said: “Yes, shackle my soul pact incantation.”

The middle aged holy guard nodded his head and his brown eyes suddenly released a sharp radiance that transformed into some mental seal that entered Ting Lan’s mind!

A deep blue light flickered around Ting Lan, faintly resembling a light shackle figure that slowly entered Ting Lan’s body.

“What is this?” Chu Mu inquisitively looked at Li Hen as he didn’t really understand the point of this mental technique.

“Young Master Chu, this is a soul pact seal. It’s rare thing among soul pet trainers and the people that it are used on will be unable to chant a soul pact incantation for a period of time; it thus prevents the signing of a soul pact with a soul pet. Any soul pet inside Holy Region is protected by Soul Palace and any Soul Palace member that enters Holy Region can only capture one soul pet. This soul pet must enter the soul capture ring provided by the holy guard. This soul pact seal prevents a soul pet trainer from directly signing a soul pact with a soul pet inside Holy Region.” explained Li Hen.

“Then how do we capture a soul pet?” asked Chu Mu.

Without directly signing a soul pact, nor without carrying a soul capture ring, could it be one had to carry a child pet with them as they left Holy Region?

“In a bit, the holy guard will give Ting Lan a special soul capture ring. You can use this soul capture ring to capture a soul pet and upon leaving Holy Region, you will be inspected and once you pass, the soul pet will belong to you.” explained Li Hen.

Soul Palace’s regulations meant that soul pet trainers that entered Holy Region would only be able to obtain one soul pet. Wanting to obtain more was ostensibly impossible.

Suddenly, Chu Mu thought of something.

Any Soul Palace member that entered Holy Region could not sign a soul pact with any soul pet; yet, back when Li Binglan had brought him into Sacred Holy Region, his soul pact incantation hadn’t been shackled and he moreover had signed a soul pact with a young woman inside Holy Region.

If such rules existed in Holy Region, then having the authority of Her Ladyship meant that he was the only soul pet trainer in the entire Soul Palace that could sign a soul pact in Holy Region.

TL: Sorry if there’s inconsistency with ‘Her Ladyship’ and whatnot. It refers to his mom, but because the literal and figurative translations are awkward, we’re trying to find something more universal and true to its meaning. 

This meant that the defector young woman had seen this and then chosen him!

“It turns out it wasn’t a coincidence. Perhaps she had waited here for a long time!” Chu Mu finally understood why the soul pet world’s strange young woman soul pet had chosen him to sign a soul pact!

Chu Mu’s emotions surged once more, but he quickly suppressed them because even if he knew right now, he couldn’t do anything about it. Raising his strength was the most important!

“Do you two understand the rules?” after the holy guard finished sealing Ting Lan’s soul pact, his eyes fell on Chu Mu and Li Hen.

Chu Mu and Li Hen nodded their heads and immediately after, the holy guard used the soul pact shackles, shackling their soul pact incantations.

“The two of you are companions, and are not allowed to take action if there’s no danger. Do you understand?” sternly commanded the holy guard. 

“Don’t worry senior.” Li Hen nodded his head.

After completing all the required regulations before entering Holy Region, the holy guard brought them to the entrance.

The very top of the holy altar was an enormous ancient stone pile construct. At the very center was an enormous holy door that seemed to be in the air. This holy door probably was 50 meters high and when people stood under it, they felt extremely small!


Suddenly, a ringing bell noise rang out and Chu Mu, standing under the holy door, could feel some force moving unstably. 

A rose purple color radiance blossomed at the very bottom. Each step of the stairs seemed to portray an enormous radiant totem. When the very top of the holy altar began shimmering, the various patterns on the enormous stones under Chu Mu’s feet began shining with brilliance, forming a large astonishing picture.

“Long long long long~~~~~~~”

The holy altar began to lightly tremble and a ray of light began to spill through the door crack into the silver Holy Palace. Finally, the light fell on Chu Mu and the others...

Facing such a picture, the depths of Chu Mu’s heart surged once more with a mysterious feeling of familiarity. Furthermore, it wasn’t related to the defector soul pet!!

“What on earth is it? Why is there such a strange feeling?” Chu Mu stared at the enormous totem under his feet and the feeling in his heart began to spread. It was a feeling of sorrow!

