Book 2 Chapter 365 - Soul Pet World’s Devil, Qin Ye!

Chapter 365: Soul Pet World’s Devil, Qin Ye!

“Young master! Give up the fight!!” suddenly, Old LI’s voice rang out in Chu Mu’s mind.

“Young master, your Zhan Ye’s fighting strength has barely reached the low class monarch. The opponent is a high class monarch. Perhaps Brave Hibernating Heart at the late stage can change the tides of battle, but young master, you absolutely cannot continue!” Old LI’s voice suddenly became extremely pressing and anxious.

Chu Mu had planned on having Zhan Ye rebirth and fight, but Old Li’s shout made Chu Mu stunned. He, for some indescribable reason, had Zhan Ye stop Broken Limb Rebirth. 

“Why?” Chu Mu felt that Old LI’s tone had become strange so he asked.

“Normally, it’s fine for you at any time to persist, but this time you must listen to me. You absolutely cannot continue fighting with this fellow. Nor can you show your soul pet’s abnormal ability!” Old LI’s voice became somewhat sharp.

Chu Mu was stunned once again. He had never seen Old Li so emotional. Could it be that the mysterious man in front of him wasn’t merely swapping pointers?! 

Chu Mu had previously considered this question, only, if the opponent had ulterior motives, with his strength, there was no need to specially challenge him!

Old Li’s loss of his bearings made Chu Mu realize something was wrong. Promptly, he forcibly suppressed the flames of war in his heart, and he didn’t have Zhan Ye use Broken Limb Rebirth!

The mysterious man indifferently looked at Chu Mu. He seemed to sense that Chu Mu still had the intent to fight, and he intentionally swept his eyes over the dying Warbeast Mo Ye. He felt that there was no longer any meaning in this fight and quickly, his eyes became empty again. Without a fight, it was as if he had no soul.

“Let’s go. Waste of time.” the mysterious man stepped forward and continue walking in his original direction.

The Royal Mo Ye slowly followed by his side and didn’t look at the struggling Zhan Ye anymore. 

Under the spilling starlight, this man walking on the sand was like a walking corpse. As he walked towards the sand dunes in the distance, he seemed to lack a direction he was walking in...

Just like this, the powerful man slowly disappeared from Chu Mu’s line of sight...

Through the entire course of events, Chu Mu had continuously suppressed the desire in his heart to fight. Zhan Ye possessed the Brave Stinging Heart and could unceasingly increase its strength. Under a single control scenario, there ostensibly was no other soul pet at the same phase and stage that was Zhan Ye’s opponent. The Royal Mo Ye’s strength could overcome its innate rank, but couldn’t Zhan Ye too?!

However, rationale told him that he couldn’t continue fighting!

“Zhan Ye, Broken Limb Rebirth.” Chu Mu sucked in a breath of air. It wasn’t until the man had completely left that he gave his much delayed order.

Dark Rupture was extremely painful. The fight had already ended, but Chu Mu didn’t want Zhan Ye to suffer from the torment of serious injury.

“Hou” Zhan Ye shook its head and slowly strode forward, walking back to Chu Mu. It unexpectedly let the blood drip from its body, and was unwilling to use Broken Limb Rebirth.

Without a fight, Broken Limb Rebirth had no meaning. Zhan Ye was more willing to heal its body through its innate healing. 

“Don’t worry, we definitely meet him again. When that time comes, him and his Royal Mo Ye will be squashed under our feet.” Chu Mu pacified Zhan Ye’s competitive heart.

Zhan Ye nodded his head. His spirit was connected with Chu Mu’s and he naturally knew that there were times when in order to become stronger, winning wasn’t necessary. Such a setback was nothing to Zhan Ye. The next time they crossed blades, Zhan Ye would rip apart that Royal Mo Ye’s arrogant face!

“Speak. Why did you stop me from fighting him.” Chu Mu said in a heavy voice to Old Li.

“Young master, this fellow is practically a devil in the soul pet realm. I’ll put it like this; if you were to continue fighting him just now, Zhan Ye would definitely have shown the two abnormal abilities of the six Broken Limb Rebirths and the limitless strength increase of the Brave Stinging Heart. The moment your Mo Ye, however, displays such outstanding fighting strength, this fellow will definitely take no offense to killing you and then stealing your soul pet!” said Old Li.

Chu Mu instantly creased his brows. The moment a soul pet surpassed the seventh phase, it was abnormally hard to have it sign a soul pact with a soul pet trainer. Even if that fellow killed him, it was practically impossible for him to sign a soul pact with Zhan Ye.

“Could it be that this fellow has some special soul pact that allows him to sign a soul pact with soul pets above the seventh phase?” asked Chu Mu.

“Exactly! That’s why I said he’s a devil! You absolutely cannot have him see a soul pet that makes him interested. Your Zhan Ye’s attribute is extremely abnormal and although he already has an even stronger Royal Mo Ye, once a life force six times the norm, Broken Limb Rebirth and Brave Stinging Heart are exposed, it will be very hard to guarantee that this devil with extremely high foresight wouldn’t covet it!” said Old Li.

Chu Mu’s heart sank. If this was the case, not continuing to fight really was very wise!

