Book 2 Chapter 372 - Soul Palace Seven Sacred Grounds, Binding Wind Region (2)

Chapter 372: Soul Palace Seven Sacred Grounds, Binding Wind Region (2)

Binding Wind Sacred Region

Always, Chu Mu had wondered just where the seven sacred regions of soul palace were. If there were countless soul pets living in it, then the sacred region should be a special region full of resources and boundless in area. How can such a region remain undetected by others?

Chu Mu’s questions were all answered as he walked into the Sacred Region Gate, because Sacred Region was simply special world that was not connected physically to their world at all!

Standing in front of the Sacred Region Gate, Chu Mu’s shock was indescribable. They would never have thought that the seven sacred regions that soul palace’s inner workings controlled were all a completely independent world. They didn’t lie on any land within Tianxia City. They weren’t even in this world, but instead they were mysterious regions kept heavily secured on Soul Palace’s Sacred Region Sacred Altar!

At the center of Soul Palace inner palace, a pure silver sacred altar stood there. Standing at the lowest part of the altar, Chu Mu couldn’t even take the entire altar into his vision.

There were countless stairs, each stair engraved with ancient and mysterious symbols. The magical glyphs seemed to be speaking the lengthy history of all those who walked across them.

“This is the Binding Wind Palace’s Sacred Region Palace. On the sacred altar was the door that lead to the Binding Wind Sacred Region. Soul Palace had seven such altars, each heavily protected, not allowing any outsiders to walk even a step in.” Ting Lan knew Chu Mu had never been there, so she started explaining.

Chu Mu lifted his head to look at the silver towering sacred altar. For some reason, when Chu Mu saw this supernaturally fine craft, Chu Mu felt as if he had seen this before.

It felt like a distant early memory, but also felt like a place he frequented in his dreams, causing Chu Mu’s shock to be mixed with some other strange emotion.

“Have I come here before? I shouldn’t have, but why do I have such a feeling, why is this……” Chu Mu constantly asked himself.

“Chu Chen, what is wrong?” Ting Lan noticed Chu Mu’s strange gaze and asked.

“I feel as if I’ve been here before.” Chu Mu said.

“That shouldn’t really be possible. You’ve just gotten your seventh level title. No one before seventh level title has the privilege to enter here, unless……” Ting Lan said.

“Only Palace Supremes have the authority to bring anyone they want in.” Li Heng added.

Speaking of palace supremes, Chu Mu immediately thought of his mother. Suddenly, a painful memory flowed into Chu Mu’s mind. In the past, he had constantly tried to forget this, but the moment he entered Sacred Region, all the scenes still came crashing back into his mind.

“It’s here! It’s here!! It has to be here!!!!” Chu Mu remembered, he knew why he felt as if he had seen is before, and he knew why there was a strange emotion from his heart that even he couldn’t control!

“Chu young master>” Li Heng stood by Chu Mu’s side and looked strangely at Chu Mu, who had a face of excitement. Almost all soul pet trainers who walked into this sacred region would show excitement, especially young generation members, but Li Heng could feel that, other than excitement, this young man had another more complicated emotion, causing the normally stern individual to become uncontrollably emotional!

Chu Mu indeed couldn’t control his emotions anymore!!

How many years, Chu Mu had almost completely forgotten this memory, even slowly forgetting about the first and second soul pact collecting dust in his soul.

But ten years later, he once again stepped on this path and once again witnessed the majesty of the sacred region…...

It was here!! Ten years ago, he stepped into here!!

Heavily guarded, aggressive, this ultimate sacred altar stood at the center of the massive palace, like a fortified empire inside a dream!

And ten years ago, it was here that he signed his first soul pact!!!

Finally, Chu Mu remembered it all!

Ten years ago, he reached fourth remembrance soul disciple and had been brought into the sacred region by Liu Binglan. It was in this dreamlike land that Chu Mu met an angel like humanoid soul pet. She had a perfect body that no body could possible reject, a beautiful face that should never have appeared in the human world, but she also had a vile heart beyond belief!

She tricked him, not following the promise she made before signing his soul pact!!

She caused years of cruel humiliation upon him, almost destroying all hope he had towards soul pets!

Even now, she still holds his first soul, causing him to never be able to summon his first soul!

Chu Mu’s body was already shaking lightly. He had waited too too long for this day. Finally, he stepped in here, found where he signed the soul pact with the young girl. This meant that he wasn’t too far from tracking this young girl down anymore!

“Chu Chen, are you alright?” Ting Lan asked Chu Mu softly.

