Book 2 Chapter 364 - Emperor Species Mo Ye, Defying Rank

Chapter 364: Emperor Species Mo Ye, Defying Rank

Houhouhou!!!!!.... When the Mo Ye appeared, dark energy swept through like crazy, giving one an unknown fear. Demon winds blew upon one’s face, bringing a blood scent as well as a feeling of coldness…...

This Mo Ye’s body type was similar to Zhan Ye. According to Chu Mu’s estimate, its stage was only about seventh phase third stage. And from the thick dark aura and wild explosive power, Chu Mu could clearly feel that the Mo Ye’s ranks as much more powerful than his own Zhan Ye!!

The mysterious man’s Mo Ye didn’t make any disguise on his own Mo Ye’s fighting power. With the posture of a king amongst Mo Ye, it walked out of the soul pact symbol!

“How is this possible! A seventh phase Mo Ye couldn’t possibly show this power!”

Shan Jing and Li He both stared wide-eyed.

Mo Ye counts as a mainstream beast type soul pet. Almost all soul pet trainers had an understanding of it. However, Li He and Shan Jing had never seen such a powerful Mo Ye!

Middle class monarch rank!!!

To make a Mo Ye middle class monarch rank, not only was wealth needed, the soul pet needed great resilience!!

Chu Mu couldn’t raise his soul pets’ ranks up. One. because he couldn’t find the right soul item. Two, his soul pets haven’t grown enough yet. Even if he bought the soul items, the soul pet wouldn’t be able to absorb it.

Yet, this mysterious man raised his seventh phase third stage Zhan Ye to middle class monarch rank. This was at the same rank as his White NIghtmare!

Facing such a Mo Ye, Chu Mu’s face became serious.

Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye’s true strength was near pseudo-monarch rank. Using soul equipment, it was barely low class monarch. Middle class monarch and low class monarch seems only one rank apart, but seventh phase ninth stage White Nightmare could fight against the ninth phase Terror Wolf, while other low class seventh phase ninth stage soul pets couldn’t. This meant that there was quite the distance between low and middle class!

Ink claws slowly extended and shined with a cold glow. Facing such a Mo ye, especially in the hands of a powerful soul pet trainer, Chu Mu knew this battle won’t be simple!

“Zhan Ye.” Chu Mu said lowly.

Facing the same species, Zhan ye’s black eyes were already full of fighting intent. It slowly walked forward. Even though its aura wasn’t as powerful as this middle class monarch rank Mo Ye, Zhan Ye still maintained its highest battle state.

“Looks like they both can’t wait.

“Then let us begin.” Mysterious man didn’t have any emotions, only standing there.

“Attack!” Mysterious man sent his command!

Middle class monarch rank Mo Ye’s black energy showed a strange twist. As it ran through the sand, the energy quickly gathered on this Mo Ye’s claw!!

Thick dark energy pounced ahead. Black light flashed over as two black claws heavily slashed downwards cleanly and violently!

Dark Ghost Claw!!

The dark energy was like a ghost that locked onto the enemy deadly, causing the opponent to be unable to dodge!!

This was also Chu Mu’s first time facing such a strange dark type and beast type combination technique!

Since it couldn’t be dodged, Chu Mu didn’t let Zhan Ye dodge. With six times the life force, such attack could at most cause Zhan Ye to suffer medium sized wounds. Without long, it would be able to recover with its self-recovering skill!

“Shattering Stamp!!”

Chu Mu directly let out the attack command to shake this Mo Ye off!

“Shuashua!!!!!!” Two flashes of ghostly light flew past Zhan Ye’s body!!

Zhan Ye’s front limbs raised up. However, just as it was about to ignore this attack, the Dark Ghost Claws suddenly let out a black storm like energy that exploded near Zhan Ye’s wound!!!


Zhan Ye didn’t even get to cast Shattering Stamp before its armor and sixth level soul armor seemed useless under this attack!!

The dark energy hidden behind these dark ghost claws directly exploded!!

Immediately, a massive dark storm fell upon this basin. The sand within twenty meters radius instantly disappeared, causing everyone to take a few steps back.

“Peng~~~~~~~~~~~” Zhan Ye fell heavily on the ground. The armor on its shoulder was blown to smithereens. The connection between its front limbs and shoulder was left with a massive bloody hole. Crimson blood poured out under the silver moonlight, seeming especially startling!!

