Book 2 Chapter 356 - Moonlight, Blood and a Fierce Battle

Chapter 356: Moonlight, Blood and a Fierce Battle

“Zhan Ye, work together with Night. Get rid of those two ninth phase Terror Wolves as fast as you can!” said Chu Mu in one breath as he spoke to his two soul pets.

The ninth phase low staged Terror Wolf wasn’t easy to kill. Chu Mu’s Heavenly Flame Rite managed to heavily wound it, but he knew that when they were heavily wounded, they could use Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation and increase their fighting strength.

Therefore, ultimately, he had to rely on Zhan Ye to kill the two low stage Terror Wolves. On the other hand, the Night Thunder Dream Beast could used the advantage it gained from evolving to the eighth phase to rigidly lock down the two low stage Terror Wolves, and use its speed to end this fight. 

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s evolution changed the tides of the fight, and it made Chu Mu’s heart surge. Mo Xie had evolved to the eighth phase third stage, while the Night Thunder Dream Beast had reached the eighth phase first stage. This meant that Chu Mu possessed two eighth phase monarchs and his fighting strength had greatly increased.

Moreover, as long as he escaped from this vicious Terror Wolf territory, he would be able to get rid of the Wild Desert Scorpions after a period of rest. Perhaps he would be able to raise the levels of all his soul pets in one go, and have even more certainty when participating in the Battle of the Realm! 

Of course, Chu Mu knew that things weren’t optimistic as they stood right now. Although these two low stage Terror Wolves were under control, Mo Xie’s fight against the middle stage Terror Wolf made Chu Mu very worried.

Mo Xie had already exhibited her strongest fighting strength, but her strength ultimately still fell short of the ninth phase middle stage Terror Wolf. While Chu Mu managed the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s fight, Mo Xie’s body became covered with blood. However, only a small portion of it was the Terror Wolf’s blood, while a majority of it was her own.

Mo Xie’s explosive strength was extremely powerful, and at the beginning of the fight, she could rely on her speed and experience to control the situation. However, as the fight persisted, the discrepancy in strength slowly manifested.

“Mo Xie, come to me.” Chu Mu put his attention on Mo Xie since, if things continued, Mo Xie would definitely be killed by the middle stage Terror Wolf.

Mo Xie used Nine Tail Confuse and, with great difficulty, managed to free herself from the Terror Wolf’s onslaught. She then rapidly ran to Chu Mu.

That middle stage Terror Wolf also knew that it had to get rid of the Nine Tail Inferno Fox whose strength was the strongest in order to end the fight. After it saw that Mo Xie had freed herself from the fight, it revealed an ominous glint, and chased after Mo Xie.

Facing the Terror Wolf’s charge, Chu Mu rapidly retreated and had Mo Xie meet it head on. While retreating, Chu Mu chanted another incantation.

The two soul techniques from before had already exhausted much of Chu Mu’s soul power so the soul technique now would be his last!

A powerful wind swirled around Chu Mu and as his incantation completed, the wind force became even more intense. It slowly transformed into a powerful storm upon which Chu Mu was on top of!

Wind Dragon Bind!!

The soul technique Chu Mu was using happened to be the one he had learned at a very early time. The Wind Dragon Bind was clearly a wind type defense technique and could block a portion of wind power while also knocking enemies surrounding him flying.

There were no enemies next to Chu Mu, and the middle stage Terror Wolf was in the midst of fighting Mo Xie head on. Nonetheless, he used this technique for another purpose.

Chu Mu, on top of the Wind Dragon Bind, slowly swirled up into the sky as the Wind Dragon Bind continuously expanded. It engulfed the turbid particles in the air into itself before, under Chu Mu’s control, slowly dispersing.

The night air of the desert wasn’t as turbid as the yellow ancient city, and a small wind technique was capable of clearing the night sky.

After the night sky was clear, starlight fell unobstructed onto the earth. It made the earth seem no longer as muddy and dark.

Since there was starlight, there would naturally be moonlight. After the particles in the air were swept away by Chu Mu’s Wind Dragon Bind, a silver moonlight washed over this region, carrying with it a hazy illumination… 

“Wu wu!!!! Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!!!’

Moonlight was naturally the best healing medicine for Mo Xie, while it also had the similar blood boiling effect of the bloodthirsty Terror Wolf!

The silver light enveloped Mo Xie, draping her bloody body in a soft moonlight armor that protected her body, while also healing the wounds on it.

Moon Essence!! One of the greatest benefits of mutated soul pets were that they inherited all of the mutated soul pet species techniques. Thus, this seemingly insignificant ability from the Moonlight Fox state became an extremely crucial additional ability in Mo Xie’s current form!!

In areas with moonlight, Mo Xie’s strength would greatly increase, and the eighth phase third stage Mo Xie would at least reach the eighth phase seventh stage level!

Although it was only an increase of four stages, in a situation where such a strength discrepancy existed with the Terror Wolf, the four stage increase was extremely pivotal because the discrepancy made her inferior to the middle stage Terror Wolf in terms of speed, attack, and defense. 

However, Moon Essence’s effect could instantly allow Mo Xie’s speed to surpass the middle stage Terror Wolf and her attack would no longer be inferior to the Terror Wolf. As for her defense, she would be able to compensate with powerful dodging abilities and moreover, under the moonlight, her fighting strength would recover!!

