Book 2 Chapter 361 - Abnormal Level Young Expert

Chapter 361: Abnormal Level Young Expert

“There no choice then. You defend the western side. Qing Qing, you summon another battle pet to help him protect the western side. Don’t wantonly summon soul pets; everyone maintain dual control and the moment some special situation arises, summon a third pet.” said Captain Dun Zhan. 

“We can only do it like this. Young man, Chu Chen, be careful of yourself!” said Shan Jing.

Chu Mu was already used to being looked at like this by others. He calmly jumped off of Zhan Ye’s body, and had it stay next to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier which was standing on the western side, facing the countless Wild Desert Scorpions that were like a grey tidal wave. 

Breathing in the smell of scorpions, Chu Mu unexpectedly wore a smile. Carefully counting and not including ninth phase Wild Desert Scorpions, this wave probably had at least 100 eighth phase Wild Desert Scorpions. If he killed all of them, he would be able to gather a huge amount of poison.

Realizing this, Chu Mu actually wanted the number of Wild Desert Scorpions to be more; after all, he only had to defend one side.

“Zhi zhi zhi zhi zhi!!!!!!!!!” the sounds of scorpions were like sharp teeth rubbing together and sounded extremely unpleasant to the ear. The four soul pet trainers standing in the middle of the protection of their soul pets all had serious expressions as they stared at the first wave of Wild Desert Scorpions.

Dun Zhan’s two battle pets were all mainstream soul pets. One was a ninth phase Terror Wolf which had made Chu Mu’s heart incessantly palpitate not too long ago when he saw one, and another was a Barbed Blood Beast which body was covered from head to toes in barbs!

He could see that Dun Zhan’s ninth phase Terror Wolf was probably a peak commander, and its fighting strength rank was slightly stronger than the Terror Wolves Chu Mu had encountered. According to Chu Mu’s estimate, it was probably the equivalent of a ninth phase middle stage commander Terror Wolf’s strength.

As for the Barbed Blood Beast, it had reached the eighth phase high stage. Its fighting strength rank had probably reached the pseudo monarch rank, and it presumably wouldn’t be any issue for it to kill commanders.

“Ao wu!!!!!” the ninth phase peak Terror Wolf let out an intimidating howl. Its two blood colored eyes stared at the robust bodies of the Wild Desert Scorpions at the very front and it lowered its body a bit. It was like a azure colored bow fully drawn and ready to release!

“Kill!” Captain Dun Zhan gave the order.

“Sou!!!!!” the Terror Wolf’s figure flew forth, causing a huge wave of sand to arise.

The sand was still in the air when the ninth phase Terror Wolf appeared in front of a few eighth phase Wild Desert Scorpions. Its azure colored figure nimbly flitted across the front of the three Wild Desert Scorpions!


A splash of fresh blood suddenly burst from the three Wild Desert Scorpions behind the Terror Wolf. The Terror Wolf was a cold light that created a splash of striking red wherever it passed by!!

“Gezhi!!! Gezhi!!!! Gezhi!!!!!’ the bodies of three Wild Desert Scorpions were split into several chunks!!

“What powerful attacks.” Chu Mu quickly noticed Dun Zhan’s circumstance, and his face revealed an astonished expression.    

Instantly killing three eighth phase Wild Desert Scorpions was something even Mo Xie would have trouble doing. Captain Dun Zhan’s Terror Wolf’s fighting strength was probably approaching the pseudo monarch rank; as long as it could step into this rank, its strength would greatly increase.

“Stop admiring. Captain is a famous Soul Pet Palace expert. Put your attention on the ten eighth phase Wild Desert Scorpions heading towards your western side.” said Qing Qing.

Chu Mu nodded his head, but his eyes didn’t move; instead, they fell on Dun Zhan’s Barbed Blood Beast.

The Barbed Blood Beast didn’t impatiently go and kill. Numerous Wild Desert Scorpions passed through the Terror Wolf’s attacks and charged at the soul pet trainers. The only thing standing in their way was the Barbed Blood Beast.

“Hou hou hou!!!!!!!!!!”

The Barbed Blood Beast let out a irritable roar and the blood aura on its body was wildly discharged. Its robust body fiercely smashed against the bodies of two Wild Desert Scorpions that pounced at it!!


When the barbs collided against the Wild Desert Scorpion’s gold-like jags, the jags were like clay that were easily smashed to pieces. They couldn’t even resist one attack!

“Si la!!!!!!!!” as the Barbed Blood Beast’s body swept across, the two Wild Desert Scorpions’ thick armor were savagely ripped apart. Instantly, flesh and blood flew everywhere.

“Phase and stage and rank that are all at an unstable stage need to be determined through direct observation of the opponent’s fights. Right now young master probably is unclear as to the limits of a soul pet’s strength. Wait until you ascend to a certain level then you’ll understand that strength is honestly something very obvious.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu nodded his head, and no longer observed Dun Zhan’s fight. Instead, he put his attention back on his own soul pets.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier on the western front had already engaged in the battle. As a low class monarch, its fighting rank was above the Barbed Blood Beast and although its phase and stage were slightly lower, these Wild Desert Scorpion attacks were not necessarily able to break open its powerful defense. Quickly, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots were like sharp swords that shot out of the soft sandy ground and began to wring these ten Wild Desert Scorpions to death!

