Book 2 Chapter 355 - Eighth Phase, Demon Night Dream (2)

Chapter 355: Eighth Phase, Demon Night Dream (2)

Terror Wolf’s attack caused great wounds for both Chu Mu and Night. Yet, at that moment, Chu Mu clearly felt his remembrance elevating under the influence of demon, dark, and lightning energy!

Everytime such a feeling appeared, Chu Mu would have a strange happiness, because it meant that one of his soul pets have morphed!!

Soul pets would at most experience nine morphs in a lifetime. Every morph was an exceeding of one’s boundaries and an increase in strength. No matter for the soul pet trainer or soul pet, morphing was a very special moment!


Night’s body went taut, as countless purple arcs started darting around on its body. The encompassing darkness neary let out an icy aura, as demonic energy from demon homes all over the place poured in like a wild gale. Demon, darkness, lightning, at this moment, Night’s three energies all grew along with its stages!!

 The terror wolf attacking Night felt a huge gust of energy from Night and quickly jumped aside to keep distance between the Night and itself.

Night’s body slowly showed three different glows due to its body morphing, dazzling purple, cold black, and demonic silver. Under the shining glows, Night’s body and innards underwent a change in quality. Though its body shape was still the same as before, under the influence of the powerful purple lightning and icy dark energy, it lost its original calm and elegance, gaining more of the imposing and evil manner of a true demon!

“Hui!!!!!! Hui!!!!!!”

Night let out a long call. This call made even the Terror Wolf terrified, causing it to back further from the Night!

“Eighth phase first stage! Night, you’ve finally morphed!” Chu Mu sat on Night’s back and smiled happily.

Night was the first of Chu Mu’s soul pets to reach seventh phase ninth stage, and it stayed at seventh phase ninth stage for about three to four months now. Chu Mu had always hoped it could morph on its own, but never succeeded.

And with the Night Thunder Dream Beast morphing at such a time, Chu Mu definitely gained a large margin in survival chance because, once it morphed to the eighth phase, Night’s mental techniques could cause severe restrictions to Terror Wolves!


Once Night finished morphing, its dark eyes immediately locked onto the Terror Wolf that attacked it!

Its black pupils became deeper and deeper, as at the same time, a certain special dreamland wave rippled from its dream horn.

At this time, the desert winds have calmed down. Some sparse starlight fell upon the land. Yet, with Night’s demon eye manipulation, the dark night became deeper, to the point where eyes couldn’t even see anything!

“Manage Night!” Feeling the changes in the dark night nearby, Chu Mu immediately realized this was a new technique that Night learned with its eighth phase morph!

Manage Night could make nights even more complete. Furthermore, with a soul pet able to harness darkness, it would become the sole master of this night territory!

Manage Night was a supportive technique for Night, but it could at least cause most of Night’s demon type techniques’ success rates to increase. After all, since Night’s dreamland techniques were usually built in dark environments, the denser the darkness, the more powerful the techniques!

Terror Wolves were full day type sul pets. No matter day or night, they could retain most of their fighting strength. However, this Night’s Manage Night clearly injected some cold energy into its mental world, causing it to suffer mental and physiological torture in the purest of darkness.

Nightmare Ascends!!

Suddenly, the nightmare secretly appeared in the Terror Wolf’s mind. In this Terror Wolf’s eyes, skeleton upon skeleton suddenly started climbing out from the dark desert. All those skeletons it once ate started rustling scarily, becoming even savager creatures and surrounding it with terrifying resentment!

Nightmares continued to spread. Under the effects of Manage Night, Night’s Nightmare Ascends had completely controlled this Terror Wolf’s mind. This Terror Wolf seemed to have lost its soul, standing in place stiffly as its pupils constantly changed. Most of it was submerged in fear, and its four meter long body showed occasional shakes from terror!

“Nightmare Black Hole!!”

With an incantation, Chu Mu’s eyes slowly became pale as two white devil flames started burning in them!!

A black path was slowly drawn. When it formed a complete dark pattern, suddenly, white devil flames darted out of the symbol, burning into a complete black hole!