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~~”

A wild demonic aura burst forth like a storm. This time, Mo Xie’s aura was not inferior to the ninth phase middle stage Terror Wolf; her two silver pupils also burned with a most demonic and most intense fighting flame!

Natural pride. Even if there was still a slight difference in strength, Mo Xie had a fighting lineage that would unceasingly grow stronger in her bones. There was no way she would lose at the hands of a Terror Wolf!!

Fighting spirit reignited, Mo Xie was no longer passive, and her fight with the Terror Wolf because a fierce battle where both sides unceasingly bled blood. It seemed like things would be decided by whoever lost all their blood first...

Chu Mu stood aside from the fight, heavily breathing. Any soul technique would consume an abnormal amount of soul power, and Chu Mu had consecutively used three of them. Further adding on the soul power consumption from before, he was nearly completely exhausted of soul power and right now could only rely on his three soul pets!

Fortunately, the three soul pets in this fight had stimulated their highest potential in their bodies. Mo Xie had begun the fight at the eighth phase third stage against a ninth phase middle stage Terror Wolf and if it was before, she probably wouldn’t have even lasted 5 minutes before being riddled with injuries.

However, under desperate straights, Mo Xie’s potential would always burst forth, narrowly allowing Chu Mu to avert disaster. This time was no exception. 

As for the Night Thunder Dream beast, its evolution was also extremely crucial. It had only been at the seventh phase ninth stage at the beginning, and had stayed there for three to four months. Chu Mu had really hoped that it would be the first soul pet to reach the eighth phase, but the eighth phase bottleneck truly was not easy to cross.

It wasn’t until this bought of seven continuous days of fighting those stronger than it that the Night Thunder Dream Beast was able to release the anger from being unable to break through the bottleneck. It was finally able to break through with its fighting and perseverance while also saving Chu Mu a great amount of gold!


“Hou hou hou!!!!!!!!”

After six Broken Limb Rebirths, Zhan Ye’s strength reached the eighth phase!

The eighth phase Zhan Ye had the help of its equipment as well as its special life force, making its fighting strength in no way inferior to the White Nightmare. This was especially the case the later the fight went, because Zhan Ye’s fighting intent would become stronger. 

Imagining a scenario when the opponent was already weary and physically exhausted, Zhan Ye would still be at its peak fighting state. It was thus only the late stage of a fight where it could display this ability which was extremely fatal to enemies that couldn’t kill it.

From the beginning where it unceasingly suffered wounds and was unceasingly set back until now, when it counterattacked with incomparable ferocity, Zhan Ye’s savagery and ruthlessness was finally displayed to the limit. This was especially the case since Zhan ye also possessed the same technique as the Terror Wolf - Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation!

Zhan Ye had evolved to the eighth phase and adding on this effect, its strength barely managed to surpass the ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf. It further had the help of the eighth phase Night Thunder Dream Beast’s demonic techniques at this moment!

After the Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation, Zhan Ye’s Heavenly Splitting Claw bloodthirstily sank into the low stage Terror Wolf’s body, and ripped this Terror Wolf that had previously been wounded by Chu Mu into two halves!

After dealing with one Terror Wolf, how could the other single Terror Wolf pose any threat? With the combination of the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s demonic techniques as well as Zhan Ye’s close combat fighting, the second Terror Wolf was quickly pierced by Zhan Ye’s ink armor spikes. Ultimately, it was blown apart by the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s Destruction Ray!!

“Ao wu!!! Ao wu!!!!!”

The middle stage Terror Wolf quickly sensed that its two subordinates had been killed by the opponent, and it let out a wild roar while fighting with Mo Xie. It seemed as if it was venting all the grievance in its heart.

“It’s using Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation again. Zhan Ye, pin it down at close range, but don’t be rash!” Chu Mu immediately had Zhan Ye, which had just finished the fight come and assist.

Zhan Ye no longer had any chances of Broken Limb Rebirth, and it had further suffered serious wounds on its body. Just a little bit of inattentiveness and it could still be struck in the vitals by the middle stage Terror Wolf and was instantly killed.

“Night, maintain distance and only use dark techniques to attack.” Chu Mu then gave an order to the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s mental strength was fully consumed at this point, and it being able to fight right now was completely due to its persevering willpower.

The Moon Essence’s effect allowed Mo Xie to continue fighting until now, but her body was near collapse. One had to know that in these previous seven days, Mo Xie had also been continuously fighting.

Fresh blood dripping everywhere, the silver colored Mo Xie was presently dyed in a blood color and there were numerous spots on her body where wounds down to the bone could be seen...

This was a fierce battle; a battle that made Chu Mu and all his soul pets completely spent. Right now, as long as they could get past this middle phase Terror Wolf’s final Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation, this battle would reach an end.

The willpower of a soul pet was greatly related with the soul pet trainer. As long as Chu Mu was dedicated, resolute and full of fighting intent, then his soul petes would also be influenced by him and unceasingly overcome themselves in dire straits. 

Eighth rank bewildering worlds were honestly and truly riddled with danger everywhere; nonetheless, it was only by continuously facing fights, danger and death head on could one increase his or her strength in the shortest period of time possible!! 

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