Book 2 Chapter 369 - Violent Ghost King (2)

Chapter 369: Violent Ghost King (2)

Chanting an incantation, a blood soul pact condensed on the tip of Chu Mu’s finger. As the tip began to shake, a blood colored mark imprinted itself in front of Chu Mu. The tangled and complicated lines formed a strange blood colored ghost type and rock type pattern.

The pattern was erected in the air, and the instant Chu Mu completed his incantation, a dense ghost aura and rumbling crystal rocks slowly appeared. In midair, they formed an imposing and majestic curved monarch sword!

The curved sword hovered in the air; subsequently, the Ghost King’s arm full of ghost aura appeared, then its broad shoulders, then its mighty body, then its moldy head… 

The Ghost King’s strength wasn’t covered at all, and its giant body full of rock type strength covered by middle level dark crystal rocks seemed to be constructed by meteor crystals. Under the sunlight, they displayed an ice cold light!

“Nong!!! Nong!!!!!!!!!!” after the Ghost King appeared on the battlefield, the Ghost King’s roar suddenly shook the entire battlefield. The Ghost King was full of dark crystal rock strength mixed together with a dense ghost aura!

The Centipede Tail Boulder Devil was a rock type commander giant species soul pet. From a species perspective, it was an entire rank lower than the Ghost King. Although this Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s fighting strength had reached the pseudo monarch rank, in front of the Ghost King’s enormous figure, it revealed a terrified expression! 

“Monarch rank soul pet!!” after the Ghost King appeared, everyone let out shocked expressions.

Teng Hai and Luo Peng’s team members wanted to cheer on Luo Peng, but once the Ghost King appeared, they obediently shut their mouths. With such a difference of strength in front of them, right now even they couldn’t help but admit that this Chu Chen’s strength was abnormally strong...

There weren’t many people amongst the young generation that had strength that reached the spirit master level. Even among those who reached the spirit master level, they wouldn’t have reached it too long ago.

Therefore, their monarch rank soul pets were normally at a relatively lower phase and stage. If their phase and stage hadn’t reached a certain level, they wouldn’t summon them to fight.

Luo Peng himself had the ability to capture a monarch rank soul pet, and he also had a monarch rank soul pet. Only, it was at the fifth phase. He would only summon it to fight at rather low level matches. If it were to be summoned at this match, it would be instantly killed. 

What Luo Peng completely didn’t realize was that this young generation member who was also about twenty had summoned a Ghost king that had reached the seventh phase!!

“Seventh phase eighth stage Ghost King!” Luo Peng’s expression turned very unsightly. The Ghost King’s appearance was a very clear indication that Chu Mu had reached the spirit master level a period of time earlier than Luo Peng!

Luo Peng had spent these past few months training as if his life depended on it. With great difficulty, he had raised the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil with high potential to the seventh phase ninth stage. Its powerful strength and firm defense were capable of holding down one front and if it were to coordinate with the Hurricane Fairy, it was practically invincible amongst people of the same age. Moreover, until now, he had always been confident that his strength increased faster than Chu Mu’s. One had to know that in the span of three months, he had entered a seventh rank bewildering world twice and completed two seventh rank missions. This was something that others had no way of completing. 

However, after Chu Mu’s Ghost King appeared, Luo Peng’s confidence was instantly dealt a blow. A pure blood lineage monarch soul pet, after its phase and stage were increased, without the need for any spirit items, its fighting strength rank would surpass all of his soul pets!

“Monarch…. So what…. Don’t even think about stepping within a hundred meters of me!” said Luo Peng toughly!

His Hurricane Fairy had already reached the eighth phase fourth stage, and with pseudo monarch strength as long as it had adequate space, even if it was Ghost King’s combined strength and defense, so what? Luo Peng wouldn’t let the Ghost King get a chance to attack his soul pet!

“Nine Hurricanes!!” Luo Peng ordered his Hurricane Fairy to use an eighth rank wind type technique!

To a commander rank Hurricane Fairy, being able to comprehend an eighth rank wind type techniques was extremely hard to come by and thus had been something Luo Peng was proud of!

The Hurricane Fairy began to chant and the streams of air in the surrounding converged under its control as a strange vortex appeared!

Wind type crystallization - low level turbid wind!

The turbid wind spun, biting cold and violent. It quickly transformed into nine ten meter tall frightening hurricanes in front of the Hurricane Fairy!

This eighth rank technique required three seconds to finish the chant, but the Hurricane Fairy was able to use an even shorter time to complete the entire fermentation of the eighth technique!

The nine hurricanes shockingly formed as if nine enormous creatures had been built on the battlefield. As the Hurricane Fairy let out a long cry, these nine fierce-looking creatures twisted their wild bodies and swept over towards Chu Mu’s soul pets!!

A few months ago, facing an eighth rank technique, Chu Mu would probably care about it, but, after walking out of the Ancient Wasteland’s storm zone, where he had a taste of the tenth phase wind type soul pets’ ninth rank wind type techniques, Chu Mu felt that when he looked at this Nine Hurricanes, he felt it was a bit weak.

“Earthen Sword Strike!”