“This still isn’t the main problem. You also saw his eyes just now. The moment there’s no fight, he loses his soul. The moment a fight appears, his entire person is invigorated with life. It probably wouldn’t be an issue for your Zhan Ye to compete against his Royal Mo Ye at the end, but this is the equivalent of sparking his fighting intent. The moment he invests himself in a fight, he fundamentally won’t care if its single control or not. You have to know that this fellow is definitely a first grade ultra strong expert with tenth phase soul pets!

Of course, if you were to reveal that your identity of a Soul Palace young master, perhaps he wouldn’t dare touch you, but this is something hard to say. The moment his intention to kill manifests, he will complete it quickly and cleanly… we can’t take this risk.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu sucked in a breath of air. His heart wasn’t palpitating from luckily escaping a calamity. Instead, his heart was surging with an intense emotion!

This was a first grade expert!! A genuine expert with tenth phase soul pets!!

“Who is he?!” Chu Mu wanted to remember this man’s name.

This was because there will be a day when Chu Mu would not invoke just a look of indifference and disinterest from this expert; instead, he wanted to instill extremely profound fear!

The soul pet world’s devil! This title should belong to himself!! Moreover, it should belong only to himself!! 

“Soul Alliance’s strongest, Qin Ye!” suddenly, a trembling and hoarse voice rang out.

Captain Dun Zhan’s face, until now, had been extremely unsightly. A cold sweat was unceasingly breaking out on his forehead, and it wasn’t until this mysterious man had left that he finally subdued the shadow in his heart!

“Captain? What Soul Alliance? Up until now you were like this. Could it be that you have some blood feud with that person?” Li He hastily walked to his captain’s side and helped him sit down.

Chu Mu turned around and saw Dun Zhan’s state. Presumably he understood even more so he promptly walked over next to Captain Dun Zhan. He said down in front of him and said: “Soul Alliance? He’s someone from Soul Alliance?” 

“Captain, you recognize him?” the others came around Dun Zhan as it could be said that such an expert had completely surpassed Shan Jing and the others’ knowledge. 

Dun Zhan let out a miserable laugh. His entire being seemed slightly haggard. A long while later, he finally said: “How could I not recognize him…” Dun Zhan paused, then used an extremely pained voice as he continued, “how could I not recognize the person who completely defeated our team!” 

“Your team?” You mean…” Shan Jing’s face instantly changed.

Captain Dun Zhan nodded his head.

The Battle of the Realm!! It indeed was the Battle of the Realm!!

Previously Captain Dun Zhan wasn’t willing to talk about the Battle of the Realm matters, yet no one expected that the captain’s entire team had been completely defeated in the last Battle of the Realm! 

Moreover, the person that completely defeated them was the walking corpse-like man who had just left - Soul Alliance’s Qin Ye!

“Six years ago, his strength was extremely strong…” asked Chu Mu.

“Strong. Extremely strong. When he became the boundary lord of the second grade, countless young experts gave up the competition. As for us three, we were among the few that challenged him. Ultimately… ultimately… it was all my fault. Back then I shouldn’t have looked down on this devil, otherwise they wouldn’t have…” reaching this point, the corners of Dun Zhan’s eyes became a bit moist.

[TL: When Dun Zhan says ‘they wouldn’t have’, he’s referring to soul pets]

Dun Zhan was already 30 years old, and the first impression he gave others was steady and calm. He should have been a fairly staunch and mature man, but right now, he was letting out sadness that was hard to suppress.

The death of soul pets!

The bane of soul pet trainers! Countless experts had been unsuccessful in escaping such a bane. As a person who truly treasured soul pets, Chu Mu understood this loss that was even more painful and despairing than losing a family member. 

Seeing the tears of this man behind him, Chu Mu couldn’t help but think of his father...

Where on earth was he now?

Was he sitting in some corner of the world right now in an utterly exhausted state? In order for new soul pets, in order to retrieve the honor that had been stolen from him and in order for his main pets that had already died, he didn’t stop putting in effort...

Chu Mu knew that Chu Tianmang bore an extremely heavy task. Upon he remembering himself giving up to despair when he was a child due to a defecting soul pet, he instantly felt extremely ashamed.

Compared to undoing all of one’s soul pet pacts and compared to his three mian soul pets being sealed, how could a mere soul pet defect compare? 

Chu Mu remembered when he had been kidnapped by Xia Guanghan. Chu Tianmang only had an eighth phase Mo Ye and aside from this, Chu Mu didn’t remember his summoning any other soul pet.

Chu Tianmang had walked east and had stepped onto the path of a soul pet trainer just like him. Perhaps when he faced enemies that he could have once easily defeated, he had to silently endure and concede...

However, Chu Mu was sure that he was still alive. He would definitely stand once more at the apex of the soul pet realm and retrieve his blood soaked honor and glory!

When that time came, what he wanted him to see wasn’t a coward who gave up and forever lived in the shadow of a defected soul pet! Instead, he wanted him to see a Chu Mu who had  courageously live on and had stepped onto the lofty peak of experts; someone who made his eyes brim with tears of excitement and a son that he could be extremely proud of!! 

In this moment, Chu Mu’s eyes were filled with unprecedented firmness! 

Soul Alliance’s strongest? So what! I’ll surpass him, I’ll definitely surpass him!!! 

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