Book 2 Chapter 367 - Return, Rematch against Luo Peng

Chapter 367: Return, Rematch against Luo Peng

Without a single piece of skin intact on its body and face full of black dried blood filth, he looked like a lucky survivor from a group of burning corpses.

Yet, his black eyes weren’t filled with a weakling’s desire to live and cowardice, but were instead filled with a determined glow!

Li Heng looked dazed at the teen that walked out, and he couldn’t calm the turmoil in his heart. After a while did he open his mouth and ask, “Chu young master, did you just walk out of the Housha Region?”

“Probably.” Front Sha Region and Housha Region didn’t have a clear boundary, so Chu Mu wasn’t sure if he had entered the Housha Region.

From these two months time’s experience, he thought he had probably entered the housha region, or else he wouldn’t have met so many ninth phase commanders.

“Walking out of Housha Region, you… aren’t joking, right?” The other three palace officials all fell before Chu Mu. Hearing Li Heng talk to this roamer, their faces became very strange.

These three eighth level Palace officials still didn’t dare to go straight into the home of the eighth rank bewildering world’s house, but the tattered young man in front of him walked straight out of Housha region!

“Chu young master truly is a dragon amongst people.” Li Heng was also surprised for a long while before speaking.

“Do you have water?” Chu Mu didn’t mind the gaze of everyone else, only asking lightly.

Only then did Li Heng come back to his senses and quickly pulled water out of his spatial ring to the young man. He then said, “Do you need healing medicine? Your wounds are very heavy……”

Chu Mu shook his head and took over the water Li Heng gave. He didn’t drink it himself, instead started using his soul remembrance…...

Li heng and the three palace officials all were dazed by this act. Everyone had thought Chu Mu had asked for water because he was too thirsty. After all, his lips were incredibly cracked, a clear sign of dehydration.

“Let’s go……” Chu Mu said to Li heng tiredly.

Li heng nodded and let Chu Mu jump onto the back of his Immortal Ming Bird.

“Huhuhuhu~~~~~~~~~” Immortal Ming Bird flapped its wings and, with a large gust of wind and sand, it slowly neared the azure skies.

The three palace officials all rode their own soul pets in to the sky as well, following behind the Immortal Ming bird. Their expressions were all strange right now.

“Li Heng actually let someone else sit on his Immortal Ming Bird. Wasn’t this taboo for him?” Finally, one palace guard asked the pressing question.

“Indeed strange. Even when eighth young master was young and wanted to ride the Immortal Ming Bird, Boss Li Heng rejected coldly.

Li Heng’s ears were very good. They also heard his subordinates speaking. He specially looked over at the worn roamer but only smiled.

As a young man, he stepped alone into the most dangerous region of an eighth level bewildering world. As a soul pet trainer, in a wounded, unbelievably thirsty situation, the first thing he thought of was his soul pets. From what Li Heng saw, this was a true soul pet trainer!



Soul Palace Inner Palace

“Already back to heal?” Yu Palace master was holding a book. Looking at Li Heng half kneeled in front of him, he asked lightly.

“En, when we were going towards Housha Region, he walked out.” Li Heng said respectfully.

“Housha Region?” Yu Palace Master put down his book and stared at Li Heng, looking somewhat surprised.

“When we found him, he was thoroughly wounded. It looked like he had fought in there for a long time. Even I can’t believe that a young generation member dared to go to Housha Region to train. Yu Palace Master, we have another abnormal one in Soul Palace.” Li heng said with feeling.

Yu Palace Master remembered that he gave Chu Mu the bounty three months ago. At the time, Yu Palace Master was still worried about whether Chu Mu could actually finish the eighth level bounty. What made Yu Palace Master laugh and worry was that Chu Young Master was too excessive. He went straight to the most dangerous place of an eight level bewildering world. Did he find the rest of the bewildering world unchallenging?

“There is still half a year before the Battle of the Realm. Seems like we can get another honor from third tier.” Yu Palace Master said and picked up his books again.

Li Heng nodded. With his estimate, if Chu Mu could fight in Housha Region, he shouldn’t have many opponents in third tier.


Back at soul palace, Chu Mu took seven full days of rest before he recovered to his normal state.

His soul pets and himself were all heavily wounded. The good thing was that Li Heng gave them quite some effective healing medicine, causing his soul pets and him to recover within seven days.

“Young master, you have been too crazy recently. This way, you’ll probably become like Soul Alliance’s Qing Ye, becoming a person that only gains vigor when he kills. Soul pet trainer’s training isn’t just in killing. There are other very key factors…..” Old Li witnessed Chu Mu’s craze this past two months. This craze made Old Li’s heart cold. He could hardly imagine just how deeply rooted his want to become stronger was.

