Book 2 Chapter 362 - The Third Grade

Chapter 361: The Third Tier

Chu Mu had the Devil Tree Battle Soldier change locations and head towards the southern front. At this time, the Wild Desert Scorpions on the southern front weren’t that many; although Shan Jin had been strained defending, he had killed many Wild Desert Scorpions.

In group fights, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was superior to any other type of soul pet. In this team of four, there clearly were no wood type soul pets, otherwise that person would have immediately summoned it.

Shan Jin recovered from his shock and hastily moved his soul pets to the western front to get rid of the remaining Wild Desert Scorpions.

Qing Qing’s held was completely put on Li He. After Li He’s Four Winged Snake Demon was healed, its fighting strength rapidly returned to its full state. Its ostentatious wriggly body moved in between these Wild Desert Scorpions and unceasingly bit these tough armors creatures.

The ninth phase Wild Desert Scorpions had been solely dealt with by Captain Guo Zhan whose strength was evidently much stronger than the others. Not only did he securely protect his front, he also killed all of the ninth phase Wild Desert Scorpions in the group!

The ninth phase Wild Desert Scorpions had been solely dealt with by Captain Guo Zhan whose strength was evidently much stronger than the others. Not only did he securely protect his front, he also killed all of the ninth phase Wild Desert Scorpions in the group!

“There seems to be another large wave of Wild Desert Scorpions charging this place.” Qing Qing’s small face was pale, as she looked at the peaks of the surrounding sand Guoes and she spoke in a soft voice.

“Yes, prepare to summon your third pets.” said Captain Guo Zhan calmly.

The number of Wild Desert Scorpions in the next wave would definitely be more and their strength even stronger. Every person would have to triple control in order to defend.

“Zhi zhi zhi zhi zhi zhi~~~Xie xie”

“Zhi zhi zhi zhi zhi zhi~~~Can~~Xie~”

The clamorous noise of grinding teeth resounded in the surroundings. The top of the sand Guoes were slowly being covered by a gray colored shadow exactly as if a grey colored tidal wave was surging towards this area.

The surging overpowering insect aura was like an army charging in the desert, and couldn’t help but make the five soul pet trainers suck in a cold breath of air.

“... how many are there?...” Qing Qing covered her mouth in shock, and her eyes revealed a slightly frightened expression.

“How can there be so many? This is still the very front of the Sand Bone Basin!’ Li He’s eyes were also opened wide.

With so many Wild Desert Scorpions, it was unknown how long they would fight for. If there were even more of these creatures after this large wave of Wild Desert Scorpions, then they would be unable to even enter the Sand Bone Basin on this trip. 

“Summon your third pets!” Captain Guo Zhan creased his brows and spoke to the other soul pet trainers.

The other three realized that this would be a difficult fight and hastily chanted an incantation, preparing to meet the engulfing wave of wild scorpions.

“Chu Chen, why aren’t you summoning anything?” asked Qing Qing somewhat anxiously.

Qing Qing had quickly discovered that Chu Mu wasn’t chanting. Although Chu Chen was an abnormal tier young expert, his strength probably wasn’t much stronger than LI He and Shan Jing as neither of those two had summoned their main pet yet… it was at this moment that they should take out their full strength!

“There’s no need to.” Chu Mu shook his head before pointing at the red setting sun gradually sinking in the distance.

The remaining brilliance of light from the setting sun slowly became one ray before, like a large slowly closing door, leaving behind darkness in this world...

Something strange occured! 

Just after the sun set, the entire desert suddenly became silent!

“Pu pu pu pu pu~Xie xie Huai~”

The wildly charging Wild Desert Scorpions all froze in their places just as night descended. Afterwards, these Wild Desert Scorpions which had a

The sand around everyone looked like boiling water as it was thrown up as these innumerable Wild Desert Scorpions slowly dug into the sand...

The movements of the Wild Desert Scorpions were practically identical as the movements of several hundreds of them caused everyone to be incessantly shocked. It wasn’t until the Wild Desert Scorpions disappeared from everyone’s field of view did they slowly come to themselves. 

“We were killing so much that I even forgot they didn’t like to fight in the night.” Li He cracked a smile as he spoke.

The Wild Desert Scorpions hated night fights to the extreme. The moment night descended, they would return to the sand; this could be an eccentric trait of Wild Desert Scorpions.

Earlier, the captain had told them to defend until the sun set, but as they fought, they forgot about the time.

Captain Guo Zhan threw a glance at Chu Mu. When the Wild Desert Scorpions had surged over, Guo Zhan’s frame of mind had slightly changed and even he had forgotten about the setting sun.

What made him surprised was that this young man who was much younger than his was unexpectedly able to keep track of the time whilst under the pressure of the powerful aura of an enormous group of Wild Desert Scorpions. This required outstanding calmness and coolness!

“We can finally rest.” Qing Qing saw that there were no threats in the surrounding and pat her stomach. Promptly, she sat on the sandy ground.

“Everyone can rest here for a little bit, then we’ll continue on our way.” said Captain Guo Zhan.

The Wild Desert Scorpions didn’t enjoy fighting at night so they could use this opportunity to pass through the Sand Bone Basin.

Chu Mu didn’t rest, however. Instead, he had the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Zhan Ye help him collect the poison from these Wild Desert Scorpions.