This moment, Chu Mu was dazed!

Watching the bloody scene in front of him, Chu Mu couldn’t even believe that a seventh phase third stage Zhan Ye would have such powerful attack!!

One hit!!!

Just one hit caused Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye to fall!!

Beside him, four people all stopped breathing. Their eyes all stared wide-eyed at the bloodied soul pet on the ground as their hearts fell into turmoil!!


Li He could no longer say anything.

“One hit… hit KO……” Just now, the dark explosion caused everyone nearby to feel frightened. If such energy blew up at an already open wound, even a ninth phase commander might not be able to take it!!


The dark Mo Ye let out a howl like a proud monarch. It coldly stepped over Zhan Ye’s body and slowly walked back to its master. It gave fallen opponents no regard!

“I judged poorly, its nothing but a normal Mo Ye.” Mysterious man’s eyes quickly became hollow again after the fight. His expression became as cold as a statue. Chu Mu’s shock, on the other hand, was indescribable. Such an attack shouldn’t be possibly by a seventh phase soul pet. This mysterious man’s Mo Ye completely surpassed Chu Mu’s knowledge!!

Chu Mu didn’t know how this Zhan Ye could reach seventh phase third stage at the power of middle class monarch rank. He also didn’t know why this Zhan Ye’s dark energy was this oppressive. He also didn’t know why this seventh phase third stage middle class monarch could cast such a powerful technique, rending his sixth times life force Zhan Ye to be unable to take a single hit!

“Young master, its an emperor Mo Ye!!” Beast type and dark type talents are abnormal, completely similar to a Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox, and it definitely underwent abnormal training!! Look at its claws as well!” Old Li’s voice sounded.

Abnormal talent meant this soul pet naturally possessed an outstanding control of a certain type.

Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye also had an abnormal bug type talent. Its life force was six times that of a normal soul pet. Such power could let Zhan Ye fight higher rank soul pets at low ranks!

“Beast type abnormal, dark type abnormal, this Mo Ye King shows an aura of middle class monarch rank, but in reality its equipment and technique cause it to be able to compete against high class monarch!!!!!” Old Li said.

With Old Li’s reminder, Chu Mu’s eyes immediately fell on the emperor Mo Ye’s claws!!

A starlight glow faintly flashed past its ink claws, full of a certain power!

“Seventh level soul claw!” Chu Mu’s heart was again set into turmoil!

This is a seventh level soul claw Mo Ye. This attack very likely was already on Mo Xie’s claw level!!

Chu Mu’s heart couldn’t be described with mere words!

Seventh phase commander rank soul pet, but its fighting strength was high class monarch rank. How insane was this soul pet!

As lonely as a statue, Chu Mu watched this man. For some reason, Chu Mu, who lived through countless life and deaths, felt that this man was terrifyingly completely above him in all aspects!!

Who was this soul pet trainer!?!


Zhan Ye’s mouth spewed out blood. Just as the Mo Ye King wanted to leave, it stood up shakily.

“Houhouhouhou!!!!!!” Finally, Zhan Ye stood up. The blood falling down its body was no longer important. It just wanted to continue fighting!!

Mysterious man was already about to bring his emperor Mo Ye away, but he heard Zhan Ye climb back up and roar.

“Didn’t die?” Man’s expression changed.

Let alone the same stage, even higher phase soul pets could easily die from this hit. The man didn’t expect a seventh phase fifth stage pseudo-monarch Mo Ye could live that death claw and even stand back up.

“Didn’t die, Chu Chen’s Mo Ye didn’t die!” Qingqing was the first to scream.

“It could live even that? Chu Chen’s soul pets’ life force was truly powerful!!” Shan Jing and Li He’s eyes went wide!

Its entire shoulder was almost shattered from the dark blast. With such a wound, it didn’t die!!

What made them go into further disbelief was that Chu Chen’s Zhan Ye could stand up, and actually let out an angry roar back against the emperor Mo Ye!!

“It’s an abnormally talented bug type Zhan Ye. Its only fun when the battle hasn’t ended.”

The man’s stiff face finally showed an expression as his hollow eyes again had energy and movement…...

“Zhan Ye, Broken Limb Rebirth!” Finally, Chu Mu sucked in a deep breath and said to Zhan Ye in the gravest tone!

This moment, Chu Mu and Mo Ye were the same. Neither could allow themselves to lose in such a humiliating manner!!!

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