Book 2 Chapter 368 - Rock type Monarch, Violent Ghost Monarch

Chapter 368: Rock type Monarch, Violent Ghost Monarch

Outer Palace Battlefield

Chu Mu, under Jia JIng’s lead, walked to an open battlefield in outer palace.

Hunter Alliance Luo Peng was standing right in the center of this battlefield right now. When he saw Chu Mu appear, his eyes lightened up and a confident smile appeared on his face.

“You’ve finally appeared. I thought you were just going to die within Soul Palace.” The seventh level title Hunter’s Alliance Alliance Executive laughed and said.

There were four total that came to watch from hunter’s alliance. Three of them were young generation experts that were friends with Luo Peng. They were all strong competitors for third tier. In reality, in this Battle of the Realms, they were also the teammates of Luo Peng.

The last of the four people was the second tier young generation top tier expert Chu Mu had seen before - Wang Xuan. Wang Xuan this time actually had something else to do. He just happened to hear that Chu Chen, who had defeated Luo Peng previously, had returned to Soul Palace. Since he didn’t have anything else to do, he thought he might as well come to watch this match.

“Luo Peng had gone into the seventh level bewildering world twice this past three months. All his soul pets had a large increase in soul pet strength, so he was widely different from when he was in Guo City. This soul palace kid is definitely going to fail.” Luo Peng’s teammate said.

“En, Luo Peng’s training was indeed bountiful, let us hope he wins.” Wang Xuan nodded. Luo Peng was a strong competitor for third tier as well. Reaching his level at his age was pretty rare, so Hunter’s Alliance high level was very observant of him.

Wang Xuan’s eyes glanced across, but suddenly he noticed Chu Mu had someone by him, and that man he thought was familiar.

The man walked into the battlefield along with Chu Mu. After walking into the battlefield, he slowly walked towards the spectator area. This man didn’t seem to want to communicate with strangers, so he found a seat in a spacious area and didn’t take notice of anyone else there.

“I think…...I think that’s Soul Palace Li Heng…..” One Alliance Executive looked at the man, and said after a long hesitation.

Hunter’s Alliance Wang Xuan also was dazed. Only after a while did he stand up and walk towards this soul palace expert’s location.

This man was indeed Yu Palace Master’s able subordinate Li Heng. Li Heng came by Yu Palace Master’s command to ask if Chu Mu would like to represent Soul palace in the following Battle of the Realms, so he followed along with interest to see this Chu young master fight.

“Elder Li Heng.” Wang Xuan walked in front of Li Heng and said with manners.

Wang Xuan trained in the wild like a madman, so he was arrogant in front of everyone, while his beast like eyes didn’t know the idea of respect. However, in front of Li Heng, this man was unbelievably respectful. 

“Oh, Hunter Alliance Wang Xuan, how do you have time today to come to my soul palace to make trouble?” Sitting in place, Li Heng only gave Wang Xuan an indifferent glance.

“I wouldn’t dare, I was just coincidentally here……” Wang Xuan laughed awkwardly.

“The one over there is a third tier young generation expert from your Hunter’s Alliance, right?” Li heng’s eyes watched Luo Peng as he asked.

“Its our Hunter’s Alliance new Hunter King - Luo Peng, and he indeed is our third tier expert.” said Wang Xu as he nodded his head. He then pointed at Chu Mu and said, “Senior Li Hen, is this Chu Mu Senior’s disciple?”

“Disciple? I can’t possibly take such a disciple.” Li Heng laughed. 

A twenty year old man who could already roam the most dangerous parts of an eighth level bewildering world, Li Heng thought he didn’t have the honor to be the teacher of such an abnormally powerful young expert.

Li Heng’s sentence made Wang Xuan somewhat confused. One has to know that Li Heng had a great status within Soul Palace. If even he couldn’t take the young man as a disciple, he was either highly positioned or very powerful.

“Everyone knows you’re soul palace third tier members’ instructor. Even soul palace eighth young master respects you greatly. If not for owing Hunter’s Alliance, even I would want to be under your guidance…..” Wang Xuan said.


Li heng didn’t mind Wang Xuan’s flattery, only tilting his head to notice the beautiful and gentle woman that just slowly entered.

The woman walking over was gentle and cultured while still revealing nobility. Almost any man couldn’t remain untouched when they saw her.

“So it’s Ting Lan. Just now, I was thinking just which beauty in Soul Palace had such character.” Li Heng saw this famous beauty walk over and smiled.

“Elder Li Heng.” Ting Lan made a simple gesture.

At first, Ting Lan was confused as to why the high status Li Heng would appear here, but with some thinking, she realized that Li Heng was already the third tier expert main instructor. Presumably, Chu Chen was one of his disciples, so he came specially.

