Book 2 Chapter 360 - Violent Scorpions from Four Sides, Sand Bone Basin

Chapter 360: Violent Scorpions from Four Sides, Sand Bone Basin

“.......Boss Gongguan, someone is coming.” the man wearing blue said.

The man was about thirty years old and had a chin full of stubble.

The man called Boss Gongguan’s eyes fell casually on the direction Chu Mu ran in from and after a moment, he said, “Probably a roaming soul pet trainer, probably just wants to help us with the Wild Desert Scorpions, Shan Jing you go ask……” Shan Jing nodded and rode his Thunder Sword Winged Lion towards Chu Mu’s direction

Chu Mu very quickly saw the purple imposing body of the Thunder Sword Winged Lion fly over, so he too told Zhan Ye to approach and chose to speak first, “Are you here for a bounty?”

“En, we’re a bounty team and our leader is Boss Guo Zhan Gong Guan. I am Soul Palace Shan Jing……” Shan Jing went straight to the point as well, directly asking for identity.

Soul pet trainers walking around outside grouping up was very common, but the first thing one had to do was to understand identity. Only then can one gain trust without knowing one another.

“Gong Guan, isn’t that a soul pet palace eighth level title?” Chu Mu thought to himself, while also handing over his soul palace sixth level title identification to Shan Jing.

“Chu Chen, Soul Palace Palace Assistant.” Chu Mu said.

“Palace Assistant, sixth level title?” Shan Jing looked strangely at him. Shan Jing himself was Soul Palace member, so he of course understood Soul Palace’s title system. When Chu Mu reported his identity, he knew of Chu Mu’s title level.

Title could, to a certain degree, represent power. Bounties were also given based off of title levels.

This was an eighth level bewildering world, so those who dared to come must be of the eighth level title as well. Not only this, many less experienced soul pet trainers, even with eighth level, would still bring other members to raise their safety.

This team was just like that. The leader was a soul pet palace eighth level title Guan Gong Guo Zhan. THe rest were all seventh level title too in other factions.

“You dare to come in with sixth level title?” As a seventh level Palace Executive, Shan Jing’s voice became graver.

“What’s your purpose in coming here?” Chu Mu knew problems of being belittled could only be solved by showing real strength, so he didn’t mind Shan Jing’s tone.

“We’ve come here to find a path to get into back Sand Region, but we have to go across this Wild Desert Scorpion belt first.” Shan Jing said.

“I’ve come to collect Wild Desert Scorpion poison.” Chu Mu directly said his own objective.

“Oh……” Shan Jing said without much enthusiasm.

When you want to team, you definitely want members of similar power. Shan Jing realized that this guy probably was arrogant and confident, and took some seventh level bounty before running into this eighth level bewildering world. If one was too weak, he may drag the team behind instead.

“Get into the team, there are more and more Wild Desert Scorpions coming.” Shan Jing hesitated but still invited Chu Mu to join.

Chu Mu nodded and didn’t say much, riding his Zhan Ye towards the team as well.

Sand rolled like ocean tides. On the sand, above the sand dunes, inside pits, the grey scaled scorpions were already covering everything. A rough estimate would land around four to five hundred.

These four to five hundred Wild Desert Scorpions were almost all seventh phase. If this soul pet trainer team were all seventh level title, and the leader was eighth level, then dealing with this many scorpions may not be difficult.

“Get in and start fighting. Try your best to protect yourself.” Shan Jing glanced at the Wild Desert Scorpions that had already entered this basin and said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded and looked around to notice that four soul pet trainers stood inside the protection ring of soul pets.

Shan Jing returned to the team and said to the other three, “This kid is called Chu Chen and is a sixth level title Palace Assistant of Soul Palace, so his strength may be mediocre. Everyone just bear with him, in case he gets into some accident running around alone.”

“Oh, let him enter. What is wrong with young people these days, each more daring and fearless than the next. This sand region is only a bit safer than the Wasteland because of its sheer size. But, if one stepped into certain dangerous places, you would still die.” The man with stubble in a blue shirt said.

Leader Guo Zhan didn’t say much, only glancing over to the female soul pet trainer in the team and said, “Qingqing, keep an eye out for him.” The female soul pet trainer Qingqing was about twenty six or seven years old, but had a very charming face. She could tell that Chu Mu was much younger, so she smiled widely and said, “Leader, don’t worry, I’ll take care of this little brother.”

“Completely helpless, getting excited the moment you see a handsome one. You’re not even letting the young ones get away.” The stubbled Li He laughed and said.

Qingqing gave Li He a glare.

“Stop messing around and enter fighting state.” Leader Guo Zhan said.