Chu Mu only needed poison. He didn’t collect the other soul cores, soul crystals or items of that sort. Those belonged to the common loot and would definitely be distributed by the captain. Being greedy in this situation would definitely be met by resistance.

“Chu Chen, why are you collecting the poison? Could it be you’re a soul teacher?” Qing Qing asked Chu Mu as she looked at him.

In truth, Qing Qing was rather surprised by Chu Mu; moreover, she felt that this young expert was very mysterious.

“I’m not. My mission requires the poison.” responded Chu Mu.

“Why do I seem to have a bit of an impression about the Wild Desert Scorpion’s poison mission?” Shan Jin rubbed his chin. Suddenly, Shan Jing thought of something and with a face of shock, he said:” One of my eighth rank title friends told me that Xuan Zhen Palace seemed to have issued an eighth rank mission to collect enough poison. Could it be that you took that eighth rank inner palace mission?” 

“Yes. I need forty portions of poison. This amount is far from enough. Chu Mu didn’t hide anything and nodded his head as he spoke. 

Chu Mu cleaned up the battlefield very quickly. Collecting all of the poison including the ninth phase Wild Desert Scorpion poison, he had approximately four portions. Adding on the poison he had collected earlier, he was indeed still rather far from forty portions.

Chu Mu saw that this team didn’t really want to fight the Wild Desert Scorpions, so in the future, if he wanted to use them to help him collect poison, it was a bit unlikely.

“So much? Then doesn’t that mean you have to kill all of the Wild Desert Scorpions under the sun? Wouldn’t you taking the mission alone mean you would be one person killing so many Wild Desert Scorpions had you not encountered us?!” Qing Qing stared at Chu Mu.

“Abnormal. Abnormal level young experts indeed cannot be understood with conventional means. When I was at your age, I was still rushing to do sixth rank missions. Even now, I still need other people to bring me before I dare step foot in an eighth rank bewildering world to work.” lamented Li He.

“Chu Chen. You’ll definitely participate in the Battle of the Realm, and you’ll definitely be able to distinguish yourself in the third grade!” said Qing Qing, somewhat excitedly. 

“The third grade… my goal is the second grade.” Chu Mu put away all the poison and spoke very naturally.

“The second grade! You’re talking about the second grade?!!”

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were opened wide. They looked at Chu Mu with incredulous looks; even the incomparably calm Captain Guo Zhan was a bit shocked.

“Chu Che. I feel like it’s best if you don’t enter the second grade. You haven’t participated in the Battle of the Realm before and simply don’t know how strong the second grade experts are there.” Shan JIng’s tone became rather serious.

Shan Jing could see that the young man in front of him would definitely become a peak expert in the future with such strength at such an age already. Only, wanting to compete in the second grade was something that could be called delusional thinking!

“Over ten years ago, I also had the Battle of the Realm as my goal. I wanted to earn power and honor from the countless gathering of young experts at this competition. I’ve been to many kingdoms and fought against various experts; I’ve even been with even stronger soul pet trainers and stepped into bewildering worlds… when my strength is enough, I’ll return back to Tianxia City.” slowly said Shan Jing.

Shan Jing looked to be much more aged than other people of his age. When he spoke of these matters, his eyes looked visibly more aged as if there simply was no more light left in them.

Chu Mu silently watched Shan Jing. Chu Mu saw a complicated, unreconciled, helpless and self-mocking expression on this man’s face.

“Back then, I was 25 years old and my strength honestly wasn’t much different than it is now. Due to one of my soul pets dying when I was in an eighth rank bewildering world, my strength hasn’t increased in these past 6 years. Back then, my youth was vigorous and I thought that my strength was enough to be able to make a name for myself in the Battle of the Realm. However, the moment I stepped into the Battle of the Realm…” Shan Jin breathed in a breath of air. His entire being seemed to be shrouded by a haze and unexpectedly seemed to be having a bit of trouble continuing. 

Li He stood next to Shan JIng and spoke with anger: “Hmph, what’s so embarrassing about finishing the story? In the worst case scenario you completely lost!!”

Shan Jin opened his mouth and ultimately sighed. Continuing, he said: “In reality, I wasn’t even able to enter the third grade back then.”

This time, it was everyone else who was shocked. If Shan JIng had reached his present strength six years ago, then he should have been considered an expert in the third grade. How could he not even have entered the third grade?!”

“Big brother Shan Jing, you aren’t joking right? I didn’t dare participate in the Battle of the Realm, but I’ve always felt it isn’t as terrifying as you say it is. That’s merely the third grade; with your current strength, it’s only right that you should have been obtain honor.” said Qing Qing.

“I’m not exaggerating. You guys can ask the captain.” Shan Jing’s gaze fell on the silent Captain Guo Zhan.

Guo Zhan sat there listening, but didn’t say anything. When everyone’s eyes fell on him, he spoke in a strange tone: “Do this mission well. Those things don’t belong to us. There’s no meaning in speaking more of it.”

Qing Qing, having heard Shan Jing’s description was rather interested and instantly sat next to the captain. With a beseeching appearance, she said: “Captain, I don’t dare go compete, but I can still listen about it, right. You definitely participated in the Battle of the Realm. Why don’t you tell us your story…”

“There’s nothing to say. It was just like that.” Captain Guo Zhan didn’t seem like someone who would casually spill his story and he ignored Qing Qing’s charming and requestful attitude.

“Rest well then we’ll continue on our way.” calmly said Guo Zhan. 

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