This Nightmare Black Hole appeared directly on this ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf’s body. Immediately, this Terror Wolf struggling in its nightmares fell completely into the black hole…...

Once it was attacked, the Terror Wolf would wake up. This Terror Wolf clearly felt its body being devoured by Other type energy. Its eyes finally returned to its original expression, but they were quickly engulfed in pain as it let out a howl!

Chu Mu’s Nightmare Black Hole wasn’t any weaker than White Nightmare’s. This Terror Wolf had to suffer the pain of being devoured by Other type energy as well as the burning pain of the white demonic devil flame on its soul!


With multiple howls, this ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf had taken a hit without any defense. Both its body and soul took a huge hit, and it had already cried out for help from its comrades.

Night’s morph at such a key timing instantly flipped the situation. How could Chu Mu still let this Terror Wolf get away?

Chu Mu didn’t have much soul power left, but Chu Mu couldn’t afford to save it anymore. While this ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf was hurt, he again cast an incantation to give it the killing blow!

“Night, restrict it, don’t let it retreat!” Chu Mu said to Night.

The eighth phase Night became even faster, clearly surpassing this ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf. Its wounds weren’t affected during the morph. WIth a few light leaps in the air, it appeared above the Terror Wolf that was attempting to retreat.

Once it reached eighth phase, Night’s strength was enough to compete against the ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf. Now, Terror Wolf was still suffering from the attack from Nightmare Ascends, so it has an innate fear of nightmares in front of Night, causing it to only fight with 80% strength.

With these factors, the ninth phase Terror Wolf was no longer that scary. Even normal demon techniques could cause some restriction!The mental strength full of dark aura morphed into a wailing gale as it dashed into this Terror Wolf’s mental world. The Terror Wolf was running, trying to run to the ninth phase middle stage Terror Wolf to take a breather.

Chu Mu knew that once this Terror Wolf got to recuperate, killing it would become very difficult, so he couldn’t let it escape Manage Night Territory no matter what!

In the air, Night’s mental technique cast again. This time, the dream horn ‘s dark night dream wave became full of killing intent. It heavily pierced into this Terror Wolf’s mind. At this point, the Terror Wolf was vigorously running away, but facing the powerful mental piercing, its body again froze!

“Control it well!” Chu Mu said to Night.

“Hui~~~~~” Night’s body slowly fell. When the Terror Wolf’s body went still, Night appeared in front of it. Its deep black pupils stared heavily at the Terror Wolf, constantly sending powerful mental techniques to amplify its terror.

The Terror Wolf was already fearful of Night after Nightmare Ascends. Now that its terror was expanded, and with Night right in front of it, it didn’t dare to walk half a step forward, running back from where it came from.

Running back meant getting closer and closer to Chu Mu. Yet, Chu Mu was currently channeling White Demonic Heavenly Flame Rite. At this distance, Chu Mu could accurately hit the wounded Terror Wolf!

White devil flames started burning on Chu Mu. As the incantation finally finished, Chu Mu suddenly lifted his hand and sent the energy he was holding into the skies.

A white light appeared in the Managing Night covered darkness. A ray of light pierced through the darkness of the skies and fell down!

The terrified running Terror Wolf’s senses weren’t to bad. It quickly realized a massive energy was falling from above, but when it lifted its head to look at it, it was already too late.


The light fell down. Immediately, the dry land nearby caved in, pressing the ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf into the ground with it!


White devil flames swept through where the ground caved in, quickly becoming a white devil flame dragon that spun and leaped up!

Chu Mu’s body had gone through Jade Sacred Blood’s baptism, so the control he had over Chong Mei’s mimic was no longer restricted. As long as his soul power was sufficient, he could create even more powerful effects than his soul pets can!

At this point, Chu Mu’s Heavenly Flame Rite was definitely stronger than White Nightmare’s. Raging white flames again burned the Ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf’s body and soul!!


Just as Chu Mu’s Heavenly Flame Rite was torturing the ninth phase Terror Wolf, Night’s eyes suddenly shined with a dark glint. Demon mental technique again pierced into the Terror Wolf’s mental world, shattering the Terror Wolf’s resolve with nightmares that push the limits of pain!

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