Book 2 Chapter 357 - Spoils of War After a Bloody Fight

Chapter 357: Spoils of War After a Bloody Fight

The stars were few and the moonlight was hazy. In the barren desert, the only striking thing were the smears of blood.

Zhan Ye and Night had already been recalled by Chu Mu back into the soul pet space. Chu Mu was resting against the broken wall; his exhausted soul power prevented him from mustering the strength to stand. Adding on the excessive blood that flowed from his wound, after these seven days and seven nights, Chu Mu felt abnormally tired.

Chu Mu had exhausted his soul power. Soul power came from the soul and his present soul was in an extremely weak state. Thus, he could only rest here and slowly recover.

Chu Mu’s soul pets had exhausted their fighting strength. When Zhan Ye and the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s battle ended, Chu Mu gave them an eighth level healing medication before they passed out in his soul pet space. It would probably be three days and three nights before they would awake.

Mo Xie’s situation wasn’t optimistic either, but she had to continue persevering, because if she entered the soul pet space, Chu Mu would have no protection beside him. Being in these circumstances were dangerous for a soul pet trainer.

The corpses of terror wolves were strewn not far from Chu Mu. The fight was won, but after the fight, Chu Mu simply didn’t have any intentions of collecting his spoils of war at all. The only thing he wanted to do was deal with his soul pets’ wounds first, and have them return to the soul pet space dripping in blood to recuperate. Then, he would close his eyes and rest, slowly filling his soul.

“Wu wu wu~~~~” Mo Xie maintained her Nine Tail Inferno Fox stat,e and her furry long tails were spread out on the ground, dyed with blood. She then casually wrapped them around Chu Mu and had him lie back in the furry tails.

“Sleep. This place should be relatively safe before there’s light in the sky.” Chu Mu rubbed Mo Xie’s fluffy ears as he spoke.

“Wu~~~~~” Mo Xie lifted her head and her slippery tongue slowly licked the deep bloody scars on Chu Mu’s arm. She used her saliva to heal Chu Mu’s wounds.

Walking into a territory of wolves was outside of Chu Mu’s budget as the medicine he had brought this time had already been all used. Chu Mu himself used mental force while his soul pets had engaged in close combat; therefore, wounds weren’t as significant to him.

 “Don’t fret, I’ll recover very quickly.” Chu Mu knew what Mo Xie wanted to say and smiled with gratification. 

The half devil transformation gave Chu Mu the benefit of making his body quality stronger. Chu Mu still had a few bloody wounds on his body, but even without the use of medicine, they were still insignificant. Having his high temperature soul continuously burning him made it so that the present pain was practically negligible.  

“Wu~~~” Mo Xie listened to his words and closed his eyes. Mo Xie was truly extremely exhausted. In these seventh days and nights, she had fought the longest, and killed the most Terror Wolves. When Chu Mu pacified her and had her sleep, Mo Xie curled up and slept next to him.

This time, he had truly, in all senses of the phrase, lost all fighting strength. Whilst sitting in the expansive wasteland, Chu Mu slowly opened his eyes. His deep black pupils stared at the darkness in the distant horizon. At this moment, both him and his soul pets were unprecedentedly tired and worn…

[TL: Author does this a lot where he makes up words. 苍然 technically isn’t a word in Chinese dictionaries…]

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

As it approached dawn, the night wind began to turn colder and brought various specks of sand that slapped Chu Mu’s face.

Sitting under the broken wall, his black pupils looked like a lone wolf in the darkness. He knew where he needed to go next.

Yet, in reality, going somewhere was but a habit for Chu Mu. He would habitually continue walking forward and habitually continue becoming stronger. When he sat bruised and battered in an unfamiliar place, a few emotions that he innately had but intentionally hid would surge out, causing him to sink into silent contemplation… 


When the hazy rays of dawn emerged in the horizon, Chu Mu was in a state of half sleep and he maintained this dazed state for a while.

By the time Chu Mu opened his eyes, a deep red rising sun was shining into his eyes.

The rising sun didn’t give Chu Mu the feeling of voluminous beauty and touching charm; instead, it was like a pair of blood red pupils that hung high up in the murky horizon... 

The light was already shining on his body as he slowly stood up. His gaze then fell on the four dried blood corpses of the Terror Wolves. 

Chu Mu didn’t awaken the exhausted Mo Xie, while he walked towards the four corpses and collected the riches from their body.

A ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf’s soul core, innards, claws and other related things would fetch approximately 500 thousand gold coins while a ninth phase middle stage terror wolf would fetch 1 million.

In this period of time, purely from the Terror Wolves Chu Mu had killed, he had amassed approximately 10 million in gold! 

Chu Mu very adeptly used his soul remembrance to break down the Terror Wolf corpses. Using soul remembrance to break down corpses was something taught to Chu Mu by Old Li, as he had only known of such a use after Chu Mu had informed him.

Very quickly, Chu Mu gathered up the three low stage Terror Wolf corpses. When he walked towards the middle stage Terror Wolf, Chu Mu suddenly discovered several special lustres flickering under the rising sun.