Everyone who often visited Tianxia City knew that Li Heng used to be Soul Palace’s first tier expert. Hunter’s Alliance, Merchant’s Alliance, Elemental Sect, Luo Region Sect, and other factions’ top tier experts all fell under his hand. With such an expert, even Wang Xuan’s arrogance wouldn’t show in front of him in the slightest.

More importantly, Li Heng was the instructor of Soul Palace’s third tier young generation experts! The reason why Wang Xuan thought Chu Mu was Li Heng’s brother was this same reason.

After greeting each other politely, everyone put their attention onto the battlefield.

At this moment, Chu Mu had already stepped into the battlefield center. Those battle-smoked black eyes stared at Luo Peng, as his cold face showed no emotions.

Standing twenty meters from Chu Mu, Luo Peng specially looked at the lady he was crushing on, and smiled confidently.

Only if she came did the battle have meaning. Of all same age, Luo Peng had only lost to Chu Mu. Just as Ting Lan said, failure was every soul pet trainer’s path. But if one didn’t dare to stand up where they once fell, they are a weakling.

For this battle, Luo Peng had constantly trained in the past few months to let his strength skyrocket. He felt like it was time to regain his honor now!

“Third tier honor is mine. I won’t let anyone else stop me, especially you. I was just overconfident last time, causing me to lose. This time, I will show you that my strength is not just how it looks!” Luo Peng pointed at Chu Mu and said.

“I won’t fight for the third tier honor with you.” Chu Mu said lightly.

Third tier. If his goal was third tier, Chu Mu would feel ashamed for himself. If he wants to gain the Realm Throne, then he must have enough ambition and courage. Chu Mu wanted the second tier honor!

“Hengheng, good to know your own limits. How do you want to compete, you pick.” Luo Peng clearly didn’t understand what Chu Mu meant when he said he wouldn’t fight for the honor, so he said with provocation.

“Same as last time.” Chu Mu said.

“Ok, summon your first soul pet!” Luo Peng said.

As his incantation started, a soul pact revolved around Luo Peng, and slowly became a soul pact symbol that fell on Luo Peng’s feet.

Inside the symbol, a huge gust of wind blew through the battlefield. At the center of the battlefield, a muddied air flow slowly appeared and became the elemental corpse of a fairy.

The first soul pet Luo Peng summoned was the Hurricane Fairy, the same as last time!

Yet a few months have past and this Hurricane Fairy’s strength clearly improved. The moment it was summoned, the entire airflow within the battlefield was under its control.

After Luo Peng summoned his first soul pet, Chu Mu finished his summon as well.

A thick dark energy slowly shrouded Chu Mu’s surroundings and the faintly discernible shadow actually blocked out the sun. An unknown space appeared. In this space, Night Thunder Dream Beast looked like it flew in from a different world, appearing handsomely onto the battlefield!

Ting Lan’s gaze quickly fell on Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast, and her face showed surprise. She had not thought that she could no longer tell the phase and stage of this Night Thunder Dream Beast this time!!

“I think this Night Thunder Dream Beast has seen great increase.” After a long while did Ting Lan tell herself.

Li Heng sat there and rubbed his chin as he stared at Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast. His soul remembrance was much higher than Ting Lans, and he was also the only one on stage that could tell the phase and stage of the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast could hide in the darkness, and was the hardest to detect of demons. Li Heng now understood why Chu young master dared to enter the most dangerous part of the eighth level bewildering world now.


“It’s this demon again. So what if its restricting power is strong!” Luo Peng smiled.

Hurricane Fairy’s wind energy crystal was already initial stage turpid wind, so its damage increased greatly. Luo Peng was confident this Night Thunder Dream Beast couldn’t come within a hundred meters of his soul pets!

This time, Luo Peng didn’t want to single control. He actually chanted another incantation to immediately summon his second soul pet!

A soul pact symbol slowly appeared. Brown rocks started surrounding Luo Peng. With the massive brown symbol slowly becoming clearer, the rocks quickly flew into the symbol and created a massive soul pet body…...

It was the rock type soul pet Centipede Tail Giant Rock Demon!

Far ranged Hurricane Fairy, close defensive Centipede Tail Giant Rock Demon, this was a very traditional elemental soul pet strategy!

“Rock type Centipede Tail Giant Rock Demon, perfect……” Seeing Luo Peng’s second soul pet appear on the battlefield, Chu Mu smiled.

Inside his soul pet space, the coldly standing Ghost Monarch slowly opened its resting eyes and let out demonic glints from its pupils!!

The second soul pet that Chu Mu was summoning was the utmost monarch of rock types - Ghost King!

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