Book 2 Chapter 371 - Soul Palace Seven Sacred Grounds, Binding Wind Region (1)

Chapter 371: Soul Palace Seven Sacred Grounds, Binding Wind Region (1)

Wang Xuan’s face was also steeled. If he knew that he had to upset Soul Palace Li Heng, he wouldn’t have begged for Luo Peng. Luckily, Lady Ting Lan spoke. Or else, not only will Luo Peng get in troube, even the expert at Hunter’s Alliance behind Luo Peng would have trouble!

Wang Xuan quickly picked up the sweat drenched and terrified Luo Peng and told his mates to take him away. He himself went back to quickly apologize to Li Heng, hoping Li Heng didn’t take this to heart.

“Alright, I don’t have this time to argue with you, do what you need to do.” Li Heng annoyedly sent Wang Xuan away.

Wang Xuan knew he shouldn’t say any more in front of this expert so he quickly left.

“Daring to be this rude even in Soul Palace. Chu Young Master, the next time you see one of these people, you should just kill a few of their soul pets, in case they come every three to five days to find trouble.” Li Heng clearly was also a ruthless person.

Chu Mu nodded, but at the same time he was secretly guessing that Li Heng mustn’t be simply the subordinate of Yu Palace Master. From Ting Lan and Wang Xuan’s attitude towards him, he should be a very powerful expert within Soul Palace!

“Speaking of which, Chu Young Master, with your strength, if you don’t participate in the Battle of the realms, its truly a pity. The third tier final honor is also a rarity of a treasure.” Li Heng told Chu Mu.

“I never said I wasn’t participating.” Chu Mu replied.

LI Heng paused a bit before realizing the meaning in Chu Mu’s sentence. His face showed surprise, “It can’t be that Chu Young Master wants to compete for the second tier honor?”

Chu Mu nodded, not refuting the guess.

LI Heng’s surprise became even more apparent. Li Heng was an expert that grew up in Tianxia City. He had seen arrogant people of all kinds, but very rarely had anyone decided to compete for the second tier top prize at the young age of twenty!

“Won’t Chu Young Master think about it more? Third tier honor is a middle class monarch ranked soul pet. To you, it would be the most suitable soul pet.” Li Heng felt the need to persuade Chu Young Master further.

Li Heng admitted that the young man in front of him was very strong,  but the competition in second tier was incredible. With his current state, he could easily drown in the pool of young generation talent from all over the world. The most conservative option was to go to third tier. Li heng was going to even select a few soul palace young generation experts to make his chances better!

“My goal is second tier.” Chu Mu said again firmly.

“Second tier?” Ting Lan slowly walked onto the battleground has her beautiful eyes watched Chu Mu with some confusion.

Ting Lan was soul palace’s second tier expert. If the man in front of her wanted to get second tier as well, then they would either have to become teammates or competitors!

Soul Palace’s second tier experts mostly stayed alone. After all, there was only one honor. Those with true strength wouldn’t be willing to split with others.

Li Heng could tell that Chu Young master had already decided, and that he couldn’t convince him otherwise and join third tier, so he only laughed helplessly and said, “If Chu young master wants to step into second tier, then you can communicate with lady Ting Lan more. She will give you some help.” After saying that, Li Heng thought for a bit and turned to Ting Lan to continue the conversation, “Speaking of which, didn’t lady Ting Lan want a binding wind spirit recently? How did it go?”

“Not very positively. I was just about to head out. Does elder Li Heng have any spare time and is willing to go to Binding Wind Region with Ting lan?’ Ting Lan asked.

Before when Teng Hai found Ting Lan, Ting Lan was looking for someone to bring her into Binding Wind Region. Inside the Binding Wind Region was incredibly dangerous. With Ting Lan’s current power, she would definitely still need an expert to lead her, or else her life would be in danger.

“Honored to be of assistance.” Li Heng accepted gladly.

“What place is Binding Wind Region?” Hearing the two talk, Chu mu interjected.

“This…” Li Heng truly didn’t know how to explain, because almost all people above seventh level title knew what Binding Wind Region entailed, so if he were to explain he wouldn’t know where to start.

“Binding Wind Region is where our Soul Palace Seven Sacred Diagram Soul Pet Binding Wind Fairy lives. This place also has many other wind type soul pets, of which the binding wind fiary is the highest rank. Some ancient experts mention that there are even more powerful wind type soul pets deep into the more mysterious regions, but they are currently undiscovered.” Ting Lan smiled as she explained.

Ting Lan felt this was strange. She clearly remembered that Chu Mu seemed to be a new member of Soul Palace and wasn’t too knowledgeable of Soul Palace’s hierarchy. However, from Li Heng’s attitude towards him, he clearly had great status too.

