Book 2 Chapter 353 - A Must Win Fierce Battle

Chapter 353: A Must Win Fierce Battle

Desert. Yellow Sand. Terror Wolf.

Inside this territory of wolves in the wasteland, it was full of a fear inducing smell of death, pure white bones, bloody stains….

Condors spreading a dark attribute plague circled in the sky overhead, waiting for Chu Mu and his soul pets to leave before swooping down and fighting over the rotting flesh of the corpses.

Aside from the Dark Condors, there were several other creatures that subsisted on eating the corpses of soul pets. The majority of these creatures would automatically be ignored by powerful soul pets. These insignificant creatures would wait for these powerful soul pets to die, before trampling over their noble and arrogant bodies.

According to what Chu Mu understood, these soul pets increased their strength through eating other soul pets’ corpses. For instance, the Dark Condors circling above the five Terror Wolf corpses he had just killed all approximately had eighth phase warrior righting strength, if they formed a group, they would also have extremely powerful fighting strength.

Generally speaking, the stronger the soul pet that these Dark Condors ate, the faster their strength increased. Of course, if they wanted to survive in this desert land full of danger, they had to be able to protect themselves. At least, they had to prevent themselves from becoming corpses when enjoying other soul pets’ corpses.

The existence of these Dark Condors also had another use. That was to inform other soul pets where some fight had occurred.

Fights between Terror Wolves would occasionally occur, and at this moment, the Terror Wolves closest to this area had naturally come to check the situation. Therefore, staying too long in this place with corpses wasn’t too smart… 

Chu Mu and his soul pets spent approximately a day in this area with five corpses. Chu Mu knew that he had to consider the danger of him attracting those four Terror Wolves, because he couldn’t guarantee that those four wouldn’t call for comrades nearby. 

Therefore, Chu Mu ingeniously used the Dark Condors circling overhead to attract those four Terror Wolves closest over to this place.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast had the Dream technique so Chu Mu could make the Dark Condors fly lower to ensure that the four Terror Wolves would see it at the same time while not attracting the detection of other Terror Wolves from other territories. 

He silently waited for about two hours before finally, an azure-colored Cyan Wolf figure appeared in amidst the northern hazy sandstorm! 

This azure wolf’s body was nearly five meters large. It didn’t hastily run over, taking slow strides instead. Its head was tilted slightly down and its eyes apathetically and arrogantly while also exuding the august of a desert leader!

This Terror Wolf was approximately four meters away from Chu Mu, but it didn’t notice his existence and continued to walk towards the location where the Dark Condors were circling...

“Only one came, very good!” a smile showed on Chu Mu’s face.

It seemed like Chu Mu’s luck was pretty good this time, because if he could separate them, Chu Mu could deal with them one at a time, and the chances of winning were obviously much higher!

“Night, deploy the trap.” Chu Mu gave the Night Thunder Dream Beast an order.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast slunk into the darkness. The windy sand and dirt wouldn’t stick to its body. In the darkness, it slowly expanded its dream realm as if it was deploying an invisible trap, causing the surrounding environment to change with its mind and intentions.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast could create two types of dream. The first was having the demon’s mental force penetrate the enemy’s mind and create an illusory realm in the opponent’s mind, making the enemy see illusions in its consciousness.

The second was directly changing the surrounding environment. No matter what creature approached, as long as its intelligence was limited, it would be caught be confused by the objects the Night Thunder Dream Beast created.

Chu Mu presently had the Night Thunder Dream Beast create the second dream realm. It gradually turned the yellow sand into an extremely tranquil and calm land of sand that the Terror Wolf unconsciously stepped into. Then, it fell into the encirclement of Chu Mu’s soul pets.

In truth, if the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s was higher, and if it had enough time, it would be able to create a labyrinth that could trap a soul pet of comparable strength inside for a very long time.

With the discrepancy in phases and stages compared to this ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf, this prevented the Night Thunder Dream Beast from wanting to create this incredible illusion realm since it would be easily broken by this higher intelligence Terror Wolf.

The ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf didn’t detect any abnormality. It merely looked up and glanced at the Dark Condors circling above before lowering his head and continuing forward.

“Mo Xie!”

Chu Mu gave an order and Mo Xie’s figure suddenly jumped from behind the Terror Wolf. Her nine long tails fiercely swiped at the ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf!

This Terror Wolf simply didn’t react as even the sand on the ground was thrown up by Mo Xie!

“Hou hou hou!!!!!”

The seventh phase fifth stage Zhan Ye had been waiting for a while. When the ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf was knocked flying, it extended its ink armor spikes and charged in front of the Terror Wolf. Then, it entered into an eminently bloody battle with this Terror Wolf!