Chu Mu didn’t hide anything. At this moment, the flames in his chest went afire because he already found a hint of where the first soul pact young girl was. As long as he kept his nose on this line, he would definitely find here. Then, he would no longer have to have his first soul restricted!!

“Didn’t you say there were seven such sacred regions? Is there a sacred region full of flowers!” Chu Mu excitedly grabbed Ting Lan’s weak shoulders.

“I…...I don’t know.” Ting Lan said startled and shy as she quickly tried to struggle free from Chu Mu’s hands.

“Chu Young master, calm yourself down first.” Li Heng quickly held Chu Mu and said to him.

Seeing Ting Lan blushing as well as angry, Chu Mu realized that he indeed was over-excited. Quickly taking a deep breath, he got his emotions under control.

Li Heng saw Chu Mu slowly calm down, then opened his mouth and said, “There are seven sacred altars. Of the seven, Wanmo Beast’s was the most majestic, and second to it is the Holy Stem Flower. I believe the flower covered region Chu young master is referring to is Holy Stem Flower. There lived many plant world soul pets. One of which is our soul palace sacred pet, Holy Stem Flower. At the same time that it is hard to find, it is also hard to capture……”

“Holy Stem Flower!! Yes, its the Holy Stem Flower!!” Chu Mu’s heart again leaped!

The place Liu Binglan had brought him to was indeed Holy Stem Sacred Region, where the betrayer young girl was born in a flower!

Holy Stem Sacred Region, it must be Holy Stem Sacred Region!! Chu Mu was certain that was the place he signed his first soul pact!

Ting Lan and Li Heng both stared at each other, not knowing why Chu Mu had lost all self control.

Finally, Ting Lan said straingely, “Holy Stem Sacred Region needs you to be at least ninth level title before you can enter, and you also have to meet many other conditions, so how is it possible you’ve been in there?”

“Chu Young Master, Holy Stem Sacred Region even I have only entered once. Not mentioning the many restrictions about the region, just the powerful plant world soul pets could cause countless experts to stay away.” Li Heng said.

“You’ve only entered once?” Chu Mu stopped. Chu Mu thought that Li Heng was already very strong. If even such an expert was only in there once…...

Li heng laughed bitterly and said, “There is one chance to enter any sacred region once one reaches ninth level title. Thereafter, one has to make some contriubtion before being able to enter. I was aiming too high at the time and chose Holy Stem Sacred Region to see if I could see the Holy Stem Flower, the sacred pet that countless trainers yearn for. Don’t laugh at me but, I didn't even manage to get through the outer ring of Holy Stem Sacred Region before leaving hastily and empty-handed.

Li heng’s words caused Chu Mu and Ting Lan great confusion. Even an expert like Li Heng couldn’t enter the outer ring of Holy Stem Sacred Region? Just how powerful were the soul pets hiding in there?

Chu Mu’s heart sank. Holy Stem Sacred Region needed ninth level title to enter. However, the path from seventh level to eighth level was already huge. Reaching ninth level would take another incredibly long journey…...

“Your current emotions Old Li I can understand, but Holy Stem Sacred Region indeed isn’t easily entererable”

Chu Mu still couldn’t calm himself down. Standing there, his deep pupils constantly shifted with emotions.

After a long while, Chu Mu finally tightened his fists!

Everything was just a problem of strength. As long as he was powerful enough, he would be able to reach Holy Stem Sacred Region and find more hints about the betrayal of the young girl!

Chu Mu knew what to do next!!


“Chu young master, is there something you can’t let go of here?” Seeing Chu Mu slowly calm down, Li Heng questioned.

Chu Mu shook his head and said, “Let’s enter the Sacred Region.”

Ting Lan was also looking at Chu Mu strangely, but since Chu Mu had nothing to say, she could only stepped forward and walk towards the sacred altar.

Almost every few steps, one could see two soul palace sacred guards standing still. In reality, everywhere around this sacred palace was this heavily guarded. It was impossible for anyone to get in without permission!

“Chu young master, you’ve just reached seventh level title, so you have a proper chance of entering a sacred region. However, don’t waste that here. Just enter as a follower this time. Once you feel that you’re powerful enough you can come again, you will have a greater chance of capturing a new soul pet.” Li Heng reminded Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded. This time entering Binding Wind Sacred Region, he held a tentative attitude. After all, before knowing of Binding Wind Spirit’s abilities and type, Chu Mu didn’t want to rashly decide that the Binding Wind Spirit was his wind type soul pet.

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