Book 2 Chapter 363 - Kill Thousands, Sudden Appearance of Expert

Chapter 363: Kill Thousands, Sudden Appearance of Expert

Chu Mu glanced at Guo Zhan, and he could only see an emotionless face, as if he was unmoved by the Battle of the Realms.

With Chu Mu’s estimate, if leader Guo Zhan’s age was still thirty and below, he would definitely join the Battle of the Realms, and he should have been able to get a good rank in second tier.

Chu Mu also wanted to know a lot about Battle of the Realms. After all, his most pressing goal was the second tier. However, this leader didn’t seem to want to say much.

With the others seeing Guo Zhan unwilling to speak, they could do nothing but put on disappointed looks.

Resting a while, the group continued to travel.

The night desert temperatures fell very quickly, slowly causing it to cool down. Under the starlight’s illumination, the entire desert bone basin seemed very quiet.

The night scene almost never changed. Walking around in this silent place, stepping on the soft sands, the feeling it brought to everyone wasn’t one of calmness and peace, but instead of a looming danger and reservedness…...


Four pairs of fleshy wings flapped, sending its long shadow over the sand dunes.

The four winged snake demon kept a twenty meter high flight, while it looked down upon this great sandy place, watching the team’s surroundings.

This four winged snake demon was already ninth phase, but its fighting strength wasn’t too strong. Presumably, Li He had mainly trained it for phase and not rank.

In reality, most soul pet trainers directed their training on phase and stage. Li He, Qingqing, Shan Jing- they were all about as powerful as Chu Mu, but their soul pet stages were much higher. Chu Mu’s advantage was in his powerful fighting strength in soul pets and powerful techniques.


Ahead was the tip of the sand dunes. Leader Guo Zhan’s terror wolf bathed in starlight and let out a menacing howl towards the little basin ahead.

This howl could repel some lower phase soul pets that block the path as well as startle and reveal the hidden powerful soul pets. It was a great reconnaissance technique.


A gust of desert wind blew in from deep within the basin, buffeting everyone’s faces.

Immediately, a gust of abhorring blood stink permeated, causing everyone to feel their nostrils were assailed and quickly caused them to pinch their noses.

Used to all sorts of different scents, Chu Mu wasn’t moved as he stared far into the distance. This gust of wind didn’t lift any sand, only able to bring this heavy blood scent to them.

“There’s likely a huge killing up ahead.” Leader Guo Zhan creased his brows and said.

After finishing speaking, leader Guo Zhan slowly walked by his Terror Wolf and rubbed its head, calming the viciousness that was incited by the blood scent.

“Four Winged Snake Demon, go ahead to see what has happened.” Li He said to his soul pet.

“Don’t go.” Guo Zhan immediately stopped Li He’s actions.

Li He looked at Guo Zhan confused, not understanding why leader would stop his soul pet from going ahead to look at the situation. If they don’t figure out the situation, wouldn’t they be in great danger?

“Only hundreds and thousands of corpses stacked could create such a powerful odour. With such an organism, the way forward is extremely dangerous. Four Winged Snake Demon could be easily discovered.” Chu Mu said to Li He.

Being exposed to blood scent in the past so often, Chu Mu could already estimate the amount of corpses based purely off the odour of the blood.

“H-hundreds and thousands of corpses?” Qingqing showed a face of shock. This Sand bone basin’s soul pets were on average eighth phase commanders. Hundreds and thousands of corpses didn’t need explaining. The concept spoke for itself!

“We have to go around, this isn’t safe.” Leader Guo Zhan said.

“Going around before we’re even sure of the situation……” Li He felt that the situation wasn’t as bad as it was.

“This is an eighth rank bewildering world, and not what you are used to walking before. Danger is a thing that exists everywhere. If one can detect it, avoid it as soon as possible, or else you’re simply lowering the chance of one’s survival.” Leader Guo Zhan said very strictly.

Chu Mu and leader Guo Zhan’s outlook was the same. An organism that can kill hundreds and thousands of sand bone basin meant that ahead was an organism they couldn’t really defeat. Instead of wasting time checking, they might as well circumvent it. Hassle was always preferred over facing unknown dangers.

“Leader, a soul pet trainer is walking towards us!” Qingqing pointed at the next protruding sand dune and said.

Chu Mu immediately glanced over and, what fell into vision was the cold moon hanging above the sand dune. Under it was a lone and aloof silhouette!