“This is?” Chu Mu was stunned and his eyes lit up with the flickering lustre!!

The lustre of a soul crystal!!

This was a soul crystal lustre which he hadn’t seen for a long time!!

A wave of fervor rushed through Chu Mu’s mind. Although the chance of a soul crystal appearing was extremely low, Chu Mu had spend over half a year continuously slaughtering, but still hadn’t obtained an eighth level soul crystal. He couldn’t help but say that his luck had turned its back to him.

The soul crystal appearing now finally allowed Chu Mu to break free from the shadow of killing and not obtaining soul crystals!

In fact, Chu Mu actually did obtain soul crystals in this half a year and more. Chu Mu had several sixth and seventh level soul crystals, but the seventh level soul crystal was only about 1.5 million so despite obtaining them, they weren’t that significant to him.

The price of an eighth phase commander’s eighth level soul crystal was between 15 to 20 million while a ninth phase commander’s eighth level soul crystal was definitely above 30 million. Further adding on the 10 million from gathering the Terror Wolf corpses, Chu Mu would amass 40 million gold from breaking into this Terror Wolf territory. This was enough to buy a spirit item to raise his soul pet’s strength!

“Wu wu wu~~~~~~”

Mo Xie seemed to detect Chu Mu’s excitement, and opened her misty eyes and lightly ran over to Chu Mu. When she saw the blood covered soul crystal in Chu Mu’s hand, she let out an excited shout. 

“Young master, this Terror Wolf territory should still have something else. You can walk around and look. Of course, don’t step into another Terror Wolf’s territory. In your current state, if another ninth phase Terror Wolf were to appear, then don’t even think about leaving this place.” said Old Li. 

After the gruelling fight, the spoils of war were indeed ample. They were enough to sweep away the bitterness of mistakenly entering this place. 

After putting away the Terror Wolf’s eighth level soul crystal, Chu Mu brought Mo Xie as he stepped into the territory of these four Terror Wolves. He began searching for other spoils of war. 

”楚暮打开了自己的魂捕戒指,把狸老儿给拖了出来。“Old Li, your vision is good. Come out and look.” Chu Mu opened up his soul capture ring and dragged Old Li out.

“Young master… this place is so dangerous… ok… ok…” Old Li still wanted to refuse, but when he saw Mo Xie lick her sharp claws, Old Li had no choice but to accept. His tiny body jumped onto the ground...

Old Li’s speed had always been very fast. When Old Li searched for treasures, Chu Mu saw that a large amount of dust had arisen in the desert while some of the dust in certain places had even sunk. Then, Old Li would go to another place to search.

Before long, Old Li slowly crawled back and told Chu Mu: “Young master, there’s no other resources similar to that rock type crystal ore; however, there are numerous bones and I found a spatial ring on a human skeleton. I don’t know what’s in this spatial ring.”

“Spatial ring?” Chu Mu’s eyes lit up.

A spatial ring appearing here was evidently from a soul pet trainer who ventured into this area and was killed by Terror Wolves. Perhaps all of this soul pet trainer’s assets would be inside this ring! 

Taking the ring, Chu Mu quickly used soul remembrance to break the layer of faint soul protection. He poured his soul remembrance into the spatial ring and looked inside to see if anything good was there.

“Young master, is there anything good inside? Anything that’s worth over 100 million?” Old Li also looked forward to see if there was any treasure inside.

Chu Mu searched once before shaking his head and saying: “This spatial ring is primarily composed of medicine and soul cores. The items worth gold are pretty much a few soul crystals and a few elemental crystal stones that are worth approximately 10 million.

When Old Li heard this, he was also disappointed. He said: “Just this much? This simply is like an unqualified soul pet trainer. No wonder this person was killed!” 

Yet, Chu Mu wasn’t disappointed and instead was even a bit pleasantly surprised because there were five bottles of eighth level healing medicines and twenty bottles of seventh level healing medicines inside.

Chu Mu presently needed medicine the most. The appearance of this spatial ring was without a doubt help in a time of desperation. With it, Chu Mu wouldn’t have to return back to the city earlier and could continue the other eighth rank mission.

“Since you have medicine, young master should look for a safe place to recover first. In your current state, one small mistake, and you’ll be swallowed up by a soul pet into its stomach.” said Old Li.

When Chu Mu was on Prison Island, he had passed through a few high rank bewildering worlds so when he wasn’t fighting, Chu Mu was very good at finding places of refuge to slowly recover.

Of course, the terrifying Terror Wolf territory was a place that ostensibly wasn’t easy to stay in, because every Terror Wolf here was a higher phase. It would be very hard for Chu Mu to hide his aura amongst these powerful soul pets. Even burying himself underground was of no use. The Terror Wolves weren’t as restricted like those wind type soul pets underground. Their attacks didn’t have as wide of a range as wind type techniques and their claws could easily rip apart the ground.

As for Chu Mu being able to pass through high ranking bewildering worlds, this was limited to places where no powerful soul pet resided. Finding such places in an eighth rank bewildering world required extreme courage and experience.

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