“This… this is… the Heaven Boundary Monument!” finally Chu Mu thought of it!

This feeling of deja vu was the feeling of the Heaven Boundary Monument. The mysterious totems, unyielding beast souls, ancient memories...  

Chu Mu could no longer remember what he had seen in the Heaven Boundary Monument hallucination, but each time he looked at these mysterious stone totems, they would touch some part of his soul and form some resonance of sorrow with him.

Heaven Boundary Monument, the mysterious totems, the beast souls from the illusion, the Seven Diagram Holy Palaces. What link did they have between them? 

Chu Mu knew that he had definitely seen something at the sobbing Heaven Boundary Monument, but he couldn’t remember what. If he was able to remember everything he had seen, perhaps he would be able to obtain some understanding...

“Young Master Chu? What is it this time?” Li Hen lightly pushed Chu Mu, disrupting his recollection. 

Chu Mu gradually came back to his sense and looked at the enormous drawing under his feet. He knew that he probably would not be able to remember so he shook his head, looked at Li Hen and Ting Lan and said: “I just felt that this diagram pattern was very strange. Let’s go.”

Li Hen didn’t inquire any further and lead the two of them in.

The moment they stepped into the holy door, a different sunlight fell onto their bodies. It was comfortably warm and it felt as if they had walk through a fortress’ enormous exit and stepped onto the vast expanse of land on the outside. 

The Binding Wind Holy Region didn’t seem as dangerous as Chu Mu had imagined at the outset. Moreover, whilst here, Chu Mu couldn’t see any regions similar to the Ancient Wasteland’s storm zones.

He couldn’t see the end of the Holy Region, or in other words, aside from the enormous door erected on the ground behind them, this special space didn’t seem to be different with a normal world. It had sunlight, land and life...

“Ting Lan, have you already found a Binding Wind Spirit?” asked Li Hen.

“Mhm, this is my fourth time coming here. I already found the location of a young Binding Wind Spirit and for now, haven’t heard that anyone has captured it.” said Ting Lan.

“That would be good. The main person fighting will still be you. I can only make sure your life isn’t in danger.” said Li Hen.

Ting Lan nodded her head and gradually chanted an incantation, summoning her soul pet.

Ting Lan summoned what Chu Mu had seen before: one of the Seven Diagram Saint Pets - the Linyin Beast.

The Linyin Beast was a middle class commander and had an imposing grandeur. Its body was covered by an armor that shimmered under the shining sun. It was mighty and majestic. Its domineering skin pattern displayed this saint pet’s wildness.

Chu Mu remembered back then that this Linyin Beast had been at a very high phase and stage. Now, it had reached the eighth phase ninth stage.

Behind Ting Lan, Li Hen chanted an incantation and summoned his riding beast in front of him. Inside this Holy Region, Li Hen didn’t dare rashly fly so he didn’t summon the tenth phase Immortal Ming Bird, but instead an Earth Fiend Dream Demon!  

A ninth phase Earth Fiend Dream Demon!!

Chu Mu remembered that Xia Guanghan had also had an Earth Fiend Dream Demon, and that it had been at the eighth phase. In comparison, Li Hen’s Earth Fiend Dream Demon had reached the ninth phase and if Xia Guanghan’s strength was limited to the soul pets Chu Mu had seen, Xia Guanghan simply wasn’t Li Hen’s opponent.

Of course, Chu Mu could be sure that Xia Guanghan wasn’t merely that simple. Back then in the demonic capital, he was unable to summon any soul pets above an eighth phase monarch so he probably had even stronger soul pets he hadn’t summoned.

“Night!” Chu Mu chanted an incantation and summoned the Night Thunder Dream Beast in front of him.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s grandeur was visibly much weaker in front of the other two soul pets. It was a pseudo monarch while the Linyin Beast was a middle class monarch, indicating that there was an extremely large difference in strength between the two.

Of course, a few months ago, all of Chu Mu’s soul pets combined perhaps weren’t even this Linyin Beast’s opponent; however, right now, Chu Mu had confidence he could beat Ting Lan’s Linyin Beast. Moreover, once he bought the spirit items, his strength would rapidly rise once more. When that time came, Zhan Ye would be able to fight the Linyin Beast for a period of time.

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