“If young master has never gone to Binding Wind Region, why don’t we go together. As a soul palace member, seven sacred regions were our pilgrimage: we have to go at least once.” Li Heng said.

Binding wind region!! One of Soul Palace seven sacred diagram soul pet’s habitat!

Hearing this name, Chu Mu’s heart was excited! Chu Mu currently needed exactly a long range attacking soul pet to perfect his soul pet combinations!

Old Li previously also mentioned that Binding Wind Fairy was very fit for him to take as a wind type soul pet. Most importantly it was a middle class monarch rank, meaning once its stage and phase were raised, it would be even more terrifying than Ghost King!

“Sacred Regions need seventh level titles and the permission of Binding Wind region subpalace master. I remember you’re only sixth level title?” Ting Lan eyed Chu Mu.

“If Chu young master truly only has sixth level title, then he indeed can’t enter Binding Wind Sacred Region.” Li Heng said.

Soul palace’s restrictions are very severe. Even if Chu Mu was a young master, it was hard to obtain any special treatment with his status. At least, as a young generation, Chu Mu almost couldn’t get anything extra. He had to rely solely on himself to get what he wants.

“Once I hand in my bounty I can raise to seventh level, just wait for me here.”

Chu Mu indeed wanted to go to Binding Wind Region to take a look, so he wasn’t ready to give up this opportunity.

“Oh, almost forgot. Chu young master had just completed an eighth level bounty. Then perfect, I still need to go prepare some medicine. If lady Ting Lan is already ready,  then just wait for us at the Sacred Region Gate.” Li Heng said.

“Eighth level bounty?” Ting Lan’s beautiful eyes looked at Chu Mu, clearly not expected that Chu Mu had already started using eighth level bounties as training!

An eighth level bounty, to Ting Lan who wasn’t good at wilderness training, was difficult to do alone. However, this young man in front of her had already finished an eighth level bounty. He truly is special.

Chu mu only nodded and didn’t say much, turning to leave this battlefield and walk towards Soul palace great hall.

Giving the bounty could be tasked to Jia jing. Chu Mu gave the poison he collected to Jia Jing and she quickly went to help Chu Mu manage all the paperwork. Chu Mu only needed to confirm in the end that the gold had been put under his name and is readily extractable at any time.

Seventh level titles needed 40 million gold of transaction, 20 million as donations. Twenty million gold was acceptable to Chu Mu now.

“Young master, the 70 million bounty gold is already under your name. Additionally, the 50 million bonus is also under your account. Should I take the 20 million for seventh level title straight from the 120 million in your account?” Jia Jing asked.

Chu Mu had collected 2000 servings of poison in front and Housha regions. 1000 were used as bounty and the extra thousand were bought by Xuanzhen palace at the price of 50,000 apiece, so Chu Mu earned a total of 120 million. Taking away the donation limit, Chu Mu now had a whopping 100 million!

“En, subtract it from there. Jia Jing, also help me look for seventh rank and eighth rank pure ice type soul items, preferably good for fairy species with a price of around 50 million.” Chu Mu said.

“Ice type soul item good for fairy species, good, Jia Jing remembers.” Jia Jing nodded. After three months, this servant girl finally had work to do!

Chu Mu collected ice type soul items not only to raise ice air fairy to eighth phase, but his own high soul temperature had started burning his consciousness. Many times, Chu Mu had to spend an entire night enduring this pain while meditating.

Chu Mu knew that if he didn’t buy more ice type soul items within a month, his consciousness may be completely burned.

Another useful feature of the ice type soul items is that when Chu Mu used them, Ice Air Fairy would also get soem benefits, which is why Chu Mu asked for ice type soul items good for fairies.

Ice Air Fairy was still seventh phase ninth stage. In the desert belt, he brought Ice Air fairy out the least. This time, he thought that since it was very hard for Ice Air Fairy to break through the seventh phase bottleneck by itself, he would buy a soul item with 50 million and morph ice air fairy to eighth phase.

In these three months of training, his main improvements were Mo Xie, Zhan Ye, and Ghost King. The other soul pets have all taken steps towards eighth phase, but have still not crossed the eighth phase bottleneck, needing soul items to morph.

With Chu Mu’s estimate, a 50 million dollar soul item should let his soul pet go from seventh phase ninth stage to eighth phase fourth stage. In reality, if he gave his soul pets more time, they could definitely reach eighth phase on their own. The constant battling in Housha Region wasn’t just for show.

Putting the task of purchasing soul item aside, after Chu Mu reached seventh level title, he didn’t stay in the soul palace great hall much longer, choosing to go rendezvous with Li Heng early…...

Binding Wind Sacred Region, just what kind of soul pet sacred grounds was it, and how alluring was its soul pets?!!

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