Book 2 Chapter 366 - Hellish Training, Desert Nomad

Chapter 366: Hellish Training, Desert Nomad

It was late at night, and the entire desert was deathly still.

Chu Mu didn’t continue to team up with the other four. Instead, he walked towards the back of the sand dune.

A layer of dense bloody smell pervaded the basin. Chu Mu stood on the back of the sand dune and looked over. A large pile of bloody corpses were heaped up in the middle of the basin.

Broken bug armor, shattered limbs, ruptured heads and tails torn off. All these things were mixed with innard fluids and blood. It was a mess that made one nauseated and disgusted upon seeing it!

This was over a thousand corpses!!

Chu Mu didn’t know how long that fellow had fought for, nor did he know how strong his soul pets were. But from merely seeing this bloody pile of corpses in basin, he could tell exactly how terrifying Soul Alliance’s Qin Ye was.

“Young master, the majority of the corpses here are Wild Desert Scorpion corpses. Perhaps there is enough poison here to meet your requirements.” said Old Li.

“You collect the poison. I’ll continue walking forwards.” said Chu Mu.

“Young master, you still want to walk forwards? The blood here should be enough.” said Old Li.

“My soul pets still need even stronger training.” said Chu Mu.

Spirit items would only be supplementary items at the end of the day. Only by perpetually fighting could a soul pet surpass itself and become stronger. Taking advantage of their fighting strength presently being at a full state, Chu Mu wouldn’t leave the eighth rank bewildering world like this. He definitely had to continue fighting!

“Young master.” Old Li saw Chu Mu’s resoluteness and for a moment, didn’t know what to say.

Directly jumping from a seventh rank bewildering world to an eighth wasn’t something that no other person of the same age could do. Yet, despite even coming to the eighth phase bewildering world he still put in effort to surpass himself. He was practically like a fighting madman...

Old Li began to regret having Chu Mu come to Tianxia City where it experts converged too early because Chu Mu’s heart was incomparably coarse and wild. The moment he saw a peak of strength in the distance, he would crawl up this peak as if he didn’t know what tiredness was. It didn’t matter if climbing barehanded like this would make him to fall and shatter his bones. He would either dropped into a bottomless abyss or climb up to the paramount soul pet peak. The tiny Old Li stood on the outskirts of the large pile of corpses and his eyes revealed a rare complicated expression.

Old Li watched Chu Mu from behind; it was a unwavering figure from behind that caused him to think of a long long time ago when that person also had this hard to reason with coarse and wild heart! 

A cold moon, a solitary figure and a deathly still desert. The only thing left behind was a row of steady footprints that slowly extended into an even further mysterious region. A region full of unknown dangers.

Inside Soul Palace.

“Jia Jing, Young Master Chu hasn’t come back at all, right?” asked Palace Lord Yu.

Jia Jing was sound asleep until noon, when Palace Lord Yu suddenly appeared in Chu Mu’s room. It caused her to jump in fright and she hastily knelt down in politeness. 

“He hasn’t returned. Young Master Chu hasn’t returned at all.” hastily replied Jia Jing, afraid that Palace Lord Yu would blame her for her laziness. 

Jia Jing had relaxed for nearly three months, as she ostensibly had nothing to do in these three months. Every day she slept and went for a leisurely stroll. As a servant girl, this was the first time she had been so relaxed. 

Palace Lord Yu didn’t ask anything more and slowly left. 

“Li Hen, take a few people familiar with the sand region and take a look. If you find Young Master Chu, immediately bring him back.” Palace Lord Yu instructed his subordinate.

“Yes!” the man called Li Hen next to Palace Lord Yu cupped his fists.

"Chu Chen?? Senior Li Hen, a month ago we were in Qiansha Region and met a palace assistant called Chu Chen. I don’t know if he’s the person you’re looking for?” Shan Jing hastily said to Li Hen.

“Yes, it should be him. Why don’t you come with me.” Li Hen selected a few subordinates and casually brought Li Shan along.

Li Shan revealed a happy expression. Li Hen was Palace Lord Yu’s capable subordinate and his strength was exceptional. Normally, as a seventh rank title soul pet trainer, it would be very hard for Shan Jing to come into contact with someone at that level. Now, a rare opportunity to come into contact with him had arrived so his heart was extremely moved. 

If they flew, they would need at least six days to reach Qiansha Region from Tianxia City. A month ago, Shan Jing had just left the desert and didn’t expect that he would reenter this scorching region again today.

Different from last time, Shan Jing didn’t need to aimlessly walk around the desert this time; instead, he rode on Li Hen and the other Soul Palace experts’ wing type soul petes as they flew across the desert!

Flying uninhibited in the air!! This was an extravagant hope for any soul pet trainer!

The first great taboo of any bewildering world was flying because flying in the air was undoubtedly issuing a provocation to every flying soul pet in the eighth rank bewildering world. In the past, Shan Jing didn’t even dare have the thought of flying in an eighth rank bewildering world.

This time, accompanying Li Hen and the other Soul Palace experts, they were able to directly fly in the eighth rank bewildering world as there simply were no wing type soul pets that dared stop them. This feeling was unprecedented to Shan Jing!!

“Seniors, why do you wish to find Chu Mu?” asked Shan Jing quietly. Being able to request several experts to go on a search meant that the young man that they had teamed up with had an extremely exceptional status. 