The Ghost King’s two hands firmly clutched the curved sword. It fiercely stabbed the weapon into the ground and instantly, a brown energy halo opened up a bright colored understated energy in the area ten meterse around the Ghost King!

The battlefield became a grey-white color and the ground covered by the understated halo all became middle level dark crystal rock just like those on the Ghost King’s body. At the center of the area where the Ghost King had stabbed the sword, the Ghost King was in a half-kneel like a statue!

“Hu hu hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!”

The eighth rank wind type technique, Nine Hurricanes, covered the sky and earth as it arrived and it instantly engulfed the location the Ghost King was at. The energy full of a destruction aura overturned the surface of the battlefield and the protective barriers around the battlefield began to shake unstably! 

Turbid wind filled the air. Aside from the wind technique that could engulf everything, the hurricanes also had destructive force. Quickly, the entire battlefield was filled with cold and imposing turbid winds. They were like curved black blades that wantonly shredded the air!

Amidst the powerful turbid wind shredding force, the Ghost King was like an ancient boulder that stayed motionless and peaceful. Even the the ten meter area around the Ghost King that was covered by dark crystal rock wasn’t affected by this eighth rank technique!

The Ghost King’s defense had reached the late eighth stage and after using a seventh rank defensive technique, its defense reached the full eighth stage. Moreover, the moment it used Monarch Ghost Transformation, even a ninth rank technique was incapable of killing it. This Nine Hurricanes had even yet to reach the ninth rank in might!

The eighth rank technique lasted for a period of time before it slowly dissipated. 

Suddenly, a pair of imposing ghost pupils appeared on the chaotic battlefield amidst the black disorderly wind!

The pair of ghost pupils carried the intimidating ghost force of the ghost type. They shot out blood colored gazes which stared down Luo Peng’s soul pets like a death god!

“Ghost King, kill them!” 

Before the Ghost King used Monarch Ghost Transformation, its speed wasn’t extremely slow. After all, its body was only three meters high and was much more agile than the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil.

Stepping into a stride, the Ghost King began to run heavily. The curved monarch sword in its hands began to condense a ghost type and rock type energy!

“Bengxiexie Beng xie~ Beng~ Xiebeng~~ Xiexiebeng~”

When the Ghost King ran, it was full of a feeling of strength and it seemed to cause the entire battlefield to tremble as it ran!

Seeing the Ghost King approach, Luo Peng’s face changed. He had the Hurricane Fairy unceasingly use wind type techniques in attempt to push the Ghost King back.

The Hurricane Fairy had already used an eighth rank technique and right now all the techniques it was using was sixth rank and other wind type techniques. How could the unimposing wind force from them pose any obstruction to the Ghost King?

Facing the violent wind, the Ghost King still continued to advance!

“Ghost King, Hundred Ton Sword!” finally, Chu Mu gave an order to attack!


The Ghost King wielded the sword in one hand. A middle level dark crystal rock and ghost aura condensed on its treasured sword and as the Ghost King let out its angry and stunning roar, the two meter mighty curved sword fiercely chopped down!

“Long long long!!!!!”

A fissure that continue to split astonishing appeared in the ground. It rapidly spread in the direction the Ghost King had chopped in and blew everything blocking its path to smithereens!! 

The Hundred Ton Sword’s strength couldn’t help but cause Luo Peng to retreat. He hastily had the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil use a rock type technique to defend this attack!!

The Centipede Tail Boulder Devil also used dark crystal stones, only the difference between the low level dark crystal stone and middle level manifested when the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil clashed with the Hundred Ton Sword!

All of the Hundred Ton Sword’s strength exploded on the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s body, causing countless cracks to appear. A large chunk of the dark crystal stone armor on its stomach even fell off.

However, the Ghost King’s attack didn’t end there!

The moment the Ghost King descended, the violent monarch launched a follow up rock type technique hidden behind the Hundred Ton Sword! 

Seventh rank rock type techniques could be regarded as the most fundamental to the Ghost King and the follow up rock type technique behind the Hundred Ton Sword also happened to be a seventh rank technique!!

In the location the Hundred Ton Sword had created a hole, a brown light flickered and the ground suddenly began to shake. The Centipede Tail Boulder Devil had yet to steady its enormous body when a brown boulder pattern abruptly appeared on the surface of the ground!

The faintly discernible brown boulder pattern shackled the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s body rendering it immobile. As the boulder pattern’s colors became even brighter, some movement energy began to unceasingly surge!


An enormous sound rang out and a rock type energy suddenly exploded on the rock pattern! The enormous rock type explosion energy unexpectedly blew the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil over ten meters high into the air!

Countless fragmented rocks flew about, but the Ghost King’s pair of ghost pupils were completely locked onto the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil that had been blown up into the air!

“Sword Throw!” 

Chu Mu coldly gave an order!

“Nong~ Xie xie xie xie”

The Ghost King’s mighty left arm extended behind it. After its angry display of strength in its shout, it promptly threw the curved monarch sword!!!

The domineering and imposing monarch ghost sword transformed into an incomparably cold blood colored spear that streaked through the air and acutely whistled as it flew towards the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil!!!

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