At their level, almost all soul pet trainers had ten or so soul pets. These ten soul pets would also  have a few outstanding ones. People usually picked positions in teams based off this. The position of course meant main offense, assisting offense, support, defense, and control. “Control and assisting offense.” Chu Mu replied.

“En, then summon two soul pets, don’t waste soul power and soul pets’ fighting strength” Leader Guo Zhan said.

Chu Mu nodded and started chanting an incantation to summon Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Blood Cyan roots extended from the sands and quickly tangled together, creating the blood natural wood battle armor of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Following, the body of the Devil Tree battle Soldier appeared within the armor!


After the washing from the blood amber, Devil Tree Battle Soldier was becoming increasingly bloodthirsty. Noticing there were four to five hundred Wild Desert Scorpions nearby, it let out an excited roar!

When Chu Mu summoned Devil Tree Battle Soldier, the Wild Desert Scorpion group finally pounced forward. The four in the team only gave Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier a quick glance before quickly putting their attention on the Wild Desert Scorpions.

Running at the forefront was the seventh phase Wild Desert Scorpion. These weaker bug type soul pets clearly were commanded by the higher phased ones. They ran towards the team’s higher phase soul pets without fear for death at all.

The raging sands were like a tide as countless waves leaped forward. Sharp scorpion claws and tail hooks glowed under the blazing sun. A huge wave of bug type aura assaulted along with the sands. The four soul pet trainers all commanded their soul pets to jump into battle.

“Little brother Chu Chen, isn’t your Devil Tree Battle Soldier a bit too forward? There are thirty or so seventh phase Wild Desert Scorpions. Don’t accidentally get your soul pet ripped up.” Qingqing was very relaxed, choosing to put her attention on Chu Mu’s soul pet very early on.

Seventh phase Wild Desert Scorpions couldn’t even break through Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s basic defense. Even if Chu Mu threw Devil Tree Battle Soldier into a group of hundreds of seventh phase Wild Desert Scorpions, he wouldn’t be worried. Let alone, it even has Life Force Absorb.

This team wasn’t shabby either. A hundred seventh phase Wild Desert Scorpion couldn’t pose a threat to it.

The battle lasted not too long before the hundred were killed.

The second wave of Wild Desert Scorpions were still mainly seventh phase. This time, Qingqing and Shan Jing’s wind type soul pets started casting crazy amounts of powerful wind type attacks the moment they entered a two hundred meter radius.

In the two hundred meters, only a third of the Wild Desert Scorpions could reach the team. Very quickly, the last third were also ripped apart by everyone’s beast type soul pets.

“If they’re all like this, then this Sand Basin really isn’t much.” Jingjing laughed and said.

“Don’t relax, it isn’t as simple as you think.” Leader Guo Zhan said grimly.

“When I was standing on top of the sand dune, I saw many Wild Desert Scorpions from other places pouring over. From their sizes, they were mostly eighth phase with some ninth phase. If I’m not wrong, behind this next wave of Wild Desert Scorpions are those scorpions.” Chu Mu said.

Just now, when Chu Mu was looking down at the massive basin, he saw countless Wild Desert Scorpions. The seventh phase Wild Desert Scorpions here were definitely just a small portion of the bug type army.

“Why didn’t you say so sooner!” Li He gave Chu Mu a stare.

“I thought you knew and stayed on purpose.” Chu Mu replied lightly.

Leader Guo Zhan immediately creased his brows. They were in the middle of the basin, so their vision was to some degree blocked by the sand dunes nearby, so they had no idea there were that many Wild Desert Scorpions near them.

Their main goal was to go through this region and not to kill all of the Wild Desert Scorpions in this basin.

“Which direction is less dense?” Guo Zhan asked.


Just as Guo Zhan asked, countless scorpions nearby gave Guo Zhan the answer, because the grey wriggling bodies on the sand dunes were packed, having no “less dense” patch.

“Damnit, do we defend or kill our way out?” Li He said agitated.

“Defend. The sky is turning black soon and these things will naturally retreat.” Leader Guo Zhan quickly made the decision.

“Leader, with our defense, we will have to make a four sided formation. Qingqing has to support us, so we three can only block off three directions. We can’t possibly let the kid take the last opening.” Li He didn’t avoid being impolite and directly said.

Leader Guo Zhan also creased his brows and started thinking.

Qingqing just watched as the Wild Desert Scorpions got closer and closer. Her charming smile had already disappeared and became grave.

Shan Jing’s face wasn’t looking great either. Such a battle was bad for them because if the Wild Desert Scorpions got through defenses, them as soul pet trainers would have danger. After all, the amount of Wild Desert Scorpions were too many.

“Let me defend the west side.”

Chu Mu very calmly broke the small silence.

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