“Don’t ask any more question. Just show us the way.” calmly said Li Hen.

“This subordinate spoke too much.” Shan Jing was shocked and promptly didn’t dare ask any more. He brought the experts whom he revered and respected towards the sandy area he had split off with Chu Mu previously. 

In the vast desert, finding a single person was easier said than done. For a few consecutive days, Li Hen and the others searched Qiansha Region, but were unable to find any traces of a young man. 

“Senior, he wouldn’t have died in this sand region, right?” asked an eighth rank title soul pet trainer.

“Go further in and look. Palace Lord Yu made clear that we absolutely have to bring him back.” said Li Hen in a heavy tone.

“I remember back then, we were heading towards Housha Region. In the divide between Qiansha Region and Housha Region, I remember seeing a few footprints. I don’t know if it’s him.” said Shan Jing.

“He’s a young generation member. He cannot have entered Housha Region.” said a Soul Palace official.

Li Hen creased his brows and looked at the disorganized sand in the distance. After hesitating a while, he said: “Let’s go to Housha Region to look.”

“Senior, we can’t freely fly in Housha Region.” when a few Soul Palace officials heard they were going to enter Housha Region, their expressions changed!

Every person present knew that Housha Region was one of the most terrifying zones of the Ancient Wasteland. Even these Soul Palace officials which had already reached the eighth rank title didn’t dare randomly enter this place.

LI Hen didn’t say anything more and immediately rode on his wing type soul pet in the direction of Housha Region.

The other Soul Palace officials couldn’t say anything and followed him towards the terrifying Housha Region.

There was no distinct divide between Housha Region and Qiansha Region and there were many instances when a soul pet trainer training in this desert would encounter the encirclement of countless soul pets before abruptly realizing that they had stepped foot into Housha Region! 

Ninth phase commanders were omnipresent in Housha Region while eighth phase creatures were innumerable like lowly ants. 

“If we continue going, we should enter the outskirts of Housha Region. We should try our best to avoid flying. There are tens of thousands of Dark Condors there and with one careless mistake and we’ll be trapped in the air.” said Shan Jing somewhat afraid.

Li Hen glanced at the cowardly Shan Jing, but ignored what he had said. He promptly flew his wing type soul pet into Housha Region!

“Senior.” the other three Soul Palace officials looked at the obstinate Li Hen and were speechless for a moment. They had to sum up all their courage to follow behind Li Hen.

Shan Jing had a bitter face at this moment. After all, the wing type soul pet that Li Hen was flying on was one of Soul Palace’s Seven Diagram Saint Beasts, the Immortal Ming Bird!

The Immortal Ming Bird was a monarch rank soul pet and Li Hen’s Immortal MIng Bird had further reached the tenth phase. It truly did have the requirements to fly in Housha Region.

The other Soul Pet officials were not flying Immortal MIng Birds, but the strength of their soul pets was above ninth phase commanders or eighth phase monarchs. With Li Hen’s escort, nothing would probably happen to them.

However, Shan Jing was a seventh rank title palace executor riding a mere eighth phase high stage peak commander. With such little strength, even disregarding entering Housha Region, daring to fly in a seventh rank bewildering world was suicide...

“Immortal Ming Bird… Immortal Ming Bird. How long before I can obtain a Seven Diagram Saint Pet…” Shan Jing looked at the radiant and beautiful monarch rank wing type soul pet being ridden and spoke extremely enviously.

Atop of the monarch rank Immortal Ming Bird, Li Hen silently stood there and stared at the enormous desert.

After entering the depths of the desert, the sand dunes lessened and as far as he could see, the desert was like a golden ocean with several ripples. The blue sky seemed to border with the end of the desert.

“Yi~~~ Yi~~~~~~~” suddenly, Li Hen’s Immortal Ming Bird let out several sharp cries, warning Li Hen that something had appeared in front.

Li Hen used a soul technique and his eyes slowly became sharper. They became like the eyes of a powerful eagle!

“A refugee?” Li Hen muttered to himself.

The man that appeared in Li Hen’s gaze was wearing ragged clothes and covered with injuries. There weren’t any soul pets next to the man, and he was walking on foot in this desert land fraught with danger.

Behind the man was a long row of footprints in the sand. From this, he could tell that this man had walked for a long while.

“Go down and look.” Li Hen told his Immortal Ming Bird.

The Immortal Ming Bird’s descending speed was extremely quick. It managed to go from nearly a thousand meters in the air to the sand in a few seconds. At this meteor-like speed, it was a mere wing flap and all of the descending speed was neutralized...

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~” when the Immortal Ming Bird landed on the ground, a wave of wind suddenly swept out towards the surrounding hundred meters from it.


A wave of windy sand hit the man riddled with scars, but he didn’t dodge at all. With heavy steps, he continued to walk forwards in the violent wind as the Immortal Ming Bird’s wing type stream of air didn’t pose any obstruction to his steps. 


“May I ask if this is Young Master Chu?” Li Hen carefully examined the man tormented by windy sand and fights to the point of a tragic sight and asked a question in a very questioning tone.

This nomad slowly raised his head and his two black lifeless eyes gradually moved a bit. A while later, he finally opened his parched lips and spoke in a very hoarse and exhausted voice: “That’s me!” 

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