Book 2 Chapter 36 - New Soul Pet - Mo Ye

Chapter 36: New Soul Pet - Mo Ye

Chu Tianlin’s gaze was completely blank. He had not expected for this mysterious young man who was riding the eminently powerful Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox in front of him to be Chu Mu.

Chu Mu was his nephew, and Chu Tianlin had watched him grow up for 15 years. Chu Tianlin knew that Chu Mu possessed an outstanding talent like his father. However, it was a pity that he had a very serious wound that rendered him unable to summon a soul pet until he was 15 years old.

Nonetheless, in a short four years, Chu Mu had completely transformed- regardless of his appearance or temperament. The young man who stood in front of Chu Tianlin emitted a mysterious and imposing aura from head to toe. When Chu Tianlin saw him enter the pack of wolves without being detected, he knew that this was a very remarkable soul pet trainer.

Afterwards, Chu Tianlin then discovered that their rescue had been meticulously planned by this young man. First, he had used a powerful soul pet to murder the wolf pack’s leader, causing the wolf pack to lose their organization. Immediately after, he used a forest fire to remove the hunting wolf pack’s intention of chasing. Further, within the raging fire, he had used a wood type soul pet to open up an escape path in the burning forest, allowing everyone to escape safe and sound.

Throughout the rescue, he had been meticulously logical, and his strength was unordinary. If he hadn’t seen before that he was only a young man, Chu Tianlin would have thought that he encountered some capable expert. Otherwise, how would he have expected the person who saved them from the terrifying wolf pack crisis to be his own nephew, Chu Mu?!

“It really is Chu Mu. It’s so hard to believe, it’s so hard to believe!!” Chu Tianlin clutched Chu Mu’s shoulders. His face full of emotion could no longer hold back, and hot tears began to stream down.

Chu Ning had said before that Chu Mu was very different. Chu Tianlin didn’t quite believe that he had defeated Yang Jie, this Yang Family expert. However, right now, why would he call this into question? Chu Mu truly wasn’t that weak young boy from back then. He had become an expert who made him feel stunned!!

“Young master Chu.” Chu Si naturally realized that the young man with an out of the ordinary grandeur in front of him was the Chu Mu that they were looking for. Immediately, he gave a half-kneel in respect.

Each Chu Family Guard member, including Chu Si, had completely red faces. They had come to the Broken Forest to search for Chu Mu and to rescue him from this dangerous forest. Yet, who would have guessed that they wouldn’t be able to find him and were instead besieged by a wolf pack. Moreover, it was extremely shameful that it ultimately was due to young master Chu’s help that they managed to escape. This time, when they returned, Chu Si truly didn’t have the face to say he managed to complete the family head’s important task...

“Second uncle, the wolf pack is still behind us. Let’s leave this place first and then slowly talk. Uncle Chu Si, have your men get up and leave here first.” said Chu Mu to everyone.

After speaking, Chu Mu recalled the Devil Tree Battle Soldier back into its soul pet space, and promptly summoned the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

Once the eminently demonic Night Thunder Dream Beast appeared, it instantly caused a gasp from everyone. No one had expected this young Chu Mu to have so many powerful soul pets. He even possessed such a rare Night Thunder Dream Beast.

“Who on earth is this Chu Mu?” Qin Jia’s memory wasn’t good, and he asked the adjacent Qin Menger, whose gaze was still clearly stunned.

Even now, Qin Menger hadn’t returned to her usual state. The only thing in her mind was blank space. As she looked at him ride his Night Thunder Dream Beast towards her, she suddenly thought of the words she spoke before, where she called him a scoundrel from Nightmare Palace. Immediately, she felt ashamed, and she didn’t know what to say to Chu Mu.

“Chu Mu, this is still within the range of Mo Ye Forest. There seems to be a hallucination effect. We’ve been trapped here for very long, and we haven’t been able to leave the entire time. We should take our time.” Chu Tianlin rode his Light Rhinoceros alongside Chu Mu as they travelled. His eyes would perhaps intentionally shift to Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast now and again.

Chu Tianlin was a knowledgeable man. A Night Thunder Dream Beast of normal quality could reach a value of 500,000 gold coins on the market.

Yet, Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast was obviously of top quality. Moreover, it had clearly undergone training and attribute strengthening. From an aura perspective, he could easily sense that it was an extremely first-rate Dream Beast. No matter how he looked at it, it was worth a few million gold. Previously, he had heard Chu Ning estimate that Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast was at least worth one million gold, but Chu Ning evidently had underestimated this soul pet.

“Second uncle, follow behind me. I’ll take you guys out of the psychedelic forest.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu had already grasped the Mo Ye Forest’s psychedelic effect clearly. It wouldn’t be difficult to get out.

“You know how to leave?” immediately asked Qin Jia. As he spoke, his gaze intentionally shifted to the Qin Family servant who proclaimed to have lived in the wilderness for a long time.

This experienced Qin Family servant promptly said: “This Mo Ye Forest’s psychedelic effect isn’t some casual hallucination. Without many days to grasp it clearly, we simply won’t be able to leave.”

“Just follow me and it’ll be fine.” Chu Mu looked at the Qin Family person and indifferently responded.

“Follow him. He’ll be able to take us out.” Qin Menger trust Chu Mu a lot.

As the sun set, what emerged in front of the Qin and Chu Family was a forest slowly growing more and more familiar. This forest happened to be Gangluo City’s Western Forest.