That is a soul pet trainer walking on foot!

What made Chu Mu astonished was that this soul pet trainer had no soul pet near it. He was just walking, and slowly approaching them.

The other four were also subdued. They had never thought someone would be daring enough to walk alone amidst this danger ridden sand bone basin. One has to know that, though Wild Desert Scorpions don’t appear at night, West Armor Death Scorpions could take the soul pet trainer’s life at any time!

The man walked closer and closer and, through the starlight one could already see his grave and stern face.

His eyes were hollow, as if his body was just a soulless husk. When he walked, he invisibly gave off an indescribable feeling of oppression!

This man’s actions were very abnormal. His empty eyes didn’t even look at the group a single time. He simply walked his steps, not fast or slow, yet he had unknowingly neared the group already.

The five all looked at the man as if under attack from a great foe. As he walked nearer and nearer, for some reason, as he passed through the team, all of the soul pets also started holding their breaths and focused!


An expert that could subdue all of their soul pets just by his aura!

No one dared to speak, only able to watch this man that walked out of the frightening killing grounds, watch as this man walked through their team.

The air froze at this moment. From the aura the man let out, if he wanted to, no one there would be able to compete against him. Even combined together, they wouldn’t be his match.

Many times, the difference is strength is perceptible even without summoning soul pets. They had this feeling right now!

“Mo Ye?”

Suddenly, this expert stopped walking. His soulless eyes suddenly had focus and his gaze fell on Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye.

Chu Mu nodded. Chu Mu acted calmer than everyone else, even though he realized that his man was possibly even stronger than Lu Shanli!

“I have a Mo Ye, low phase and stage and needs training. Do you want to have a match?” The man’s eyes slowly became normal.

“No interest.” Facing this bloodily scented powerful man, Chu Mu said in a very calm voice.

When Chu Mu refused, Li He, Qingqing, and Shan Jing’s hearts all spasmed. They didn’t dare to speak because they had all guessed that this man may be the person to have created the gust of bloody wind!

By himself, he killed hundreds and thousands of sand bone basin organisms. How terrifying was this power!!

Facing this man, they all held their breath and focussed. What they didn’t even guess was that Chu Chen not only remained calm but could even reject his proposal. If it were them, they wouldn’t dare to have any objection.

The man lifted his eyes and finally looked at Chu Mu in the eyes. After a moment, he said, “Ahead I left a bunch of corpses. After the competition, everything there is for you?”

“Are there any Wild Desert Scorpion bodies?” Chu Mu asked.

“Forgot.” The man responded.

“Single control?” Chu Mu asked.

“Single control.”


Chu Mu nodded, showing that he was fine with competing against the man.

The man smiled and walked towards a more open sand land.

Chu Mu glanced at the other team members and didn’t say anything, following the expert onto the wider field.

“Leader” Shan Jing looked at leader Guo Zhan.

This strange man clearly wasn’t benevolent. Now he suddenly wanted to compete against Chu Mu. Shan Jing was very worried that his man would do a treacherous assault against Chu Mu. After all, who would randomly start a match against someone else in the wild?

“Leader!” Li He was always waiting for a word from the leader. However, when he turned around, he suddenly found that leader Guo Zhan’s face went pale!!

Cold sweat constantly poured down from Leader Guo Zhan’s forehead. This man who usually was calm and composed had widely dilated pupils. His eyes were still staring at the thick blood scented man. It was a deep terror, as if seeing his worst nightmare standing right before him!!

Li He, Qingqing, and Shan Qing all knew this man was very powerful, but they were just reserved and palpitation. They have never seen the leader balk like this!

Qingqing realized that the leader’s mental state was one of extreme terror, and he quickly gave Guo Zhan a Calming Water Heart to calm the leader’s nerves.

“Leader, you recognize him.” After casting the technique, Qingqing noticed Guo Zhan’s emotions stabilized and finally asked quietly.

Guo Zhan took a deep breath but didn’t talk, but his eyes were set on Chu Mu and the bloody man…...

In the night sands, the man permanently shrouded in blood scent slowly started an incantation. A black symbol wreathed around him and slowly imprinted itself into the soft and messy sand…...

The moment the symbol fell, the sand nearby all became black gas and disappeared!

From within the demonic symbol came a soul pet full of dark type aura.

Ink colored armor under the starlight, body full of power, sharp claws, and a majestic skull covered in a helmet!! It was the beast - Mo Ye!!

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