Zhan Ye was most adept at close combat fights, while the Terror Wolf was also an expert at this. When these two soul pets clashed, blood and flesh began to quickly fly...

There was a certain gap between phases and stages so Zhan Ye would definitely suffer more serious wound whilst fighting. However, the Mo Ye didn’t care about these small wounds since it was even able to slowly heal while fighting close combat with the Terror Wolf.

“Zhan Ye, don’t give it a chance to call for its comrades!” Chu Mnu said to Zhan Ye.

Zhan Ye’s ink armor spikes frequently shot out and each time they pierced the Terror Wolf’s skin defense, they penetrated into its flesh. The dark corrosion ability quickly entered the Terror Wolf’s body, corroding its defense.

Mo Xie’s attacks were much stronger than Zhan Ye’s. Moreover, the moment the Terror Wolf’s defense was corroded, each one of Mo Xie’s attacks could deliver serious damage to it.

Very quickly, this Terror Wolf was covered by wounds as it struggled against the encirclement of Chu Mu’s three soul pets.

“Ao wu!!!!!! Aowu!!!!!!”

Finally, the Terror Wolf gave a shout amidst the struggle, summoning his three other comrades!

Chu Mu also knew that it was impossible to kill this ninth phase Terror Wolf in secret and promptly told his soul pets: “There’s still a little bit of time before they run over. Use this remaining time to kill this Terror Wolf.”

Mo Xie, Zhan Ye and the Night Thunder Dream Beast all knew shouldering a mission of a life and death fight. They had to use their utmost fighting potential to allow everyone to survive.

“Aowu!!!!!! Aowu!!!! Aowu!!!!!!!!!!”

Hearing the calls of his comrades, the three Terror Wolves’ voices quickly rang out from the north. Their voices were rather mournful in the black night, while also carrying a bit of caution and anger at the intruder!

Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

Sand danced in the air and in the northern desert, with one in front and two behind, three azure colored figures ran through the darkness towards Chu Mu. From far away, it looked like a storm was about to descent!

They were approximately 500 meters away and to ninth phase commander rank soul pets, this wasn’t considered too far. Moreover, Chu Mu’s three soul pets had to kill this Terror Wolf that had fallen into the trap in this extremely short period of time!

“Zhan Ye, Broken Limb Rebirth!!”

Zhan Ye which was fighting at close range with the Terror Wolf was riddled with wounds. Honestly, it could still rely on its tenacious life force to continue fighting, but Chu Mu had to kill this Terror Wolf right away otherwise the ensuing fight would be exceptionally difficult.

All of Zhan Ye’s wounds began to secrete insect fluid that rapidly healed its wounds!

Within a few seconds, Zhan Ye’s body riddled with injuries returned to its peak fighting form and its ink armor was completely restored. The Brave Stinging Heart’s effects increased Zhan Ye’s phase by one, reaching the seventh phase sixth stage!

Zhan Ye’s Ink Armor Spikes innately were extremely threatening to the Terror Wolf. The ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf didn’t realize that the originally wounded Zhan Ye would unexpectedly ‘revive’ and suffered a serious wound from Zhan Ye’s Ink Armor Spikes after not putting up a defense! 

“Wu wu wu!!!!!!”

Mo XIe took advantage of the situation; it was only her attacks that could deal fatal damage to the Terror Wolf.

While this Terror Wolf painfully howled, Mo Xie abruptly sped up and her incomparably sharp claws ripped at the lowered defensive skin of the Terror Wolf!


A sharp cold light flashed and the Terror Wolf’s body was ripped apart by Mo Xie’s Royal Flame Claw. Instantly, a scarlet flame began to burn its flesh while a captivating red flame began to burn its blood. These two flames began to wildly scatter through its body.

“Ao wu~~Ao wu~~~~”

The ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf let out an incomparably pained cry as if it was lamenting or if it already knew it wouldn’t survive. It let its other three comrades know of its grievance, wanting them to take revenge for it.

“Ao wu!!!! Ao wu!!!!!!! Ao wu!!!!!!!!!!”

Seeing the body of its comrade being burned from inside out before ultimately turning into a pile of black ashe that wafted through the air, the three Terror Wolves immediately let out eminently angry roars. They wanted nothing more than to rip Chu Mu, and his three soul pest to shreds!

The bloody smell of the wild wolves washed over and Chu Mu stared seriously at the three Terror Wolves; his two black pupils blossomed with a resolute radiance of battle!

This was going to be a fierce battle. A fierce battle that he had to win!!!

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