Gangluo City’s Western Forest was exceptionally lush. All sorts of soul pets lived here, but it was definitely not as dangerous as the Broken Forest. As long as there were people who had lived in the wilderness before, it would be easy to figure out the direction and then leave safely.

Therefore, when it only took the entire group a mere half a day to exit Mo Ye Forest and enter Gangluo City’s Western Forest, everyone let out a flabbergasted expression!

“How is it this fast! When we entered Broken Forest then…” that Qin Family servant was dumbstruck.

Back then, they had spent three days entering the Broken Forest and were then trapped in Mo Ye forest for a few more days. Their entire journey had been them bumping into various different things. Each step had been frightening, and it was eminently dangerous.

Yet, on this return trip, they had barely met any soul pets, and even only used half a day to reach what took them a few days. Moreover, they had safely returned to Gangluo City’s Western Forest.

“You still dare speak?!” Qin Jia immediately glared at the servant who bragged about being familiar with the forest environment.

This family servant shivered from head to foot and whispered: “That younger brother must often roam about here.”

“This younger brother, do you often roam about Broken Forest? Otherwise, how would you know this area so well?” asked Qin Jia.

Chu Mu shook his head and said: “It’s my first time coming. I only circled once around Mo Ye Forest.”

The Qin Family’s family servant felt an urge to spit blood after hearing that! When he lead the way, they had made at least 10 circles around Mo Ye Forest!

Chu Tianlin looked at Chu Mu. His shock at Chu Mu’s change still hadn’t stopped. After being in contact with him for a short period of time, Chu Tianlin was already sure that the outstanding things Chu Ning told him about Chu Mu were not false. Furthermore, he could see that this was only the tip of Chu Mu’s iceberg, because Chu Ning didn’t mention that Chu Mu still had an Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox.

“Chu Mu, tell second uncle about your experience over the past few years. You’ve truly changed too much. Even second uncle somewhat doesn’t believe that you’re my nephew.” said Chu Tianlin.

“I only wandered about by myself, and I suffered from a few restrictions that prevented me from returning. Fortunately, I managed to train myself out there… second uncle, is my father still well? Third brother should have already spread my news back to the family right?” Chu Mu didn’t talk about his experience in detail. Instead, he skillfully changed the subject.

His life in the past four years was something Chu Mu found very hard to put to words. Furthermore, Chu Mu didn’t like complainers or making others worried. As long as he could return, then everything was fine.

“When Chu Ning told me, my first reaction was to send word to Wugu Region’s Great Chu Family and inform your father. Once he receives the news, he will definitely return as soon as possible.” said Chu Tianlin.

“Wogu Region’s Great Chu Family? Didn’t father swear not to step even half a foot in there anymore? How…” Chu Mu was stunned.

Chu Mu couldn’t be considered to have very good understanding of his father’s matters. Nonetheless, he had more of less heard a few things.

He wasn’t the family head Chu Ming’s blood-grandson, and his father wasn’t Chu Ming’s blood-son either. Rather, he was an adopted son. From a young age, Chu Mu’s father had grown up in Gangluo City and then returned to Wogu Region’s Great Chu Family afterwards. For some unknown reason, a conflict had arisen with Wogu City’s city lord and since then, his father swore never to lay even half a step inside his own true family. Even if he were to carry a crime and return, he would still return to Gangluo City’s Chu Family, and not Wogu City’s Great Chu Family.

“Sigh, it’s due to our incompetence. Ultimately, we still have to rely on Tiancheng to undertake the heavy responsibility of our family. This time, him breaking his pledge and returning to the Great Chu Family is truly too tough on him…” Chu Tianlin heavily sighed and let out a somewhat sad expression.

Seeing Chu Tianlin’s heavy tone, Chu Mo went silent. Regarding his father’s matters, Chu Mu only knew a vague bit. As for the deeper things, he had no idea. This time, returning to the family, he ought to learn about his father’s matters.

“It’s better not to say. These things, it’s better for you to ask your father yourself… however, Chu Mu, you really are worthy of being Tiancheng’s son. In a short four years, your strength is something I dare not even somewhat assess. Very good, very good. Haha, if those short sighted fellows are to know, their expression will definitely be very nice. Especially the Yang Family!” Chu Tianlin dropped the unhappy subjects and then began to loudly laugh.

Chu Tianlin knew that many people in the family felt that Chu Mu was a dispensable third generation child. They looked down on Chu Mu, but right now, Chu Mu had completely changed. When Chu Mu was to exhibit his full strength in front of them, those people’s jaws wouldn’t be able to close. As for the Yang Family, their eyes would definitely jump out.

“Hu hu hu”

As Chu Tianlin was laughing, suddenly, a faint noise sounded out in the thicket next to him.

Chu Mu was the first to hear the noise. Aware that the others might raise hostility, he immediately pacified everyone and said: “Don’t worry, it’s a small Mo Ye.”

Everyone was shocked. Shortly after hearing the noise, they discovered a small black figure walk out of the thicket. Its black eyes stared unperturbedly at Chu Mu and the small Mo Xie on his shoulder.

“Hou Hou” the small Mo Ye roared at Chu Mu.

Seeing the obstinately small Mo Ye, a smile rose upon Chu Mu’s face. Even without using beast language, he could understand what the small Mo ye was saying. Without any hesitation, he slowly chanted the soul pact incantation and opened his eighth soul...

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