“No big deal, I can control myself.” Chu Mu said nonchalantly.

“But don’t forget that you have a devil within your body. Half devil is a bloody killer. If you keep on like this, you will go mad. Then, you won’t even be able to control yourself if you wanted.” Old Li said.

“There will be a day where I can completely control half devil’s power.” Chu Mu said without caring much.

The battle at Li city made Chu Mu realize the power of the half devil’s energy. Chu Mu knew he couldn’t control the half devil purely because he was too weak. Once his power was enough, Chu Mu believed he definitely could make a half devil whenever he wanted, consciously controlling the soul devil fire energy!

“Alright, it’s about time to hand in the bounty.” Chu Mu stood up and stretched out.

After the fight with soul alliance Qing Ye’s emperor Mo Ye, Chu Mu realized the importance of soul equipment. Chu Mu still couldn’t raise Mo Ye’s fighting rank, but he could definitely use soul equipment to reach the same effect!

Now the sixth level soul equipment’s effects were almost impossible to see on Mo Ye. With pseudo-monarch, Zhan Ye could only barely reach low class monarch with this equipment.

With Chu Mu’s estimate, with seventh level soul equipment, Zhan ye would definitely reach low class monarch directly. With Zhan Ye’s six times life force, Broken Limb Rebirth, and Brave Stinging Heart, at same stage and phase, it could definitely beat middle class monarch ranks!

“Young master, someone is looking for you.” Jia Jing ran over and panted out.

“Is it the two people I told you to look for?” Chu mu’s eyes glowed. Was it that Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng have come to Tianxia City?

“No, the man says he comes from Hunter’s Alliance, and has been waiting for you for a month. He even said you were cowardly and didn’t dare to fight him again.” Jia Jing said.

“Oh, it’s him…..” Chu Mu’s eyes lost their glow and waved his hand towards Jia jing, “Just say I’m not here.”

Chu Mu no longer had any interest in fighting Luo Peng, so Chu Mu didn’t want to waste time on such people.


“Chu Chen, I know you’re in there!” Suddenly, a young voice came in from outside.

Jia Jing looked at Chu Mu and hesitated on whether to open the door.

Chu Mu rubbed his temples and thought, “whatever, might as well fight”. This way, he could compare himself to his past self to see just how much he improved. 

Chu Mu stood in front of the door and opened it. He saw in one glance the young man named Teng hai in front of him, eyes full of stubbornness and unwilling.

“Why are you hiding here? Is it that you know Luo Peng’s strength grew a huge amount recently and now you don’t dare to fight him?” Teng Hai said angrily.

“Where is he?” Chu Mu was too lazy to explain to this kid and simply asked.

“Outer palace battlefield. I’ll go find my sister right now. Heng heng, if you back off now, don’t call yourself a soul palace member in the future.” Teng Hai said.

“Jia Jing, lead the way.” Chu Mu said.

“Oh, okay.” Jia Jing hurriedly nodded and walked in front of Chu Mu’s face.

Jia Jing has already been Chu Mu’s servant for three months, but she was in fact very curious about Chu Mu. Now that she could see this man fight, she was very excited. After all, he completed an eighth level bounty. Not many young generation could say they did that in soul palace!


Teng Hai knew Ting Lan was within soul palace and knew that Luo Peng wanted to regain his honor in front of his sister, so when Chu Mu accepted the battle, Teng Hai immediately ran to mid palace to tell Ting Lan to come spectate.

“What is the hurry?” Ting Lan put down what she was doing and asked her brother.

“Luo Peng is going to fight Chu Chen again!” Teng Hai pulled Ting Lan and made it mandatory for her to go spectate.

“I’m busy with Binding Wind Palace things, you just go yourself.” Ting Lan said without much interest.

“No, you have to go.” Teng Hai said excitedly.

Teng Hai was listening to Luo Peng’s commands of needing to bring Ting Lan, or else how could she see his improvement in the past months!

Ting Lan slightly furrowed her brows as her beautiful eyes became colder.

Teng Hai noticed Ting Lan’s expression shift and his heart sank. He immediately let go of her hand and didn’t dare to pull Ting Lan anymore.

Teng hai knew Ting Lan’s personality. Usually, she was gentle and refined, a perfect sister. But once she showed her cold eyes, it meant she was angry. Once she was angry, she was a formidable force!

Teng hai didn’t dare to speak anymore as he looked at Ting Lan afraid.

“Whatever, lead the way.” Ting Lan saw Teng Hai react so and lightly sighed. She stopped revealing further expressions and her eyes became gentle again.

“Chu Chen…...That should be the name, right?” Ting Lan said to herself. In reality, the reason she changed her mind was definitely not because of Luo Peng, but instead because of man she felt was mysterious.

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