Zhan Ye silently stood next to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. The moment a Wild Desert Scorpion approached, its claws would ruthlessly cut it to pieces!

The strongest in the group was naturally Captain Dun Zhan. At the outset, the number of WIld Sand Scorpions he killed the most; however, once the ninth phase Wild Desert Scorpions appeared, Dun Zhan’s soul pets were not able to wantonly kill the eighth phase Wild Desert Scorpions as they were restricted to a certain extent.

On the other two fronts, the two soul pets Shan Jing had summoned were a Seven Star Horned Beast and a Hurricane Fairy. 

The Seven Star Horned Beast’s defense was relatively high. Shan Jing mainly relied on this eighth phase middle stage peak commander to firmly hold the northern front.

As for the eighth phase high stage Hurricane Fairy, it unceasingly released wind type techniques, injuring the Wild Desert Scorpions.

This formation was able to firmly control the onslaught of Wild Desert Scorpions at the beginning, but as the grandeur of the Wild Desert Scorpions grew stronger, it gradually became strenuous on Shan Jin’s Seven Star Horned Beast for it to deal with the Wild Desert Scorpions.

The support, Qing Qing, continuously used water type heals on the Seven Star Horned Beast allowing it to barely keep up. 

On the other side, Li He’s situation wasn’t optimistic either. His Four Winged Snake Demon’s movements were growing increasingly slow and its dark red colored body indicated that it had been severely poisoned by the Wild Desert Scorpion poison. 

"Li He, my Hurricane Fairy will cover you. Quickly bring back your Four Winged Snake Demon otherwise the poison will destroy its innards!” Qing Qing quickly realized that LI He was growing increasingly strained in his fight.

“No need. Watch that brat’s fight carefully; don’t let the western front be blown open, otherwise our trouble will be even larger.” said Li He in a responsible and deep tone.

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~~”

A dozen hurricanes that reached ten meters high suddenly appeared around the Four Winged Snake Demon and the Wild Desert Scorpions surrounding it were knocked into a confused state by these tornadoes. For a moment, they were unable to find what direction to attack.

Seeing the wind type technique’s support, Li He quickly realized that it was Qing Qing’s Storm Fairy. Promptly, he was a bit angry and said:” Do you have any idea how to support? Didn’t I have you look after the western front? Do you want everyone to descend into trouble?!” 

“But, but, the western front simply doesn’t need my help.” having been yelled at, Qing Qing’s tone became weaker and she spoke in a very soft voice.

“Doesn’t need our help? Does that brat want to die…” Li He turned around and swept his gaze over the situation behind him…”

“How is this possible!” instantly yelled Li He, astonished, as he stared at the western battle!

One bloody azure colored Devil Tree Battle Soldier while the ground was littered with grey colored Wild Desert Scorpions; however, the majority of these Wild Desert Scorpions had become corpses!

When Li He began to shout, Captain Dun Zhan and Shan Jing both thought some accident had happened to Chu Mu and rapidly turned around.

Only, their expressions quickly resembled Li He’s, and they were somewhat unbelieving! 

The black battle tiger was lying on the ground. It had stuck its tongue out and was calmly licking the bloody stains on its claws. After fighting for so long, this Mo Ye seemed to only just have begun fighting!

“This… this….” Shan Jing was stunned! 

It was growing more and more difficult for him and Li He to defend their respective spots under a dual control situation. Moreover, their soul pets were much higher than the Devil Tree Battle Soldier in phase and stage. There was no reason why this brat would be able to defend so easily. Yet, in reality, the western front seemed to be firmly defended by a mere Devil Tree Battle Soldier and a seventh phase fifth stage Mo Ye!

“How is his Devil Tree Battle Soldier not even wounded?!” Li He rapidly noticed the Devil Tree Battle Soldier that had been fighting until now but was unscathed. 

For a seventh phase ninth stage Devil Tree Battle Soldier, unless it was strengthened to the high class monarch rank, it would be unable to fight against so many Wild Desert Scorpions and come out unscathed.

“His Devil Tree Battle Soldier already possesses natural wood crystallization, and its defense is extremely high; furthermore, it also has a blood absorb ability. Not long after it suffers a wound each time, it’s able to recover.” said Qing Qing. 

Qing Qing had solely been focused on Chu Mu just now, worried that his defense would fail. However, what made her incomparably shocked was that this young man who was quite a bit younger than her was so unreasonably strong. He was able to assume complete control of the situation with merely a Devil Tree Battle Soldier!

Qing Qing wasn’t a naive female soul pet trainer, and obviously knew what being able to train one’s soul pets to such a level meant!

“Let’s switch places. You defend the western front.” Chu Mu saw that everyone was staring at him. Being used to these astonished gazes, Chu Mu indifferently spoke to Shan Jing.

“You are…” Shan Jing was still stunned.

There were definitely abnormal level young people in Tianxia City, but if one carefully counted, there fundamentally weren’t many that had reached such a level at such a young age!

This sort of person was difficult to encounter, so when Shan Jing had found Chu MU earlier, he had estimated Chu Mu’s strength from his sixth rank title and age. How would he have expected this young man to be an abnormal expert from the young generation which reputation could sweep through the entire Tianxia City!!

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